“The Ultimate Tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.” – Bringers of the Dawn

Something is definitely wrong with the world we live in. We must fix it before is too late, and to do that we will have to figure out how we got here.

Thousands of years ago the inhabitants of the planet became prisoners of an artificially created illusion. That was accomplished by the way of an existential system that allows the unseen rulers in charge of what in reality is a human experiment to psychologically manipulate Earth people tuned by them to the frequency of belief. To some this may sound farfetched, if not fringe, until one looks at the evidence and becomes aware of the mental trap.

Significant information is deliberately hidden from the masses on a global scale. Known truth is distorted in houses of worship, in universities, by the media and the government. When somebody exposes that, the conspirators behind the systems cry “Conspiracy theory!”

We were once told the truth will set us free. Humankind is closer than ever to that moment, and A Time of Change opens many doors to multiple layers of liberating truth.

Earth people are living the dawns of a paradigm shift in the way they perceive reality and themselves. That will generate confusing chaos, followed by civilization advancement. Not just a collection of life changing facts and rational logical interpretations of them, A Time of Change will revolutionize the way we understand our origin, the nature of being human, our history and destiny.

It took twelve years to complete the project and for the time being all three volumes are offered here free of charge. When and if there is a reasonable offer from a publishing house, the book will no longer be available in this format.

There is a Chapter Outline. It introduces potential readers and anyone interested in becoming associated with the project to some of the main themes of the book. See “The Unprofitable Business of Finding Truth and Wisdom” for a glimpse into the author’s biography and background.

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The author is not associated with existing political organizations, religious cults, secret societies, social, spiritualist or new age movements, nor does he intend to establish something similar in the future. What the people of the planet decide to do with the information shared in the book is entirely up to them.

“You must do something to make the world more beautiful.” – Miss Rumphius


A Time of Change – Volume 1 of 3

A Time of Change – Volume 2 of 3

A Time of Change – Volume 3 of 3

A TIME OF CHANGE is private intellectual property made available in this format to all the people of the planet for civilization advancement use, not for financial profit.

Saturday, April 21, 2018


To be considered for publication they want your book proposal, and they want it badly. "They" would be the agent who uses the proposal to pitch your book to a publishing house. This proposal, however, is addressed to the people the book is addressed to. In other words, I am eliminating the middleman, which does not mean the middleman is not allowed in on the conversation.

Complete title: 
A Time of Change - Rediscovering The True Nature of Being Human and the Origin of Civilization Earth 

Paul Greene is a pen name adopted for this project.

Genre: nonfiction.
That would be interdisciplinary narrative nonfiction. The book tells the story of what humans truly are, of their true origin, of the purpose of their being here and of how we ended up as a civilization in what has been an intricate perpetual state of crisis. In the process the reader will be taken into a journey across many interrelated fields of knowledge and many dimensions of reality.

Work on the book began in 2006. The project was finished in 2018. 

In the downloadable PDF file format offered here Volume 1 has 462 pages (17 MB), Volume 2 has 393 pages (12 MB), and Volume 3 has 555 pages (39 MB). That makes for 68 megabytes of PDF files and 1,410 Word document single-space pages cover to cover

The book has 30 chapters broken down into subchapters. Chapter 1 is the first chapter of the Volume 1 and Chapter 30 is the last chapter of the Volume 3. Volume 1 includes Chapter 1 to Chapter 13, Volume 2 includes Chapter 14 to Chapter 19, and Volume 3 includes Chapter 20 to Chapter 30.

The reader will look at approximately 130 pictures and symbols. Most images and symbols are public domain. For the rest I have obtained permission from their rightful owners, with a couple of them having no traceable source or being my property. 

Throughout the book one will come across numerous links (blue font text). The hyperlinks would only be accessible in an e-book format. A Time of Change was released as an e-book the end of May 2013. It was taken down almost immediately after that, and there have been 12 complete rewritings of the manuscript since. 

In most instances the links would connect to additional information and sources authenticating what was just stated based on the supporting evidence made available in the book. As a result, lack of access to these sources, access you would not have in a print version either, does not affect in any way the strength of the argument. 

That said if he so chooses the reader could find the referenced source on the Internet or watch the YouTube video the link would connect to while the book file remains open on his device. 

The following is the actual book proposal ...


Making claims, any claim, is easy, and that is because there is a high dose of trust associated with an audience's willingness to embrace most everything it hears or reads as fact. This turns out to be actually a major problem for our civilization. It opens to door to abusing trust, and, as demonstrated in the book, almost everybody in a position of authority or associated with the distribution of information process has taken advantage of that and of the free will rule.  

Making things worse for our civilization, credentials are often substituting for evidence. In other words, some audiences would accept certain claims as true not because they known they are true but because of who makes those claims. This allows for credentials to give credibility to individuals who make false claims with the audience not even suspecting that. 

Earth people have been constantly treated to significant acts of deception for thousands of years now. The fact that billions of them believe something is true on account of their pastor, their preferred religious text, their molecular biology professor, their favorite TV station anchorman or Indiana Jones dress-alike archaeologist saying it is so it does not make it so, and we have the evidence to prove it. 


Chapter 1.
A visit to the Museum of Natural History in New York reveals a shocking reality. Not everything stated by a scientific organization is fact. More than that, when it comes to our origin and ancient history there are politics associated with the distribution of information and in many instances the feeding of the public with falsehood is intentional. 

We live according to how we perceive reality. The way we perceive reality is based on what we know and, most importantly, on how we understand what we know. What we know is information we have received during our formative years in schools, universities, in churches and through the media. So what happens when what we were told is neither true, nor rational? We end up living our life according to a false perception of reality and, among others we create the Hitlers, the Stalins and the Charles Mansons of our world. 

The constant state of crisis experienced by civilization Earth for thousands of years is the result of Earth people living according to an induced distorted perception of reality. The main item associated with this falsification is the explanation for the nature of being human and for the purpose of life the Earth people were fed on by the managers of knowledge with the help of all kinds of belief systems, political forms of government, and lately by materialist scientists and their twin brothers, the evolutionists.  

Chapter 2.
Americans are made to perceive their history in a way that negatively affects not only American society but also the global community. The ones the system grants power to make proclamations in front of millions of people about the principles America was founded on are politicians and religious leaders working hand in hand to protect the status quo their corporate friend benefits from.

Religious institutions have significant influence when it comes to who gets to be elected in office, what TV show gets better ratings, and what books the public is going to buy. As a result, the way politicians, TV personalities and historians present the history of America is tainted by their pandering to a large market and a major electorate segment made of Christian believers indoctrinated in churches from an early age with religious irrational and, related to that, with a falsification of the history of their country. 

America was not founded on Christian traditions or moral values. America was founded on Masonic principles, the same principles that generated the Age of Reason, the Enlightenment, and were behind the progressive social revolutions that swept at one time the Europe. 

These movements organized by the Freemasons had the same purpose: to create a society led by democratically elected officials where all the people were treated equally according to their inalienable natural rights and where the influence of religion was to be reduced to a minimum, if not eliminated all together by the way of free and unrestricted access to education. These are the actual principles America was founded on, not the so-called Christian moral values.

When compared to the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament of the Bible, it becomes obvious the Masonic Ten Commandments were the moral values the founding fathers of America had in mind when they were dreaming of a new world order, and yet no school textbook, no media organization or politician on the stump mentions this text today. In fact, politicians, religious leaders and media organizations are united in their effort to vilify and this way denigrate in front of the public the notion of new world order and globalization, as well as the organizations promoting these rational ideas that serve the greater good. 

Few realize the reason why these organizations are surrounded by the veil of secrecy today is precisely because, as the history records show, they have been persecuted in the past by religious institutions that sought their complete demise, and failed at it.

When it comes to the so-called Christian moral values, the Christian holy book endorses repeatedly the institution of slavery. As implied in the Bible, those who have established the institution of slavery on our planet were the same "gods" that created the institution of religion. No one acknowledges this today in either black or white churches, and no black or white politicians pandering to religious institutions for votes election time admits to that. Nevertheless, this was why, as existing documents show, free blacks and Native Americans too were slave owners at the time the Civil War started. 

Hundreds of thousands of white men during the Civil War, and many young whites during the Civil Rights Movement gave their lives to free and help emancipate the black folk. As a result, despite what they are told in black or white churches, in schools and universities, by the black, the white politician or in certain politically correct TV documentaries, black and white folks have more in common, good and bad, than they were made to believe they do.

Chapter 3.
There is nothing Christian in Christianity, not even the notion of Christ. Every single Christian theme or ritual practiced today in Western and Eastern churches is a pagan, Egyptian, Buddhist, Vedic or Hindu tradition. Not only that but every one of those so-called Christian traditions is a distortion of the original non-Christian tradition and of knowledge taught at the secular schools of thought at the time the emerging church was gradually establishing its monopoly on the business of religion and full control over society. This is precisely the case with Christmas, Easter, Trinity, Eucharist, and Lent, with Jesus turning water into wine, Jesus dying on the cross, and so on.  

The triumvirate formed by religious institutions, political forms of government and corporations represents the main obstacle standing in the way of putting an end of the state of crisis civilization Earth is experiencing today.

Chapter 4.
Religion is a multi-billion dollar business of no benefit to humankind. While Jesus is on record asking his followers to refrain from charging money in return for them sharing with the people knowledge they received from him, today's mega-church preachers and religious institutions make millions of tax-free dollars while offering something that has actually a malefic effect on the well being of civilization Earth. 

Everything they have been preaching in churches for almost two thousand years is a proven distortion of what the one known under the name of Jesus once taught. Church leaders falsely claim Jesus established their institution and that the Christian dogma is a reflection of what he taught. In reality, the dogma of the church represents a reversal of Jesus' real message and of what he was here to accomplish.

There are a good number of extremely irrational claims made in the Bible. The analysis of these claims begins in this chapter and it will continue throughout the book. Among others, the Old Testament god demands that his followers commit homicide, genocide and rape against those who do not believe in him and do not obey his will. He also encourages them to use humans made prisoners during his wars as slaves. This happens to be what religion has done for thousands of years now.

Chapter 5.
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is rooted into a deliberate distortion of history. It is a consequence of the population on both sides being indoctrinated from an early age with religious irrational and a falsification of their true history that benefits the religious leader and the politicians. As a result, the real solution to the problem is the people being made aware of the liberating truth. Indeed, peace and harmony will never come from the decisions made by politicians pandering to religious institutions the very existence of which depends on the conflict being eternally perpetuated.

The root of the conflict between Jews and Christians, on one hand, and Islam, on the other, is in what the Quran states about the Judaic and the Christian priests corrupting their religious texts in order to make a profit and about the one known under the name of Jesus.

Related to that, Judeo-Christianity is a made-up term that implies an ideological affinity between the two cults. In reality, as the evidence shows, Judaism and Christianity are two antagonistic religions. Judeo-Christianity syntagma stands for the alliance of convenience organized by politicians and religious leaders to protect their interests against revelations made in the Quran about their respective religion. 

Many will be surprised to know the real reason why evolutionists wanted intelligent design banned from schools and universities. They will be even more surprised to know this was the same reason church creationists too were actually very please with the decision issued in 2005 in Dover, Pennsylvania, when a judge would establish what in reality was an illegal ban on discussing intelligent design in public schools. 

The judge did not have the authority, the expertise, or the needed evidentiary reason to declare evolution a valid theory and intelligent design religion. All evidence leads actually to the conclusion that Judge Jones III was there to issue a predetermined decision at the end of a staged trial.

Chapter 6.
Religion and politics have been mixing together for thousands of years. From its very beginnings religion was meant to be an instrument of mass control in the hands of those who ruled over the Earth people.

The Second Amendment was attached to the Constitution for reasons that have nothing to do with the right to own military grade weapons. This conclusion is supported by everything the founding fathers thought in reference to what society should look like, and by evidence extracted from the terms of the social revolutions the Freemasons have initiated along the time in Europe. 

There are many reasons why taking the oath of office with your hand on the Bible is unconstitutional. In part, that has to do with its text instigating to the committing of acts that represent an infringement on basic human rights, including the committing of all sorts of crimes. In addition to that, according to the First Amendment to the Constitution the government could not endorse any specific religion, and yet this is precisely what happens when an elected official uses the Bible, the Christian holy book, to be sworn into office. 

Chapter 7.
Pressed by advisers with an agenda, in 1859, a very confused Darwin publishes a book called On the Origin of Species where advances what it will be known as the theory of evolution, a theory supposedly explaining how we ended up with this amazing diversity of life forms on our planet. At the time he had the manuscript sitting on his desk for almost 23 years now, and for all those years he did not think he had a valid scientific proposition regarding the origin of life forms. So what changed?

As existing documents show, among them letters sent by him to those advisers who helped him publish the book, the day after the Origin came off the presses he was still having doubts about the validity of the theory of evolution. As the same documents reveal, his only hope was the ones who pushed him into making the decision to publish the book were not wrong. Indeed, even after he published the book Darwin did not know if the theory of evolution had any reality to it. He assumed his backers knew what they were doing. 

As he would find out soon, though, something most evolution enthusiasts today are not aware of, no one among his few supporters were adepts of gradualism. In private, almost everybody who was a Darwin supporter in public, Thomas Huxley, Charles Lyell, Jason Dalton Hooker, and Ernst Haeckel, also known as the German Darwin, rejected the notion that one species could have gradually evolved into another one. 

That would greatly upset Darwin, who is on record complaining about Huxley, otherwise known as Darwin's bulldog, deriding the notion that one species could have gradually evolved into another species. Huxley was actually a saltationist, and he had as much evidence for the saltus that supposedly would have occurred on occasions in nature bringing more species on the planet as Darwin had for his gradualism, and that was none.

From the beginning, promoting the theory of evolution as fact had nothing to do with genuine science, and that reality has not changed today. It was all about finding something that looked like science to counter the irrational claims made in religion about the origin of man and the world, except that Darwin's gradualism was no genuine science. The cause was right but the method used to take away from religious institutions the power to control the masses was no different from how religious institutions had been manipulating the population of the planet for thousands of years. In other words, replacing one big lie with another one was no real progress then, and it is no real progress today. 

Darwin was neither revolutionary, nor an astute student of science. To begin with, On the Origin of Species does not actually address the issue of the origin of species. Nowhere in this book is Darwin explaining how the first organisms that later supposedly evolved into all the life forms we see today around us have emerged on the planet. This serious problem remains unaddressed to this day, and while neo-Darwinists would try to make the people believe they do have an explanation, their effort produced no credible results.  

Replacing a big lie with another big lie that has the label science attached to it is bound to make things worse for civilization Earth, and this was precisely what happened when some of scientists presented the theory of evolution in front of the world as real science. 

Hitler and Stalin were or pretended to be at one time or the other very religious. Hitler claimed to be a Catholic, praised Christianity pretty much the way some of our politicians are doing it today in America and in other parts of the world election time, and claimed he was here to finish Jesus' mission. Stalin received his education at the Theological Institute, where, ironically, he was also introduced to Marxism and Darwinism. 

Darwin's assumptions about favored races being one day victorious over the less favored ones and about better endowed individuals being bound to eliminate the weaker members of a species became the basis for the science of eugenics developed in America by one of Charles Darwin's cousins. It also allowed Stalin and Hitler to rationalize the treating of humans as cannon meat and the ruthless disposal of their political enemies.

Many German scientists were leading figures within the American eugenics movement. While eugenics was eventually abandoned in America, they took the idea with them back to Germany where many years before the rise to power of Adolf Hitler they produced the Rassenhygiene theory. It was establishing that in order to maintain racial hygiene one had to perform a thorough cleansing of the race of its weaker elements. 

This became the foundation for Hitler's final solution that led to the Holocaust. It resulted in the extermination of some six millions Jews and other human beings the Nazi would conveniently label racially inferior. 

According to Darwin, certain "favoured races" were to prevail over the weaker ones, and the cringe worthy complete title of his book is On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection - or - the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. This is extremely racist, Darwin is on the record expressing racist views, these views were used as supporting argument not just by the Nazi but also by other racist organizations and no one would publish today a book having such title. The fact that evolutionists do not mention anymore the alternative title of his book does not change the implied message in some of the comments Darwin makes in the book. 

He had neither the science education, nor the analytic abilities needed to offer a pertinent opinion on the origin of life and everything else for that matter. As the records show, Darwin would express views on a number of science related issues. Those views reveal how science challenged he actually was. Among others, he could not even tell a grosbeak from a finch, and the advertised Darwin's finches are actually not Darwin's finches. Somebody else corrected his notes before they were made public. 

He was also in the habit of intellectually plagiarizing, and would dismiss guidance he received from the most prominent naturalists of the time who were kindly letting him know there was nothing in nature suggesting certain species had evolved into other species as a result of adaptation. 

Another fact kept hidden from the public, the true history of the theory of evolution reveals this is not Darwin's theory. His central, fact-deprived assumption about evolution and natural selection allegedly gradually giving birth to the diversity of life forms we have today on the planet as a result of a species adapting to new environmental conditions was a reworded version of Lamarck's theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics. At the same time the notion of natural selection was introduced into the conversation by Patrick Matthew, not Darwin. Later on, he was forced to admit it was not his idea. Despite that, the scientific community and the leadership of our academic institutions have placed Darwin in the pantheon of great scientific figures next to someone like Einstein and Galileo Galilei. 

A 2,500-year-old Sanskrit text, The Book of Manu, provides an interesting explanation for the origin of the living organisms. That explanation, however, has to do more with quantum physics than biology. 

Chapter 8.
A fact revealed decades ago by a number of theoretical physicists, what we perceive as material is actually information carrying energy vibrating at a specific frequency, and Albert Einstein was among those who would publicly acknowledge this reality, after he changed his opinion about quantum physics. That everything is energy and information in the universe implies the existence of a source this energy and information emanates from. Some have erroneously, when not deceptively described that source as a god with supernatural powers, the otherwise personal god of religion. 

There is more to reality than meets the eye. In other words, there is more to reality than what we perceive as material reality through our five senses. In some circles, that dimension beyond the observable is known as the metaphysical. Others call it the spiritual, and it practically means the same thing. The spiritual has nothing to do with ethereal spirits, ghosts or with religion for that matter. While the material is a manifestation of low frequency information carrying energies, the spiritual or the metaphysical is a dimension of high frequency fine energies where all the information that has manifested in the universe as the original material forms, life forms included, comes from.

Awareness of what the spiritual actually represents changes our perception of the nature of reality, of the nature of being human, and, most importantly, it changes the way we understand the purpose of our being here. That has major implications for the status quo, reason why both church creationists and materialist evolutionists misrepresent the spiritual, and our government could not be any more pleased with that.

One significant source of evidence attesting to the existence of another dimension beyond the observable universe, something that has nothing to do with the notion of supernatural, is the Edgar Cayce phenomenon. Nobody disputes its authenticity but everyone involved in the creation v. evolution debate is not pleased with what it has produced.

Creationists love to hate him, materialist evolutionists hate to love him, and this is because the information produced during his readings represents evidence that neither the story told in religion, nor the one told by materialist Darwinists has something to do with the real history of humans and life in general on this planet. 

The evolutionists' so-called missing links will be eternally missing. The Cambrian life explosion is proof the original life forms have appeared practically overnight and out of nowhere, already sexually differentiated, among others. There is also no credible evidence for the existence of the so-called transitional life forms, those missing links, which means no gradual mutations have occurred and no otherwise an imaginary natural selection was ever involved in that imaginary process. This is one baseless assumption among many presented today in colleges and universities as fact.

What we perceive as material is a manifestation of what in computer science we call source code. When it comes to life forms, the information that makes the source code for every single one of them is currently stored in the DNA of the species. As a result, and this is precisely what the Cambrian life explosion suggests, life forms have appeared from day one more or less the way they are today, no adaptation to the environment or gradual evolution by the way of genetic mutations needed, and that goes for humans too. The changes in the way we look and behave are the result of cognitive progress and growth in consciousness awareness, something no other species has experienced.

Humans are a manifestation of the idea of man and not the evolutionary chance variation of an ape animal. In one of the Cayce readings we are told the original humankind was a thought projection and that humans on this planet have appeared at five different planetary locations, as the five Adamic races. There is interesting evidence supporting this claim. There is also evidence showing not all current human races on this planet are of Earth.

Chapter 9.
Contrary to what evolutionists tell today the people of the planet, consciousness is not a trick played on them by the brain. The same quantum physics attests to the fact that consciousness is a form of energy apart from the body. According to some of them, consciousness is actually the main creator of what we perceive as material reality, with a recent theory called biocentrism describing the universe as being a product of life, and not the other way around. So the question is now, is there super-consciousness associated with the existence of this and many other universes?

Quantum physics suggests reality is an illusion, a hologram with a purpose produced by our consciousness. This happens to be knowledge incorporated in Buddhist teachings some 2,500 thousand years ago, and many among the ancient Greek philosophers, who were once introduced to Eastern philosophy were of the same opinion. The reason why we see more or less the same "reality" is because we are all connected at the subconscious level of our being.

According to the same Buddhist wisdom, and theoretical physics, similar to a computer being a useful device only when software is downloaded into the hard drive, we are the spirit within the body, not the body itself, and this too was something acknowledged in almost every school of thought during the Hellenistic period. Then religious institutions took over the conversation and they ended up banning, burning and distorting everything revealing this fact. As many know, the materialist scientist too dismisses this reality and he falsely labels it superstition.

The observer of the illusion of material is not the brain, the eye, or any of the other senses. That would be something within the body that is in control of the brain and uses the five sense to connect to the information carrying energies of the so-called material. By becoming aware of this defining aspect of the nature of being human one becomes aware of his true potential and of the fact that we determine in more than one way how we exist on this planet.  

Chapter 10.
What we truly are is the spirit within the body, spiritual software within a biological hard drive. That implies reincarnation is fact. 

The factuality of reincarnation was acknowledged in the most progressive schools of thought on the planet for thousands of years now. A less known fact, there is also science proving reincarnation fact, with conclusive studies conducted in recent times by a number of universities and with many independent studies conducted by bona fide scientists. 

Despite that both church creationists and materialist evolutionists deny the factuality of reincarnation. As it will be proven more than once in the book, though, their similar position in many other instances is not an innocent coincidence.

The factuality of reincarnation is a reminder to all of us that our spirit energy's current life experience in the material has purpose and that contrary to what evolutionists claim there is spiritual continuity to life. In terms of our spiritual essence, we are immortals. This is something completely distorted in religion and summarily denied by materialist scientists trapped in empiricism and espousing a reductionist view on the nature of reality.

Chapter 11.
Existing evidence shows Jesus did not die on the cross, and the idea that he would have done that to atone for the sins of humankind lacks in both rational and theological justification. Jesus died on the cross for your sins is actually one of the most outrageous manipulative marketing schemes in the history of religion. 

To begin with this too is not a "Christian tradition." The idea was stolen from other religions and then refurbished with the intent of attracting to church pews more paying customers. The culmination of this act of deception consists in the fact that, next to resurrection it was made into the central theme of the Christianity of the church. However, to this day no church theologian can explain in a rational or at least coherent way what "Jesus died for you sins" stands for. 

An analysis of the true origin of this false claim and of its meaning will reveal a shocking reality for those who continue to be psychologically manipulated in churches into feeling guilty about this super-altruistic alleged death of a manufactured, pagan god Jesus.

Same as the genuine secular Christian movement, neither original Buddhism, nor original Islam was supposed to be a religion. Those who wanted to confuse the population of the planet about the message conveyed to them by Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad made them into religions.

What goes on today in those corners of the world controlled by certain Islamic factions claiming to be true followers of their Prophet comes in opposition with genuine Islam and with the original content of Muhammad's recitations.

Chapter 12.
Not everything stated by a scientist is real science and Darwinism is a classic case of scientists with an agenda promoting pseudoscience as scientific fact. People have been made to believe that if a scientist says it, it must be true. As a result, they would reiterate the non-factual proclamations they heard evolutionary scientists making sincerely convinced evolution is fact because Richard Dawkins said so.  

A thorough analyses of the alleged evidence for evolution, something that starts in this chapter and will continue throughout the book, shows the odds of species appearing on Earth or anywhere else in the universe for that matter the way Darwin assumed it happen are a clear cut zero. 

Proof evolutionists know very well that same as creation in the Bible the theory of evolution has no relation to reality, certain scientists engage in what are proven acts of deception targeting with predilection the new generation. In the process, they make reason and fact-free claims while the rests of the scientific community chooses to remain silent. As Gallup studies have shown along the time, though, a very small percentage among the American people embrace today the notion that evolution is fact.

In 2012, a panel of scientists in South Korea removed evolution from school curriculum on scientific grounds. A few months later the government appointed a new panel of scientists that reinstated the teaching of evolution as fact. This exposes the politics behind our government's support for the teaching of evolution in schools as fact. 

While reporting on the drama in South Korea, a major British science journal admitted there was a huge debated over the validity of the theory of evolution within the American scientific community. Evolution propagandists, on the other hand, claim 97% of all scientists endorse evolution, and yet, as revealed in the British science journal article, that too could not be further from the truth. 

Chapter 13.
Evolution becomes a new religion, and as every cult it has its cult leaders. Richard Dawkins is the chief indoctrinator of students in schools and universities with evolutionary irrational fantasies. Same as the mega-church profiteer of religion who makes conflicting false claims during public appearances and in published books he sells for a profit, he made millions of dollars selling his books promoting evolutionary falsehood as scientific fact. 

Just because someone writes a book titled Why Evolution Is Fact, as Jerry Coyne did, it does make evolution fact, especially when from page one the argument made in the book disproves the claim made in the title. On the other hand, when a molecular biologist publishes a book presenting scientific evidence against evolution, as Michael Denton and Michael Behe did, he is attacked by the academia under false pretenses while the evidence is buried in silence. When creationists use that same scientific argument and scientific evidence principled scientists use to make their case against evolution, the evidence and the argument is deceptively labeled creationist propaganda.

There is a code of silence adopted by the scientific community. According to this code one is not supposed to admit publicly to the existence of evidence proving the theory of evolution is a fallacy. One of the most prominent American evolutionists, Stephen Jay Gould, is on record complaining about this practice. 

If evolution is more than proved, as Richard Dawkins & Co. claims, why would someone like Albert Einstein, who would weigh in on most science-related topics of interest for humankind never issue a statement in favor of or expressed criticism of the theory of evolution. We know for a fact, though, Einstein was well aware of the controversy. 

It is not true just because you read it in Scientific American, or on Wikipedia. To celebrate 150 years from the release of On the Origin of Species and 200 years from the birth of Darwin, in 2009, Scientific American published a special issue dedicated to the theory of evolution and its alleged author. 

A detailed look at the special on Darwin and evolution released in 2009 by Scientific American provides an abundance of evidence nothing evolutionists tell us about the origin of life in general and humans in particular on this planet is true. More than that, it reveals that most of them know very well this is precisely the case. 

Anonymous contributors on a mission to protect the status quo have planted most everything one finds on Wikipedia on evolution, the history of the Christian church and its brand of Christianity, on the major allegedly Christian themes and ancient Earth. That would be what certain hidden structures of power want the public to believe is the known truth.

Dismantling one classic piece of alleged evolution evidence at the time, there is indisputable evidence dogs could not have evolved from wolves the way Darwin suggested it happened. Among others, we have unusual dog breeds barely resembling wolves in existence many thousands of years ago. If these breeds were the result of Darwinian evolution, we would have seen these dog breeds roaming freely in nature, and yet we don't. While evolutionists claim breeding is evidence of how wolves became dogs in nature, as in many other similar instances when breeding is involved, breeding creates variations of existing dogs, not a new species.

Evolutionists are adamant dogs have evolved from wolves but would not venture suggesting house cats have evolved from big wild cats. Same as some of the dogs looking similar to the wolf, though, wild cats and house cats look very much alike. So why don't they make the same claim in this instance? 

Contrary to what evolutionists want the public to believe, morphologic and genetic similarities do not prove species are related in an evolutionary sense. That humans look similar to some of the apes and that human chromosomal DNA is similar to that of an ape is no evidence we are descendants of apes by the way of gradual evolution. They assume this is the case but unless otherwise proven assumptions are not facts.

To begin with evolutionists are unable to explain where the apes came from. Secondly, morphological similarities suggest actually the same concept and the same genetic building blocks were used to create similar species, kind of what we have in a game of Lego. After all, 50% of our DNA is similar to the DNA of a banana. Who or what is behind these genetic assemblages is a separate question.

Church creationists claim god did it as the Bible says but have no evidence to prove it beyond the Bible, so they ask followers to believe the Bible tells the truth and that god did it. The evolutionists swear on the holy book of Darwin miraculous gradual mutations that would occur over millions of years and natural selection are behind the diversity of life forms we see around us. They too have no real evidence that happen, no one has ever observed such mutations in nature or even within a controlled environment, so the ask their audiences to trust them with their proclamations and believe evolution is fact. Richard Dawkins is on record stating repeatedly, and rudely, one may add, you must be stupid not to believe in evolution.

Same as church creationists who claim the truth, the evidence is in the Bible, evolutionists claim there is plenty of that in Darwin's book. They both count on the fact that neither churchgoers, nor believers in evolution would take the time to read their respective very big holy books. As it turns out, almost nobody does.  

When one pays attention to the evolution evidence they claim to have it becomes obvious the evidence proves evolution never happened and never will, that gradualism is biologically and genetically impossible in nature. Among others, they have zero records of how life form A allegedly evolved step by step into life form B. This became even more obvious when certain individuals would bring up the topic of intelligent design, and these individuals were not exactly god worshipers, as evolutionists wanted the public to believe.

During the trial in Dover, Pennsylvania, a trial staged by those who wanted discussing intelligent design in science class banned for reasons that actually had nothing to do with the explanation given by the judge in his decision, Kenneth Miller, a professor of molecular biology at Brown University, who as a declared Catholic believed in both evolution and a creator god, started his testimony by shockingly admitting evolution was only a theory, not an established fact. Then, strangely enough, completely unchallenged by the plaintiff's attorneys, he would recant that in the middle of the testimony declared now in front of the judge he had "slam-dunk evidence" evolution was actually fact. 

The slam-dunk evidence he referred to was the "chromosome-2 fusion." Contrary to what he claimed, though, this was known for a couple of decades at the time of the trial and it was not something hot off the presses. Despite that no one teaches the chromosome-2 fusion as evolution evidence in schools, it was not listed in the 2009 Scientific American special on evolution, and there is a reason for that. 

The problems created for the theory of evolution by the fusion were first made public in a 1991 paper released at the end of a study no one wants to mention today. The reason why most everyone remains silent about the chromosome-2 fusion is the same reason they do not want intelligent design to be discussed in science class, and, as it will be demonstrated in the book, Miller inadvertently stepped over certain boundaries when he referenced that

PBS would later release a documentary on the Dover judiciary farce called Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial. The documentary reiterates Miller's false claims without fact checking them and it references the same fake supporting evidence Miller had presented in court, a 2005 article in the science journal Nature allegedly discussing this issue. In reality, the article in Nature never addresses this issue, which means Miller based his testimony on the 1991 study no one, including him, wanted mentioned. All the other evidence presented in the book makes it very doubtful PBS did not know that.

The real meaning of this significant scientific fact will forever change the way we understand the history of humans on this planet and of life in general.

The acts of deception committed by evolutionists along the time and their fact-free, reason-defying statements have caused a substantial loss of credibility for the scientific community as a whole. Contrary to what they would claim they were on the mission to achieve that actually allowed religious irrational and the institution of religion promoting to survive another day. 


Chapter 14 and Chapter 15.
Chapter 13, 14, and 15 are dedicated to demonstrating with an abundance of scientific evidence and a rational logical interpretation of it the theory of evolution has no basis in reality. Between these three chapters and the many other instances in the book when evolution is discussed there are approximately 500 pages of evidence against evolution. As a result, evolution activists who tend to claim people who state evolution never happened present no evidence to that may want to look at a different line of attack. 

In addition to that, I have dedicated about the same number of pages to making the case for religion being a cancer to our civilization, including dozens of pages explaining the reality behind the term god in a way that was never done before. As a result, it is also going to be impossible for them to label me a creationist. I would not hold my breath though, if I were you. 

As I would find out while researching for the book, many others share my general position on evolution and religion. You rarely hear from them though since those who make a living promoting religious and evolutionary dogma as fact control the conversation in the public forum of debate, and that includes the media and the amphitheaters of our colleges and universities. The only time they allow criticism of evolution to permeate publicly is when it comes from known church creationists. With most of the scientific community remaining silent on this issue, this way they can tell the people of the planet only church people claim evolution is a failed theory, and that is completely false. In addition to that, as seen, not all creationists are church creationists. Many of them are scientists who like many of us secular people are knowledgeable of the scientific evidence against evolution. Based on that evidence they conclude there must be something out there behind this amazing universe.  

I spent many years of my life putting together more evidence than anybody else has ever put together in one book. I did that so the reader could have in one place enough of everything he needed to have in order to be able to reach his own conclusions, which includes addressing the rebuttal provided by evolutionists in defense of their theory. That said this was not just about gathering mountains of information that otherwise is out there for all to find and look at. The most significant part of the work was arranging every piece of information in a pattern that would allow the reader to see clearly the larger picture of a reality deliberately hidden for many years now from him. 

Once again, the position that only an "expert" has credibility when it comes to weighing in on matters pertaining to a certain domain of knowledge may have been valid decades ago. It is no longer true though in the age of the Internet. Be it biology, genetics, geology, quantum physics or religion, absolutely all the information, and we are not talking opinions here, is there for all to access and become educated on the topic of his or her choosing. 

There are only a handful of biologists that have accepted to be vocal supporters of evolution, and yet the media keeps claiming 97% of all scientists support evolution. One of the frequent promoters of evolution as fact is Kenneth Miller, a professor with Brown University, Rhode Island. As seen, he was the one chosen, by whom we do not know though one could speculate in the company of rational logic about who the organizers were, to testify in Dover on the side of evolution and against intelligent design. 

What most of the public aware we had a trial in Dover in 2005 does not know is the real reason why they had the trial was that a group of bona fide scientists, with some of them purportedly being creationists, had submitted to the school district for purchasing a book of biology called Of Pandas and People - The Central Question of Biological Origin. The plaintiff intended to prove this was promoting religion because it suggested biological systems are a product of intelligent design. Those who have read the book know though there is absolutely nothing religious in the book, and the name of all the scientists that have collaborated on the production of the book is listed in the opening pages.

Miller, on the other hand, was the co-author of another biology book submitted for purchase with the same school district. That book was now competing against the other biology book, the one that made a very strong case against evolution. From that point of view too Miller had zero credibility as a witness since obviously he had a personal stake here. He stood to make financial gains by blocking in court the purchase of a book his book was competing against.  

Also ironic considering that the fiercest among the evolution supporters is the militant Atheist, Miller also writes books in which he invites scientists to find common ground between accepting god and endorsing Darwin's theory of evolution. 

Miller's lack of ethics as a scientist professor and as a human being in general were exposed in full when he would repeatedly promote the Kettlewell peppered moth study and its results as valid evidence of evolution. The study, however, is known as the Kettlewell fraud, and he continued to make the same false claims even after the scientific community was forced to admit publicly the study was heavily tainted by bias, and that it was nothing bad science and false data. 

Then we have Kevin Padian, another on-call pro-evolution activist. He too was exposed repeatedly for making false claims during his TV appearances and in articles targeting at times with slander scientists who would dare to make public evidence against evolution. When Miller, Dawkins, Padian, Eugenie Scott or Neil deGrasse Tyson make these provably false claims in support of evolution, the rest of the scientific community remains completely silent. They neither endorse them, nor do they denounce their proven non-factuality.

The scientific evidence debunking the theory of evolution is there for all to see and analyze. This is why even church creationists are able to make a very strong case against evolution. They end up though drawing their own false conclusion. 

Their logic is, since the theory of evolution is a proven fallacy that means the Bible tells the truth. Evolutionists too have adopted this reason-deprived logic and since both of them can prove the other side's 2+2=3 is false, their 2+2=5 is definitely true. 

There are a good number of major problems with the theory of evolution, and each of them represents the definitive case against gradualism, the essence of Darwin's main assumption. One of them is the existence of the DNA. Francis Crick, the one who discovered the DNA in 1953 with the help of a couple of other people and has received the Nobel Prize for that is on record declaring all evidence suggests the DNA is not of Earth. In other words, the DNA is not a product of random, chance natural developments and the evolutionists are still unable to offer a credible evolutionary explanation for its origin. 

Aside from them not having a real explanation for the origin of the biological DNA, the DNA contains information no one knows where it came from. According to our dictionaries, though, information is a mark of intelligence, a message sent by an intelligent agent to a possible, when not targeted recipient. 

Information is coherently sequenced data, and rational logic says gradual mutations no one has actually seen or replicated in a laboratory and a process of natural selection most everybody admits today is a figment of an evolutionist's imagination could not have produced the sequenced data stored in the DNA, or all the other amazing genetic devices associated with the reproductive system.

The DNA has all the characteristics of something produced in a laboratory by someone who had a very good idea what the respective life form was going to look like and how it would integrate within a certain ecosystem. The same is true of the RNA, a genetic "oddity" that, amazingly, can reassemble itself when accidentally damaged.

That and the very fact that there are genetic devices making sure the copying of gene information during reproduction is correct, and that the 23rd male chromosome is capable of creating palindromes, information sequences that read the same way from left to right and from right to left is by itself definitive proof life forms did not form randomly in nature as a result of adaptation to weather pattern changes, as evolutionists claim. So the real question is, what came first, the chicken or the DNA for the chicken.

A species gradually evolving into another species implies a change in the information stored in the DNA during the life of the species. That, however, is impossible according to everything we know about how genes operate, and no one has evidence such a thing has ever happened or that it happens at this time in nature. 

The giraffe, for example, could have not evolved from an animal that was supposedly stretching its neck to reach for the higher leaves during periods of severe drought, as claimed by Darwin and in recent times by individuals like Richard Dawkins. Morphological changes allegedly occurring during the life of the species could not be and are not registered at the gene level and no one has ever seen that. In addition to that, as everyone but apparently the evolutionists knows, bones do not stretch. 

One other major problem with the theory of evolution, there is no physical evidence and evolutionist do not have a tested scientific explanation for how the first organisms have appeared on this planet, the ones that would then supposedly evolve into everything we see today in the animal kingdom. 

Leaving aside the fact that no one could explain how insects relate to their alleged common ancestor, the amoeba, under pressure from their critics the evolutionists came up with something called abiogenesis. It stands for "spontaneous generation," meaning that at one time in the history of the planet, millions of years ago they claim without any proof to that, those first organisms have appeared spontaneously from dust, as in miraculously, and there is zero evidence for that too. 

Their abiogenesis is no different from the miracle of creation in the Genesis of the Bible. There, god is described creating everything out of nothing and overnight. They nevertheless put the label science on abiogenesis, and now they teach that in colleges and universities as "science fact." 

While on the topic, they also have no idea where all the plants that make the vegetal world come from, or why we have the so-called domesticated animals, grains, flowers, vegetables and fruit trees raised and grown by man and are not found outside our gardens and stables.

The question of the origin of life is obviously not limited to the origin of life on our planet. As many of us have realized by now, there is life all over the universe, human life included. Consequently, the question many need to ask themselves is, if neither religion, nor evolutionary theory explains the origin of life, then what does? 

Most of the time the truth we unveil is not what we were expecting it to be. On that note we must become accustomed to the fact that the world we live in is the most amazing virtual reality video game an Earth-human will ever get to play, and good science more than supports this assertion. 

Everything we perceive as material is actually energy and information. In addition to that physicists have uncovered computer code in the fabric of the universe, and no matter how strange this may seem and how unprepared some may feel for the task, this is where we must look for answers to the question of the origin of life forms and of everything else for that matter. 

The most apt of explaining this strange reality is the relatively new science of quantum physics. That is because, once again, everything in the universe is energy and information vibrating at a certain frequency. Trees, insects, apes and humans, planets, stars and galaxies, water or gold, they are all assemblages of elementary particles, of electrons, protons and neutrons. As a result, we need to figure out what has enticed the elementary particles to assemble into specific material forms. 

In computer science we have something called source code. A signal sent at a distance is information carrying energy that manifests as image or sound, which is nothing but energy and information vibrating at a specific frequency. Rational logic suggests there is an idea, specific information encrypted into the source code for every aspect of what we perceive as material reality, life forms included. Many theoretical physicists are inclined to view this as a very strong possibility, and so were the luminaries of the ancient world. Plato, for example, proposed something of that nature in his Theory of Forms, and one could only wonder, where did this knowledge we are only now beginning to become familiar with came from. 

The other thing that would explain the origin of lots of things, of some of the "living things" too, as life forms are described in biology textbooks used in colleges these days, is the reality of intelligent design. 

Intelligent design is not a religious concept as people were made to believe. Socrates presented a perfectly rational case for the reality of design a couple of thousands of years ago. More than that, many of those who acknowledge the reality of design are scientists that look at what is powerful scientific evidence for design, evidence any of us could observe in nature.  Again, who or what is behind the design is another question for another chapter

One significant element associated with the true history of the theory of evolution, in 1844, fifteen years before Darwin will halfheartedly take his 23-old manuscript to the publisher, Robert Chambers released a book called Vestiges of the Natural Order of Creation. It was a shocking challenge to the way the ordinary man understood at the time reality and the origin of everything, an understanding based solely on the dogma of the church. Because of that he had to publish the book under a pen name. 

As acknowledged by his contemporaries, Chambers' theory about the origin of life forms was so ahead of his time that no one knew what to do with it. In fact, as acknowledged by some of our contemporaries, his theory is even ahead of our time and a number of scientists are beginning to take a second look at it. 

The Vestiges was published in 14 editions, with the last one released in the 1990s by the University of Chicago. This is double the number of editions Darwin's On the Origin of Species has seen. Despite that and of the fact that unlike Darwin's often incoherent argument his work is based on at the time newly uncovered scientific data, something fifteen years later Darwin was still unaware of, few mention today the Vestiges in science class. Instead, students and the members of the general public are made to believe On the Origin of Species and the assumptive theory of evolution is what they should be focussing on. 

It is quite possible the resounding success Chambers' book was enjoying with the large public and with at the time an emerging scientific community was the reason why Darwin would be so reluctant to publish his. It made it quite obvious the theory of evolution was nothing but a weak, evidence-deprived assumption. 

Today's evolutionists make constant efforts to misrepresent the evidence and to present Darwin as a hero. They claim they have mountains of evidence proving evolution is fact, and yet they resort to committing all kinds of acts of deception, and to personal attacks directed at those who introduce the public to the evidence that contradicts their claims. 

They also refuse to participate in an open debate on the validity of the theory of evolution. Now why would anyone do that when they claim they are confident evolution is a beyond well established scientific theory? Could it be they actually know this is not true?

Chapter 16.
Mark Twain once said, “Most people are bothered by those passages of Scripture they do not understand, but the passages that bother me are those I do understand.” This is more or less the silent mantra of the book when it comes to discussing the Bible and religion in general. The point, however, is to expand our understanding of what we have in religious books, and then one finds out that, as the same Twain would rightfully remind everyone, "The best cure against Christianity is reading the Bible." 

Whatever is true in the Bible is usually not mentioned in churches. When they do mention it, they distort its meaning to make it fit their agenda. The reason why people have a hard time understanding certain passages in the Bible is because the original texts were treated to heavy handed editing by the priests. 

The antidote against religion is not just lack of belief in the god worshiped in churches or simply turning our back to the institution of religion. The demise of religion will come from people becoming aware of the actual message conveyed in texts currently perceived as being of a religious nature, a message deliberately misinterpreted in houses of worship. The mission of a true rationalist who is also a progressive is to find out and then expose what religious institutions have hidden away from the public for thousands of years, and, indeed, the truth will set us free. 

Religion is a cancer to our civilization. Christians killing Christians, Muslims killing Muslims, Muslims killing Christians, Christians killing Muslims, Muslims killing Jews, Jews killing Muslims, Muslims killing Hindu, Hindu killing Muslims, one religious sect fighting another religious sect all over the planet, for thousands of years now. It was estimated that about 500 million people died along the time in religious wars or of religion related causes, with the Catholic Church alone being responsible for the death of between 50 to 100 million people. 

Religion is though a catastrophic impediment to the development of our civilization for yet another reason. When children are indoctrinated in houses of worship with all sorts of religious beliefs they are indoctrination with a falsification of significant information Earth people have either uncovered on their own in ancient times or was shared with them by members of advanced cosmic civilizations who were here helping them build their own advanced civilization. 

Every religion places its gods up in the sky and has its gods traveling in strange aerial vehicles, such as luminous clouds and pillars of light. Some of these individuals were here for gold, says the Bible, and the Sumerian tablets, and they enjoyed the idea of being worshiped as supernatural entities since that gave them absolute power over the people of the planet. They were the ones who would create the institution of religion so that with the help of the priests, their intercessors, they could psychologically manipulate now the masses into total submission to their selfish will. 

At their origin most of the texts of the Bible were not of a religious nature. They were records of knowledge and wisdom, of scientific information in some instances. This was why Thomas Paine, a worthy representative of the spirit of the Enlightenment called the priests who edited the old records in order to deprive them of their message and to make it look like they support church dogma "blasphemers of science." 

The Quran too exposes the Jewish and the Christian priests for altering the old records. According to the Islamic text they did that so they could make financial profit by selling falsehood to the masses. This revelation is the actual root of the animosity existing between Islam, on one hand, and the Christian and Judaic cult, on the other. This is also why Jewish and Christian political leaders have come up with the notion of Judeo-Christianity, a fake alliance of convenience between otherwise two antagonistic religions. 

There are several creation stories in the Bible, with three different creation stories in the first three chapters of the Genesis alone. 

Then we have Paul's explanation for how humans have appeared on Earth, a major revelation that is never mentioned in churches or by the secular researcher for that matter. One could not decipher this passage in 1 Corinthians 15 unless he knows Paul was a Gnostic and that Gnosticism was rooted in Vedic and Buddhist esoteric knowledge. On the other hand, the Christianity of the church and Orthodox Judaism represent a falsification of everything associated with Eastern, Zoroastrian and Egyptian wisdom. 

When Paul converted to Jesus' real message, which has nothing in common with the current dogma of the Christian church, he abandoned not just Judaism but religion all together. He would become a Gnostic, and as a Gnostic he would reject the notion of blind belief and favor of seeking enlightenment by the way of knowledge and a correct interpretation of it. This was why the bishops of the early Christian church held actually Paul to be their number one enemy.

His message in his written works was highly viewed by the intellectuals of the time, so later on the bishops of the church would falsely claim Paul as their chief ideologue. To be able to pull this act of deception, they made changes in his letters, added text Paul never wrote, text reiterating the obtuse, when not completely irrational position taken by the church on social and theological matters, and they forged documents they would falsely attribute to him. 

One particular verse in the beginning of the Genesis suggests a completely different explanation for the emergence of the world than the one promoted in churches. This, however, is something theoretical physicists would benefit from taking a look at, which is why the churches pretend it is not there. 

Most everyone is mentally trapped in the illusion that the Bible describes god creating the world in six days. This particular verse, on the other hand, suggests a quantum physical explanation for the emergence of planet Earth and its ecosystems, one that does not include an intervention by the biblical god. 

Equally significant, the quantum reality alluded to in this verse is identical to the basis of what we have in the ancient Chinese tradition of feng shui and also in the Maya traditions. They are both thousands of years older than the time when the Book of Genesis was made part of the Pentateuch, or the Torah, as many Jewish people call the first five books of the Bible. 

The similitude implies the existence of a common source for the information, and the source could have only been someone who thousands of years ago was proficient in quantum physics. If that sounds ridiculous, at least 5,000 years ago according to official dating, actually much earlier than that according to other sources, the Chinese people were using the binary system that would later become the basis for writing computer program.

The biblical Adam and Eve story is a complete fabrication by the Jewish priests. It was later adopted by Christian bishops out of convenience, the emerging Christian church had absolutely no literature or traditions of its own, when they included the five books of Moses in their Bible. They would actually steal everything they could from the religions they were competing against, as well as from the secular schools of thought, their fiercest enemies. Then they would distort everything that would have empowered the people and would have made them willing to abandon belief. 

As for the gospels that are now part of the so-called New Testament, not only is their authorship uncertain, they contradict each other in a number of significant instances. The current four gospels were selected at Nicaea in 325 from among dozens of similar texts, and no one knows today what the other gospels contained and why these four were selected. 

We actually no longer have the original text of the gospels, and no one could tell how accurate is the version we have today. The original Aramaic and the Hebrew versions were destroyed and we are working with the Greek version of the gospels. That raises justifiable suspicion since the question is what motivated the founders of the church to make the original disappear. 

There was a Christian movement ideologically associated with Gnosticism, Buddhism and the Essenes group. The Christianity of the church, on the other hand, is a complete denaturation of that original Christian movement, and also of Jesus' message. In order to hide that and protect its illegally established authority, once the Christian church acquired the political power it was looking for, it declared all the other Christian groups heresies and persecuted their members in order to silence them and to gain complete control of the theological debate.

The main objective of those behind the Genesis version of Adam and Eve was to distort and denigrate philosophical concepts and wisdom coming from ancient Eastern traditions the people of Middle East were familiar with hundreds of years before the time the current Book of Genesis was penned down by the scribes. The same wisdom and esoteric knowledge were taught at the secular schools of the time and in some of the so-called pagan temples. 

The temples were actually repositories of information of extreme importance for the development of civilization Earth, reason why the power-craving, extremely ignorant bishops of the emerging Christian church would eventually close the pagan temples and the secular schools of thought and burn the records preserved there. 

Since knowledge was a threat to the institution of religion, in the Genesis we have someone with a very narrow-minded attitude described as god there making knowledge a forbidden fruit. This allowed religious institutions using a text they claimed it was written by god to be able to make man feel guilty about seeking to know things. Later on, a Jesus who was teaching against religion reminded everyone the truth would actually make them free, reason why the priests of the Sanhedrin saw him as a great danger to their authority. 

According to the Bible, Adam, supposedly the first man ever, committed a capital sin by feeding against god's specific demands on the fruits of the tree of knowledge, at the instigation of wicked Eve, the first woman ever. Even by the highest standards of blind belief this is obviously not true, and this is only one of the reasons why most church theologians do not quote the Book of Genesis in general when discussing the alleged divine creation.

No one is able to explain the origin of one of the most controversial characters in the Adam and Eve story: the talking serpent. This is actually a deliberate vilification of a concept of kundalini yoga, something revealed in A Time of Change possibly for the first time in the history of the Judaic and the Christian religion. 

Kundalini yoga is a Hindu philosophical system so old that no one could trace its roots. The implication is that the serpent is Satan, another imaginary character that is part of the mythology of religion. As it will be revealed in the book, the implication that the serpent was Satan is another case of a deliberate vilification of yet another element of kundalini yoga.

Last but not the least making the serpent into an evil character when in all the cultures of the world it is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom was also meant to denigrate an ancient organization known as the Brotherhood of the Serpent, a collective of individuals helping Earth-humans at one time develop their own advanced civilization. Their organization had to go underground when the selfish "gods" of Genesis 3:22 took control over their project. This explains why the serpent symbol appears in the iconography adopted by leading founding fathers of America associated with the Freemasonry and the Rosicrucian Order. 

We have a version of the story of Adam and Eve in the Quran. The quranic version is not only different from what we have in the Bible but also thought provoking. Among others, in the Quran god does not forbid Adam to feed on the fruits of the three of knowledge. By the contrary, he shares with Adam significant information, a special knowledge the other so-called angels were not privy to. 

In large part the original Muhammad recitations address the falsification of the old records and the misrepresentation of knowledge Earth people were once made privy to by benevolent visitors from other parts of the universe, some of them associated with the genuine Brotherhood of the Serpent, falsifications and misrepresentations presented in the Christian religion and in Orthodox Judaism as the word of god. Those falsifications and misrepresentations will bring about the Dark Ages, an era civilization Earth is slowly beginning to come out of these days.

Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are supposed to be monotheistic religions, and yet there are numerous instances when the text reveals the simultaneous presence of many gods, those unexplained in houses of worship "we" and "us" in the Bible, Torah and the Quran. None of these instances is more compelling in terms of establishing the presence on this planet of entire congregations of gods with a very human attitude than what we have in Psalm 82. 

There are scientific information leftovers in the Bible that have escaped the heavy editing by the "blasphemers of science." The Quran, on the other hand, is an amazing, difficult but not impossible to explain cornucopia of science facts Earth people will not uncover until the 20th century. Because of what it implies this is another thing acknowledged by independent researchers and scientists yet never mentioned in houses of worship, or in our colleges and universities for that matter. 

Christ, Sophia, Shakti and the Serpent are different names for a cosmic principle deliberately misrepresented in the Adam and Eve story in order to confuse the masses about the true nature of reality, about their true origin and their true potential.  

Overpopulation, a very dangerous situation created under guidance received from one of the Genesis gods. Related to that, the capitalist system was created by the church. It was a consequence of its hierarchy realizing wealth accumulation translates into political power, as in power of control. Overpopulation translates in abundance of cheap labor for the very rich and of consumers buying their products. That translates in more wealth in the hands of a few and in more political power, which gives the few even more power of control.

The biblical Promised Land is actually a spiritual destination. That realization would put an end to fighting over a piece of so-called holy land in Jerusalem.  

In the Quran, a day of creation is 50,000 years long, which makes the six days of creation into six 50,000-year long developmental stages of a total of 300,000 years. That completely changes the conversation on divine creation. 

Islamic scholars weigh in on evolution. They do this today, and they did it eight hundred years ago. Same as the opportunistic Christian leader, the Islamic religious leaders have no quarrel with Darwin's claims. The Islamic scientist, on the other hand, could not make it clearer he is not a fan of Darwin, and does that on solid scientific grounds.

Who, or rather what is "Christ?" The church has deliberately distorted the meaning of this term too and urges the people of the planet to "convert to Christ." There is no such thing and, according to Paul, Christ is an energy that resides in every one of us. The notion of "Christ" is associated with esoteric knowledge that is as old as the world is. In one of his letters, the same Paul acknowledges the "mysteries of Christ" were many generations older than his time. 

The flood story in the Bible and the flood story in the Gnostic text: two very different versions of a real event that did not happen when or how it is described today in the Bible. Like most everything else associated with the Middle Eastern cultures, though, the roots of this story too are in Hindu traditions. 

Many other major religious themes are discussed in detail in this chapter and throughout the book. Awareness of their true message will bring about positive change in the way we exist on this planet. Among others, it will generate significant cognitive advancement. 

Chapter 17.
To protect a dogma that distorts valuable knowledge, and also their illegitimate authority established on that dogma, along the time church leaders have either destroyed evidence, they created false evidence, or hid evidence away from public scrutiny inside secret vaults. In recent times evolutionists and materialist scientists would behave the same way.

Researchers have uncovered numerous elongated and other unusually shaped skulls all over the planet. That unusual shape of the skulls suggests the people they belonged to were not related in an evolutionary sense to Earth-humans while the Bible says god supposedly created only one human race, the one that started with Adam and Eve. 

Museum curators claim these skulls are a case of head binding. One of the many problems with that is, the elongated skulls have a bigger volume than the modern man's skull. That means a bigger brain was once inside them. They also have larger mandibles, bigger eye sockets in some instances, and that could not be the result of head binding. Then we have the skulls that have an odd shape, the J-skull and the M-skull, and they too could not be explained through head binding.

Anthropologists have discovered at many locations on the planet skeletal remains of unusually tall people, 8 to 9 feet and taller in some instances. This is another thing the theory of evolution cannot explain. As a result, certain scientific institutions have made the evidence disappear, and you could not find this one in museums. This evidence too suggests the true story of civilization Earth is something different from what they teach today in schools and universities or preach in houses of worship. 

When about a decade ago anthropologists discovered the bones of a hobbit-like human obviously unrelated to the modern man, a human that lived on the Isle of Flores some 12,000 to 90,000 ago, they said, the evolutionists described that impossible to classify within the Darwinian fictional story human race as one of those many "curious evolutionary experiments." 

We have evidence for the existence of other little people unrelated to modern man, such as the little people of the Pryor Mountains in Wyoming, USA and of Spirit Mound in South Dakota, USA. We also have South American legends describing a race of dwarfs possessing unusual technological abilities. So was Lady Evolution conducting experiments all over the planet? Since that could not be the case, the question the anthropologists have not addressed is where did all these non-Darwinian human races came from?

Even evolutionists admit hemoglobin is the less mutant organ among all organs. As demonstrated though in the book by now, nothing within the animal or vegetal world has ever mutated spontaneously in nature and nothing will. A non-mutant hemoglobin, however, creates another problem for the theory of evolution since no one can explain by the way of gradual mutations the origin of blood types. When they did try to explain them, someone came up with the strange idea that human blood types are a product of adaptation to infections. Adaptation implies though mutation, and the evolutionists are on the record admitting hemoglobin does not mutate. 

When someone writes an article in support of the theory evolution they would have it peer reviewed by scientists who share the same erroneous beliefs and then they would publish it in a hurry. As attested in many studies conducted by bona fide science groups and science journals, there are huge problems with peer reviewing, and the fact that someone's paper or article was peer reviewed does not have the weight the public is made to believe it does.

Every scientist who dares to make the case against evolution in public is treated to personal attacks and slander while his argument is denigrated by the way of false claims and an irrational counter-argument. The critics and the slanderers are always the same individuals, and that suggests the existence of a list of on-call debunkers whose mission is to create confusion about the valid argument against evolution and distrust of those who made the argument public.

The reality of intelligent design was first acknowledged publicly by men and women of wisdom in antiquity associated with secular schools of thought, not by religious people. As revealed in Xenophon's Conversations with Socrates, more than 2,400 years ago Socrates made the perfectly rational non-religious case for the fact that most everything is the way it is by design. Later on, Isaac Newton and someone like Thomas Jefferson, they too would conclude based on a rational logical interpretation of the known fact that everything had the characteristic of something built for a purpose and meant to function in a certain way. 

The profiteers of religion would later use the reality of design to make their trusting followers believe the designer was  god. That, however, does not make intelligent design religion. When for one reason or another someone mislabels facts this does not alter the authenticity of the reality revealed by those facts. 

It was a molecular biologist, Michael Denton, not a church creationist who wrote a book called Evolution: A Theory in Crisis. In it he makes a rational logic, fact-based argument for evolution being an "undefendable" theory. Another molecular biologist, Michael Behe, wrote a book called Darwin's Black Box. He states in it he is not a creationist, and then demonstrates with an abundance of supporting scientific evidence that every single biological organism is irreducible complex and extremely well designed. Irreducible complexity is though evidence even the most rudimentary forms of life could not have been the result of a chance assemblage of molecules and of gradual random mutations. 

Irreducible complexity describes the reality of the fact that for an organism to be alive it would have to have together all its current parts from day one of its existence, in the size they are today, connected each other the way they are connected today, through a very complex and very well designed circulatory and nervous system in some instances, and function the way they function today. Irreducible complexity means nature could not and does not add parts and functions to an existing species over millions of years. Evolutionist propagandists have tried to convince the people of the planet organisms are not irreducibly complex, and, as it will be revealed in the book they completely failed at that.

The front men and front women of the evolutionary establishment went out of the way to pretend what Denton and Behe proved with an abundance of scientific evidence was not true, that they were able to debunk their conclusions. The leadership of Michael Behe's university issued a public statement mischaracterizing his position in order to distance itself and faculty from his otherwise perfectly sound argument in favor of design. This is the dark side of the scientific community and of the academia few are aware of.

Now most everything is intelligently designed but not perfect. The implication is either the allegedly all-knowing god of religion with supernatural powers was not the designer, or such god does not exist, or both. This was why the Catholic Church would eventually abandon its support for intelligent design being taught in science class and took everyone by surprise when it publicly stated that its god was not the designer. 

So who or what is then behind our intelligently designed but imperfect world? By 2008, the same Catholic Church went public admitting ET was real, and the timing of the announcement was not random. One year after the church made that admission, which was three years after work on this project had started, in 2009, History Channel began airing the Ancient Aliens series. Not everything stated during this program is absolute truth or logical but much of it is and, most importantly, the evidence is there for all to see. Among others, this educational program reveals the true identity of the gods of religion. 

The irony of it, at the same time proof you cannot hide truth forever, the Catholic Church admitting now to the existence of star beings was the same institution that in 1600 put Giordano Bruno to death for claiming in his On the Infinite Universe and Worlds the universe is home to many other words like ours that "have no less virtue nor a nature different from that of our Earth," worlds that like Earth, "contain animals and inhabitants."

Chapter 18.
Influencing, when not determining how the people perceive reality, how they view their origin and the purpose of life is about controlling human thought and activity. This relates to the fact that religious institutions have created the capitalist system when they realized massive wealth could be used to establish political power. Today religious institutions are well integrated within this system and are wielding significant wealth. 

That translates into having control over a population they constantly feed false information to, a population kept unaware of the liberating truth, which in turn translates into having significant control over a political system that controls the education system and the media, the two major platforms associated with the distribution of information. 

Having total control over a system meant to allow certain structures of power to manipulate to their benefit a majority of the population of the planet also allows for total control over the resources of the planet, something obviously bound to produce more wealth and this way more political power for the very few on the top. This is more or less what the capitalist system is about, and why we have greed, war, poverty and acute division on this planet.  

The capitalist system would firmly consolidate when the Darwinian survival of the fittest mentality ensnared society, especially the unscrupulous among the have mores. This mentality would allow them to rationalize during the Gilded Age their craving for unlimited wealth, something that could only be satisfied by exploiting the poor and the middle class, the less favored members of the human race according to that new Darwinian mentality. 

Something few are aware of these days when he is only quoted on his sarcastic, intelligent criticism of religion, Mark Twain was equally disgusted with the theory of evolution that gave us the social Darwinism behind the age of greed, also known as the Gilded Age. In tone with that, in 1949, Albert Einstein wrote an essay in which he made a very strong argument in favor of the fact that socialism was the only rational antidote to the problems created for humankind by the capitalist system.

Empiricism is not the antidote against religious irrational. That would actually be rationalism. The layers of truth we are constantly uncovering are not revealed directly through the illusion of materiality but in the way the spirit within the body understands what the five senses allows it to observe. 

We exist the way we understand what we know, reason why certain hidden structures of power seek to control what Earth people known and how they understand that. 

There is much more to reality than meets the eye. In fact, real reality is what we detect by through the eye of the mind. Religion misrepresents this fact by planting from an early age in people's mind the image of a fictitious reality. At the same time the materialist scientist condescendingly mocks everyone who claims we are the spirit within the body or that the material is a manifestation of the spiritual, or the metaphysical. That, however, is an expression of his level of ignorance in these matters. In fact, many theoretical physicists make a very strong case these days for the quantum physics of the soul.  

The quantum physics of the soul is a topic no longer associated with what used to be labeled fringe. There are dozens of books and articles by bona fide scientists out there introducing their readers to a scientific argument in favor of the notion that we are spirit within the body and that the outside world is a projection of our inner world. The results of scientific studies reveal the existence of a dimension outside the so-called material we could all access by the way of intuition, or the sixth sense, and rational logic. 

The Maya, the Egyptians, the Sufi, the Zoroastrian, the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers, Buddha, Jesus and the Quran, as well as many other cultures all over the planet they all acknowledge the fact that as spiritual beings our existence does not begin at birth and does not end with the death of the body. They all acknowledge the real us is the spirit within the body, not the body itself. 

"The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing," says Jesus according to John 6:63. The church never acknowledges that because what Jesus says in this instance is part of his argument in support of reincarnation. Both the church and the materialist scientist misrepresent or dismiss though this reality, which is another instance when they have similar erroneous positions. 

Is the similarity of many of their positions a coincidence, or is it evidence of an orchestrated effort to distort the public's perception of reality? One could either impulsively call it a "conspiracy theory," or look at the evidence and draw his own rational logical conclusion.

Religious institutions do not attend to man's spiritual needs. They attend to their own financial and political ambitions, which is why they work hand in hand with big corporations and a political establishment that works for both of them. The claim that religion enables humans to connect to the spiritual is actually a cover-up for the fact that religion is an instrument of psychological manipulation, of mind control. It is a tool placed at one time by the Custodial authorities in the hands of rulers that were their henchmen and politicians of every color use it today. 

A fact suggesting Jesus was teaching against religion and also that many among the enlightened people of the planet have always known that, according to Thomas Jefferson, Jesus was a spiritual liberator. 

Without a doubt, evidence presented in the book shows that, indeed, Jesus taught against religion and the notion of living one's life according to belief. In the Gnostic text Pistis Sophia, for example, he describes religion as "counterfeit spirituality," an act of deception. His mission, he says there, was to expose that and replace this counterfeit spirituality with knowledge encoded into the "mysteries," which explains why the church wanted all the Gnostic texts burned and why it actually never preached what Jesus actually taught. 

In Genesis 3:22, a group of gods are very concerned man might end up living forever. In Hindu traditions, however, living forever is associated with humans reaching an elevated state of consciousness awareness, of awareness of them being the eternal spirit within the body. These Genesis gods did not want Earth people to find out about their true spiritual nature. This way they could continue to control them and use them as slaves. 

On the other hand and coming in opposition with the Genesis gods' malefic agenda, in Matthew 19:16-30, Jesus advises his followers on how to live their lives in order to have eternal life, and in John 4:14, he makes it very clear he was there to impart with the people a special wisdom, "water welling up to eternal life," with water being one of the traditional symbols for knowledge. 

When one becomes conscious he is the spirit with the body, a spirit that never perishes, as also stated by Paul in one of his letters, he becomes aware of him being eternal. From its very beginnings, the purpose of religious institutions was to make man blind of that reality. 

Speaking of Hindu traditions being reflected in the texts that are now part of the Bible, Jesus was not born knowledgeable. As the reader will find out in another chapter, he had to go out and learn knowledge he would later impart with his followers and through them with all the people of the planet. The Bible is completely silent about Jesus' whereabouts between the age of 12 and 30. Known as Jesus' missing years, according to sources, this was the time when he received his education in special centers established in India, Persia and Egypt. 

There are numerous instances when even in the now heavily edited gospels of the New Testament we could clearly detect a Jesus that is very critical of the Old Testament god, of what is stated now in what he considers to be a corruption of the true Books of Moses. Awareness of his real mission changes forever the way we understand the Christianity of the church, the history of ancient Earth and our destiny as a civilization.

Chapter 19.
Of a religious or pseudo-scientific nature all belief systems have an adverse impact on the development of our civilization. 

Most belief systems are manipulative for-profit schemes that allow cult leaders to accumulate outrageous wealth on the backs of the believers and this way to wield significant social and political influence. In true capitalists form the scheme consists in making the people buy products and use services they are made to believe they need, something accomplished by the way of marketing. As one associate of the institution of religion is on record declaring, with the quote being provided in full in the book, there is no separation between religion and marketing. 

The Catholic Church is a $80-billion enterprise with hundreds of millions of dollars invested in real estate, oil, cold and natural gas. Knowing that one is no longer surprised to find out the church claims fossil fuel is not a danger to the environment and that is actually good for the environment. Every new pope is on a mission to provide a marketing boost for the church in Rome by restoring or reshaping what is usually a damaged church public image. While he does that he promotes those same useless products and services no one actually needs.

Mega-church preachers who state publicly with hypocritical theatrical confidence god told them it is okay to be rich when Jesus is on record declaring, "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God," make millions of dollars for providing no actual service to humankind, with some of them being associates of the seediest figures on the planet. More than that, as the evidence shows their "professional" activities represent in fact a great disservice to civilization Earth. 

On the other side of what in recent times was turned into an orchestrated religion v. evolution debate, we have evolutionist and militant-Atheist Richard Dawkins, with a Wikipedia page almost as big as Albert Einstein's, except that he has produced absolutely nothing that could be even remotely considered genuine science input or word of wisdom. His net worth is $135 millions, and most of the money comes from selling millions of books to the believer in evolution, books no rational honest member of the scientific community will ever use to make a scientific argument. 

In the recently freed countries of Eastern Europe the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church have rushed to satisfy their insatiable appetite for money and political influence. In the process, they took control over society and reinstated old superstitions, something that has malefic consequences for the people. 

The freedoms the people of Eastern Europe have fought and died for could be lost at the hands of religious institutions seeking full control of the society. This should be a strong warning for America and for all the other countries of the world that continue to confuse the right and the duty of the government funded education system to educate the new generation on the known truth about religion and its malefic influence on the development of our civilization for being an infringement on the right of the people to believe whatever they want to believe no matter how irrational that is. 

One's right to expose the irrational of someone's belief is as much protected by the Constitution as the right to embrace irrational belief is, more so when irrational belief is made part of the social discourse and becomes an instrument of psychological manipulation. 

Another less known fact in the West, Catholic and Orthodox churches were close collaborators of the pretend Communist dictatorial regimes in Eastern Europe and performed political policing duties on their behalf.   

Churches and priests claim to be intercessors of an all-knowing, all-mighty god with supernatural powers. Because of that they have power of control over a child's mind and psyche, a very trustful child who is unable to tell false from true and is delivered body and soul to the pedophile priest by parents who were once themselves indoctrinated with the same absurdities. From there to the hundreds of thousands of child sex abuse cases was only a small step, one unscrupulous clerics with no respect for human life and human dignity did not hesitate to take. 

The frequency with which these crimes occur in the Catholic Church is appalling, and so is the cover up organized at its leadership. By covering-up for these crimes, not only has the church protected its frocked criminals against suffering the legal consequences of their acts, it has also allowed for the committing of more similar crimes by the same individuals and by others who this way felt they were above the law. 

Sexual abuse of children and adults alike is a crime also happening in the madrassas of the Muslim world, in other Christian denominations, as well as inside and around the Jewish temple.


Chapter 20.
Be they of a religious or pseudo-scientific nature, when society operates on rules established on irrational moral values rooted in irrational belief, the result is always a dysfunctional, unbalanced social and economic environment. This is precisely what we are experiencing right now on this planet and what we have experienced for thousands of years now. 

When Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code was released in 2003, the world went afire. If Mary Magdalene was married to Jesus and they had a child, as suggested in the thriller that meant Jesus was a human with very human inclinations and not the god the church was telling everyone he was. As it turns out, Jesus allegedly being married to the Magdalene would be the least of the problems the church is confronted with when it comes to revealing facts exposing who these two individuals actually were and what was their real message. 

In the earliest known Bible, Codex Sinaiticus, or the Sinai Bible, Jesus is an ordinary man who happened to be privy to a special knowledge coming from some kind of god. Few among today's churchgoers know he was actually voted god at the Council of Nicaea in 325, and the winning faction established its majority by the way of a number of assassinations. 

Indeed, not all Christian groups were of the opinion that Jesus was god. Such was the case with the Arians, followers of Arius, a presbyter from Alexandria. They were of the opinion that Jesus was different from god and subordinated to god, and they happened to be correct about that considering the real definition of the term god. Nevertheless, or rather precisely because of that, Arianism was labeled heresy by the church. 

Not only is Jesus presented in the Sinai Bible as a human being, since he did not actually die on the cross, there is no resurrection story in the Sinai Bible. This part of the Jesus story was added later by church scribes for pure marketing purposes.

The "code" in Da Vinci's Last Supper mural that made Dan Brown famous and very rich was something known actually for a long time: the one sitting to the left of Jesus in the painting is a young woman, Mary Magdalene, and not a very young John. Considering this is visible to the naked eye, it was not much of hidden code. In addition to that, the claim based on this otherwise indisputable fact that Marry must have been Jesus' wife is more of an assumption. It is not without merit. As the evidence shows, though, they were not married in the common law marriage sense. According to the Gnostic text, their marriage was of a spiritual nature, which makes their relation even more interesting and certainly more relevant. 

The actual hidden code in the Last Supper painting, something never revealed until now, is the fact that Da Vinci took inspiration for the mural from the Gnostic text, not from the Bible. Even more intriguing, there is a connection between the Last Supper mural and another equally famous and equally controversial painting, the one known as Mona Lisa or La Gioconda.   

Brown would not admit but his thriller was largely based on a number of theories proposed in a 1982 study published by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henri Lincoln as a book. It was called Holy Grail, Holy Blood. According to this study, a French national by the name of Pierre Plantard was supposedly the leader of a secret society, the Priory of Sion, and his blood lineage included Jesus and Mary's alleged child, or the Sangraal. The story begins actually in the late 1900s and goes all the way into the last decade of the twentieth century. 

In the 1982 study Plantard's story is connected to the story of Father Saunière, a Catholic priest who more than one hundred years ago made some very controversial additions to his church in Rennes-le-Château, a village in the south of France. Dozens of books and dozens of articles were written on this topic at the time Brown's Code would create a global frenzy around the allegation about Jesus and Mary being husband and wife. The mainstream media, on the other hand, could not put an end to the conversation any sooner, and there is an explanation for that. The explanation is a number of history facts those who control the media when it comes to these issues did not want the public to know about. That, however, is about to change, and the story will be told here for the first time. 

Revelations do not necessarily happen when we unveil new facts but when we develop a better understanding of the facts we already know. Without going into the evidence, there is one significant detail in this intricate story never revealed before.

A known fact, on a certain Scottish island there is a Christian church with a glass window showing Jesus standing next to a very pregnant and very happy Marry. As you are going to see, this does not mean Mary was with child. That said the actual message behind that image is much more relevant when it comes to our ability to see through the acts of deception perpetrated by the church on the people of the planet through its corruption of the original Christian school of thought.

A fact less known, someone by the name of William Schuyler wrote a very interesting book called Under Pontius Pilate. In it he tells the story of a very human Jesus, of how Mary met him, and provides a significant hint at who Mary actually was. This is a different take at the story of Jesus and Mary when compared to what we have in the Bible, reason why neither the church, nor the media mentions Schuyler's book.  

Last but certainly not the least, a fact that became known to the large public when Brown's book drew attention to the 1982 study, we have the famously controversial architectural and art additions to the church in Renne le Chateau made by Father Saunière, additions that were the basis for the story behind Brown's very successful thriller. The controversy consists in the fact that the message conveyed through these unusual additions conflicts with the dogma of the church. 

These three separate and apparently unrelated events have something significant in common, and that something will be revealed in the book. The commonality suggests a coordinated effort by a certain group to make public certain truth about Jesus and Mary. 

The deification of historical personalities was a well-established tradition in antiquity. Before Jesus, Plato was worshiped for a few hundreds years as god, and so was Pythagoras. Khufu, the Egyptian king, was made into a god after his death and had quite a following. As a result, making Jesus into a god, as the bishops did at Nicaea, was in line with that bizarre tradition. 

The reason why we do not have written works by Jesus is that he was a peripatetic, a traveling philosopher. His calling would be more aptly described as a messenger of a special knowledge, and that is precisely how the Quran describes him. On that note despite what the churches tell them, Christians have actually more in common when it comes to their religion with Islam, not with Judaism. Islam is considered an offshoot of Arianism, a Christian doctrine that denies Jesus' alleged divinity. As seen, out of political convenience, the church has labeled it a heresy, and it still holds it to be a heresy. 

Emperor Constantine and his mother Helen are worshiped today as Christian saints, and yet neither one of them converted to the Christianity of the church and the same is true of their children. Constantine would convert to the teachings of Arius on his deathbed, to Arianism. Once again, Arianism is a heresy according to Western and Eastern Christian churches. 

Constantine did not built a St. Peter Basilica in Rome either, as claimed by church historians. At the time he would have done that he was actually building an entire new city in Byzantium, the city of Constantinople, which was to be the new capital of the empire, a city that was 1,300 land miles away from Rome.

The most critical years of the Christian persecution happened actually under Christian emperors. This was the result of Christian factions fighting each other for supremacy. When some of these factions would acquire significant political power as a result of the emperor or a member of the immediate family of the emperor being associated with them, they would lash against the others and sought to exterminate them.  

The persecution of the Jewish people, on the other hand, began during the occupation of their land during the Roman Empire. That had nothing to do with the fact that they allegedly killed the Christian god. It had to do actually with them repeatedly revolting against Roman occupation. For a short time they were successful in driving the Romans out of their land, then when the Romans took back Judea, the persecution begin. 

Among others, the Jewish wars resulted in the destruction of the Second Temple, in at least one hundred thousand Jews being killed and in many of them becoming dispersed throughout the Roman Empire and basically throughout the world. In addition to that the name of their country was changed from Judea to the Land of the Philistines. That would later become Palestine, and many erroneously consider today the term Palestinian as a reference to the Arab population that lives in what used to be Judea.  

As Emperor Hadrian was seeking to root out Judaism, which he saw as the main instigator to the Jewish wars, a religion the one known as Peter, who would become the patron of the Catholic Church never abandoned, the emerging Christian church came handy. 

On the other hand, in order to entice the emperor to allow for the establishing of a religion that allegedly had been born out of the teachings of a Jewish man, who actually taught against religion, despite the fact that as revealed in many texts and by many sources, with the Bible being one of them, Jesus did not die on the cross and that what happened during crucifixion was part of his plan to challenge the religious establishment, the church would vilify the Jewish people by describing them as god killers. 

Promoting hatred against Jews was politically expedient, it certainly served their interests and this way the bishops were able to curry favor with the emperor. In part, this is the root of the church's almost two thousand years of anti-Semitism. 

A fact less known, the discriminatory attitude and the hatred espoused by the church toward the Jewish people on account of them allegedly killing a Jesus voted god at Nicaea led to the creation of the Jewish Ghettos in the 16th century. Deceptively named on Wikipedia the "Roman Ghettos," they will become the model for the Jewish Ghettos established by the Nazi. 

The Catholic Church had a close political relation with Mussolini. In exchange for the cardinals and the pope showing public support for his Fascist government, he allowed them to keep the 109 acres that became the State of Vatican. The church was also ideologically very close to the Third Reich, with which the cardinals would sign a number of treaties. The pro-Nazi government of Vichy in France and the dictatorial regime of Franco in Spain, which while claiming neutrality would actually help the Nazi were established with the help of the Catholic Church. 

A large segment of the population of France was Catholic. Because of that it also was anti-Semitic, anti-Masonic and pro-monarchy. As a result, it saw the pro-Nazi Pétain government as the beginning of the restoration of the old good times when the monarchy was in charge of France, with the Catholic Church seeing the return of monarchy in France as its chance at regaining control of the country and of its colonial possessions. 

The Catholic priests that suffered persecution at the hands of the Nazi, something church official mention today in an attempt to make it look like their institution too was targeted by the Third Reich were associated actually with the Liberal Catholic Church. They were the ones, and not the Vatican leadership, who would voice their opposition to the inhuman way the Jewish people were treated. 

This latest inside revolt against the upper echelons of the Catholic hierarchy started in the earlier 1900s, and it was in large part fueled by the shocking revelations about the history of the church and about its brand of Christianity made a few decades earlier by Helena Blavatsky in her extremely well documented published work. It became an official schism in 1941. As a result, the leadership of the church in Rome did not know how to get rid of them any sooner, and the Nazi more than obliged. In the end, they were simply helping out a close ally. 

These and other never discussed today in public history facts are related to what went on behind the scenes at the time the Pierre Plantard hoax and the emergence of his fictitious Priory of Sion was organized by those seeking to discredit certain valid information and the genuine secret societies that were about to make it public. 

The evidence reveals the organizers of the so-called Plantard hoax were associated with the Catholic Church, and that other more or less secret groups were involved in this matter on the opposite side of the church, often acting though from within the church. This was what the media handlers did not want to be discussed publicly at the time The Da Vinci Code thriller and the Holy Blood, Holy Grail study were generating a heated public debate over the political inclinations of the church and over its views on Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  

Chapter 21.
Peter was not the founder of the Catholic Church. In fact, he never set foot in Rome, at least not on its own volition. According to Paul, and this is something anyone could find out by simply reading the Bible, Peter did not convert to Jesus' teachings or to Christianity. He remained deeply attached to his Judaic religion and, as revealed by the same Paul, he was actually converting the gentile to Judaism. 

Jesus would never reconcile with Peter, who betrayed him a number of times, and the text in Matthew 16 where he allegedly appoints him to be his torchbearer and supposedly describes Peter as the rock he will build his church on, the text actually does not say that, is a later write-in by church scribes. In other words, this is a forgery. Proof that is precisely the case, only a couple of verses later we have the same Jesus getting, again, very angry with Peter, calling him Satan and telling him to his face, "You are a stumbling block to me." (Matthew 16:23) This in fact pretty much defines the actual relation between the church and Jesus' legacy.

As the records show, the bishops of the early church never heard of a St. Peter or of an Apostle Peter. More than that, as New Testament text, Gnostic text and other sources to be revealed in the book indicate, Jesus was teaching against religion. As a result, he was not going to start a new religion or build a church, and in Matthew 6:5 he calls hypocrites those who pray in public, at the synagogue and in the streets, to be seen by others. In response to the traditional promotional question of, "What Jesus would do?", he would have also called hypocrites those praying today in churches, within government official assemblies and on football stadiums. 

Jesus was teaching knowledge meant to help Earth people escape the mental trap of religious belief. This is the real meaning of his, "you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." (John 8:32)

The Catholic Church we have today has nothing to do with Jesus' legacy. It is the result of the out of nowhere apparition in the 8th century of a document called Donatio Constantini, Donation of Constantine. In this edict supposedly issued by Emperor Constantine more than four hundred years earlier, the pope and the church were endowed with unlimited political and theological power. 

At the same time the church in Rome was made overnight the owner of vast areas in Western Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. By 1400, however, it was public knowledge the document was a forgery and the church would eventually admit to it. It retained though all the land, the wealth, the prerogatives and the privileges, as well as the illegitimate authority established by the way of that 8th century false edict. As a result, today's Catholic Church is the embodiment of a proven fraud.

There is a connection between the name Peter, the ancient Phoenician and Chaldean word "pter," meaning interpreter, and the location in Jordan known as Petra. This connection reveals a different history of civilization Earth than the one told in churches, in schools and universities, respectively. It was no coincidence that in the forged text inserted in the Bible by church scribes the name of Simon was changed to Peter. Another thing few among the churchgoers are aware of, this was not the only time the name of this character was changed.    

The vow of celibacy taken by Catholic priests has nothing to do with theology or with their claim that having sex is sin. After all, at one time the church would establish a monopoly on the prostitution business while the patron the church, Peter, was married and had children. It had to do with the efforts made by the church to prevent loss of land property to children born of married priests. 

There is a connection between the 13th century Cathari genocide committed by the church, and the actual authorship of the fourth gospel, the one known today as the Gospel of John. The Cathari were a group of genuine Christians with their main communities established in Southern France, an area considered the cradle of the Mary Magdalene cult. Their philosophy was closely associated with, if not rooted into Buddhism and Gnostic wisdom, and it was in total opposition with the corrupted Christianity of an extremely corrupted Catholic Church. 

The Cathari would gather at the Church of Mary Magdalene, and the very existence of such a church at a time when Rome held Mary to be a repenting prostitute was a direct challenge to its dogma. Their favorite gospel was the fourth gospel, and, according to them, it was authored be Mary, not by John. Studies referenced in the book and other evidence presented in it independent of those studies shows there is a very good chance at least portions of the fourth gospel were dictated by her. 

Since the church in Rome could not convert the Cathari, or the "pure ones," to Catholicism, it decided to eliminate them. Some 10,000 them were killed during the so-called Albigensian Crusade. This was also when the Inquisition would be created. 

It is said that during the prolonged assault on the fortress of Montsegur, four Cathari climbed down on ropes the steepest side of the mountain the fortress was standing on top of. They were supposedly carrying with them a chest, something referred to as the "Cathari treasure." It is very likely the chest did not contain gold and other material valuables but documents of great significance for humankind the church would have wanted destroyed. 

Among them it could have been a copy of the version of the fourth gospel they were reading from. As the evidence suggests, in this one Mary's name would have appeared more often than it appears today in the so-called Gospel of John, and that she was openly described there as Jesus' beloved disciple, which is how she is referred to in the Gnostic texts. 

Some believe the chest carried by the four Cathari was buried somewhere in the Renne-le-Chateau area, and this was how the story of Father Saunière became associated with the Cathari treasure. Once again, that treasure relates actually to the true story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and by extrapolation to the later Pierre Plantard affair that became the basis for Dan Brown's book. In the end, it relates to the true history of civilization Earth, a history that remains untold in houses of worship, in colleges and universities.    

Chapter 22.
When discussing religion one inevitably must address the question of the existences or non-existence of an all-knowing creator god that according to all religious cults has supernatural powers. Not exactly a surprise, no church theologian was ever able to explain the term "god" in a rational, credible way, and yet, for thousands of years billions of people were made to believe such god exists. 

A common misconception created by those seeking to protect their evolutionary beliefs, not all creationists are church theologians. Some of them are actually recipients of the Nobel Prize in all sorts of science fields. They can demonstrate by the way of solid scientific evidence the theory of evolution is a fallacy, that intelligent design is an observable reality, and based on that they conclude there must be something out there everything comes from. For lack of a better term some of they too call that something god. 

Many of these scientists do not go to church and are actually deists. Like Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine, while critical of the institution of religion they are firmly convinced the reality of intelligently design could only be interpreted as being a result of intent and creative power. In line with that, Einstein was supportive of Spinoza's explanation of what others called god, an explanation that came in conflict with everything church theologians have ever stated on this matter. He also is on record complaining about his contemporaries calling him an Atheist. 

That creationist scientists end up drawing a partially false conclusion at the end of their valid argument against evolution and for design it does not discredit the argument. Darwin, on the other hand, did not have a valid scientific argument and he was a very religious man. A medical school drop out, his main education consisted in a degree in Christian theology, his initial intent being to become a priest. He had little contact with natural sciences during his schooling years, or with any of the new sciences that had emerged during the Enlightenment. In fact, at the time he boarded the Beagle, and even after that he was a true church creationist. 

Darwin held the Bible to be the most authoritative book ever in every subject matter. His more progressive friends made fun of him because of that and in the first editions of the Origin one could read there that the first living organism - he believed there was more than one common ancestor, an idea that conflicts with his evolutionary tree of life - were the work of a creator who had breathed into them the breath of life. Dishonest pro-evolution advocates would later edit the text and in the newer editions the word creator no longer appears. 

Then we have Atheism. The original definition of Atheism was belief in the nonexistence of god. When rightfully so unattached secular observers would point at the fact that this was another religion, one founded on the belief in the non-existence of god, they changed it to Atheism being lack of belief in god, which is far from being the rational definition this may seem to be at a first glance.  

The real problem with Atheism is not necessarily its definition but the fact that simply refusing to believe in god on the assumption that there is no such thing does not address the problem with religion, especially since, as seen, good science tells us everything in the universe is energy and information. As a result, there must be a source for that, and turning a blind eye to the actual purpose of religion and what religion was meant from the beginning to hide from man does not solve the religion problem. 

In the end, declaring oneself an Atheist is about simply choosing not to believe in god versus choosing to believe in god, which means Atheism is not much of a progress in terms of how one understands reality.

Despite what declared militant Atheist Richard Dawkins claims in The Blind Watchmaker, there could not be a watch without a watchmaker. The existence of a watchmaker has nothing to do though with the alleged existence of the god of religion, as once suggested by Christian apologist William Paley, and the notion itself is no proof of the existence of a creator god with supernatural powers. It is a rational logical conclusion reached based on real facts.  

Sequenced DNA data could not be a product of random events and natural selection. Indeed, you could not have DNA without a genetic engineer or other source capable of producing DNA, reason why we should not simply turn our back to belief in god. We must address the entire religion fantasy by providing a truly plausible explanation for the origin of everything and for what is behind the term god. That explanation, however, is something more complex than both god believers and those who declare themselves to be lacking in belief in god think it is.

Last but not the least we have the Agnostic. He claims god is something that could not be known, the implication being that god is real but unknownable. Thomas Huxley, the one who convinced Darwin to publish his book was the same individual who coined the term agnostic 

The problem with claiming god exists but it could not be known is that it implies you know something about god nobody else does, a position conflicting with the very definition of Agnostic saying god is unknowable. The fact is Atheist, Agnostic or extremely religious, we are always confronted with the same unsolved dilemma: who or what is god?

One of the main reasons some people would not abandon religious irrational is that the education system offers no rational alternative to it. As recent Gallup polls show, at the peak, only 15% of all Americans thought evolution was fact while the average is more like 12%, with lows of 8% years, and that would include the 3% to 5% margin of error. 

When they added though to the questionnaire a new, and actually completely nonsensical statement that more or less read, the world is the result of a natural process (evolution) but god has supervised that process, almost 40% of the participants in the study felt more comfortable checking this box. That does not make the statement true but evolutionists would claim now almost 40% of America believes evolution is fact, which is as false as their other claim is, the one about 97% among all scientists endorsing evolution.

To the ancient question of does such thing as god exist there are actually two answers: the short version and the truth. The short version is, no. As always, the truth is a much more complex explanation and, as you are going to see, it pleases neither creationists, nor materialist evolutionists. 

Knowledge of what is behind the term god does more than liberate the human mind from the trap of belief. It also opens the door to knowing our true origin and to understanding the true nature of reality, including the reality of being human and of the purpose of life. 

Chapter 23.
Evidence found at many of the existing archaeological sites suggests the history of ancient Earth taught in schools, universities, as well as the one preached in churches is not the true history of civilization Earth. 

Creationists and evolutionists have silently agreed to place the existence of the first organized human communities on Earth at around 10,000 ago. When no one was watching, church creationists moved the post and many of them claim now the world was created, by their god, almost 10,000 years ago, not 6,000 years ago. 

Both church creationists and evolutionists are actually deliberately promoting an erroneous story of man on this planet, and we have the evidence to prove it. What they are both hiding is a danger to the status quo they are both seeking to protect. Among others, there is evidence for the existence of organized communities hundreds of thousands of years ago and even more than a million year ago. Some of the evidence also suggests the members of these communities possessed knowledge and technology vastly superior to ours today.

The original claim that the world was created 6,000 years ago was made by James Ussher, the Archbishop of the Church of Ireland and professor of Theological Controversies at Trinity College in Dublin. However, he was not the only one to come to that conclusion after analyzing biblical text. Isaac Newton, not a big fan of the Christianity of the church or of the New Testament, and Johannes Kepler, a scientist and a Protestant came up more or less with the same date.  

In reality, the Bible does not provide evidence the world was created 6,000 years ago. 4,000 BCE is actually the approximate time civilization Earth was rising, again, from its ashes after the terrible destruction suffered by the planet as a result of catastrophic events that occurred some 12,000 years ago. The old texts were records of this re-emergence while the catastrophic events were associated with the Atlantean-Lemurian war. As the reader is going to find out, this event in the history of our planet is much better documented than our historians would want people to believe it is. 

The initial emergence of planet Earth as a life-sustaining celestial body and the later rebirth of civilization Earth are two separate events. The two were combined in the Bible in order to keep Earth people in the dark about their origin and ancient history, a history that, again, is hundreds of thousands and in some instances millions of years old. This lack of awareness would allow though certain authorities to control them. 

The Maya elders tell us that based on their own records and to knowledge transmitted from one generation to another their civilization is hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of years old. The mainstream historian claims it is only 2,000 years old.

Scientists were able to figure out that somewhere between 5,500 and 90,000 years ago there were big freshwater lakes in the area where today's Egypt is. Northern Africa was lush with vegetation and teaming with all sorts of land animals at that time. The official version of the history of Egypt, on the other hand, says Egyptians built the pyramids and everything else at around 4,500, which would be way after the conditions for starting a viable civilization were gone.

When one looks at the magnificent ancient constructions we have in Egypt, South America, South Asia and in China, evidence and a rational logic interpretation of it forces us to conclude these monumental buildings could not have been built by Bronze Age people with ropes and stone hammers, and, equally significant, that they were built much earlier than the traditional historian claims they were. 

The public conversation on this matter is controlled by those who control the distribution of information in general. As a result, at one time every single TV documentary on Egypt had Zahi Hawass, the Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs framing the narrative on the side of the official version of the history of humankind. Incidentally, that official version fits perfectly within the timeframe arbitrarily established by both creationists and evolutionists. On the other hand, when an independent researcher by the name of Anthony West concluded based on watermarks found at the base of the Sphinx this structure was at least 12,000 years old, Hawass would refuse to issue him another permit so he could continue his research work in Egypt. 

Acts of deception are perpetrated on the public all over the corporate and social media, and in recent times someone has created a page on Wikipedia called "Giza Necropolis." The obvious intent was to make the people believe the pyramids on the Giza Plateau were built as tombs. In reality, not a single mummy was found inside them, and there is no writing on the wall showing who built them or how they built them either. 

In the real world outside orthodox Egyptology, Christopher Dunn has offered a compelling scientific explanation for the function of the Great Pyramid. His expertise in technology used at a construction site, something archaeologists lack in, allowed him to uncover facts that completely change our understanding of what we have on the Giza Plateau and at other locations in Egypt and all over the planet. In The Giza Power Plant, he demonstrates by the way of an abundance of scientific evidence the Great Pyramid was a power plant. It was producing energy by using what today would be described as unconventional sources. 

When, as reported by some of the media, during a conference he gave in Imola, Italy a few years ago Zahi Hawass was asked by a reporter to comment on Dunn's theory, he chose to remain silent. When the reporter insisted that he gave his opinion, the organizers took the microphone away from him. Zahi knew he could not deny Dunn had produced a valid explanation for the function of the pyramid. At the same time he knew he was not allowed to admit to that in public.

Legends circulating all over the world tell the story of individuals riding amazing flying machines and building monumental constructions with the help of devices that would create an anti-gravitational field in a block of stone. This is not a fact-deprived fantasy or a forced interpretation of the legend. In recent times our scientists have made significant progress in this field too, and, as it turns out, many of those legends are not really legends. They are records of events witnessed by an Earth-human who had no understanding of what he was seeing and who would describe them in writing the best he could. 

Indeed, all the evidence we have implies a different history of our civilization then the one taught in schools or preached in churches. This is why mainstream historians, media organizations and politicians pandering to religious cults that control large segments of the electorate make constant efforts to hide this reality from the public or distort its meaning. 

The evidence is never revealed in the mainstream media while students in schools and universities are never introduced to criticism of religion and the theory of evolution. The evidence, however, is out there on the World Wide Web for everyone to look at and draw his own conclusions.

Chapter 24.
The reason why there is no writing on the walls telling who built the Giza pyramids, when and why is that those who used them in relative recent times for personal glorification were not their builders. The fact is, they were built much earlier than the time of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. 

We have indisputable evidence the Great Pyramid was not built during the time of Khufu. Among others, the Inventory Stela, a text carved in stone establishes the fact that both the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx were already on the plateau at the time Khufu took the throne. As usual, mainstream historians misrepresent the evidence and seek to discredit it.

In the late 1910s, the early 1920s a man from Latvia of very little education moved to Homestead, Florida, USA where he built an entire coral castle. He did the cutting and the moving of approximately one million tons of rock all by himself, and claimed he knew how the Egyptians and the South American people were able to build their pyramids. Based on his accomplishments Ed Leedskalnin was telling the world the truth. 

Leedskalnin, who otherwise did not go past the fourth grade with his education, built a number of devices today's scientists do not know what they are and what they were supposed to do. Such was his "perpetual motion holder," something that appears to be defying the first law of thermodynamics. 

When despite the fact that his teachers, as well as certain scientific organizations refused to help him with his project a student with Perdue University built a similar device, it actually worked and he claimed it behaved like a living thing. This was the same depiction of the device Ed provided some sixty years earlier in a very interesting pamphlet he left to posterity few mention today. He also stated that life is energy, a well though assemblage of what he describes as "magnets of life."

According to Christopher Dunn, the sarcophagus in the King's Chamber at the Great Pyramid is a MASER, Microwave Amplification through Stimulated Emission Radiation, the sound version of a LASER. This would look fringe to some until one pays attention to the supporting scientific evidence he produces. In addition to that these days PSE&G is about to use a MASER to turn microwaves received from devices placed in orbit around Earth and collecting sun energy into power we could use in our homes. According to Dunn and other independent researchers, this was the actual function of the pyramid. 

His fact-based conclusions are indirectly confirmed in the amazing information we received decades earlier through some of the Edgar Cayce readings on the technology and the power plants used in the Atlantean time. According to these readings, the Atlantean power plants were similar to the pyramids on the Giza plateau, the ones found in other areas of Egypt and to the pyramids in China. 

While everyone's attention is focused on the Egyptian and the South American pyramids, the largest pyramid on Earth is the Great White Pyramid of China. It is double the size of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and, apparently, it is still functional.

Maya documents confirm the fact that the pyramids had science-related practical purposes, not religious. According to them, thousands of pyramids were at one time built all over the planet in order to, among others, ensure the stability of its electromagnetic fields and prevent major catastrophic natural events from happening, such as earthquakes.

Another problem with the official story of humankind on this planet, the timeline for the history of ancient Egypt offered by historians makes absolutely no sense. In fact, something most of the public is not aware of, there are at least seven different timelines, and in some instances the difference is in the range of hundreds of years. 

This inevitably leads to the conclusion that mainstream historians have no reliable evidence for their current dating of the Egyptian kings' ruling, or for when the pyramids were built for that matter. Attempts were made to reach a consensus and, as expected, they ingloriously failed to produce the desired outcome. That was because the timeline problem is the result of mainstream Egyptologists force fitting evidence associated with the ancient history of Egypt into the false timeframe created by church creationists and evolutionists. 

On the walls of the five pyramids of Saqqara, Egypt we have the pyramid texts, hundreds of utterances carved in stone. The official explanation is they are religious texts. In reality, these are records of significant information shared with posterity by someone associated with an advanced civilization, information that for now remains an unknown to the public. 

Clesson H. Harvey wrote a special computer program enabling him to decode the pyramid texts. The results of his work show that one of the utterances describes the configuration of the sky some 24,000 years ago, a time when the Giza pyramids were functional. Given that the procession movement of our planet results in the sky configuration being cyclical, as in more or less the same every 26,000 thousand years, something known as Plato's Year, the age of the pyramids would be at least 24,000 to 26,000 years. Indeed, it could actually be a multiple of 26,000. Based on the input into this matter produced by other sources, something to be revealed in Chapter 28, the real age of the pyramids corresponds to one of the dates suggested by the content of the pyramid texts.

At one time what today is known as the Hawara Labyrinth was a far more impressive construction than the pyramids on the Giza Plateau are. As described by Herodotus in The Histories, who visited the site when it was intact and saw it with his own eyes, this could be considered one of the most astonishing compounds ever built on Earth. Strabo too wrote about Hawara, and he was as impressed with it as Herodotus was.

While no one discusses today the Hawara site in history class, Herodotus account is the evidence that reveals everything one needs to know about the true history of Egypt and of civilization Earth. Between the time when Herodotus visited the site, 5th century BCE, and when Sir Flinders Petri discovered it in 1888, someone blew everything into pieces, and nothing could explain the destruction other than the use of a powerful unconventional weapon. 

According to a number of researchers, and anyone who would look at the existing evidence with an open mind would draw the same conclusion, a similar kind of weapon destroyed Puma Punku, Bolivia some 17,000 years ago or so, and the city of Mohenjo Daro, among many others, in today's Pakistan, more than 4,600 years ago. 

There is no natural explanation for the turning of the Hawara compound, except for the underground bunkers which for some unexplainable reasons are off limit for the public, into a pile of chipped stone or for the fact that construction stone at Mohenjo Daro and at other locations in that area was vitrified and that human remains found there contain high doses of radiation. These, however, are the typical effects of an atomic explosion.    

Chapter 25.
The history of the Christian church is a vast collection of acts of deception, mystification of history and political assassinations. From its very beginnings the church and its allies went after those who spoke truth exposing the reality behind their religion and behind religion in general. They would burn books, they would burn at the stake the ones who wrote them and the ones who read them and were sharing with the people what they learned. 

The church has destroyed thousands of Maya codices and also repositories of records of valuable knowledge, such of the Library of Alexandria and the Temple of Serapis. This resulted in a terrible loss of in many instances irreplaceable information, a loss that had and it continues to have a negative impact on the development of civilization Earth. 

There is no surprise in that since this is the same church that claims god wrote the book in which we are told man has committed a capital sin when he fed on the fruits of the tree of knowledge, and where being poor in spirit is listed under blessings. On that note, as the reader is going to find out, current Matthew 5:3, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven," (KJV) is actually an edited version that completely falsifies the message in the original text. 

While today such barbaric acts of destruction and crass deception are no longer possible, censorship works as well. Considering that many among those in position of authority, be it in the media, government and other organizations were raised Catholic or other Christian denominations, and there are about 40,000 of those vying for a slice of the market of Christian believers, this is not a difficult thing to accomplish. 

When the movie Agora was released in Spain in 2009, it received the critic's acclaims and was the highest grossing movie of the year. Directed by Oscar winner Alejandro Amenábar, who, in addition to that while still very young had already received 14 Goya Awards, and with Rachel Weisz in the lead role, it was also well received by critics in America. Despite that Agora was released nationwide in only seventeen (17) theaters out of the 39,520 existing theaters. The explanation for that is the reaction to the movie by a Spanish Catholic group called The Religious Anti-Defamation Observatory. It falsely claimed it promoted "hatred of Christians." 

The movie tells actually the true story of Hypatia, a 4th century woman of great scientific insight and moral standards. She taught knowledge the church did not want the masses to be exposed to. It revealed the irrational of its dogma and the fact that its theology was a falsification of ancient wisdom, of known history and science fact. At the orders of bishop Cyril, mobs of drunken Christians would assassinate Hypatia, then they would drag her body along the city streets so others could see and fear the wrath of the Christian church. 

Part of the information lost in the fires started by church people that would turn hundreds of thousands of scrolls stored at the Library of Alexandria and the Temple of Serapis into ashes, when the Grand Library of Baghdad was for no reason destroyed in the 13th century by invading Mongols, or when Catholic priests would destroy thousands of Mayan codices was recuperated through the approximately 14,000 Edgar Cayce readings, the content of which was recorded with the help of a stenographer always present during the sessions.

A Christian fundamentalist during the day, unbeknownst to him since he would enter a semi-conscious state, what came through during readings on religion contradicts most of the claims made by the church. That information is available today to anyone interested and willing to spend time researching this matter. 

Materialist evolutionists hate to love Cayce and church leaders love to hate him. Everything that came through him during the readings on religion is an efficient antidote against religion, and yet some of the information produced the same way reveals the existence of a dimension beyond the material, something called the spiritual or the metaphysical where everything perceived as material comes from. More than that, in one of the readings we are told in no confusing terms humans did not descend from apes and that they are a projection of the idea of man. 

Scientists tend to dismiss the Cayce phenomenon on account of him speaking of god and Jesus. Religious institutions call him a student of Satan because of what he says on god and Jesus. 

At the end of the last millennium an ample celebration was to take place on the Giza Plateau in Egypt to welcome the new millennium. Heads of state and other personalities were invited to attend and, among others, during this celebration a copper capstone was to be place on top of the Great Pyramid. That would have been a symbolic replacement for the original capstone currently missing. Jean Michel Jarre was the director of the event and at one moment during the sound and light show the all seeing eye of Horus was to be projected on the pyramid. 

Indisputable proof our governments pay close attention to what came through Cayce, the event was organized based on a prediction made in one of the readings about the even that was now taking place in Egypt. Among others, the prediction said that  
"The apex, the crown or apex (or capstone) was of metal; that was to be indestructible, being of copper, brass, gold with other alloys … it became very fitting that there should be the crowning or placing of this ‘symbol of the records’ by one who represent the old and the new."
There is more to it and it is of extreme significance. The most important, and also the most controversial part of the prophecy includes intriguing references to the Masonic Brotherhood. In the end, local political and religious leaders decided the celebration was promoting Masonic symbolism and traditions, and they only allowed for a short version of the festivities to take place. 

What happened in this instance is a reminder of the fact that there are politics associated with the production of what is the official version of the history of civilization Earth. 

The ample description of the Hawara Labyrinth offered by Herodotus, as well as what we know about other locations in Egypt and about ancient megalithic monuments existing in other areas of the planet suggests that the most interesting part of the Giza Plateau is not what we see above the ground but what lies beneath it. Along the time a number the people were able to access that area, and what they found there was a large metropolis with its own rivers and lakes. In fact, a few decades ago someone was able to make of movie of that.  

Chapter 26.
Determining the age of sediment layers has always been a tricky business for geologists, more so when what they teach in colleges and universities about how to date these things is often outdated, when not erroneous information. 

Indisputable evidence shows the Earth is billions of years old, so some among the young Earth creationists switched to an old Earth creation theory. There is more though behind their decision, as well as behind church creationists and evolutionists espousing similar opinions on many significant issues in recent times.

In one of the Cayce readings we are told Earth people were once getting together to get rid of huge beasts that were a serious menace to their communities. The best are known today as dinosaurs, and the reading says the beast hunting was happening around 50,722 BCE. 

Old records having nothing to do with religion that ended up in the Bible show dinosaurs were, indeed, present on Earth in more recent times, and yet 50 millennia ago is way outside the 6,000 to 10,000 years ago when, according to the church story the world was allegedly created. At the same time it is much, much later than 65 million years ago, when according to evolutionists who otherwise could not explain the origin of dinosaurs to begin with claim these beasts went extinct. To make things even more difficult for the official story of humans on this planet, in the same Cayce reading we are told the people of those days traveled in lighter than air machines.

We have works by ancient Greek and Roman naturalists describing in no confusing terms animals in existence only a couple of thousands of years ago having the unmistakable characteristics of dinosaurs. More definitive evidence dinosaurs did not go extinct 65 million years ago anthropologists have unearthed dinosaurs bones with muscle tissue and blood stains still attached to them. Genuine science and rational logic says those bones could only be a few thousand years old at the most. 

Unusually rich fossil deposits discovered in different parts of the world suggest large dinosaur populations found their end under strange circumstances. The evidence gives credibility to the information in the Cayce reading about Earth people fighting the beast menace some fifty thousand years ago. 

Not only is the dating of geological formations often flawed, geologists who have no real explanations for the existence of certain geological features are in the habit of producing fantastic stories that tend to defy both known fact and reason. According to the official theory about how the Grand Canyon was formed, for example, this is the result of water and wind erosion. When one pays close attention to the entire area, though, it becomes obvious this could not be the case.  

Aside from the very aspect of the area, as acknowledged by geologists, a huge amount of Grand Canyon sediment is missing, and we are not talking here loess, soft sediment carried by water down the stream but of a one billion year worth of solid rock. That and a few other things to be revealed in the book suggest the Grand Canyon and similar geological features in other parts of the planet are actually the result of human activity.

Today's anthropologists have difficulties explaining how footprints left in stone by both wild, domestic animals and humans were formed. The difficulty grade increases when we realize we have human and animal footprints that according to the dating of the rock are millions of years old. More than that, some of the human footprints are actually shoe prints, and many of the footprints and the shoe prints were found in places they were not supposed to be according to how evolutionists tell the history of humans and life in general on this planet. 

The extremely obtuse yet very common reaction by the academia to this shocking evidence is, if it does not fit the terms of the theory of evolution, then the evidence is not what we see, the shoe prints are not shoe prints and they are not even footprints. In other words, according to evolutionists, the evidence everyone can see with our own eyes does not exist.

Chapter 27.
Many ancient documents, old maps included, place the Island of Atlantis west of the coast of Africa. Plato mentions the existence of a large continent beyond it, and that could only be the American continent. We have Greek, Phoenician, Egyptian and even Sanskrit documents giving the same location for Atlantis, and yet TV historians are making efforts to convince the public Atlantis was a Greek island in the Mediterranean Sea. 

The story of Atlantis is not a myth. Mainstream historians are presenting it as such to hide the fact that its reality debunks their version of the history of civilization Earth.

Mahabharata, Chaldean writings, biblical texts, other Hindu, Gnostic and Japanese ancient documents describe in no uncertain terms visitors from outside Earth that for better or worse sought and took control of our civilization. In Mahabharata we are told in this universe alone there are hundreds of thousands of civilizations like ours. That happens to be what Giordano Bruno claimed when the Catholic Church burned him at the stake.

The same text describes very human gods flying amazing machines, with some of them being flying palaces, as in huge manned flying objects. NASA has pictures of such huge manned flying objects, and some of its pictures were once leaked to the public. 

Some of the old texts describe how to build and how to operate these machines, as well as how to build your own particle accelerator. The same Mahabharata describes aerial battles among "gods" vying for control over Earth. A 16th German newspaper article reports on such an aerial battle that took place over the town of Nuremberg in front of thousands of stunned onlookers. There is also an woodcut done a few years later depicting the event in astonishing details. 

We have dozens of Renaissance paintings and numismatic pieces showing flying objects in the sky that could have only been what today we call UFO, unidentified flying objects, or USO, unidentified submersible objects. Some of the paintings and numismatic pieces, however, include the clear image of an UFO, no interpretation needed. We have thousands of documented sightings of such objects way before the 1947 Roswell incident, and we have paintings on rocks and strange artifacts that tell a much different history of our civilization

This has nothing to do with making sensationalist claims. This is about honestly acknowledging the existing evidence. In the end, this is about having a correct understanding of where we come from. 

The universe is teeming with thousands of human races. Some of these races are part of civilizations millions of years older than current civilization Earth. Because of that many of them are far more advanced technologically than we are today, let along two thousand years agoFor many decades now our governments have done their best to hide this reality from the population of the planet. With the advent of the Internet, though, this is no longer possible. 

Considering that structures of power behind our government have control over the distribution of information not just in America but all over the world and that the major media organizations operate in conjunction with certain intelligence agencies, it is more than obvious the airing on the History Channel of the Ancient Aliens series was done with the approval of certain hidden structures of power. Apparently, the time has come for the public to prepare itself for the otherwise inevitable revelation that is about to take place. 

The only ones denying this reality are individuals associated with religious institutions, their politician friend, and the front men of the cult of Darwin. 

Chapter 28.
There is a short list of on-call skeptics, deniers and proclaimers of whatever the powers that be need to be proclaimed or denied in front of the public. It is quite a give away when the same individual who claims evolution is fact, that it is okay for us to believe god created man the way Darwin said it happened, that UFOs are optical illusions and that we did not make contact with ET is also called to address concerns raised by millions of people about the official version of what happened on September 11, 2001 in New York, Washington D.C. and in a field in Western Pennsylvania. Someone like him is obviously on the list. He was vetted and, true or false, he is ready to say whatever he is asked to say.

Every American President claims we do not have information on the contacts we made with the star beings or that such things as UFOs exist. When some of them supposedly attempted to access that nonexistent information, they were allegedly refused and the question is who is in charge of not just the records but of our relation with the star beings. Documents leaked to the public along the years show though this relation, the collaboration is a proven fact. 

When astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked once during a public appearance to give his opinion on the evidence we have on the existence of extraterrestrials, after a short moment of hesitation he jokingly replied, "I'm not authorized to answer this question." (The video is still available on YouTube.) Then he went ahead deriding the idea that we have such evidence and belittling those who claim we do.

When in 2001 an organization called Disclosure Project held a press conference at the National Press Center in Washington DC where 21 individuals who worked for NASA, for our government, and for the military were invited to share with the media and through it with the American public their personal experiences with the star beings and with the government covering up their presence among us (This video too is still available on YouTube), even though the room was packed with reporters and dozens of cameras were rolling not a single media organization would show any of that during their programs. 

The evidence is beyond abundant and extremely credible. We are slowly but surely coming out of the age of darkness in this matter too, and you do not need to study all existing cases to become convinced they are here and that they have been here actually for hundreds of thousands of years now. Because of that the reader will be presented with only a couple of the most famous and the best documented cases of direct contact with non-terrestrial entities from among the thousands that represent definitive proof.  

The chapter will be focused though in the end on one of the most well documented, rich in information, most analyzed, and most significant message-wise for our civilization such cases. It happened in a remote village in Switzerland, with a few episodes taking place in India and in other parts of the universe over the span of many decades. What makes this case so interesting is not just the fact that there have been many contacts along the time and that there is physical evidence of that but the comprehensive message humankind has received at this and a number of other occasions from the same source.  

The input of information has been going on actually for centuries and comes from a group representing what is known as The Pleiadian Mission. In this instance it was shared with the Earth people through a one-arm man by the name of Billy Meier. This phase of the contacts began in 1975, and the content of the conversation that took place between Meier and representatives of this group was recorded in a collection of texts known today as The Contact Notes. 

Same as many others I looked closely at all the known aspects of this case, at the pro and con claims made by all sorts of official and private entities, and same as many others I am on record stating I have found absolutely nothing suspicious about it indicating this is a hoax. I am talking here of the first ten years of the contacts, which are the direct contact years. More than that, I found additional evidence that adds to the credibility of this case, evidence that will be presented in the book for the first time in its history.  

The Notes were initially made public by Lt. Colonel Wendelle C. Stevens. He has dedicated 54 years of his life to studying the UFO phenomenon, first as a member of the military and then as a private person. To say that their content is controversial would be the understatement of the century, and yet anyone who takes the time to read with an open mind at least part of the Notes would find that to be an enlightening experience. 

Apart from the Notes there are also pictures associated with the case, about 1,400 of them, videos and recorded sound proving this is an authentic event. The pictures, the videos and the sound recordings were analyzed by professionals and the case was also studied by experts in counterespionage. They too found no signs of this being a hoax, which did not stop malevolent entities to claim precisely that. 

There is also an equally significant input of information produced by the same source using a different intermediary. This one took place in the late 1980s, which happens to be the time when the direct contacts with Meier came to an end, and its content was made available by Barbara Marciniak, the intermediary, in a number of published books that are far more accessible to the large public than The Contact Notes are today. One of them, Bringers of the Dawn - Teachings from the Pleiadians is discussed in A Time of Change in conjunction with The Contact Notes. The revelations are astonishing and, most significantly, they are enlightening. 

The Mission has been present on Earth for thousands of years now, and evidence of that, known and also less known facts will be presented and analyzed in the book. 

The Pleiadians is a star cluster situated in the constellation Taurus. It is the closest star cluster to Earth, contains thousands of stars and, according to the Pleiadians, hundreds of Earth-like planets with a total of over 120 billion people living on them as a unified federation. 

This particular star cluster is not extremely visible in the sky, though, with only seven of its stars being observable by the naked eye, which gave it its other name, The Seven Sisters. Despite that they are mentioned in almost every major ancient culture of the planet, from the Maya and the Hopi, to Native Americans and ancient Egypt. It is even mentioned, and it is mentioned more than once in some of the texts that were included in the Bible. 

A common denominator for all these sources, they all describe this star cluster as the place of birth of our civilization and their inhabitants as the ancestor of Earth-humans. This could not be a coincidence, and as it will be revealed in this chapter, this is actually history fact. The Pleiadians have not only confirmed that, they gave significant details about their involvement in the ancient history of our civilization, and they consider us their brothers and sisters.   

Through these intermediaries they also shared with the Earth people their concerns about certain activities on the planet, the threat of a nuclear conflagration, among others, and also gave us advice. Their input addresses with predilection the topics of religion, the origin of Earth people, the existence of other civilizations in this and other universes, the purpose of our being here, ancient Earth history, advanced technology, including what some call time traveling, and related to that the reality of what they call the spiritual.

The Pleiadians would insist actually on discussing the topic of the spiritual, and they claim our awareness of this essential aspect of reality is paramount to us becoming an advanced civilization. In line with Maya, Gnostic, Egyptian, Hindu and Buddhist traditions, as well as with what we find in this matter in the Quran and in the authentic teachings of the one known as Jesus, the Pleiadians are well aware of the dual aspect of being a living human, of the spiritual man being something separate from the physical man. 

They also know how to work with the spiritual in order to create circumstances favoring significant civilization advancement. Working with the spiritual is about working with the natural law, with the principles that govern both the super-fine energies of the spiritual and the coarse energies of the material. 

During the direct contacts between a Pleiadian woman named Semjase and Meier, she gave him a number of courses in the spiritual, and her input sounded very much like an introduction in basic quantum physics. What was said at that time was shared in The Contacts Notes with the Earth people, and it will be revealed in A Time of Change.  

When it comes to religion, the Pleiadians would more than once remind us how damaging is this institution for humankind, and certain even harsher passages on religion revealing its intended malefic purpose were removed from the Notes by Wendelle fearing backlash from religious fanatics. The backlash happened anyway, and there have been more than a dozen assassinations attempts on Meier's life.  

With regard to the one known under the name of Jesus, they say his real name is Jmmanuel, and, indeed, in some churches he is still referred to by the name Emmanuel. Most importantly, the Pleiadians claim the Earth-humans made a mistake in worshiping him. They must focus instead on the knowledge he was teaching, knowledge that, as many of us know, is not available in churches or in the Bible, and it never was. 

He was a prodigy child but he was not born fully knowledgeable. So he had to go out and learn his lessons in more than one way. He received his knowledge from them. Being that the Pleiadians are on record with their strong anti-religion position and with the fact that they were the ones who have provided Jesus with an education is another confirmation of the conclusion reached prior to this chapter in the book. Indeed, based on the other evidence presented in the book Jesus taught against religion. 

They also explain the birth of Jesus, something known in the Christian religion, and Islam, as the immaculate conception. Extremely interesting one would have to say, the Pleiadian account of what happened is confirmed in an Edgar Cayce reading few have knowledge of today, a parallel made in the book for the first time in the history of this case. 

For those who may be tempted to conclude The Contact Notes is a collection of existing at the time information, as revealed in the book in detail, in 1975, when computers were in their incipient stages of development putting together such a thing would have taken the coordinated effort of thousands of people, and there is no evidence of that. Also, some of the significant information provided in the Notes was not available at the time to the Earth people while some of the pictures taken by Meier in space have no correspondence to known NASA or Russian space missions. In other words, for Meier to be able to take those pictures he had to be in space at a precise time, and to be there he had to be traveling in some kind of vehicle, one that was certainly not provided by NASA.

Speaking again of computers, we did not invent computers and wireless devices. We became aware of a natural principle associated with the way the universe operates, then we used the terms of that reality to build computers and wireless devices. 

Same as in the case of computers where the hard drive is something apart from the software and the software downloaded into the hard drive is what makes a computer a computer, in the case of humans our body/hard drive and the spirit energy/software are two separate yet interrelated aspects. In the end, the spirit energy is what makes a human body a human being. That too is something the Pleiadians would repeatedly refer to during the many direct contacts. 

Members of the Pleiadian group would also talk about their own society. Without going into details here, they do not have religion, political forms of government or a monetary system, and they do not allow for capital punishment either. 

Their race looks very much like ours, other races don't, and they live much longer than we currently do. This is in part because their home planet's life sustaining capabilities are in pristine condition, and in part because Earth-humans have underwent a genetic downgrading at the hands of the less kinder star beings that took over at one time the experiment.

In the 1988 input of information we were told our civilization is an experiment. We were also told who started this experiment and why.

There are other significant details regarding their message, and there are instances when new light will be shed on the case by the way of new evidence or of a new interpretation of known facts associated with this case. 

Being reasonably skeptic is a healthy approach to knowing more and understanding better what we know. One should ask himself, though, if the Billy Meier case is a hoax and Meier is the leader of a "minor cult," as suggested on Wikipedia without any proof to that, why would anyone want to assassinate him, and why would they attempt to do that not once but more than a dozen times, with some of those attempts taking place in the presence of visiting researchers. 

The reader is invited to look at the evidence with an open mind, ponder over the interpretation offered by others, come up with his own unbiased interpretation and draw his own conclusions. It is best if he does that though based on facts and not on his affiliation with a certain ideology or belief system. 

Chapter 29.
A degree in a field of science does not imply character, honesty or that everything stated by someone with the acronym Ph.D. attached to his name is factual and rational. History books, science books and museums of natural history are filled with false claims made by expert scientists or members of the academia. Such is the case with a supposedly human fossil named Lucy. At one time its picture was on the cover of most major magazines. Described as evolution at work, it is neither human, nor proof of evolution.

Making claims that have no support in the available evidence is actually a successful business on this planet. This is precisely because, as we were told by the Pleiadians the Earth people were genetically tuned at one time to the frequency of belief. This made it very easy for certain authorities to control them and to sell them fiction for fact.

Evolutionary anthropologists obsessed with personal glory and with making their books into a bestseller have always been willing to make the most fantastic deductions based on a small bone fragment. This was why Mark Twain would once sarcastically remark, "There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact." On the other hand, when faced with something as significant as the shape of the skull of Akhenaton, an Egyptian king of the 18th dynasty, something that debunks everything they stated in the past, they dismiss that as being nothing but normal evolutionary variation. 

No one could explain what "evolution variation" stands for and audiences with an appetite for science tend absorb as submissively what individuals with a degree in biology lecturing in college amphitheaters tell them as congregations of god believers do when their minister is preaching the alleged "word of god." None of them question or doubts the validity of what they hear. 

As seen, elongated skulls have been found in areas of the world where impressive civilizations once thrived. The Ica, Peru elongated skulls, for example, were found in the vicinity of the equally intriguing Nazca lines, huge terrestrial drawings that could only be observed in their totality from the air. 

During the 1975 contacts with Billy Meier, the Pleiadians referred to a race of humans associated with their mission that had elongated skulls. There are other interesting and equally controversial sources providing similar information. They are controversial because they are denigrated by the protectors of the status quo and because they reveal the existence at one time on this planet of very tall beings with unusually elongated skulls. The evidence, however, tends to disappear from public sight and it is never mentioned in school textbooks either. 

Adding substance to the possibility that Akhenaton was related to star beings that were here helping Earth people develop their own advanced civilization, archaeologists have found a stele showing him, Nefertiti, his beautiful wife, and their three daughters at that time having unusually elongated skulls. A statuette of Nefertiti, thought to be the model for a life size statue, that too shows the queen having an elongated skull. The bust of one of their now grown up daughters, princess Meritaten, shows her having an unusually elongated skull, and none of this could be considered "normal evolution variations."

There are other unique aspects related to Akhenaton's physical appearance. Among others, the shape of his body is almost identical to the body shape of the Hindu gods, as in very feminine. According to Vedic and later Hindu traditions, these gods have a cosmic origin. In other words they are not of this planet. 

On the same stela we see a representation of something that looks like a sun sending down rays. They end though in ankhs, the symbol for the energies of life, and in inscriptions that are references to a special knowledge. This happens to be an accurate representation of how the Pleiadians describe the source everything comes from, the point of emanation for all the information carrying energies that would manifest as our original world, for all knowledge. A similar depiction of what some would erroneously call god is provided by Paul in one of his genuine letters and also in the Quran.

The source is not the creator god of religion, and according to genuine Buddhist philosophy there is no such god or any other kinds of gods with supernatural powers. As seen, in Buddhism that source is called deva. It was later misrepresented in local religions where is now erroneously associated with the notion of god, and where it became many gods, as in many devas. The Pleiadians call it Prime Creator while the Gnostic has no name for it. He describes IT as being "dazzling darkness." 

According to the Pleiadians, the term god is a title assigned to a human being that has reached a very high level of cognitive development. There are many such "gods" within their society and many more within the universe. There are many such gods within their Mission, otherwise very affable individuals, hence the "we" and the "us" we have in religious books in the instances when one of them addresses his peer: "The man has become now like one of us ..." (Genesis 3:22) "God presides in the great assembly; he renders judgment among the gods." (Psalm 82) 

There is absolutely nothing supernatural about these gods and many of them have committed actually grave errors in the way they conducted themselves during their contacts with the Earth-humans or while conducting scientific experiments. Among others, the abductions and the painful medical procedures some of the Earth people were treated to along the time were the work of such gods, scientists with visiting advanced non-terrestrial human races, as the same Pleiadians tell us. These were the many gods worshiped in the past, and even today in many religions.

Details in the stories about the Greek and Roman gods suggest these are actually human-like individuals that came down from the sky to help with the development of the human civilization on this planet by more or less taking charge of it. They are not imaginary mythological characters but star beings. They have human qualities, significant human liabilities and they all think very human. 

The "gods" that made their temporary abode on top of Mount Olympus and gave humankind the Olympic games would once in a while participate in the games. Their technological abilities were so advanced the Earth people would see them as gods with miraculous powers. 

Akhenaton would abolish polytheism, the worshiping of many gods. He would actually abolish religion all together and introduced his people to a new explanation for the origin of the world and of everything in it. 

Mainstream historians have rushed to describe his input as a monotheistic religion. Everything related to ancient times they cannot explain, including the function of the megalithic structures, is gratuitously associated by the academia with religion. As renowned Egyptologist, Flinders Petri, a pioneer of systematic methodology in archaeology acknowledges though in his notes, Akhnaton input looks anything like religion. 

When it comes to civilization advancement, quantum leap progress does not just happen. No one could explain today how was it possible for Earth people to find out overnight and simultaneously all over the planet there was iron in the ground, what iron could do for them, and how to extract iron from ore, a procedure that involves chemical reduction. On the other hand, in the banned by the church Book of Enoch, we are told that individuals living in the sky have taught Earth people how to use iron and how to make all sorts of objects out of it. 

Chapter 30.
In the introduction to The Book of Destiny, a Maya text made public in the year 2009 quoted from on many occasions in A Time of Change, the Maya elders let the people of the world know there was no such thing as the end of the world or end of days. Their calendar, they say, a calendar the Museum of Natural History in New York falsely describes to be a religious artifact does not predict that, as also falsely claimed in the media and by archaeologists who had supposedly decoded the writing on this famous Aztec Stone. 

Similar to that, the Pleiadians told Meier no end of days was coming, as claimed in religious books and by religious leaders seeking to scare people into going back to churches and into donating big to the church. The impersonal source behind everything there is, the Prime Creator or The Creation, does not make what would otherwise be a completely pointless sudden total annihilation of what emanates from it part of the natural law. 

While everything in the universe, including our solar system, is subject to the same birth and death cycle, the world will not die before humans have their chance at reaching what is a destined goal, the main reasons why the idea of universe became manifest to begin with. 

Earth-humans, however, could destroy their world if they continue to make irrational choices. The guardians are here, though, to make sure this will not happen. They are here to protect the planet, though, not the reckless people. As recent events on record show, among others, they are capable of taking charge of and shutting down an entire nuclear missile launching facility in a moment's time.

In the same Book of Destiny the Maya tells us that, indeed, the planet does not belong to us. Both the Maya and the Pleiadians warn us the planet is built like a living organism and it will react if its existence is threatened by irresponsible human activity. 

On a different occasion the Pleiadians have revealed in no confusing terms our civilization is an experiment, that humanity has been designed, and that the same is true of everything else in the universe. They also explained how the design was accomplished and to what end is this experiment conducted. They acknowledged they have as much to gain from it as we do.

One could figure out that while not perfect most everything is intelligently designed by paying close attention to the developmental stages of the human fetus. More evidence living organisms, Earth-humans included, are not a product of chance and random gradual mutations, medical science has determined every one of these stages is a programmed event. 

When a sequence of events is programmed, the implication is somewhere out there is a programmer that has programmed things according to a blueprint based on his or her vision of a certain targeted goal. Indeed, there could not be a watch without a watchmaker. 

As the evidence suggests, there is information coming from outside the mother's womb that determines certain characteristics of the newborn, characteristics that could not be explained by the way of the information existing in the DNA. Such is the case with our personality, for example. That in turn implies the existence of a source for that information.

One other stunning piece of design evidence that has advanced science written, both figuratively and literally, all over it, humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Every pair is made of matching chromosomes, XX, YY, except for the 23rd pair in males, the pair of sex chromosomes. Indeed, females have an XX 23rd pair of chromosome while, unexplainably, males have an XY pair.

The actual reason for having an XX pair is that if an error in the copying of the information occurs during the reproduction process there will be a backup file to prevent loss of information. This is another thing random and otherwise impossible gradual mutations could not be credited with. Since the male 23rd chromosome does not have a backup file, though, logic says information would be lost over time, and, sure enough, scientists have determined this was precisely what was going on. Since information was lost, that meant at one point in the future reproduction the way we know it would have no longer been possible. 

Then the scientists found out the Y chromosome of the 23rd pair was somehow able to create a summarized copy of itself after all. That copy, however, was in the form of a palindrome. 

A palindrome is a sentence that reads the same from left to right and from right to left. Do evolutionists really believe a random natural process has produced by chance, over millions of years, a system that allows for the saving of information in the form of sequenced data that reads the same way from left to right and from right to left?

The Pleiadians claim man did not come from apes but from the idea of man, something also revealed in one of the Edgar Cayce readings. The initial source code for man has manifested from day one as man. This man would then make progress in the way he understood reality, which is his main mission here in the material. 

Enlightened such humans, genetic engineers who over millions of years of observing and experiencing learned how to replicate, improve or downgrade the initial source code are now able to create their own intelligently designed but not perfect genetic blueprint for not just new human races but also for a diversity of animals and plants. This is because all the so-called material forms are actually energy and information, energy and information that come from the spiritual or the metaphysical dimension of what we perceive to be reality.

According to Pausania, a 2nd century BCE geographer and traveling writer, at the entrance to the Delphi Temple in Greece there was a famous Socratic aphorism. It read "Know Your Self." At the entrance to the Temple of Karnack, in Egypt, thousands of years ago someone carved in stone the words, "The Body Is The House Of God." People of the old were aware there was a Self to know, the spirit energy within the body. They also knew this fine energy was the real us, an emanation from the one and only source everything comes from some erroneously call god. 

First century CE Roman philosopher Titus Lucretius Cara, author of De rerum natura, On the nature of things, would write extensively on the topic of mind, soul, and atomism. Among others, he stated that, "The eyes could not know the nature of things." As acknowledged by many others too along the time all the way to present day theoretical physicists, the only real reality is what lies within us while the world without is the creation of our consciousness. In other words, the empirical is an illusion of reality we generate, reason why real proof of what is true or not comes in the form of how we understand what is revealed to us at the sensory level.   

We exist the way we understand reality and Earth people have been fed false information for thousands of years now. As a result, for thousands of years they have been living according to a false perception of reality. This is why their civilization was in a constant state of crisis all this time, something more obvious than ever these days.  

We are about to enter a cycle of development that, among others, will bring a more than necessary grand awakening. No doubts about it, the truth will set us free but for that to happen we will have to do our part, make the effort and find the liberating truth.


There are a number of things a publisher wants to know about you, and one of them is what are your credentials. 

There are instances when credentials are deceptive. They only prove you are proficient in the prevailing official theory while at times they are used to give credibility to one's false claims. The question is what kind of credentials would cover the many areas of human interest addressed in the book. An honest answer to that would be, none in particular.

According to what the term philosophy stands for in Greek, love (philo) of wisdom (sophia), this would be a philosophy book, and Einstein rightfully called philosophy the "Queen of sciences." As a human being I declare myself fully qualified to be in love with wisdom and knowledge, and so is every one of you. 

The next thing agents and publishers want to know is what other books similar to yours are sitting on library and bookstore shelves. I venture on the side of A Time of Change being a unique book with no terms of comparison to it, but this is obviously a presumption. 

The defining structural characteristic of the book is interdisciplinary. The range of its interdisciplinarity is, indeed, unique but what matters in the end is the position taken on the issues addressed and the power of the argument. 

The position taken is most of the time conflicting with the current official opinion adopted in the academia and by institutions that tend to influence the public's perception of reality. This is why the book was written in the first place and this is what makes it unique.

In the end, a publisher would be most interested in knowing to whom the book is addressed. It may sound overly ambitious but A Time of Change is addressed to all the people of the planet.

If one must narrow it down, I would have to say the book is dedicated to the new generation and to the open minded among the adult. Young people are the future of our civilization. One can only hope the managers of knowledge will rather than sooner allow students in colleges and universities to discuss it and debate over its content.