“The Ultimate Tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.” – Bringers of the Dawn

Earth people are awakening these days to the fact that something is definitely wrong with the world we live in. We must fix it before is too late, and to do that we will have to figure out how we got here.

What has caused the constant state of crisis humankind has been experiencing for thousands of years now is Earth people being constantly treated to acts of deception and centuries of psychological manipulation.

The pieces of the puzzle will gradually assemble into a never before seen multi-dimensional image of our civilization. Not just a collection of shocking facts and controversial opinions, the book will forever change the way Earth people understand their origin, their history, the nature of being human and the reason why they experience life.

All three volumes are offered here free of charge. The Book Proposal, a chapter outline, will introduce the prospecting reader to the main themes of the book. To download the book proposal and the book itself so that you could read even when you do not have access to Wi-Fi click on the links below.

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The author is not associated with known political organizations, religious cults, secret societies, social, spiritualist or new age movements, nor does he intend to establish something similar in the future. What the people of the planet decide to do with the information and the ideas shared with them in the book is entirely up to them.

“You must do something to make the world more beautiful.” – Miss Rumphius


A Time of Change – Volume 1 of 3

A Time of Change – Volume 2 of 3

A Time of Change – Volume 3 of 3

A TIME OF CHANGE is private intellectual property made available in this format to all the people of the planet for civilization advancement use, not for financial profit.

Saturday, April 21, 2018


To be considered for publication they want your book proposal, and they want it badly. "They" would be the agent who uses the proposal to pitch your book to a publishing house. This proposal, however, is addressed to the people the book is addressed to. In other words, I am eliminating the middleman, which does not mean the middleman is not allowed in on the conversation.

Complete title: 
A Time of Change - Rediscovering The True Nature of Being Human and the Origin of Civilization Earth 

Paul Greene is a pen name adopted for this project.

Genre: nonfiction.
That would be interdisciplinary narrative nonfiction. The book tells the story of what humans truly are, of their true origin, of the purpose of their being here and of how we ended up as a civilization in what has been an intricate perpetual state of crisis. In the process the reader will be taken into a journey across many interrelated fields of knowledge and many dimensions of reality.

Work on the book began in 2006. The project was finished in 2018. 

In the downloadable PDF file format offered here Volume 1 has 462 pages (17 MB), Volume 2 has 393 pages (12 MB), and Volume 3 has 555 pages (39 MB). That makes for 68 megabytes of PDF files and 1,410 Word document single-space pages cover to cover

The book has 30 chapters broken down into subchapters. Chapter 1 is the first chapter of the Volume 1 and Chapter 30 is the last chapter of the Volume 3. Volume 1 includes Chapter 1 to Chapter 13, Volume 2 includes Chapter 14 to Chapter 19, and Volume 3 includes Chapter 20 to Chapter 30.

The reader will look at approximately 130 pictures and symbols. Most images and symbols are public domain. For the rest I have obtained permission from their rightful owners, with a couple of them having no traceable source or being my property. 

Throughout the book one will come across numerous links (blue font text). The hyperlinks would only be accessible in an e-book format. A Time of Change was released as an e-book the end of May 2013. It was taken down almost immediately after that, and there have been 12 complete rewritings of the manuscript since. 

In most instances the links would connect to additional information and sources authenticating what was just stated based on the supporting evidence made available in the book. As a result, lack of access to these sources, access you would not have in a print version either, does not affect in any way the strength of the argument. 

That said if he so chooses the reader could find the referenced source on the Internet or watch the YouTube video the link would connect to while the book file remains open on his device. 

The following is the actual book proposal ...

Saturday, April 7, 2018


I have been working on a book proposal, a chapter outline for about two weeks now. It is as difficult to write a 50-page summary of a three-volume book as expected, one of those rare occasions when expectations match reality and we are not very pleased with that.

To spare you some of the confusion, this "book proposal" is not addressed to an agent or to a publisher. This is for you the people. It will give everyone a better general idea what the book is all about and, perhaps, good reason to read it, or, not to read it, which for some of you it will ease your pain. 

On that note I would like you to mark your calendars for the day of April 21. This is the approximate date the book proposal will be posted here. It's not carved in stone though, and why should it be? To make it easier, enter your email address in the window under 'Follow by email,' and you will receive a notification in your inbox every time I post something, book proposals included.   

Meanwhile, I do admit, I have been tinkering with the manuscript. Since it did not add pages to the current count, I actually inserted a few new things here and there, things I thought were definitely worth inserting. 

For example, for my entire conscious life I took for granted the official claim that the three pyramids on the Giza Plateau were built by Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. As you are going to see in the book, there is definitive evidence the Great Pyramid was not built by Khufu. What about the other two, though? Then decades later it striked me. 

Why would they claim three perfectly aligned with the three stars in the Orion Belt pyramids were built by three different kings? Also, why is almost no one talking about the smaller two? I had an idea, I checked a number history facts and with a number of sources, and, sure enough, the claim that these three Egyptian kings were the builders of the three Giza pyramids is all made up. As usual, when someone tells you a lie is because he wants to hide something for you, and that something is revealed in the book. 

Friday, March 16, 2018


MARCH 17, 2018

Today I finished rewriting the last chapter of A Time of Change. The book is now completed. No champagne, no fireworks though.

Between 2013 and 2018 there have been 12 "final" versions, with the last two produced between the end of June of 2017 and March 16, 2018. There is almost no thrill, no sense of accomplishment left in the tank. 

I would also like to think this is not the end of the road. Among others, the next step is, I would like to see it proofread by a professional, a kind, open-minded professional at that. As far as content goes, this is it, my work is done. There is always room for improvement style wise. 

Same as at the time when I started work on the book in March of 2006, yes, it took 12 years almost to the day to complete the project, I have no idea where I go from here but I am not concerned about that. I have let the universe know what I have in mind, and if this is, indeed, the end of the cycle, new portals will open and then things will happen.

I will be in a wait-and-see mode for a while, going nuts doing nothing, especially since Mercury is retrograde, and this month is going to be one of those tough retrogrades. I will soon be back though with stories about the writing of the book and other related adventures. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, the book is still free in this format, right here.

To access the rest of the diary click on 'read more.' To read the book click on the links below.

Monday, March 12, 2018


We live in a world where feeding false information to the population of the planet is the norm. It has been like this for thousands of years now, and yet it stays within our powers to change that. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018, CNN has aired the first episode of a series titled "Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History." As predicted based on the trailer, this turns out to be another outrageous act of deception perpetrated on the American public by the media.

The history of the Catholic Church is one major topic discussed in detail in A Time of Change. This institution has exerted an extremely malefic influence on civilization Earth and most of the problems we have today on the planet derive directly from the fact that from the beginning the main ambition of its hierarchy was to become a political superpower and to accumulate substantial wealth. To be able to satisfy both the church would seek to establish a monopoly on the business of religion. For a while, it was very successful at that, which is the root of the existential crisis humankind has been experiencing for almost two thousand years now. 

It was very difficult to sit in front of the TV and be exposed to the avalanche of non-factual statements pouring into the room from the screen produced by the CNN "consultants." I could only watch the first seven minutes of it or so, and all I can say is this is either a honest display of crass ignorance, or a shameful act of deception. In the end, it could be a combination of both. 

I took a few notes during those seven minutes and, among others, during that very short period the CNN special makes the following false claims:

- The history of the church began with one apostle, namely Peter; Peter was one of the twelve apostles.
In reality, as many researchers, including a number of scholars associated within the church have concluded, Peter never set foot in Rome, nor did he ever become a Christian. As you are going to see in the book, in one of his letters Paul calls Peter a hypocrite for playing all sides and criticizes him for not abandoning the Judaic cult. 

Paul, on the other hand, went to Rome, was imprisoned there, and in his letters he lists the name of everyone associated with the original Christian movement he met with in Rome. He not once mentions Peter. According to Eusebius, Paul was the one executed in Rome, allegedly at Nero's orders, not Peter, as the church claims today. If he ever was put to death in Rome would have been because he was a Jewish terrorist assassinating Romans, and not because he was a Christian.

Peter never converted to Jesus teachings and Jesus would despise him with a vengeance for as long as he lived. This we infer even from the current Bible. As you are going to see in the book, passages in which Jesus expressed his eternal dislike of Peter were removed from the Bible by the church.  

The last subchapter of the fourth gospel, the so-called Gospel of John, is deceptively titled Jesus Reinstates Peter. The Wikipedia page for 'Restoration of Peter" falsely claims "Jesus restored Peter to fellowship after Peter had previously denied him, and told Peter to feed Jesus' sheep." 

This was obviously placed on Wikipedia by a contributor associated with the church. It is a reference to what in reality are clearly forged passages introduced by church scribes in John. If you read the last page of this subchapter you can see Jesus does not reconcile for a moment with Peter-the-betrayer, and that he does not reinstate Peter in any way. Peter was NOT one of Jesus' true followers, let alone an apostle or his vicar.

- In 2013 the Catholic Church made public a box with Peter's bones. 
Science, rational logic proves beyond doubt those could not have been Peter's bones. In the Catholic and in the Eastern Orthodox churches, though, bones bring revenue, they mean money in their bank accounts and into the pockets of the priests. 

People indoctrinated with religious irrational from an early age go on pilgrimage to worship the alleged saint bones. As they do that, they donate money to the church hoping the bones would produce the miracle they have asked for as advertise by the marketing department of the church. The scheme is almost as old as the church is.

- Jesus appointed Peter his torchbearer and built a church on "this rock," with the rock supposedly being Peter.
The passage in Matthew 16 in which Jesus allegedly appoints Peter his successor is another proven church write-in, a forgery. It was introduced in the Bible about the same time the church was claiming Peter as its patron. 

Evidence you will be introduced to in the book shows Jesus was teaching actually against religion and had no intention to establish a religious institution. Something never acknowledged in churches or in the media, he received his education between the age of 12 and 30. These are eighteen years of his life the account of which is missing from the Bible, and they also known as Jesus' missing years. 

During this time he was initiated into a special knowledge in learning centers organized in the Far East, Persia, and Egypt. These schools were known for making a very strong case against religion and against living one's life based on belief, a message that is part of Buddhas authentic teachings. 

Jesus never intended to start a new religion or to build a church. He did not die on the cross either, another thing admitted to in the Bible the churchgoers are not aware of. It is also revealed in the Quran and in the Gnostic texts the church has banned. He died of very old age in a town situated at the border between today's India and Pakistan.

When Paul abandoned Judaism he abandoned religion all together. This was why, in the beginning, the founders of the church described him as an incarnation of the devil. Contrary to what many claim today, including independent secular researchers, Paul was not the ideologue of the church, and he was not associated in any other way with the religious institution created by the Adversaries, as the founders of the Christian religion were known. 

They were named "Adversaries" by the members of the genuine and otherwise non-religious Christian school of thought, a movement associated with the Essenes and the Gnostics. They were considered adversaries of truth, of Jesus' true teachings, and produced today's Christian religion. The authentic Christian school of thought and, as acknowledge by Paul in Ephesians the "mystery of Christ" too were much older than the time of Jesus.

The church choosing Peter to be its patron is one of the biggest hoaxes in the history of religion. It was done so that Earth people will be confused about Jesus' actual message. From the beginning his message was completely distorted in the Christian churches ran by the Adversaries, and the distortion became today's church dogma. 

Peter was not the first pope, as the CNN special claims. To begin with, Peter was not a Christian, something made very clear in the Bible on several occasions. He was a Jewish Zealot, and the Zealots are one of the first terrorist organizations in the history of humankind. Peter, the one who in the same Matthew 16 Jesus calls Satan and a "stumbling block" was a Jewish religious fanatic, an extremist who, as revealed by Paul in one of his letters, was converting the gentile to Judaism, not to Christianity.

According to documents referenced in A Time of Change, the founders of the early church, the second and third century of the Current Era, were not even familiar with the existence of a St. Peter, and Constantine never built a St. Peter Basilica in Rome, as falsely stated on the same Wikipedia by the anonymous contributor. The Universal Church, a title which was a cover for the fact that its leaders intended to establish a monopoly on the business of religion would not officially exist until 325 CE. It emerged as a totalitarian Christian conglomerate at the Council of Nicaea, almost three hundred years after the time of Jesus. 

The first pope of the Universal Church was Sylvester (314-335), while the Great Schism between the Catholic Church and the Eastern Church would not take place until 1054. Everything before the Council of Nicaea in terms of church history and the history of the papacy the CNN special claims, or you read on Wikipedia, is a self-serving confabulation by church historians deliberately overlooking the fact that Christianity as a religion was characterised by the constant bloody infighting between different antagonistic Christian factions.

The dictatorial political power of the pope and of the church was established though by the way of a forged document known as Donatio Constantini, the Donation of Constantine. It surfaced out of nowhere in the 8th century, some four hundred years after Constantine's passing. Four hundred years later it was publicly revealed the document was a forgery and the church was forced to admit to that. However, by now the cardinals were a political and military force in control of most of the western world and the church was able to maintain its counterfeit position of authority to this day. 

A history fact, today's Catholic Church is an institution founded on the biggest fraud ever in the history of humankind and the Vatican is an illegitimate state with no legal or moral authority. Despite that the State of Vatican, founded in 1929 with the support of the Fascist government led by Benito Mussolini the church would fully endorse, was granted the status of Permanent Observer at the United Nations. This gives it the right to intervene in any discussion or debate of the General Assembly.

No one should expect CNN to allow for a rebuttal, for a counter-argument to the claims made in the series. Because of that you will need to find out the known truth on your own. A Time of Change will help with that, it is still free at this time and it is a reliable source of information on this many other related topics of great significance for our civilization. 

Chapter 3, Volume 1, Chapter 16, Volume 2, and Chapter 20 and 21, Volume 3 are with predilection dedicated to the history of the Catholic Church and of the Christian religion. There is more though in the book about the true history of the Christianity of the church and on religion in general. Stay informed, spread the word, and the truth will set everyone free. 

Monday, February 26, 2018


Yes, teachers should teach chemistry with a gun in their pocket. Let's see now if anyone dares disrupt class. That said young people like to play daredevil all the time, and we may end up with some teachers reaching the end of the rope and pulling their 9 mm on them. By the way, teachers killing other teachers on the campuses of our universities, that happened before. Teachers turned terrorist, that too happened before. Remember Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber?

Don’t worry, we have a solution for that one too. We are going to arm the students. Really, what could stay in the way of making our schools safe, not even common sense. Oh, the benefits of that! Think about it, this will definitely improve their grades, for who in his right mind would from now give a student the failing grade it deserves. Now if upset students start killing other students and the teachers they don't like, we will arm the parents, and that should teach them a lesson.

As the NRA word of wisdom goes the only thing preventing a bad guy with a gun from killing a good guy is a good guy with a gun. So let us arm all the good guys of America, the bad guys already have full access to anything they sell at the gun shop, and make America safe once and forever, right? Well, there is a little tiny bitsy problem with that plan. 

In a world where most everyone pretends to be someone he is not, how do you tell the good guys from the bad guys? Look at our political system, for example. They all pretend to be the good guy on the stump fighting for the poor and the downtrodden, but are they really? Do not lose hope now. We’re working on figuring the good ones and the bad ones and we are leaving no Facebook comment unturned.

While they do that, imagine this, fellow Americans. Everybody, and I mean bad guys, good guys, not so bad and not so good guys, all carrying guns to work, at the mall, in college, at the supermarket or at the museum, and doing that to protect the good guys with guns from the bad guys with guns. Imagine someone takes the first shot, or that another mysterious Vegas shooting happens and bad guys who think they are the good guys start fighting the good guys they think are the bad guys, or as some would call it, the new American civil war. Who do you think will be the winner? I don't know about you but my money is on the NRA.

In fact, the money is always with the NRA, right now. The gun industry is a $40 billion a year business, and if you think any of its profiteers really wants mass shootings to stop, buy yourself a gun and blow your brains out. True, this would not solve anything but what would under the circumstances. Take heart, though. If we get alive from this Age of Irrational, the prophecy says there will be a thousand years of peace. The big question is, will we? 

PS: Click on A Time of Change - Volume 1 of 3, scroll to page 135, the paragraf starting "To begin with nowhere in the Second Amendment ..." and read through the end of the subchapter, page 137. This is a short but perhaps shocking for many discussion of the Second Amendment. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


It is not because I am a millionaire. I'm not. I have actually never understood why we have to be paid for working for the greater good of humankind. I could do that without the monetary incentive, and we could all have everything we need, not what we want, for free, food, shelter, education, means of transportation, and, yes, even healthcare. This was one of the reasons why I always kind of felt I did not belong here. Then one day I found out advanced civilizations in this and other universes do not use money. They also do not have political forms of government and religion. So, ever since I have been waiting for my beamship to come and take me back to my planet (wink!).

I did not invent the system and I don't approve of it. Like everybody else I was born in the system. To have food, shelter and a car to drive to a rent or mortgage paying 9 to 5 job most everyone must work for someone who pays you a salary, or royalties. It is either that or you have to have your own business and then someone else is going to work for you. One way or the other you have to make money, otherwise a piece of paper with no actual value, or else no food, no shelter, and no retirement plan for you. It does not have to be this way. We are born in the system though, and we think this is the way the universe has intended it to be. This is what the system wants you to believe.

Next to religion and political forms of government, money is the most wicked invention ever in the history of Earth people. It was meant to trap them into dependence of the material and the Custodial authorities. It also allows those who have created the system, own the banks and a majority of the natural resources of the planet to have constant control over them. When you think about it, we could easily get rid of religion and political forms of government, if it was not for the monetary system. Alas, big money is what motivates the political and the belief systems to keep their tight grip on humankind. 

Money generates mass enslavement to the system for the benefit of those in charge of civilization Earth. Wealth accumulation becomes political power. Political power and massive wealth accumulation translates in special privileges. Special privileges, massive wealth accumulation and political power trigger greed, and greed leads to inequality, social injustice, war and destruction. This is pretty much what we had on this planet for as long as we could remember.

Indeed, greed has become the out of control engine that will drive civilization Earth into the ground. Contrary to what you were being told in the 1980s, greed is not good for you. It makes you blind of your true mission in life, of your need to become enlightened by the way of cognitive growth in order to elevate your spirit to a higher state of awareness and this way of being. It makes one obsessed with irrelevant materialistic ambitions, and it puts your personal desires above the needs of the community, above the greater good.  

The trap is tight and almost inescapable. The only way to break the chains is by experiencing global awareness of the trap, and the truth will set you free. You've never thought of it this way, did you?

When I started work on the book I was by default thinking, many copies sold means a house and a boat in Maine. To have it published, though, someone had to be interested in it, someone who would have determined if there was money to be made off of it. Given though the lack of name recognition, the lack of credentials in the fields discussed in the book and, equally significant that the way the topics discussed in the book was bound to upset 90% of all potential readers, including the main profiteers of the system, literary agents would not even consider taking a look at my developing manuscript. To begin with, this was too "heavy" for them and university presses are not exactly fond of outsiders. So I decided to go underground, which made lots of sense under the circumstances. 

The system is set to protect the status quo, and if you challenge it on solid grounds, you are not allowed to come even close to the money tree. In a world where food, shelter and gas costs money, though, that tends to make your life miserable. In fact, it breaks you psychologically and forces you to comply and play according to their rules. "The dude abides," goes a famous line in a famous movie, and yet choosing submissiveness as a matter of basic primeval convenience is not exactly something a human being could be proud of.

I am not good at abiding even if I try. I abide though by rational logic and I also am a man of principles, which does not make you life a lot easier in today's world. When forced to choose from one or a number of irrational options, this dude does not abide, he never did and never will, so the book is free. The dream about living in a house with a boat dock in Maine stands though, for dreaming too is free. 

Speaking of boats, to control the distribution of information and prevent independent voices from influencing, if not determining the narrative, the system makes sure the non-abiders will not have access to established high-traffic platforms that would allow them to express publicly unorthodox thoughts or make visible evidence prone to rocking the status quo boat. Among others, they will not publish your book, they will not play your song on the radio or your video on TV, and they will not distribute your movie. Other than that, unlike what goes on in an overt dictatorship, they leave you alone and helpless, most of the time that is.

The idea is to prevent the public from accessing major change-inducing information, their excuse being that non-submissiveness to order imposed by authority is bound to create anarchy. However, anarchy becomes inevitable when the authority was established on non-merit-based terms and the order comes in conflict with natural law, rational logic, and with commons sense. By the way, look it up, the term anarchism is not necessarily associated with violence, as some would want you to believe it is. 

Anarchism is "a political-philosophy that advocates self-governed societies based on voluntary institution," and that would be more of socialistic society, except that genuine socialism is not a political form of government. It is a way of life, the most rational one there is, and you could ask Albert Einstein about that if you do not believe me.  

Submissiveness to rational common law and compliance with rational logic in general is a prerequisite for our existence at the advanced civilization level. Just in case you have not noticed, we are not there yet. Instead, our current state of mind is compliance with an induced false perception of reality, which is in the process of being completely shattered these days. Just in case you have not noticed this one either, we are not there yet.

Among others, there is a change in attitude regarding the idea of socialism, and when you think about it, free education, free healthcare, and free books it is not such a crazy idea when you take money out of the equation, and that is a pretty crazy idea for anyone who cannot see beyond the illusion of reality created around us. That would actually be something viewed as a threat to the system by those who take advantage of the system and want to maintain it.

The powers that be have certainly taken note of this change of attitude, and considering the current chaotic circumstances in our society where false is true and true is false, when a book project meant as the foundation for a new humanity is free, this is bound to raise a few deep state eyebrows. That means it has not been vetted by a “serious publishing house," and that there is no guarantee it complies with the official narrative, and, truth be spoken, it does not.

From my perspective, though, a  project not sanctioned by the establishment means you do not have to make concessions for the sake of allowing the investor to make a profit off your book, of not alienating the potential paying customer, or not upsetting seen and unseen authorities that normally have control over the distribution of information. It also means, no house in Maine, no boat for me.

Anyway, this is my gift to humankind. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Work on the book started in the spring of 2006. The project was completed by 2013, or so I thought at the time. Four years later I am actually still editing the manuscript. Significant new information was added, errors were addressed, what was rather muddled is now much clear, and there have been many instances when conclusions I have reached were revised and adjusted to a new understanding of the evidence already presented in the book or to new evidence I have uncovered along the way.

There is the temptation of taking for granted what the general public believes to be true because it is promoted as fact on all sorts of media platforms, on TV, in specialty journals, or by individuals who speak with certainty 
on Facebook and YouTube about things they know little about. Once you become aware of what is hidden behind their false claims, your perception of reality changes and you can see the light at the end of the status quo. You have now a serious problem on your hands, though, since the system is set to protect the status quo and sharing your new state of awareness with others is a threat to the system.

This book is not for entertainment. It is not a relaxing read, yet  traveling into the unknown could often be fascinating, I know it was for me, especially when you keep an open mind about everything. In places it might read actually like a college course, and I sincerely hope young people would take the challenge and read it, just to annoy old school parents and their professors, if not for other more noble reasons. 

On that note there is a little something for everyone in it to be offended or shocked by. The book is bound actually to infuriate many, especially those who make a living knowingly or unknowingly teaching or preaching falsehood. It would also raise concerns for those behind our governments who would want the status quo to remain unchanged. Change does not happen though overnight. Change, however, is bound to happen.

I spent my entire life as a student of knowledge, as a truth seeker, and they don't give you a master's degree for that. You get a master's degree when you pay big money to be indoctrinated with the prevailing theory in colleges and universities. 

As the old saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. The teacher is not necessarily a person though. It could be and more often than not is a new and better understanding of knowledge we already possess, and being ready means being open to receiving the new wisdom or to uncovering it on your own. 

We are all students and teachers. However, I am not teaching anyone anything in the book. I am only sharing with you what I have found out and what I have seen with the eye of my mind. Last but not the least you are always free to draw your own conclusions. 

Other than that, A Time of Change is a big book because, as another word of wisdom goes, to know something you have to know something else.