ost inhabitants of the planet are awakening these days to the fact that something is definitely wrong with the world we live in. To fix it, survive as a civilization and make significant advancement, Earth people must become aware of how we got here.

“The Ultimate Tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.” – Bringers of the Dawn

A Time of Change reveals why civilization Earth has been trapped in an acute existential crisis for thousands of years now and who did that. The information provided gives the reader the ability to see for the first time outside the mental prison our world has been built as, and this way to free himself from it.

The roots and the purpose of religion; religious themes that have influenced, when not determined the way we exist on this planet; the origin of non-religious texts that ended up compiled into what are now described as religious books and the message they once conveyed that was lost to religious dogma; the many levels of distortion applied to knowledge the population of the planet has received along the time from cosmic sources, a deliberate act meant to confuse the Earth people about their true potential and the purpose of life; the reality behind the notions of god and intelligent design; creationism, materialism, Darwinism and the malefic symbiosis between these belief systems and political forms of government, democracy included; life in the universe and how we relate to it; secret societies and non-supernatural, non-terrestrial entities battling the forces of darkness to help Earth-humans make significant advancement; theoretical physics everyone could understand, the basis for the only plausible explanation for the origin of everything, life forms included; the spiritual, or the metaphysical, the dimension that generates what our senses perceive as material reality; non factual information, an incorrect interpretation of known facts and irrational assumptions pertaining to biology, genetics, Egypt, Maya, China, religion, the spiritual, capitalism, biocentrism, socialism, overpopulation and many other major subject matters proliferated in schools, universities, houses of worship and through the corporate media.

All that and many other pieces of the puzzle this virtual world we currently live in is become assembled into a multi-dimensional revelation about an officially still unacknowledged reality concerning civilization Earth, the nature of being human and the purpose of our being here.

It took more than eleven years to complete it and the book is available under these circumstances free of charge to everyone on the planet who speaks English and has access to a computer or a similar device connected to the Internet. It has over 1,300 pages, more than 120 images and a considerable number of live links to sources that represent additional information, videos included, available only in the e-format offered here. The format is PDF. It is safely downloadable by the way of Google Drive, which offers more downloading options. By downloading the book on your device you will also be able to read it off-line.

The book is written in a code perfectly transparent for everyone, no matter his or her level of initiation into the topics discussed. This is an uncompromising underground challenge to the status quo, to what they teach in schools, colleges and universities and to what they preach in houses of worship. There are entities out there that will certainly try to denigrate the project and one way or the other hinder access to it. Because of that it needs your help to reach as many members of the human race as possible. Make the effort and read it, then spread the word.

Click on the links below and download the three volumes to your computer, or, read each of them on this site. Since proofreading and editing is still a work in progress, this way you will have the most up to date version of the book. See the announcements with regard to this process. To receive new posts, enter your email address in the window on the right and submit.

“You must do something to make the world more beautiful.” – Miss Rumphius

A Time of Change – Volume 1 of 3

A Time of Change – Volume 2 of 3

A Time of Change – Volume 3 of 3

Saturday, July 8, 2017


"The universe is order, energy, and information. The fact that information is logically sequenced in coherent sentences causing elementary particles of matter to arrange according to the Golden ratio and the Fibonacci ratio could hardly be seen as a product of a huge explosion, or of tricks played on us by a moody deity."                                                                       - A Time of Change

Contrary to what you were told in science class, or by Richard Dawkins in his best-selling books promoting non-factual claims that made him a materially very rich man, biology does not explain the origin of life forms. It only describes what they are made of and how they operate. Neither genetics does that, the field that otherwise takes us much closer to understanding the origin of all animals and plants. Genetics reveals there is information stored in the DNA but it does not explain where the information comes from, and neither the evolutionists do that. That reality causes though total loss of credibility for those promoting evolution as fact. It proves actually natural gradual evolution is biologically and genetically impossible . 

So here comes a shocker for many among the large public who believe molecular biologists should be trusted when they claim evolution by natural selection is one of the best substantiated theories in the history of science, even though, as you are going to see in the book and as acknowledged by many the opposite is true. This was something I became aware of when, as an average Joe truth seeker I was researching in pursuit of answers to questions I learned to ask myself, and the universe, along the time. 

Since everything in the universe is energy and information, which, as you are also going to see is another scientific fact, the science that will facilitate for us the acquiring of a correct understanding of how the primordial life forms have appeared on planet Earth is quantum physics, or theoretical physics. This is the main reason why someone like Richard Dawkins is so dismissive of the new physics. Indeed, quantum physics too suggests Darwin's gradual evolution by natural selection is a fallacy, a failed theory. 

Watch the following short video I found a couple of nights ago on YouTube, which is years after I completed the foundation for my book. This will lead us to that plausible explanation for the origin of everything, life forms included, and the funny Physics Girl in it does not even know it.

Einstein has made it very clear for us, there is no such thing as material. Everything is energy, wave, and that includes our biological aspect. The material is a collapsed field, energy that vibrates at a lower frequency. Another thing about energy aside from the fact that different frequencies give us different manifestations within the lower frequency fields of the material, all energy carries information. Even the energy coming from the sun does. As a result, the shapes forming when the sand on the plate is exposed to sound vibrations are manifestations of the information carried by the wave of energy behind the sound. As you could see in the video, when we change the frequency, the information content of the energy waves changes and we get different shapes on the plate. Let's go a step farther.

Your phone and your computer screen displays images and sound that are energies carrying specific information manifesting via a more or less sophisticated system as specific images and sound. Imagine now a source of energy outside our so-called material world sending a more powerful, a far more complex signal. When that signal/wave interferes with the low frequency energies of the material, it produces a multidimensional manifestation of that information, an eleven dimension manifestation according to the string theory based on the relatively new science of quantum physics. These signals carry something computer science defines as 'source code,' an infinite of source codes that will manifest as galaxies, planets, and under the right circumstances as primordial life forms, humans included. Indeed, humans come from the idea of human, from the source code for human, and not by the way of otherwise impossible and never observed biological or genetical transmutations that supposedly have caused an amoeba to become a sexually differentiated ape. 

The question many would understandably ask right away is, does such a source exist? As you are going to see in the book this was known for thousands of years, and not just rational logic, which is nothing to sneeze at, very credible entities claim today that, yes, there is. This source was profoundly misrepresented in religion as an all-knowing god, and it is more or less dismissed by the materialist scientist as new age nonsense. 

The reality of the source and of its interaction with everything within the universe correlates with the fact that many theoretical scientists have come to the conclusion that our world is actually virtual reality. In other words, we live in something similar to a very sophisticated computer program, a program meant, among others, to produce all sorts of life forms and many variations of them. Another scientific fact leading to the same conclusion, everything in the material universe, amorphous objects and life forms too is put together according to the Golden and the Fibonacci ratio. That suggests universal order, programing, logos, and, last but not the least, intent and purpose.

Another interesting thing revealed in the above video, sound vibration causes matter to levitate. This represents strong supporting evidence for the claim that the Egyptian pyramids and all the other impressive ancient megalithic structures that include unusual, supersized blocks of stone we would have a difficult time moving around today were built with the help of sound. 

This idea is endorsed in A Time of Change over many of its pages with the help of lots of evidence everyone of us, not just the theoretical physicist, the molecular biologists and the geneticist could understand and interpret in a rational logical way. 

NOTE TO THE PUBLIC: In the book I use sources and I quote individuals that I found to have issued reason and fact based words of wisdom. Sometimes though I refer to a certain source in order to reveal certain facts, as it is the case with the above YouTube channel, and not because I agree with its position on the facts discussed. As a rule, I do not endorse everything these persons, YouTube channels, academic sources have said in the past or will state in the future. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017


“Right now we’re in a moment of deep transformation in planetary awareness in which big changes are taken place, and many more are yet to come. Any transformation that’s important entails (hard to avoid) a profound crisis; and this crisis is, without a doubt, undermining the foundations of our civilization. Nevertheless, we are faced with an opportunity without precedent to approach a new developmental paradigm. We, and only we, the citizens of this planet, have the responsibility and the opportunity to change the course of history.”  
A New Paradigm for a World in Crisis, Pepón Jover del Pozo, Exopolitics, February 2009, Barcelona, Spain

Paradigm changes are bound to create chaos. The veil of secrecy is being lifted these days all over the world, and people are beginning to see the reality behind the illusion of reality created by the forces of darkness. Outrage, confusion, and instability ensues.

The forces of darkness want to maintain their ability to control Earth-humans and the natural resources of the planet. They want the status quo to remain unchanged and will not let go of their unearned privileges without a fight. Nevertheless, the status quo is going to change. 

Our little planet is now under astral influences that favor significant consciousness awareness growth. Our perspective on civilization Earth and on the purpose of being is gaining in amplitude and depth. All these new circumstances make the population of the planet much more difficult, if not impossible to manipulate. The slave labor no longer wants to remain slave labor, the cannon fodder no longer wants to die in other people's wars.

Contrary to popular belief there are forces of good within the hidden structures of power. The forces of darkness and the bringers of light have antagonistic visions of how the world should look like. 
As a result, there will be confrontation. Building something new and better often requires that old structures be demolished. 

There will be changes in the geography of the planet. There will be global unrest at the social level and civilization Earth will never look the same. There will be significant changes in the way we understand reality and the purpose of life. This shift has been occurring for hundreds of years now, starting with the Renaissance and continuing with the  Age of Reason, the Age of Enlightenment. 

The American Revolution had roots in the new mentality deriving from the progress in thought and knowledge generated during the Age of Reason and it was meant to be the beginning of a new world order. This new order was to allow all the people of the planet to enjoy freedom, equal treatment under a rational law, and to live as one in a safe and peaceful global fraternity. 

The forces of darkness have deliberately pushed us away from the vision the forefathers of America have had about the future of the world. Knowingly or not, we have allowed and at times we have facilitated this abandonment. Because of that we too are responsible for the current crisis. Inevitably, there will be consequences. 

No matter how catastrophic what we will experience might look like, everything happens for a good reason. Pain, suffering, existential absurd, all that leads to mass awakening and it forces us to take rational action, or else our civilization will collapse. 

The demolition process is necessary and the battle between darkness and light is going public these days. Everything in the universe is cause and effect. To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That said, things will get worse before they get better. They could only get better though as a reaction to a well thought global effort to produce transcendental change for the greater good, something every individual must be part of. 

We are the eternal spirit within the ephemeral physical manifestation of the idea of man. Disrespectful of our specific physical appearance, the human spirit residing in every one of us is of the same essence and it originates in the same source. The human spirit has no gender, age or race. It does have though an unlimited potential. At our spiritual level we are all one and humankind is finally beginning to awake into its fundamental oneness.  

As we were told many times along our history, we are like gods, like the gods of genetic engineering, theoretical physics and time traveling behind the experiment our civilization is. We have friends among these gods. They are here among us, helping with our advancement and at the same time making sure we do not destroy the planet. Indeed, the planet does not belong to us.

How far we can reach in terms of civilization advancement is a matter of how far we are willing to travel. The world we live in is a reflection of our collective level of enlightenment. "Be the change you want to see in the world." The world is a projection of how every each of us understands real reality and the purpose of life, of how we treat nature and our fellow human.

We were once told the truth will set us free. The meaning of this word of wisdom was hidden behind all sorts of acts of deception by those who had and still have an interest in keeping Earth-humans unaware of the liberating truth. 

The history of civilization Earth, so far, has been a continuous confrontation between those deliberately hiding or distorting known truth and the ones seeking to share it with the people so they could break free from the chains of physical and spiritual slavery. "A Time of Change" is a contribution on the side of the later ones. It was put together with the firm conviction that the forces of good will in the end prevail. 

Panther Valley, New Jersey

Friday, June 2, 2017


"If you hold to my teachings, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
                                                                         - John 8:31-32

The Bible is actually void of most of Jesus' teachings and it does not tell us what was the truth he was referring to here either. In the verses following John 8:31-32 he supposedly explains what he meant but the explanation is extremely confusing and it looks like something inserted there by the church scribes or like text heavily edited in order to divert attention from Jesus' anti-religion message. 

Indeed, Jesus taught against religion. When we pay attention to what the text says it is obvious his "Father" was not the all-knowing god of religion, otherwise a composite fictional character, and similar to what we will have later in the case of Muhammad, his teachings included knowledge that was "out of this world," as of a non-terrestrial origin, information he had been initiated into between the age of 12 and 30 at some of the centers established thousands of years ago all over the planet. The Bible says nothing about this eighteen year period in his life, also know as the missing years, and one could only wonder why.

According to the Sanskrit text Mahabharata, in this universe alone there are over 400,000 civilizations, every one existing at a certain level of development. According to sources to be revealed in the book, civilization Earth is an experiment. It was meant to include human races from all over the universe as a reflection of the diversity characterizing the cosmic community. At one point the experiment was hijacked by unkind entities with an agenda that sought to use Earth people for their own benefit and to take control of the rich resources of the planet. They were the ones who gave us religion, political forms of government and the monetary system.

The role of religious belief is to create a false perception about the purpose of life and about the nature of being human. It also ensures that Earth people are mentally entrapped to the institution of religion and its profiteers through fear of the alleged supernatural powers of an invisible entity the scrutiny of which one could never escape. 

Since a human ignorant of his potential, of the true nature of reality and of his destiny is easier to manipulate, the god of religion invites humans to abandon truth seeking. This is why according to the Bible feeding on the fruits of the tree of knowledge is the greatest sin man has ever committed and why being poor in spirit is described there as a blessing. However, Jesus tells his followers "seek and you will find," that they are to "know the truth," and that "the truth will set you free." This is only one instance when evidence reveals his message was an anti-religion and anti-belief in general one.

From its very beginnings religion was meant to divide and this way to weaken the members of the large communities of Earth people. In another passage in the Bible, the one about the city and the tower of Babel, we are told that in order to keep Earth-humans from accomplishing great things the "gods" gave them many languages: 

“If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. 7 Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”
8 So the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city. 9 That is why it was called Babel - because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world." (Genesis 11:6-9)

No one can explain the origin of the over 6,000 languages spoken today on the planet, which represent 6,000 lines of separation drawn between the Earth people. Scientists have discovered that the gene for language learning, FOXP2, was at one time artificially modified.

According to the same sources, no one else in the universe uses religion. At one time Earth people were genetically redesigned, and as you are going to see we have scientific evidence attesting to that. Then somebody else would genetically downgrade them and programmed them to live only 120 years. They were set to the frequency of belief, this way reducing their ability to process information, something that made it very easy for those still in charge of civilization Earth but currently losing their grip on an awakening humankind to control them by the way of indoctrination with false information of a religious or pseudo-scientific nature. 

Most advanced civilizations in this and other universes do not use money and do not have political forms of government either. Between religion, the financial system and the political system, civilization Earth is trapped into an unhealthy obsession with and dependency of the material, and the Earth people's induced erroneous understanding of the nature of life has prevented them for thousands of years from becoming aware of their great abilities. "It is not written in your Law," reminds his followers the same Jesus, "I have said you are gods?" (John 10:34) On the other hand, at odds with Jesus' teachings and with other passages in the Bible mentioning the great potential Earth-humans have and are kept unaware of by the way of religion, the gods of Genesis 3:22 were very upset that man has become "like one of us." 

Scientific materialism, empiricism, evolutionary theory included, all these are elements of a new form of belief, of a new religion that comes with its own dogma taught in schools and universities as fact. Its purpose is similar to the purpose of the classic religion: to maintain the status quo by keeping everyone in the dark about their true origins, nature and potential. This is why, as you are going to see in the book, despite the appearance of them being in conflict and embracing antagonistic ideologies, creationists and materialists scientists have actually similar views on most major issues of great interest for the global community.  

So who are the "us" and the "we" of the Bible, Torah and the Quran? We were supposed to have a one and only god, weren't we? The claim by Christian apologists that the "we" and the "us" is a reference to their "holy trinity" is unsupported by known facts and it is contradicted by the very text of the Bible: "God presides in the great assembly; he renders judgment among the gods." (Psalm 82) Neither Jews, nor Muslims have embraced the Christian concept of trinity, and yet their holy books too often include references to a group of individuals supervising the development of civilization Earth. More than that, the Christian "trinity" represents actually a deliberate distortion of the Hindu "Trimurti," a concept that was never about three persons in one but about the three fundamental forces behind the existence of the universe.

According to the same sources to be revealed in the book, the term "god" refers to very knowledgeable individuals extremely proficient in physics, genetics, astronomy, mathematics and in the studying of the spiritual or the metaphysical. This would be similar to the term Philosophiae Doctor, the Ph.D. acronym attached to the name of certain members of the academia. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


"I'm outraged by the FBI, the CIA, and computers that seemed to have catalogued our lives. Power too often is accompanied by irresponsibility."
- Robert Ludlum, author of the original The Bourne Trilogy series

By analyzing a recorded event
over and over again, after a while, details embedded into the intricacies of a story you have become emotionally disconnected from come to light with clarity for the first time. Indeed, as I was re-re-watching the other night Alan Pakula's "All The President's Men" it came to my attention that central elements of this monumental case of political corruption in the 1970's are the foundation for the chaotic political intrigue unfolding in front of our eyes right at this very moment.

Before we go there we must remember that a Hollywood that pretends to be very liberal turns out to be deep state affiliated. What else is new since almost every significant structure of our society is deep state affiliated. All The President's Men was a little too political for the taste of the Academy, so despite mixed reviews, the 1977 Oscar for Best Picture went to "Rocky." Sylvester Stallone is said to have wrote the script in three and a half days after watching the championship match between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner. In reality, the movie is a "Somebody Up There Loves Me" knockoff, a 1956 production with Paul Newman in the leading role. Newman played a struggling prizefighter named Rocky Barbella. Stallone character's name is Rocky Balboa. The story is by and large the same and even the girl in "Rocky" is a mirror image of the character Norma 
in Somebody Up There played by Pier Angeli. All The President's Men would be selected by the Library of Congress to be preserved in the United States National Registry for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant," an honor also awarded to "Rocky," which tells volumes about the current state of the American culture. 

Then, of course, we have Oliver Stone's JFK. It is considered one of the best political thrillers ever, and yet the Academy decided the Oscar should go to a movie called The Silence Of The Lambs about an "intelligent" psychopath who practices cannibalism and ends up working for the FBI. Stone's JFK, however, led to the United States Congress voting a special law known as President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992, or the JFK Records Act. It basically ensures all documents, all information pertaining to the assassination are kept under lock until 2029.

There is an obvious common thread linking Watergate, the Kennedy assassination and everything going on today in the political arena. That thread is the unmasking of the principal players behind our political system, the never elected, the actual masters of the show relying on groups of individuals within FBI and CIA plus a mass media they apparently have under control, something known as the deep state.

In the Watergate case some of the DNC headquarters burglars were associated with the CIA. Howard Hunt, a leading character in the plot was a White House aide and a CIA consultant. On the opposing side there was Deep Throat, the high-level source that helped Woodward and Bernstein, two reporters with The Washington Post break open the case and bring down the Nixon Administration. As it would be later revealed, the source was Mark Felt, an FBI special agent who would retire in 1973 as the FBI's Deputy Director. 

In the case of the Kennedy assassination and of the ensuing cover up we have indisputable evidence of FBI and CIA participation. In his movie, Stone creates a fictional character, X, played by Donald Sutherland, so he could tell the real story of what happened and how it happened, a story based on information provided by deep background sources within the intelligence community Stone had access to. This, however, is more or less the same story behind many other significant moments in our history, from the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack and the 1947 Roswell UFO incident, to the September 11, 2001 events.

Neither the CIA, nor the FBI are homogenous organizations. Within the intelligence community there seem to be a number of groups that have pledged allegiance to different and often antagonistic entities within the hidden structures of powers. As you are going to see in A Time of Change, some of these entities are forces of good, others are forces of darkness.There are also unattached untouchable individuals who would like to see the law being upheld all the time, under any circumstances, and who are truly dedicated to serving the interest of all the people in accordance to the provisions made in the Constitution.

Washington Post would not change its political allegiances and neither fact, nor common sense seems to matter in that respect. So could anyone tell if Washington Post would have pursued the Watergate case if Nixon was a Democrat? The question was raised before and past doubts seem to become certitude today. 

According to a March 17, 2017 Washington Post headline, "Russia is Trump's Watergate. Will he react like Nixon?" In the WP's opinion, Nixon's firing of special prosecutor Archibald Cox "for refusing to back off his pursuit of the White House Watergate tapes" was identical to President Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey for allegedly refusing to put an end to the investigation into an alleged collusion with the Russians. Would have been, except that, unlike in Nixon's case, there are no tapes or anything incriminating Trump, and Washington Post was unable to produce a single piece of evidence Trump fired Comey for that reason. In fact, after ten months of what was a multi-level, multi-pronged investigation that started under the Obama Administration no one could find proof such collusion did occur or that Trump has asked Comey to stop the FBI investigation into the allegations about a nefarious connection between Trump and Russia. For reasons they would have to explain historians one day, as they were trying to create the illusion that what we have here is a Watergate-like situation, Washington Post editors found it though perfectly rational to put the equal sign between a proven fact and an unsubstantiated malicious assumption. 

The author of the same Washington Post article also claimed that Trump's "unfounded charge that President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the presidential campaign was as scurrilous as it was unnerving." This is why many believe that if Nixon was a Democrat, Washington Post would have never investigated his illegal doings. Not only it was proved and acknowledged publicly even by Democrats that the Trump Tower was, indeed, under surveillance by the Obama Administration, as we all know it, Mark Flynn's name, an American citizen whose conversations were caught on surveillance devices was illegally unmasked by National Security Adviser and Obama appointee Susan Rice. As a result, considering that many are looking for similarities between Watergate and current events, those otherwise very contentious during the White House daily briefings grandstanding 
journalists should have launched an investigation into how the Obama Administration and the DNC have conducted themselves before, during and after the November 2016 Presidential elections.

In the Watergate case the Washington Post reporters were working with facts, not assumptions or declarations made over the phone by an unnamed source. Those facts were confirmed by at least three sources every time and they would be then confirmed by the way of the official findings. Among others, they revealed the existence of a slush fund of over $700.000 ran by Haldeman and used to finance the dirty-trick operations the White House and the RNC's Committee to Reelect were involved in. 

There have been numerous suggestions based on substantial evidence that the Clinton Foundation acted as the Clinton family's personal political slush fund. We are talking here many millions of dollars provided by controversial donors used for political operations, and even Washington Post would acknowledge this fact in an October 28, 2016 article with a heavy headline: "How to drain the Clinton swamp." However, number one on the list of suggestions offered by WP was "Shut down the foundation or spin it off in its entirety to a respected, independent figure." Apparently, the Washington Post was not interested in conducting a thorough investigation into the legality of how the Clinton Foundation was operating, as it did in the case of the Watergate scandal. Instead, the paper would have been satisfied with the Clinton Foundation shutting down or letting everything go quietly underground under new leadership, no prosecution, no indictments, no journalistic heroics.

Is Washington Post and other major news organizations a propaganda billboard for certain groups within the intelligence community? Ironically, while some consider the press to be one of the four pillars of democracy, officially, the press is also known as the fourth branch of government. As a result, the media is actually an extension of the hidden structures of powers, reason why despite the appearance they try to create about the public having multiple choices when it comes to TV opinion shows, at the end of the day there is not much of a difference between how the conversation is framed on CNN, MSNBC or FOX News. Indeed, m
uch of what those who unaware yet of what is going on get from mainstream media is either false or misinterpreted information, something meant to create a specific perception of reality that benefits the powers that be.  

A document revealed many years ago by other independent researchers in relation to another issue of great significance for our civilization referenced in A Time of Change, quote included, in 1991 the CIA and moguls of major media organizations reached a behind closed doors agreement, and there is a signed record of it. From that moment on they were to work together to control the distribution of information, the news content that was, something supposedly, and probably to a certain extent true, done in the name of national security. The same year, a Washington Post staffer by the name of Desson Howe wrote about Oliver Stone's JFK that, "It's not journalism. It's not history. It is not legal evidence. Much of it is ludicrous." Independent historians and independent journalists beg to differ.  

JFK, Oliver Stone, 1991. The meeting between Mr. X (Donald Sutherland) and Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner).

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


A window to a new understanding of the nature of being human and the nature of reality in general, one diametrically opposed to most everything taught these days in schools, universities or preached in houses of worship.

You will be introduced to dimensions of reality Earth people have been kept unaware of by those who sought to have full control over them and are about to lose their grip on our civilization. Overall, this is an uncompromising investigation into the roots of the state of crisis humankind has been experiencing for thousands of years now.

A Time of Change, Volume 1, Chapter 1:

“Last but not the least the American Museum of Natural History video included a strange statement by Professor Ken Miller, a leading figure among the few scientists who have chosen to speak publicly in support of evolution. He claimed there that science cannot and does not reveal the meaning or the purpose of our existence, something only religion or philosophy could do. Aside from his bizarre assessment of what science can and cannot do, by suggesting that philosophy and religion were similar in their purpose and modus operandi, he was basically discrediting philosophy, otherwise the queen of all sciences according to Albert Einstein. As you are going to see here, though, this was no accident. Indeed, there is a reason why both evolutionists and theologians are not very fond of philosophy and philosophers, unless, of course, as a philosopher you embrace their respective belief system.”

A Time of Change, Volume 2, Chapter 14:

“Molecules do not need to wait millions of years to cluster up into body parts by chance when the DNA produces that assemblage orderly, efficiently, and much faster. As a result, the key to solving the mystery of the origin of species is figuring out the origin of the DNA and of the information stored in it.

The DNA is not just a “complicated” biologic device. Its greatness derives from the content of the information downloaded into it. In a binary system information is ones and zeroes, and information, what we know as software is something apart from the hard drive of a computer. Similar to that, the information stored in the DNA is not material, and it is something apart from the biological system, from molecules and cells. Students in schools do not hear biologists or geneticists explaining how and when the DNA of every each life form became available on planet Earth. Without their specific DNA, though, there would be no finches, no apes, and obviously no humans.”

A Time of Change, Volume 3, Chapter 28:

“The maturing into a world of one at the social and spiritual level of our still divided communities could only be the consequence of making rational local and global choices that benefit the greater good. Those rational choices could only be the result of each individual developing a correct understanding of the nature of man and the universe, of reaching a high degree of awareness of the spiritual essence of everything.

It stands for reason there would be no significant spiritual growth without man having the freedom to make those kinds of choices, without him being allowed to act in a way that will lead to significant progress in all areas of existence. That includes freedom from want, freedom from fear, freedom from religion, freedom of speech, and freedom from any form of constricting totalitarian law that comes in conflict with the natural order that governs the universe and everything in it.

The only limitation associated with this great opportunity to achieve oneness and harmony while still playing by the rule of free will is the obligation we all have to attune to the cosmic terms of the destiny every human in the universe is to experience, and to help every soul go beyond its current cognitive and awareness limits so in the end it could complete its mission and fulfill that universal destiny.”

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Monday, April 24, 2017


Dover, December 2005. At the end of a highly unorthodox judiciary process, to use an euphemism, John Jones the 3rd, a supposedly conservative judge from Pennsylvania ruled intelligent design was religion. As a result, teachers and students could no longer utter these two terrible words in an American public school, one of the most outrageous cases of wool pulled over the public's eye in the history of the country. Few among those who were following the developments at the time hoping for a certain outcome were aware though both creationists and evolutionists were in on the ruse, and that neither one wanted this to be debated in a public forum. So they staged a trial. 

There are not just one but a number of major problems with Judge Jones’ conduct during the trial. The most serious among them is the fact that much of what took place during this Kitzmiller vs. Dover Area School District media stunt was actually unconstitutional, it conflicted with everything the judicial system is about, and the judge was basically there to issue a pre-established decision. 

One big red flag at a time, the lawyers for the defendant chose not to appeal the judge's otherwise reason free and law defying decision, more so when their success was practically guaranteed. So, the question is, were the creationists, the evolutionists, certain political entities, the lawyers for both sides and the media in on the con? Anyone making such a claim would be instantaneously labeled "conspiracy theorist," something meant to discredit him and his claim. As you are going to see in the book though, facts are facts and nothing can change that, and, as usual, you are free to draw your own conclusions.  

One significant thing almost everyone forgets, and media would deliberately create a false perception about the entire process, the trial was not supposed to be about establishing if the theory of evolution or the concept of intelligent design was a valid scientific theory, and Judge Jones' court was certainly not the venue for making this kind of determination. The reason for the complaint lodged with the court by the Kitzmiller family and a few others in the town of Dover with the help of the ACLU was the accusation that Of Pandas and People, otherwise a biology book, was promoting religion. This biology book was to be used by students in class, that was if the school district approved the acquiring of it. As you are going to see though, there was absolutely nothing religious in the book, and the real reason why evolutions were up in arms attacking Of Pandas and People was that its authors, a few dozen scientists with impressive credentials whose names and titles are listed in the opening pages were using scientific evidence to make a very strong case for the fact that most of what we see around us bears the mark of intelligent design. That was supposed to be the work of an "intelligent agent," and according to the Kitzmiller family and to many others in town, it was tantamount to promoting religion. 

The other significant issue pro-evolution critics had with the book was that it also made a very strong direct case against Darwinian gradualism. Since according to the scientific evidence life forms are what they are by design, that means the animal kingdom could not have been the product of chance, and to make things worse for evolutionists, this scientific evidence was listed in a biology book students were supposed to read from and study. There is more to it though.

As it turns out the evolutionists had their own book to sell to the school district, and, highly irregular, some of its authors were called actually to testify in the trial and allowed to denigrate the vision proposed by the scientists who authored the book they were competing against, authors who, imagine that, were not invited to testify. The obvious effect of proving evolution was biologically and genetically impossible was that they would have lost their credibility and also a very lucrative contract, but this was more about politics than about business interest and truth in science. As a result, nothing of that mattered since the outcome of the trial was established before the show started.

Many among the large public who were convinced by the media and certain "science communicators" intelligent design is a religious concept used by churches as evidence their imaginary god is real are unaware the concept of design has actually serious adverse consequence for the credibility of the dogma of the church too. As a result, both evolutionists and creationists felt threatened, and rightfully so, that having students discussing intelligent in science class would lead to the collapse of their respective belief system. So they staged the trial that meant to produce a legal ban on discussing design in public schools, which was completely unconstitutional, that ban that is. There is more to the the politics behind the sham trial in Dover though, and that will be revealed in A Time of Change

Intelligent design is not religion, and it is not a theory either. It is a fact of reality anyone could notice when we pay attention to the details of our surrounding reality. The fact that some people believe the "intelligent agent" is their imaginary supernatural god does not make it so and, sure enough, it does not make intelligent design religion. 

Those who have read Of Pandas and People know very well the book does not for a moment promote religion. Because of that, with the agreement of both parties the organizers of the hoax trial switched its focus from the content of the book, the actual reason we had the trial in the first place, to the judge ruling on the question of if the theory of evolution was good science and if intelligent design was religion masquerading as science. The epitome of impropriety, this was to be done by a judge, an other words by an individual who had no authority in science-related matters. 

The only reason why the judge would officially label intelligent design religion was so he could ban discussing the concept in science class on account that the First Amendment to the Constitution prohibits the promoting of religion in public schools. 

Of Pandas and People subject matters.

Soon after the judge issued his decision in December of 2005, I read a piece in a college newspaper by a student who was very happy with the outcome, and his argument was actually a proclamation, no supporting evidence included, stating that religion should not be part of the curriculum in our schools and universities. I could have not agreed more with him, religious belief has no place in our education system, in politics or in our society in general for that matter. I would have liked to see though our education system protecting the younger generations against indoctrination with religious belief by exposing students to the known truth about religion, something that would make them less susceptible to being psychologically manipulated by religious institutions and politicians associated with them. The education system in this country and all over the planet remains silent on this issue, which allows the perpetuation of irrational religious belief with all the negative consequences we see around us. 

My initial intent was to write an article on the fact that neither religion, nor the theory of evolution offered a valid explanation for the origin of humans and life in general, or an accurate account of the history of humans on this planet for that matter. I soon realised though that to make the definitive argument it would have taken more than just well-penned persuasive statements and opinion. This required the use of an abundance of evidence, and a few months after I started work on the article I decided everything was going to be laid out in one comprehensive book so that lots of information was in one place for the benefit of the truth seeker. 

In the process of explaining what was untrue about the claims made in religion, by materialist scientists and evolutionists and by certain historians, I would become aware  of what religion and evolutionists and some historians were actually hiding from the people of the planet, and this is when research got very interesting and it expanded beyond the topic of religion and evolution into such areas as the spiritual, ancient Egypt, Mesoamerica, theoretical physics, genetics, biology, life in the universe and how we are related to it, as well as many other topics. All that would generate the larger picture of the current state of our civilization, of how we got here, and of where we are supposed to go from here in order to not just survive but make significant advancement. In the end, this "accidental" project became a three-volume, over 1,300 pages book called A Time of Change. 
“…the conflicts aired in this trial – over the status of evolutionary theory, the arguments for intelligent design, and the nature of science – reveal an intellectually unhealthy situation. The political urge to defend science education against the threats of religious orthodoxy, understandable though it is, has resulted in a counter orthodoxy, supported by bad arguments, and a tendency to overstate the legitimate scientific claims of evolutionary theory. Skeptics about the theory are seen as so dangerous, and so disreputably motivated, that they must be denied any shred of legitimate interest.” (Public Education and Intelligent Design, Thomas Nagel, Philosophy & Public Affairs 36, no. 2, 2005, Wiley Periodicals)
Religion, evolutionism and scientific materialism are equally detrimental to the wellbeing of civilization Earth. Among others, they stall cognitive and real technological progress by keeping Earth people enslaved to the illusion of material. Indeed, they create a false perception of reality which prevents the people of the planet from knowing their true potential. 

Things are beginning to move in the right direction though, and more and more Earth-humans are coming together these days into what could only be described as a grand awakening. A Time of Change is addressed to everyone who has at least contemplated the possibility that what we are told in schools, houses of worship, by politicians on the stump or in the media about the history, the current state of our civilization and the destiny of Earth-humans might not be true. And as we were once told in preparation for these times, the truth will set us free.