On the Necessary Return to a Rational Understanding of the Nature of Man and the Universe

“The Ultimate Tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.” – Bringers of the Dawn

An ample, fierce investigation into the roots of religion and its negative impact on the development of civilization Earth, into claims made by the positivist materialist evolutionary scientist regarding the origin and the nature of life and reality, into the untold history of humans on our planet, and the existing evidence for a metaphysical, non-supernatural source that generated this and many other universes.

The centuries to come will bring a spectacular increase in awareness of self and, consequently, of man's true destiny. Be it of a religious or pseudo-scientific nature, all belief systems will slowly but inevitably collapse.

Earth humans are about to experience a cognitive leap forward without precedent in the history of their development. Submissive followers will turn into active, conscious truth-seekers, and the universe will respond in kind. Civilization Earth will never be the same.

This New Humanity is bound to activate untapped yet analytical powers within man that will enable him to tune in the paradigm shift about to take place. A Time of Change is intended as a vehicle of spiritual liberation, as an agent of awakening and catharsis.

A fascinating game of puzzle, everything in the book builds up into a mental image that will shock some, irate many, and bring the joy of knowing to others.


Monday, September 8, 2014


I was sixteen, seventeen years old when I became very aware of, and intrigued by the existence of the universe, by the fact that our completely insignificant size-wise planet Earth was floating within its infinite space, and that us humans were living on that spec of dust. Also, was anyone else out there, or were we the only ones within that infinite cosmic space filled with many other stars and planets? I would passionately perorate on this subject for hours, when not talking about girls, almost every day, on the way back from school, walking next this very quiet, probably stunned and confused good friend of mine, as we were strolling the quaint, tree-lined streets in the vicinity of the Royal Palace area of Bucharest, Romania.

The more I questioned the existence of humans and cosmos, the more convinced I was there must have been an explainable cause behind everything. Not even for a moment I would consider, though, the possibility that some kind of supernatural god made all this appear out of nothing. The notion of miracle was a fantasy without any basis in reality, something not worth taking into consideration by a rational mind.

I was firmly convinced science could provide a rational logical explanation for the existence of everything. However, that explanation was missing, for now. Instinctively, I perceived the theory of evolution as something that made as much sense as the story about god creating the world in six days by simply snapping his divine fingers. There was not much of a difference between the miracles of the Genesis and the miracles of Darwin's gradualism.

So why should we bother answering these kinds of questions?

Recently, I watched a TED Talk by Jim Holt titled "Why does the universe exist?" Much to the disappointment of almost everyone commenting online, he did not address his own question, and focused instead on demonstrating why all the people who had issued an opinion on the matter in the past were wrong. As usual, while not everything stated along the time by some of the most brilliant minds humankind has known is true, lots of it is. On that note, his argument for dismissing their opinions was only on occasion valid, which left us with plenty of good stuff to talk about during future TED Talks.

One thing he correctly assessed, though, was the fact that understanding why the universe exists has a direct influence over how we understand the reason why we are here. It my opinion, in turn, that changes the way we operate at an individual level and as a global community, which happens to be the underlining theme of A Time of Change. Related to that, another thing I watched in the past weeks was a documentary called "Mad Hot Ballroom."

The film by director Marilyn Agrelo and writer and producer Amy Sewell was awarded Best documentary at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 2005, plus a number of other awards. It is about a group of 11-year old students participating in a ball room dance program ran by the New York City public school system, and how that caused significant improvement in terms of their behavior and of their academic results.

So do the questions of why does the universe exist and of why do we exist relate to the fact that fifth-graders from Bronx taking up ball room dancing classes experienced positive change in their attitude toward life and themselves?

When the kids coming from underprivileged families were given a purpose in life, their life became meaningful, they had a goal to accomplish, they applied themselves toward accomplishing that goal, and in the process they discovered lots of new things about their true potential. That brought joy to them, to their families, and their success story inspired all of us.

Without awareness of the true purpose of our being here, Earth humans remain trapped in their materialistic ambitions, which is the main cause behind the constant state of crisis we have been experiencing for thousands of years, no thanks to religion, to the positivist materialist scientists, or to our political systems of government.

Finding the answer to the question of why does the universe exist is directly related to unveiling the true purpose of our being here, of our origin, and our destiny. Once we become aware of that, the way we experience the material, the way we exist on this planet would radically positively change. This is a proven fact revealed by the entire history of civilization Earth.

Monday, July 1, 2013


December of 2005. At the end of an extremely unorthodox, to use an euphemism, judicial process, John Jones the 3rda judge from Pennsylvania ruled intelligent design was religion and, as a result, teachers and students could not utter these two words in public schools. 

FOX News pundits went instantaneously into attack mode, and so did radical, ultra-religious Republican activists  depicting Jones as being a reincarnation of the biblical character Judas. On the other hand, according to Wikipedia, in the eyes of liberals and Atheists dedicated to keeping religion out of the governing of the country and of the education system, the supposedly conservative judge appointed by the very religious George W. Bush became now a national hero. As it will be revealed in the book, though, a hero he was not, and the trial was a sham. 


No religion is good religion. So the question is, how did we end up with religion on this planet? Who brought religion to us and why?

Mark Twain once said, “The best cure against Christianity is reading the Bible.” Without a doubt, that and knowing the real history of Christianity, something distorted by religious institutions, politicians, and media organizations exposes religion for what it actually is: a deliberate act of deception meant to keep man ignorant of his true nature, true potential, and true destiny.