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"Creationists claim the fence is painted black, evolutionists claim is painted white, and they both know the fence is blue."
                                                                        - A Time of Change

The story of this book begins with the day I was born. How it all started refers to the moment the project became now a clearly established journey. The destination was still a mystery at the time.

Dover, December 2005. At the end of a highly unorthodox judiciary process, John Jones the 3rd, a supposedly conservative judge from Pennsylvania ruled intelligent design was religion. As a result, teachers and students could no longer utter these two terrible words in an American public school. The media immediately dubbed this a victory for reason. In reality, this was one of the most outrageous cases of wool pulled over the public's eye in the history of humankind. Both creationists and evolutionists were in on the ruse for, as it will be revealed in the book, neither one wanted intelligent design to be a topic of debate in our schools and universities. 

There are not one but several major problems with Judge Jones’ conduct. The most serious among them is the fact that much of what took place during the Kitzmiller vs. Dover Area School District court stunt was unconstitutional and conflicted with normal court procedure. It flew in the face of everything our judicial system stands for, or used to stand for, with the judge basically issuing a pre-established reason and fact defying decision. 

One big red flag at a time, despite the fact that their success would have been practically guaranteed, the lawyers for the defendant chose not to appeal the judge's decision. Any appeal court would have struck it down, but for that to happen someone had to file for appeal. Nobody did, and the question is, what happened to the creationists, the ones that lost the case based on a crass misrepresentation of the evidence. Could it be that, indeed, they too were very pleased with that bizarre outcome? 

Anyone making such a claim is instantaneously labeled "conspiracy theorist," something meant to discredit him and his argument. American writer Gore Vidal, known for his wit and erudition once defended himself by declaring, "I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am a conspiracy analyst." I am with him on this one. The reason why we have conspiracy theorists is because, as you are going to see in the book, we have lots of conspiracies to deceive and manipulate. As a matter of fact, a very large part of the history of civilization Earth is nothing but a conspiracy. As a result, those who do not want their true agenda to be exposed have made conspiracy theorist into a dirty syntagma. 

One significant thing about what happened in Dover, 
with the help of the ACLU the Kitzmiller family and a few others in the town of Dover lodged a complaint about a biology textbook titled Of Pandas and People allegedly promoting religion. In reality, it was a book written by scientists with serious credentials and not by pastors and preachers. It was to be used by students in class to teach biology, not religion, and the school district had to approve the acquiring of it based on its scientific merits. Those scientific merits, and not its authors promoting religion, was why they were now in Judge Jones' court. The scientific evidence presented in the book made it very clear that, something otherwise known for more than one hundred and fifty years at the time, Darwin's evolution was an assumption with no basis in reality.  

This was the real reason why evolutions were up in arms attacking Of Pandas and People left and right. Then there was the fact that those scientists with impressive credentials whose name and titles are listed in the opening pages were using scientific evidence to make also a very strong case for the fact that most of what we see around us bears the mark of intelligent design. The design was supposedly the work of an "intelligent agent," and according to a few people in town, not to the book on trial, this intelligent agent was the god of their religion. 
There is more to it.

Something else revealed in A Time of Change, as it turns out, the evolutionists had their own book to sell to the school district, 
and, highly irregular as far as court procedure goes, one of its authors, Brown University biology professor Kenneth Miller was allowed to take the stand. He would make undisturbed by the judge or the lawyers for the defendant a completely false argument against design, the "theory" proposed by the other scientists, the ones who authored the book Miller's team was competing against. Making the whole thing even more bizarre, and quite suspicious, not a single one among the authors of Of Pandas and People were invited to testify. 

Contrary to what the people are being told on TV and in schools, intelligent design is not religion, nor is the notion of design a theory. It is an observable fact of reality anyone can notice when he or she pays attention to detail and decodes the very easy to decode meaning of what is observed. That some people believe the "intelligent agent" is an omniscient God with supernatural powers does not make it so, and it certainly does not make intelligent design religion either. The problem for church creationists, Darwinian evolutionists, and our governments was that the reality of design not only proves 
evolution is biologically and genetically impossible, but also that since while intelligent the design is not perfect, the intelligent agent could not be the all-knowing God of religion, and that pretty much means that kind of God does not exist. To preserve the status quo, the outcome of the trial seems to have been established before the show started, and, once again, the creationists never appealed the judge's decision.

“…the conflicts aired in this trial – over the status of evolutionary theory, the arguments for intelligent design, and the nature of science – reveal an intellectually unhealthy situation. The political urge to defend science education against the threats of religious orthodoxy, understandable though it is, has resulted in a counter orthodoxy, supported by bad arguments, and a tendency to overstate the legitimate scientific claims of evolutionary theory. Skeptics about the theory are seen as so dangerous, and so disreputably motivated, that they must be denied any shred of legitimate interest.” (Public Education and Intelligent Design, Thomas Nagel, Philosophy & Public Affairs 36, no. 2, 2005, Wiley Periodicals)

The reason why the judge officially labeled intelligent design religion was so he could ban the discussing of the concept in science class on account that the First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the promoting of religion in public schools. The falsification of the meaning of design and the judge adopting as fact the irrational, the unsubstantiated claim that intelligent design was religion raises suspicions about the real motivations behind the trial. As you are going to see in the book, the reality of design reveals that the true origins of the current civilization Earth are anything church creationists, on one hand, and evolutionists, on the other, claim they are. Making the case for conspiracy even more credible, our government is not very happy about people talking design in schools or on TV, hence the trial. The reason why the government too wanted ID banned from school is that it clearly suggests a very knowledgeable human designer, or rather a group of very human designers behind our planetary world.

Of Pandas and People: a book of science, not religion.

A couple of weeks after the judge issued his decision in December of 2005, I found a piece in a college newspaper by a student who apparently was very happy with the outcome. Religion should not be part of the curriculum in our schools and universities, he stated there, and I could have not agreed more with him, except that, once again, intelligent design was not religion, which is what they are telling students in school. 

The truth is the education system does not protect the younger generation against indoctrination with religious belief, and one could only wonder why. Our schools and universities do not expose students to the known truth about religion, something that would make them less susceptible to being psychologically manipulated by religious institutions and by politician associated with them. More than that, in every college and university in America there is a Christian church, or at least a chapel, something that allows actually for the continuous indoctrination with religious belief of every new generation. 

On the other hand, the only antidote against religion 
provided in schools, at least this is how the system wants students to perceive Darwinian evolution, is what in fact represents indoctrination with another form of belief. This would be belief in the never proven, never seen in nature or reproduced in a laboratory gradual evolution of one species into another by the way of natural selection, something labeled science by the academia. 

The year was 2006, and I felt the need to write something on the fact that neither religion, nor the theory of evolution offered a valid explanation for the origin of humans and life in general, or an accurate account about the history of our civilization. As I proceeded with the enticing effort, I soon realized this required a much wider canvas, lots of evidence, evidence that was out there, except that no one would put it together in one if not complete at least large undistorted image.  

Research led to the uncovering very interesting facts, and in the end, this "accidental" project would become a three-volume book called A Time of Change

(Edited February 16, 2022)

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