ost inhabitants of the planet are awakening these days to the fact that something is definitely wrong with the world we live in. To fix it, survive as a civilization and make significant advancement, Earth people must become aware of how we got here.

“The Ultimate Tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.” – Bringers of the Dawn

A Time of Change is a close look at what has caused and is still causing the crisis civilization Earth has been experiencing for thousands of years now, a window to less known aspects regarding the origin and the nature of life, the nature of reality, the true history of humankind on planet Earth and the purpose of our being here.

The roots and the real purpose of religion; the origin of many of the religious themes that have influenced, if not determined the way we exist on this planet; the non-religious origin of the texts compiled today into religious books; the many layers of distorted known truth associated with the concept of god and of intelligent design; creationism, materialism, Darwinism and the symbiosis between belief systems of a religious or pseudo-scientific nature and political forms of government; life in the universe and how we relate to it; secret societies and cosmic entities helping Earth-humans make significant advancement and fulfill their destiny; theoretical physics everyone could understand and is the basis for a very plausible explanation for the origin of everything, life forms included; the spiritual or the metaphysical, the only true reality; biology, genetics, Egypt, Maya, China, capitalism, biocentrism, socialism, overpopulation and related social issues. All that and many other pieces of the puzzle become assembled into the multi-dimensional image of an officially still untold history of civilization Earth that includes the reality behind the notion of being human and of the purpose of life not only on our planet but throughout the universe.

It took eleven years to complete and it is available free of charge to everyone on the planet with a computer or a similar device. It has over 1,300 pages, in includes over 120 images, videos and a considerable number of live links accessible in the e-format of the book offered here (PDF by the way of Google Drive). Click on the links below and download all the three volumes, or open them and read them on this site.

Spread the word. This is an uncompromising challenge to the system and it will need your help to reach as many members of the human race as possible. - Paul Greene

A Time of Change – Volume 1 of 3

A Time of Change – Volume 2 of 3

A Time of Change – Volume 3 of 3

Thursday, April 13, 2017


I did not invent the system and I don't approve of it. Like everybody else I was born within the system. In order to have food, shelter and a car to drive to your  9 to 5 job you have to work for someone who pays you a salary, or royalties, or have your own business and have someone else work for you. You have to make money, which is a piece of paper with no actual value, or else no food, no shelter or retirement plan for you. 

Next to religion and all political forms of government, democracy included, money is one of the most wicked invention ever in the history of man on this planet. It was meant as a way of trapping Earth-humans into dependence of the material, of allowing the rulers who have created the system, and who are the owners of most planetary natural resources to have control over them. 

Because of this is the system, when I started work at the book I was obviously thinking, many copies sold translates in a house and a boat in Maine. To have it published, though, someone had to be interested in it, and given the lack of name recognition, the lack of credentials in the fields discussed in the book and, equally significant, that the way the very controversial matters discussed in the book were discussed in the book was bound to upset 90% of all potential readers, including the main profiteers of the system, more than 150 literary agents declined to take a look at what at the time was a developing manuscript. Their logic was very simple. The chance a publishing house would be willing to risk alienating such a significant market segment, plus the powers that be, was close to zero. 

Indeed, the system is set to protect the status quo, and if you dare challenging it, the way it works, you are not allowed to come even close to the money tree, which is meant to make your life miserable, to break you psychologically, and to force you to play according to their rules. I'm not good at that, never was and never wanted to be, so for now, the book is free. This book reveals a good number of extremely grave issues with our civilization regarding the way humankind is treated by certain groups within the powers that be, something that trumps one's otherwise understandable desire to live in a house with a boat dock in Maine.

As a way of controlling the distribution of information, to prevent independent voices that choose to disengage from the system from rocking the boat, the system makes sure they will have no access to platforms allowing them to express publicly their thoughts and to present evidence that would cause the status quo to come undone. Among others, they will not publish your book, they will not play your song on the radio or on TV, and they will not distribute your movie. The idea is to prevent the public from accessing compromising information and the communicators from becoming non-compliant with the rules of the game. Their excuse explanation for that is non-submissiveness to authority is bound to create anarchy. However, anarchy becomes inevitable when that authority was established on artificial, not merit-based terms and it is used to keep humans on this planet enslaved to the system. And, by the way, the term anarchy is not necessarily associated with violence, as some would want to make you believe.

Total submissiveness and compliance is a state of mind in the process of being actually completely shattered these days, something reflected in the adverse way a large segment of the public reacted to events associated with the 2016 presidential elections, especially but not limited to the choice of candidates offered by the establishment. The change in attitude was also visible in the positive reaction millions of people had regarding such notions as socialism, free education and free health care, something the powers that be have certainly taken note of. Under these circumstances the good thing about a book project not being supervised by a “serious publishing house" that invests money in it in order to make a profit is that you do not have to make concessions content wise for the sake of not alienating the potential paying customer or not upsetting authorities that have control over how the media reacts to your book.

I feel that offering the book for free is definitely the right thing to do. This is my gift to humankind.