ost inhabitants of the planet are awakening these days to the reality of the fact that something is definitely wrong with the world we live in. To fix it, survive as a civilization and make significant advancement, Earth people must become aware of how we got here before we reach the point of no return.

“The Ultimate Tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.” – Bringers of the Dawn

A Time of Change is an aerial view of what has caused and is still causing the crisis civilization Earth has been constantly experiencing for thousands of years. Equally significant from the author’s perspective, this is a window open to less known major facts about the origin and the nature of life, about the history of humankind on planet Earth and the purpose of our being here.

The roots and the real purpose of religion; the origin of religious themes that have influenced, if not determined the way we exist on this planet; the origin of the non-religious texts compiled into religious holly books; the many layers of truth behind the concept of god and intelligent design misrepresented by all sides of the debate; creationism, materialism, Darwinism and the malefic symbiosis between belief systems of a religious or pseudo-scientific nature and a political form of government; life in the universe and how we relate to it; secret societies and cosmic entities helping Earth-humans change the status quo in order to fulfill their destiny; theoretical physics everyone could understand, the basis for a plausible explanation for the origin of everything, life forms included; the spiritual or metaphysical, a dimension all ideas for every material form come from; biology, genetics, Egypt, Maya, China, capitalism, socialism, overpopulation and related social issues. This and many other pieces of the puzzle become assembled into a multi-dimensional explanation of the current state of the civilization Earth at the same time offering a glimpse into a possible future.

It took eleven years to complete, April 2006 to April 2017, and it will be available free of charge to all the people of the planet. It has over 1,300 pages, over 120 images, videos and a considerable number of live links accessible in an e-format of the book. Click on the links below and download each of the three volumes in their pdf format. Check this site, the Paul Greene and A Time of Change Facebook pages, as well as the author’s Twitter account for announcements.

Spread the word. This is an uncompromising challenge to the system, and it will need your help to reach as many members of the human race as possible.

A Time of Change – Volume 1 of 3

A Time of Change – Volume 2 of 3

A Time of Change – Volume 3 of 3

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Much of what I have experienced in life was consciously associated from a relative early age with an obsessive interest in knowing and in understanding the universe and everything in it. The things I have learned along the way, my report with the world by the way of observing the details that make reality and achieving a certain degree of awareness about their meaning would in the end become the motivational basis for this project. Part of the intimate reason why I embarked on working on this project was the realization that the world we lived in was marred by irrational, a manifestation of a false perception of reality rooted in deception and greed, in obsession with materialism and in selfishness. Inevitably, with this realization came the question of why, and the book is the result of the quest for a plausible answer. 

I would have to say there must have been many karmic intricacies that led to my taking this course of action, which, among others, required the abandonment of all sorts of tempting professional ambitions and personal life pursuits. The very mentioning of the word karma which implies continuity of life before and past our current experiencing of the material and the existence of an otherwise fundamental spiritual aspect associated with the nature of being human is bound to raise though an eyebrow or two, if not draw ire and scorn. In fact, one of the motivations behind the writing of this book was that in churches, schools and universities our being here is described as the one and only chance we get at fulfilling practically nothing beside a futile accumulation of wealth. Life, the origin of which no one can actually explain, is a chance occurrence of no consequences for our spiritual being, according to materialist evolutionists, or the product of a miracle, according to biblical creationists. 

In the end, in a few words, the two main objectives of this project, something gradually evolving from within a trove of evidence accumulated along the time through research and old-fashion paying attention to the meaning of everything surrounding us are to expose the fact that a large part of what humankind is told in schools and houses of worship is false, and also that there is more to life and reality than meets the eye. 

That said when advancing an argument against or in favor of an issue of major significance for humankind one is expected to have credentials. At least this is how the large public is made to believe things should be. Only an expert could be trusted with his or her opinion, they say. The rest of us common people should just listen submissively and take notes. Many among those deemed by society to be experts in their specific field have been actually repeatedly proven wrong, yet most of the public does not know that. 

There is nothing wrong with being wrong, as long as one admits to that in public as soon as he realizes he is wrong and society is allowed to take note of all pro and con arguments regarding a certain claim. That is not always the case, though, especially since making claims in public related to issues associated with what we know and what we believe we know is bound to have an impact on structures of society founded on what we allegedly know or on belief, such as religious institutions, academic organizations and political forms of government. The fact is, with the advent of Google and the Internet in general, every one of us could access these days everything our civilization has uncovered in the past or is discovering at this very moment, which is much more than what they teach in schools, universities and certainly infinitely much more than what they preach in churches. As a result everyone could become an expert in the field of his or her choice, be it religion, a specific theoretical physics concept, philosophy, history or in a certain branch of agriculture for that matter.

Considering that A Time of Change deals with a vast collection of controversial issues related to various controversial topics with deep social implications, including but not limited to religion, evolution, the history of our civilization, consciousness, philosophy, spirituality, biology, genetics, geology, astronomy, astrology, extraterrestrial life, the origin of life and of the universe, the reader would be rightfully inclined to ask about my credentials, about how many other books I wrote and how many peer reviewed papers I published. To begin with quantity is not a guarantee of quality. Otherwise, as revealed in the book, not everything peer reviewed is factual or rational.

It is very easy to affix the label “expert” to one's name in order to create the illusion of credibility. All it takes is a computer with a keyboard and an affiliation with a media outlet. This way the public is persuaded to embrace what often are baseless proclamations that happened to be subservient to someone's agenda. As also revealed in the book, the use of a so-called expert's opinion is one way to get the population of the planet to believe something false is something true, to embrace an official explanation of certain known facts that is actually a falsification of their real meaning. 

There are genuinely knowledgeable, intelligent, honest, well educated men and women out there in all sorts of fields, and there are the pretend experts introduced as such to the public by those who seek to control the terms of the conversation. The pretend ones are usually extremely vocal and highly visible when compared to the attention the real expert gets in the media. Because they are constantly pushed in front by the managers of knowledge, they are the most popular with the masses, they have hundreds of videos on YouTube titled in ways that reek for miles of bias, they get to publish dozens of otherwise irrelevant books and many of them are multi-millionaires, which makes them even more dedicated to their participation in that scripted act. This, however, is a serious problem for our civilization, and it will continue to be as long as we limit our participation to the conversation to taking them submissively at their word and to reproducing their claims without checking the facts.

A degree in a certain domain is not a guarantee that what the person has received in school while working at obtaining it is valid information or that the interpretation of that information described by him from his expert position as scientific axiom is logical and rational. At the same time, religion is nothing but blind belief, and it goes without saying that what they preach in houses of worship has nothing to do with known truth or reason since nothing in their dogma is based on a rational interpretation of actual facts. Or, as they are preaching there to their trusting audiences, reason is the enemy of faith.

Once again, to a today's ordinary human’s great advantage one no longer has to have a degree in biology or religion to be able to understand the meaning of what biology reveals to us and what religion actually is and does. The knowledge itself, the data is out there for all to look up and analyze. In fact, a dedicated truth seeker with a laptop could access from the comfort of his home way more cutting edge information than a tuition-paying student is exposed to in the amphitheaters of our for-profit colleges and universities. That said it is never about how much one knows but about how accurate is his understanding of what he knows.

We are all born truth seekers. By the very nature of being humans we are all born scientists. The system, however, was set to prepare Earth people for getting a job slaving for the very rich and powerful, not for looking for answers to the mysteries of the universe. The kind of education they receive in schools is meant to trap them into an obsession with the material by focusing for the rest of their life on making a living, a very good living if possible, in reality on making ends meet within a system where according to a 2015 report called An Economy for the 1%, sixty-two very rich people in the world "own as much as the poorest half of the entire humankind combined." 

This, however, is a time of change. We are experiencing the beginning of an era that will generate a paradigm shift in the way we understand reality, what we are, and in the way we understand the purpose of our being here. This is going to generate significant change in the way we exist on this planet at the social, economical and spiritual level, a change that will have a global reach. The notion of significant progress in the way we exist on this planet could not be associated though with elitist intellectualism or even with the idealism espoused today by a few. We need change through cognitive progress, personal growth, uncompromising rational action, and we need it now. 

As Plato once said, "We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when people are afraid of the light." All the destruction and the loss of life, the chaos, the waves of absurd and imposture coming from all directions we see these days around us is the result of the people of the planet being made afraid of the light by the powers that be. At the same time chaos is a sign of catharsis, the result of the clash between old and new, between those who want to maintain the status quo unchanged and the bringers of light.

We are all in this together. "United we stand, divided we fall." This is why global change will not occur without global participation. As controversial an issue this one too may be, global change is the only kind of change that will truly benefit civilization Earth, the only kind of change that will prevent actually civilization Earth from experiencing an early end. There is no alternative to that.