“The Ultimate Tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.” - Bringers of the Dawn

The world looks out of balance and constantly in distress. It has been like that for thousands of years, and it feels like nothing is going to ever change. We waged war after war against fellow humans and Mother Nature because someone would always want to have something that in reality belongs to everyone. We have been constantly at war because competing entities seek to impose their irrational beliefs on others, as well as their personal agenda regarding the destiny of our civilization. There is an ancient more or less subterranean conflict going on between those hiding significant truth in order to be able to control and manipulate Earth people, and the ones dedicating their lives to bringing the liberating truth out. For thousands of years now we have been an extremely divided global community, and this is no accident. The time has come for the people of the planet to figure out how we ended up here and how to change for the better their existential circumstances. Indeed, things do not have to be in perpetuity the way they are.

We are in the middle of a spiritual and cognitive awakening that will generate a paradigm shift in the way we exist on this planet. This is a time of change, the beginning of the end of the old state of affaires.

Rationalists have always questioned the morality, the sanity, and the purpose of institutionalized religion. They have specifically pointed out at the non-factual theological input and at the association between religious institutions and political and other systems of government.

Rationalists have also rejected the reductionist explanation for the nature and the origin of life offered by positivist materialist scientists. One of the main issues raised by critics regarding Darwin’s theory of evolution from the day On the Origin of Species was published, a book that not for a moment addresses the question of the origin of species, was that primarily humans are spiritual entities, not just physical beings. As a result, evolution and scientific materialism in general provides a completely inaccurate depiction of the nature of reality and life.

That we are the spirit within the body and not the body itself is something known actually for thousands of years, and the people of the planet have been always urged to “Know your self.” Neither religion, nor biological gradualism acknowledges or explains the spiritual, particularly the spiritual aspect of being human, one of the many instances when church creationists and Darwinian gradualists make common front and they either misrepresent or dismiss the reality of the spiritual for being a fantasy associated with the occult. Theoretical physics proves them wrong though, which is why both church creationists and evolutionists claim theoretical physics does not explain the origin of life and everything else. In reality, for many decades now the public has had access to dozens of books by physicists for whom the spiritual and science is basically one and the same thing.

Evolutionists claim consciousness is a trick played on us by the brain. A number of theoretical physicists have concluded consciousness is actually something apart from our physical aspect, and that is part of what we really are. On the other hand, when biology professors at prestigious universities are asked on camera to explain how evolution works or to give an example of actual evolution evidence, their response is always hesitant and easily debunkable. Despite that, they continue to teach the theory of evolution in schools and universities as indisputable fact. When bona fide scientists who are on record they are not church creationists make a strong argument in favor of the non-religious conclusion that our world is the way it is by design, life forms included, university leadership rallies against them falsely describing their scientific argument as being pseudo-science. In the end, the population of the planet is offered the option of choosing from two false explanations for the origin of the universe and of life on this planet, and this is no accident.

A Time of Change addresses this situation by analyzing and debunking the answers offered in religion and by the on-call spokespersons of the scientific community. Once the area is clear of deception and confusion, the reader will be exposed to facts and to an interpretation of them that will change the way we perceive our selves and the world as a whole. The effect of this new and improved perception of reality is going to be a more harmonious world, one better attuned to natural law and to a universe vibrating at the frequency of honesty and truth. It is also bound to bring peace on the planet by eliminating the main elements of a narrative that currently divides the global community.

“You must do something to make the world more beautiful.” – Miss Rumphius

DISCLAIMER: It took a lifetime of observing nature and society and fourteen yeas of dedicated work on this project to arrive at the conclusions you will be introduced to possibly for the first time in the recent history of humans on this planet. That said the author is not associated with any political organization, religious cult, secret society, social, spiritualist, or new age movement, nor does he intend to establish something of that nature in the future. What the people of the planet choose to do with the information, the ideas, and the perspective on reality as recorded in the book is entirely up to them. Our mission is not to change the world. Our mission is to help the world change itself.

A TIME OF CHANGE was released multiple times on this blog as a work in progress. Work on the project started actually in 2006. The first incomplete complete version of the book was released in 2013, and between 2013 and 2019 there have been at least fifteen others. The book will be released when the book is truly ready. The exact time and under what circumstances, this is something to be determined. Everything happens when is the best time for it to happen. Stay in touch.

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Saturday, June 22, 2019


"Darwin’s theory of evolution cannot and does not explain human consciousness, the human spirit. As a result, evolutionists deny consciousness exists independent of the body and claim this is a trick played on us by the brain. Theologians speak of a one and only mighty consciousness, their supernatural god, and conveniently forget the Bible says we were made in that god’s image. This means we too are endowed with higher consciousness. Pretending to be in opposition with each other, promoters of religious belief and positivist materialist scientists are keeping Earth people unaware of their spiritual nature, and this too is no accident.

When we pay close attention to the meaning of certain passages in the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible, we find out the scribes basically admit man made significant growth in consciousness awareness by committing the so-called original sin by feeding on the fruits of the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Among others, that caused Adam and Eve to become aware they were naked, something apparently they did not realize until that time. As a result, they would now experience shame, says the Bible, and god expelled them from his private garden. That, however, forces churches and synagogues into being confronted with the mother of all theological dilemmas.

The Bible tells us god created man in his image, the god in the Bible acts and speaks like a human being after all, and our theologians tell us god is aware of everything. The question arising fluently from that is South Park funny: was the Genesis god aware of his nakedness? The Bible says nothing about that but the logical answer could only be, yes he was. A god who looked like the man he created and behaved like a flesh and blood male must have been as naked as Adam and Eve were, and since the Bible says he was aware of everything, he must have been aware of his own nakedness. The same Bible does not say he was ashamed of being naked, which means he had no reasons to wear clothes. Indeed, it appears the nude movement might have gotten an earlier start than previously thought. It is either that, or the story in the Bible is not true.

Picture a human-like male god naked chitchatting with a naked Adam and a naked Eve under the trees of the Garden of Eden. True, in those days they did not have the Christian Right to complain about their lewd behavior. That said Michelangelo came actually very close to depicting that reality on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. So close that after his death the church hired artist Daniele da Volterra to cover up some of the genitals, and while during the restoration work done in the 1980s these prude additions by other artists were removed, the Volterra breeches, how his fig leaves and loincloths are known to the art connaisseur, were left untouched.

There is an even bigger doctrinal problem caused by this awkward Genesis episode. The question is now, is being aware a godly quality, or a curse? In other words, is being aware a bad consequence of the original sin, as the Bible and the church dogma imply, or is this something that makes us like gods, as one of the Genesis gods states: “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil.” (Genesis 3:22) The church cannot have it both ways, yet it certainly went for that for two thousand years now." 

A Time of Change is a work in progress more than thirteen years in the making. Since the time this excerpt was posted here the text was edited, again, possibly multiple times. The final version will be available in the published book.