“The Ultimate Tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.” - Bringers of the Dawn

The world seems to be constantly out of balance and in distress. As attested in out history books, it has been this way for thousands of years now, and the root of the problem goes way beyond what we see and hear during scripted TV news programs and narrative-framing opinion shows. To address that we must first find out how we ended up here. We must figure out how the system works.

Indeed, there is an irreversible awakening process going on these days all over the world. Desperate to maintain their ability to control Earth-humans, unseen unelected structures of power seek to create confusion by treating the population of the planet to a practically in your face falsification of reality. A consequence of that, there is turmoil, division, and lack of trust among the people of the planet.

To be able to adjust to these unsettling times and cope with the whirlwinds of the catharsis generated by the revelation, we will have to be cognitively prepared to either contribute to the necessary shift in human consciousness, or react appropriately to it. This was the driving goal behind the writing of the book.

A Time of Change is a book of knowledge addressed to the initiated and the uninitiated alike. It is dedicated to anyone with an interest in finding answers we do not have, as well as answers we were told we have when we actually don’t. Intended as a way out of the mental trap set up through the current existential system, A Time of Change is a portal to the outside of the illusion of reality we were tricked into living in. At the same time it is a door wide open to the real world of our inner being.

This was not a casual, self gratifying accomplishment, and it took more than thirteen life-altering years to complete. It is offered here free of charge, the author’s gift to humankind.

The first of the three volumes was published on March 20, 2019, in a downloadable PDF file format. The tentative release date for Volume 2 and Volume 3 is July 4, 2019.

To access Volume 1, click on the link below. Share with others what you feel it should be shared and mention to them the source. It will take people like you to induce significant gradual change on this planet.

A Time of Change – Volume 1 of 3

What matters in the end is that something of significance for the greater good comes out of our effort.

“You must do something to make the world more beautiful.” – Miss Rumphius

The author is not associated with any political organization, religious cult, secret society, social, spiritualist or new age movement, and does not intend to establish something of that nature now or in the foreseeable future. What the people of the planet choose to do with the information shared in the book is entirely up to them. I am not here to change the world. I am here to do my part in helping the world change itself.


The comment feature of the blog was disabled. Those who understandably may feel the need to debate over the content of the book should do so in college, at their university or house of worship, within their circle of friends and family or at a local book club. Most likely there is one in your neighborhood or somewhere nearby. If not, create your own.

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GENRE: Interdisciplinary Narrative Nonfiction

“The Ultimate Tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.” – Bringers of the Dawn

The quote is from a text of great significance for civilization Earth 
I have discovered at a time when the main structure of the book was by now almost completed. It accurately reflects what A Time of Change is all about. 

Work on the book began in March of 2006. The decision to take on what ended up being a very ambition project was the result of a string of unusual personal experiences the author has had over the span of many decades. 

The first phase of the putting together of the book was finalized in June of 2013. Ever since there has been significant editorial work done on the manuscript. It resulted in at least thirteen versions of a now three-volume book that has a total of thirty chapters. 

Volume 1 - Chapter 1 to 13: 452 pages; c.285,000 words; 18.1 MB
Volume 2 - Chapter 1 to 6  : 400 pages; c.258,000 words; 13.1 MB
Volume 3 - Chapter 1 to 11: 555 pages; c.346,000 words; 40.6 MB

There are approximately 130 pictures throughout the book. A majority of them are public domain, some are my property, and for a number of them I have obtained permission to use from their owners. 

There is also a significant number of live links (blue font text). The hyperlinks would only be accessible though in an e-book or word format. They connect to additional information authenticating what was stated in the sentence or the paragraph before. Lack of access to this source in a print or downloadable PDF version does not affect in any way the strength of the argument. In fact, those who so desire could use the link address to research and consult the respective source.


The cover of the book was produced professionally. It is my design though and every detail in it has meaning. 

There are three constellations surrounding Earth. While not in their actual astronomic position in the night sky, these are the cosmic locations for three of the advanced civilizations associated with what in the book is described as being Project Earth. Members of one of these civilizations are the source behind the paragraph from Bringers of the Dawn quoted here and also in the opening pages of the first volume of the book.

An indefinite object in the sky above Earth constantly transmits coded information onto the planet. Much to a skeptic's understandable surprise this too is something real, something going on at this very moment. Unless you believe ultra-sophisticated crop circles relaying messages in a binary code are the work of two guys with wooden boards who had a few pints of Guinness at the local pub you must be aware by now, or at least suspecting there are such sources out there operated by human entities who know how to built these machines. 

The original cover with the initial subtitle.

The universe, which is nothing but energy and information, is by design the main source of coded knowledge. The process is meant to raise the vibrational frequency of our spirit energy in order to experience significant consciousness awareness growth and this way civilization advancement. This is one of the many shocking facts recorded in a number of ancient texts, texts later edited for content and then included into so-called religious books. They are never properly acknowledged by the academia or by our government, reason why some of them will be partially analyzed in the book.

In addition to that our planet is about to enter an astral conjecture that will significantly enhance the Earth people's ability to process extremely complex information. This will cause a paradigm shift in the way they understand reality and the purpose of their being here. 

(As difficult as this might be for some to grasp, as a matter of principle I encourage the reader to keep an open mind about these "weird" things, more so considering that you are going to be exposed to compelling evidence meant to enable you to reach your own conclusions.)   

Related to this new astral conjecture, planet Earth is shown hovering over the blue waters of a vast cosmic ocean. The ocean symbolizes the Age of Aquarius our planet will very soon begin to travel through. It is going to take approximately 2,160 years to complete this leg of the journey, and it is expected to be a highly beneficial ride, as in a great opportunity for civilization advancement. 

The Age of Aquarius is not the "new age" the one known under the name of Jesus refers to somewhere in the New Testament, something misinterpreted and misrepresented these days by almost everyone. That new age was the Age of Pisces, the one that is about to end. It is also known as the Age of Deceit, and the last two thousand years of civilization Earth are proof it deserves the nick-name.  

In addition to Earth beginning its long journey through the Age of Aquarius, part of this new and beneficial astral conjecture our planet became aligned with the sun and with a powerful source of energy and information located at the center of our galaxy, something scientists have only in recent times became aware of. Also known as the Galactic Alignment, this is what the Maya was actually referring to when discussing the December 2012 astral event. It was deliberately misrepresented by religious groups and by the media as being a prediction of the end of the world. The alignment only happens once every 26,000 years, which is the time it takes for the Earth to complete the precession movement around its axis, something also known as Plato's year.  

Same as light, water is a symbol for knowledge, hence the Earth placed on the cover over a cosmic ocean of inspiring blue water. The Water Bearer, or the Water-Carrier is the symbol for the sign of Aquarius (not the same with the Age of Aquarius), and it describes someone bringing knowledge to the people of the planet. 

As you are going to see in the book the one known under the name of Jesus was born at the beginning of February while the story about him being born at Christmas (December 25) is a known fabrication. He was, indeed, a true Aquarian (January 21 - February 20), a spiritual liberator who taught against religion, something that according to one of the Gnostic texts banned by the church he describes as being counterfeit spirituality. His mission was to share with his fellow human a certain liberating truth he had been initiated into during his formative years, a time in his life between the age of twelve and thirty neither the New Testament, nor the church refers to.  

As you will find out, him being made into a god and his teachings being distorted by the bishops, a distortion that became the current dogma of the church was a way of hiding this reality from the people of the planet.


When you have almost total control over the distribution of information it is relatively easy to make people believe claims actually unsupported by the known facts and a rational logical interpretation of them are true. When one way or the other you control the education system, the media, the publishing industry, religious institutions and the government, you control what people read, watch, and the way they understand what could not be hidden away from them. This is how you manipulate the way they perceive reality and how they exist without them ever knowing they are being manipulated. 

With the advent of the Internet the act of deceit is not as efficient as it used to be, and we are certainly living in a time of change. Nevertheless, most people of the planet continue to be trapped into a mentality created thousands of years ago by the way of an existential system where the rule of thumb one is forced to abide by is the pursuit of materialistic ambitions. This is meant to create dependence of a material world that in reality is an illusion within an illusion and to enslave them to want. As a result, Earth people do not realize there is something of great significance beyond what they were made to believe is a natural way of life. As the old adagio goes, though, there is more to life and to being human than meets the eye.

That people tend to believe what they are told in schools, by the media, in houses of worship or by the designated spokesperson for the scientific community is always true is the result of the fact that they were tricked by the custodians of the system into trusting those who actually treat them to a massive daily dose of falsehood. In this kind of a world free will and free speech more or less translates by everything goes no discernment required as long as it serves the agenda of those who seek to maintain the status quo. 

Because Earth people have been treated to major acts of deception for thousands of years now the disconnect from real reality is so profound that many of them deny being manipulated and deride or turn hostile toward anyone making such a claim. This is how manipulation works and what manipulation does to one's psyche.

The lie is not as impenetrable as the controlling authorities might think it is, though, and A Time of Change is going to prove that abundantly.


A Time of Change is a book of knowledge. It is not an encyclopedia of raw data though, and there is a story behind everything the reader will be introduced to in page after page of often shocking revelations. A Time of Change is basically the story of how we ended up where we are today as a civilization and of what we are supposed to accomplish cognitively, spiritually, and related to that socially and technologically. 

On that note the book is not a reiteration of what it is currently being taught in schools and universities, of what they preach in houses of worship and mega-churches, or of what you see on your TV screens on a daily basis. There was no peer reviewing of the text and most likely there will be no academic endorsements.

Purposefully mislabeled museum displays, distorted ancient knowledge turned irrational religious themes, things we do know yet are never acknowledged officially since that will make the people see their history and themselves in a different light, pseudo-scientific theories taught in schools and universities as fact, a falsification of the history of humans on this planet promoted as real history, misrepresenting such existential concepts as capitalism and socialism, all of that done in order to keep Earth-humans unaware of being enslaved to the system, of their true origin, true history, and of their true potential. 

This falsified perception about the nature and the purpose of life is about to be shattered into thousands of pieces.


If you write a book about the alleged all-knowingness of a god with supernatural powers and about the significance of Jesus dying on the cross for your sins, considering that 40% of the population of America believes Jesus is god, that despite being god he died on the cross, and that god, well, the other god created the world in six days, it does not matter that none of that is true. You have a market for the book and both the literary agent and the publisher would not hesitate to get involved.

If you write a book about the greatness of the theory of evolution, with gradualism being actually impossible biologically and genetically, and about what a revolutionary mind Darwin was when in reality he could not tell grosbeaks from finches, you have about 14% of all Americans believing that you can count on. 14% is not that impressive but in a big country like our United States of America this is still a solid market when it comes to book selling, and we have the millionaire Darwinist to prove it. 

Proof the population of the planet was driven into a pronounced state of confusion, as recent Gallup polls show almost 40% of all Americans believe now god created man the way Darwin said it happened. As a result, even though everything you heard in school about evolution is not true, knowing there is a huge market of trusting evolution believers, agents and publishers would jump at the bin every time someone submits a manuscript promoting the theory of evolution as genuine science.

Now if you have a book like A Time of Change exposing, among others, the fact that both religion and scientific materialism, biological gradualism included are hoaxes meant to keep the population of the planet in the dark about its true origin and potential, you have 90% of all the people of the country potentially hating it because it forces them to face evidence proving they have been duped.

It was not necessarily their fault but the ego tends to react defensively impulsively in these instances. To protect their markets and the status quo, though, the media will be labeling you "conspiracy theorist" and religious institutions will call you anti-Christ to diminish your credibility. So what is the literary agent and the publisher to do?

Agents and publishing houses are not exactly into the business of rocking the boat. Like everybody else they are in the business of making money so they too could put food on the table and keep the house warm. In their case, however, they are doing it by serving different market segments with what more often than not is a fictional story that reinforces their specific belief. In other words, they give them what they want, not what they need, and the truth will never set them free.

Considering these circumstances while everything is a possibility there is a good chance A Time of Change will not be a favorite with the publishing industry. Other than that the book is addressed to all inhabitants of the planet, and it is also possible over time will develop a following of truth seekers. 

To that end the first volume of the book will be made available free of charge on this blog, and may a super-controlled Internet allow it to be downloaded all over the planet.  

Tentative release date: March 20, 2019, the Spring Equinox.