“The Ultimate Tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.” – Bringers of the Dawn

There seems to be something very wrong with our world, and that perception is based on more than just watching the evening news. To fix it, we must figure out how we ended up here.

Thousands of years ago the inhabitants of the planet became prisoners of an illusion. It all began with the genetic downgrading of the new Earth-humans followed by the creation of an existential system that included institutions peddling belief as fact, authoritarian forms of government, and a very restrictive monetary system generating inequality and an artificial, a non-merit-based stratification of the society. All that was done by those who at one time took over what was and it still is a human experiment. To some this may sound like a fictional dystopian story. That is until one looks at the evidence and becomes aware not just of the mental trap but also of its oppressing efficiency.

Through all kinds of religious institutions, by the way of dictatorial forms of government using democracy as a method of mass manipulation, through media outlets, the education system and the academia, Earth people are fed false information while knowledge that would change the way they exist on the planet is deliberately kept hidden from them.

We were once warned America is the most controlled society on the planet, and this has become more evident today than ever. We were also told, as America goes, so goes the world, and in a more or less well-coordinated effort, the rest of the global community is following suit. When somebody exposes abuses or the abusers, the guardians of the status quo cry “Conspiracy theory!”

Last but not the least we were once told the truth will set us free. No one has ever explained to the people of the planet what truth was that and what was it supposed to free one from. This is about to change. To those who will read the book, A Time of Change will open many doors to many layers of liberating truth, and the world will never look the same to them.

We are living the dawns of a paradigm shift in the way we perceive reality and the purpose of our being here. The avalanche of revelations triggered by this grand awakening is bound to create confusion, instability, and even chaos, something already visible all around us. To adjust to this timely natural movement toward spiritual emancipation and to become integrated in the transition, one will have to be prepared to react to the need for rational change and to change itself. A Time of Change is going to provide significant help with that. In the end, though, everything that happens to us, or it does not happen, is a choice we make.


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“You must do something to make the world more beautiful.” – Miss Rumphius


A Time of Change – Volume 1 of 3

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A Time of Change – Volume 3 of 3

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Thursday, May 3, 2018


Most people live according to an erroneous perception of reality, and they don't even know it. This is a consequence of them being deliberately fed false information so that most everyone would act in a way that benefits the system.

The system allows for the hidden structures of power to control the information distribution channels. That includes religious institutions, political forms of government, financial organizations, the media and the education system. 
One could not escape its existential grip without ending up isolated from the community and with his ability to be productive and to survive reduced to a minimum. 

The only way of avoiding the mental prison created is by constantly seeking the liberating truth and making sure one develops a correct understanding of what he knows. 

The Nazi Swastika is a classic case of manipulation of the people's perception of reality. The original Hindu symbol is associated with consciousness growth and enlightenment. Its real meaning was distorted though by malefic forces and these days Swastika as seen as a symbol for something dark, negative, disreputable. 

In Sanskrit the word Svastika (Sanskrit spelling) stands for "conducive of well being." The oldest known artifact displaying the Svastika symbol was found at Mezyn, Ukraine, and it is said to be about 12,000 years old. Other ancient communities in Southeastern Europe were using Svastika some 8,000 years ago, with the Vinca Culture being one of them. 

As you are going to see in A Time of Change, we have evidence for early contacts between Eastern European, Middle Eastern communities and civilizations located in the area where India is today, such as the Indus Valley Civilization. For some of them the Svastika was a symbol for "Permanent Victory" while on the walls of the Roman catacombs the same symbol was found accompanied by the words "Life of Life." 

In Japanese Buddhism, the Svastika is known as Manji. The horizontal and the vertical lines at the center of the symbol form an even-arm cross. The horizontal line connects light and darkness while the vertical line is the link between the telluric and the cosmic energies. 

Same as the even-arm zodiacal cross, the Mayan cross, the Coptic Christian cross and the Templar cross, yet unlike the uneven cross of the Western and the Eastern Christian churches, which is the symbol for an instrument of torture, the cross in the middle of the Swastika describes a state of perfect harmony and energetic balance. 

The energies in balance are of a feminine and a masculine nature, each having its specific characteristics. This is what the graphic symbol for the Chinese yin and yang concept too stands for. 

According to the original text made part of the Bible text after it was edited, the natural human concept is of an androgynous nature, with its feminine and masculine energy aspects being one. "... male and female he created them," as we have today in Genesis 1:17. It should have been and it most likely used to be, "male and female he created it," and this too is addressed in detail in A Time of Change. 

Someone has disrupted the initial balance when he separated the feminine energy, the life giving force according to kundalini yoga, from the all-encompassing male-female human concept. In the Bible, this error is described as god creating Eve from Adam's rib. 

Everything in the universe, humans included, seeks to become reintegrated within the original state of harmony, and the lines stemming out at a 90 degree angle from the ends of the arms of the cross in the middle of the Svastika describe the energies of the universe being in a constant state of  transformation.

There are two types of Svastika, each of them being the image in the mirror of the other one. They have their own meaning, are either red or gold and the vertical arm of the cross is perpendicular to the earth plane. 

Svastika seals of the Indus Valley Civilization on display at The British Museum. The one on the right is the image in the mirror of the one on the left. They are, however, displayed in an incorrect position. The vertical line of the cross should be perpendicular to the plane of the Earth 

The image one on the left is the symbol of prosperity and good luck, infinite mercy in Japanese Buddhism. In the classic Hindu traditions the one on the right is associated with a tantric approach to understanding reality. This translates by one worshiping his body and mind instead of imaginary gods. In Japanese Buddhism the same image represents intellectual strength. 

The Nazi Swastika is black and it is literally a twisted version of the Hindu Svastika, with the cross at its center being at a 45 degree angle in relation to the plane of the Earth. There are many groups today seeking to readjust the public's perception to the truth behind this ancient Hindu symbol.

Everybody knows Satan is a terrible character. Same as the all-knowing creator god with supernatural powers of religion, though, this one too is a fictional character. It was invented by conniving priests seeking to psychologically manipulate the population of the planet for their personal interest, and also for the interest of those who brought the institution of religion to our civilization. 

Satan, or the devil is supposed to frighten the masses into becoming dependent of the priest's alleged ability to act on behalf of a judgmental, vengeful god. Like all the other ones this particular religion hoax too resulted in the sacerdotal class amassing significant wealth and political power. In addition to that, something few people are aware of, naming this vile character the way they did was their shrewd way of denigrating more valuable concepts of Eastern philosophy.

The term Satan is rooted in kundalini yoga, a philosophical system incorporating special knowledge regarding our true spiritual nature and purpose of being here. This would be esoteric knowledge only the initiated could access. Satan means actually "truth," and yet the majority of the population of the planet associates the name with something frightening and very dangerous to one's wellbeing.  

We also have those who decided to worship Satan. Satanists meet at the Church of Satan, and yet they have no idea what they are worshiping. Like any other cult, though, they too have appropriated and this way denigrated symbols associated with personal enlightenment. 

This would be the case with the pentagram. It was forcefully made part of the iconography of certain Satanic groups so that the rest of the people of the planet would not even consider looking into what the pentagram actually stands for. Not exactly a surprise, the pentagram too is associated with knowledge and universal truth.

The Catholic Encyclopedia claims Satan is a Hebrew word for devil. It is certainly not. The name Satan comes from SA TA NA MA, a derivative of the SAT NAM mantra of the kundalini yoga, and in A Time of Change you will be introduced to the meaning of every one of these four syllables. In the Romanian and Spanish language, two Romance languages, the same name spells SATANA, and that is very close to the original SA TA NA MA of the SAT NAM mantra.

The SAT NAM mantra is a method of seeding truth in human consciousness by enabling one to awaken into his true spiritual identity. This seeding of truth in human consciousness goes though against the interests of a church teaching that man has committed a capital sin when he fed on the fruits of the tree of knowledge and that being poor in spirit is a blessing. 

To enhance their ability to control the population of the planet religious institutions have misrepresented yet another term that in Eastern traditions is used in reference to the idea of knowing the liberating truth. Because of that churchgoers indoctrinated from an early age with this distorted representation and even secular people associate Satan, truth, with darkness, fear and great danger. According to kundalini yoga teachings though,
The mind goes out of balance when the pineal gland is dormant. The imbalance makes it seem impossible to break mental and physical addictions. The mantra SA TA NA MA is a powerful tool to recreate balance in the mind.
Our society was built on many induced mental and physical addictions, something achieved by the way of psychologically manipulating the poor in spirit. There are entities on the planet still taking advantage of this state of confusion they have created. 

Everything or everyone seeking to help Earth-humans break the bonds of their mental and physical addictions is depicted by them as something evil, as Satan's accomplice. They are irreversibly loosing their grip on humankind, though, and the known truth is setting everyone free.

Our dictionaries tell us sinister is something evil and harmful. Strangely, they also define sinister as something "of the left side." So when and how did being placed on the left hand become an evil thing? 

The falsification was the work of Christian priests seeking to eliminate competition as they were looking to establish a monopoly on the business of religion. The idea was to trick the poor in spirit into rejecting those who spoke known truth and this way to become mentally dependent of the new religious cult.

Indeed, in Latin, the term sinistra stands for "the left-hand side." As existing documents reveal, people in the Middle East were familiar with all major Eastern philosophical concepts many years before the priests would put on paper their version of the Five Books of Moses, the Jewish Bible and also the first five books of the Christian Bible. According to ancient Hindu traditions, Pingala nadi governs the left side of the brain, the side that governs the masculine right side of the body. The Ida nadi governs the right side of the brain that governs the feminine left side of the body. 

As the all-male religion was taking over the entire planet, its institutions were on a mission to eliminate the goddess religion and denigrate everything that placed women above men. This corresponds to the transition from a matriarchal society to a patriarchal one. 

Tertullian, one of the ideologues of the early church is on record stating about women that, "You are the devil's gateway." Church scribes would later insert in Paul's 1 Timothy something Paul never wrote, "I permit no woman to teach or have authority over men; she is to keep silent," and then placed that in the Bible. 

This was actually Tertullian and the church speaking, not Paul. As you are going to see in A Time of Change, in reality, Paul was a declared supporter and admirer of the women participating in his non-religious Gnostic churches he would often praise for their significant contribution.  

In line with that anti-women position adopted by the church, something placed on the left hand and associated in Hindu and Buddhist traditions with the feminine aspect of the human being was now evil and it was not to be trusted. The church would falsify the meaning of the term sinistra, and over time that assigned falsified definition became part of the world's vocabulary as the word sinister.  

To get a better idea of the complex circumstances behind the malefic redefining of sinistra, in the Gnostic traditions, Sophia, which is Greek for wisdom, is also known as Eve. She, not the god of the Book of Genesis, is the Mother of the Living and the Power of the High, with the High being the source of all energy and information that makes the universe and not a creator god with supernatural powers. 

Even more interesting, in the same Gnostic traditions one of Sophia's other names is She-On-The-Left-Hand. Since the founders of the church wanted the masses to perceive her as something demonic one should stay away from, they would associate the term sinistra, "of the left hand," a reference to the feminine, with the false notion that women were "devil's gateway." Known for their ability to connect to the spiritual, a church that pretended to tend to man's spiritual needs would also order women to remain silent in churches so that the priests could sell their counterfeit spirituality to the gullible without being challenged.

Under the threat of punishment by the vengeful god of their new religion, from now on the masses were to reject the Gnostic's claim that Sophia/Eve was a teacher that taught knowledge coming from the "power of the High," a knowledge otherwise also taught in the Essene schools and, as you are going to see in the book, by no other than Jesus. 

These teachings were rooted in Vedic, Hindu and Buddhist wisdom while the irrational dogma of Orthodox Judaism and of the Christianity of the church was the antithesis of the esoteric knowledge incorporated into them.  

Commenting on how the actual relation between Sophia/Eve, known as Shakti in kundalini yoga, and the serpent is described in a Gnostic text called The Hypostasis of the Archons, in The Genesis Factor, Stephen A. Hoeller writes that, "Sophia mystically entered the serpent, who thereby acquired the title of instructor." 

This explains why in the Genesis version of the Adam and Eve story, which is also part of the Torah, a story told vastly different in the Quran, Eve and the serpent instruct Adam to disobey the narrow-minded, manipulative god of Eden and feed on the fruits of the tree of knowledge. It also explains why in the Bible and the Torah version of the story they are both vilified. In reality, they give Adam, a name meaning humankind, sound advice meant to help an emerging Earth civilization make progress with its cognitive development. 

Wanting to make sure posterity will not know the truth, church bishops ordered all Gnostic books burn. They were unable to destroy all the copies, and in 1945, a couple of Egyptian herders found a clay jar containing a significant number of those valuable texts. 

After being restored and translated, the texts were included into a collection called The Nag Hammadi Library. The book was made recently available to the people of the planet, so that, in the end, Earth-humans would know the liberating truth the church did not want them to know.

There is more on this and on many related issues. You now have the option of reading first the Book Proposal, a detailed chapter outline introducing the reader to the major topics discussed in the book. To do that click on the four links below.