ost inhabitants of the planet are awakening these days to the fact that something is definitely wrong with the world we live in. To fix it, survive as a civilization and make significant advancement, Earth people must become aware of how we got here.

“The Ultimate Tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.” – Bringers of the Dawn

A Time of Change is a close look at what has caused and is still causing the crisis civilization Earth has been experiencing for thousands of years now, a window to less known aspects regarding the origin and the nature of life, the nature of reality, the true history of humankind on planet Earth and the purpose of our being here.

The roots and the real purpose of religion; the origin of many of the religious themes that have influenced, if not determined the way we exist on this planet; the non-religious origin of the texts compiled today into religious books; the many layers of distorted known truth associated with the concept of god and of intelligent design; creationism, materialism, Darwinism and the symbiosis between belief systems of a religious or pseudo-scientific nature and political forms of government; life in the universe and how we relate to it; secret societies and cosmic entities helping Earth-humans make significant advancement and fulfill their destiny; theoretical physics everyone could understand and is the basis for a very plausible explanation for the origin of everything, life forms included; the spiritual or the metaphysical, the only true reality; biology, genetics, Egypt, Maya, China, capitalism, biocentrism, socialism, overpopulation and related social issues. All that and many other pieces of the puzzle become assembled into the multi-dimensional image of an officially still untold history of civilization Earth that includes the reality behind the notion of being human and of the purpose of life not only on our planet but throughout the universe.

It took eleven years to complete and it is available free of charge to everyone on the planet with a computer or a similar device. It has over 1,300 pages, in includes over 120 images, videos and a considerable number of live links accessible in the e-format of the book offered here (PDF by the way of Google Drive). Click on the links below and download all the three volumes, or open them and read them on this site.

Spread the word. This is an uncompromising challenge to the system and it will need your help to reach as many members of the human race as possible. - Paul Greene

A Time of Change – Volume 1 of 3

A Time of Change – Volume 2 of 3

A Time of Change – Volume 3 of 3

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Work on the book started in 2006. It was more or less finished in 2013. For the last four years I have been constantly editing the manuscript. Mostly for clarity but, as it turned out, there were also evidence errors which had to be and were addressed, more than once. Significant information was also added, information reinforcing the conclusions reached in the book, and there were times when those conclusions were revised and adjusted to a new understanding of the evidence presented in the book.

There is always the temptation of conveniently taking for granted what the general public believes to be true and is promoted as fact on all sorts of media platforms, on TV, in specialty journals or by individuals that speak with certainty about things they actually know little about. Once you become aware of the reality behind their false claims, your perception of reality completely changes, and then you have a problem because the system is set up to protect the status quo.

There have been a number of, five or six, hasty releases of what turned out to be unfinished versions of the book. 
The book has "evolved" into a three-volume work, it includes over 120 images and dozens of live links, in the e-format. It is for now offered here free of charge in a downloadable pdf version. 

This book is certainly not for entertainment, yet learning by traveling into the unknown could often be fun. In places it reads like a college course, and I sincerely hope young people would take the challenge and read it, just to annoy their old school parents, if not for other more eclectic reason. That said there is a little something for everyone in it to offend you, shock you, and the book is bound to infuriate many, especially those who make a living knowingly or unknowingly teaching and preaching falsehood, and also those behind our governments who want the status quo to remain unchanged. 

This was not why I spent eleven years of my life researching, writing and editing. Going by how people react on social media to information that invalidates their beliefs or exposes their cognitive limits, it does not necessarily has to happen this way but significant outrage is to be expected. A Time of Change is also a Project for a New Humanity, and, as a rule, change always happens at the expense of what is old, outdated and decaying. 

I spent my entire life being a student of knowledge and a truth seeker, and they don't give you a master degree for that. That only happens to those who pay to be indoctrinated with the prevailing theory. Initially, I would have loved to have the book published at one of the Big Five publishing houses, or with one of the many prestigious University Presses since that would have given it more exposure. Publishing with institutions that are part of the system involves though lots of compromising, and this is one of those instances when compromising would most likely turn into selling out. I am certainly not going to do that, so here it is, the book will be available free of charge, on the Internet, at least in this format, and I sincerely doubt someone will make me an offer I could not refuse.  

As the word of wisdom goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. The teacher is not necessarily a person, though, and I am not teaching anyone anything. I am sharing what I have found out, I am sharing my thoughts and interpretation of what I have found out, and, once again, you are always free to draw your own conclusions. 

The real teacher is often new knowledge or a new and better understanding of what we know. Other than that, it is a big book because to know something you have to know something else.