“The Ultimate Tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.” - Bringers of the Dawn

The world is out of balance and in distress. It has been this way for thousands of years. The root of the problem is reflected in what we see and hear today during scripted TV news programs, manipulative science and history documentaries, and narrative-framing opinion shows. It surfaces in the form of a vicious political dispute for the highest seat of power, and in the message delivered every Sunday in houses of worship. It is revealed in what is being taught in schools and universities, as well as by what the education system fails to teach. The time has come for the people of the planet to learn how we ended up here, and how the system works.

We are in the middle of a spiritual and cognitive awakening bound to generate a paradigm shift in the way we exist on this planet. To prevent Earth people from acting united, the unseen unelected structures of power have been exacerbating an already devastating division by treating the world to what these days has become an in your face falsification of reality. As a result, turmoil and lack of trust is also sweeping the planet from one end to the other. This, however, is a time of change. This is the beginning of the end of the old state of affaires.

Earth-humans have been sensing for a while now the real agenda of their government has little in common with the promises politicians make in the months before elections. They are questioning where its loyalties lie with when it comes to the justice system, to its intelligence and law enforcement agencies. They are beginning to understand we live in an extremely controlled society where input and output of information is constantly monitored and manipulated. What they do not know yet is that this is done in order to prevent them from knowing their true origin and the actual purpose of life. Indeed, they are tricked into living according to a false perception of reality so that the status quo will remain unchanged.

Many among the enlightened members of our civilization question the morality, the sanity, and the rationality of everything religion. They seriously wonder about the true agenda of all religious institutions and abut the legitimacy of their hierarchies. They also distance themselves from the reductionist explanation of the nature and the origin of life offered by the positivist materialist scientist. Last but certainly not the least they understand the actual role mainstream and social corporate media plays within society is not to inform and bring Earth people together but to make sure public opinion mirrors the false narrative scripted by hidden unelected structures of power and to divide.

To be able to protect one’s higher self against these troubled times and to cope with the whirlwinds of catharsis triggered by what has turned into an avalanche of revelations, we will have to be cognitively and spiritually prepared to contribute or at least react appropriately to what otherwise is an inevitable shift in human consciousness. This was the heartfelt goal behind the putting together of the book.

A Time of Change addresses many of the still unanswered questions about the origin of humans on this planet, about the nature of what we perceive as material reality, the purpose of life, and how life on this planet relates to life existing throughout the universe. It also makes the reader aware of the deliberate falsification in religion, by the scientific community, in the media, and by the government of significant truth regarding the history of civilization Earth. This is something schools and universities do not share with the younger generation. This is liberating truth never mentioned in churches, temples, and mosques while the powers that be have conveniently marked it as taboo topic for the media. Powerful evidence, not speculations or fringe assumptions will give the reader access to the actual meaning of many of the things that have been hidden from Earth people or intentionally misrepresented.

While not the author’s initial intent, over time the book became a wide open escape door from the illusion of reality the Earth people have been deliberately trapped within. It took almost two decades of effective work on the project, and a lifetime of observing nature and society to arrive at the conclusions you will be introduced to in its pages, possibly for the first time in the history of humans on this planet. One’s fulfilled life mission is now one’s gift to humankind. This is his humble contribution to the greater good.

“You must do something to make the world more beautiful.” – Miss Rumphius


The author is not associated with any of the existing political organizations, religious cults, secret societies, social, spiritualist, or new age movements, nor does he intend to establish something of that nature in the near or a distant future. What the people of the planet choose to do with the information and the ideas recorded in the book is entirely up to them.

The comment feature of the blog was disabled. When it comes to topics that have a direct impact on the status quo, the online conversation tends to be hijacked and the focus of attention distorted by anonymous correct-the-record individuals with an agenda, and we have the social media to prove it. Anyone who would otherwise understandably feel the need to debate over the content of the book should do so at his or her college or university, at his or her house of worship if they are associated with one, within their circle of friends and family. If you do not have a book club in your town, village, or neighborhood, create your own.

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A Time of Change, Volume 1 is available here in a downloadable PDF file format. The text has not been yet edited and proofread professionally. This is the author’s manuscript. A Time of Change, Volume 2, and A Time of Change, Volume 3 will be released under to be determined circumstances. Contrary to one’s hopes and expectations, this remains a work in progress. The date of the latest version appears on the title page.

To access the file, click on the link below. Share with others what you feel it should be shared. It will take uncensored knowledge, a willingness to face the truth no matter how inconvenient it may be for some, honesty, and people like you to have significant positive change in the way we live on this.

A Time of Change – Volume 1 of 3

What matters in the end is that something of significance for the greater good comes out of our effort.

A Time of Change is private intellectual property made available to the public in this format for civilization advancement, not for financial profit. Copyright laws prohibit the unauthorized commercial use or reproduction of this work.

Monday, August 5, 2019


"Those who had a chance to look at pictures of snowflakes know very well they are beautiful, same as bee honeycombs they are six-sided, and that, indeed, each of them is different from all the others. They are beautiful because their shape is symmetric and symmetry is always associated with harmony, with balance. As discussed here earlier with regard to our bone structure, symmetry does not happen though random, by chance, and it implies elementary particles being under the influence of harmonious energies while assembling into material forms, life forms included. As a result, the fact that water turns into ice crystals of quasi unique symmetric geometrical shapes suggests certain high frequency energy fields we do not know about yet abound in the earth plane are responsible for that. In addition to that, the reason why we have so many aspects of frozen water is that energies vibrate slightly differently at each location within the earth plane.

There is confusion within the scientific community with regard to how the snowflake is formed. If you visit a website called wonderpolis.org, their explanation there is “Snow forms in very cold clouds containing water droplets and ice crystals. As water droplets attach themselves to ice crystals, they freeze, creating an even larger ice crystal.” For someone looking for an answer from the expert, this sounds like a very scientific explanation. In a PBS.org article published a few years ago, though, after the author tracks down two “ice experts,” we are warned now that, “Snowflakes are not created from frozen raindrops. Liquid water that freezes in the atmosphere as it falls to the ground is actually sleet.” (The Science of Snowflakes, and Why No Two Are Alike, December 22, 2011) So whom among the expert should one believe? 

This is one of the instances when we can see that not everything a scientist states is true, and that scientists are not always on the same page when it comes to explaining a certain phenomenon. There is more to it though, something that is not going to improve public opinion on the scientific community's credibility. Still looking for a third opinion that does not come in conflict with other scientific opinions, in a smithsonianmag.com article Kenneth Libbrecht, a physicist at Caltech, tells us that “The story begins up in a cloud, when a minute cloud droplet first freezes into a tiny particle of ice.” (Snowflakes All Fall In One of 35 Different Shapes, By Marissa Fessenden, December 30, 2014) So, after all, snowflakes are created from frozen droplets. Now, who is Ken Libbrecht? He is one of the two “ice experts” who contributed to the PBS article where we were told that, no, “Snowflakes are not created from frozen raindrops.”

The explanation for snowflakes coming in different shapes could, indeed, be that they are a manifestation of vibrating energies acting on the tiny drops of water crystalizing as they reach a unique position within the energy fields of planet Earth, as well within the influences exerted on the planet by other celestial bodies. As for the fact that ice crystals are six-sided, according to principles associated with what some call sacred geometry, the hexahedron, a multi-dimensional solid with six faces, one of the Platonic solids, is “the matrix of Light in the body of form, (…) a quaternary of the “Foundation Stone” embedded in the principle of earth as a nesting of the human experience within the spiritual/physical universe.” (crystalwind.ca)

At the same time the hexagon, a six-sided polygon, is associated with the Flower of Life, “a geometrical figure composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles (…) arranged to form a flower-like pattern with a six-fold symmetry, similar to a hexagon.” (ancient-wisdom.com) On that note, speaking of snowflakes and their shape diversity being the result of the influences exerted on water molecules by certain energies, and related to that of the Flower of Life concept, what would be the explanation for the existence of flowers on this planet? Could the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci sequence arrangement of their beautifully and diversely colored petals mean they too are a manifestation of certain energies, more so since different colors vibrate at different frequencies? 

The Flower of Life is related to the Seed of Life. Its structure is similar to the structure of the third embryonic division, and some see it as the key to understanding how the universe works. This is not “new age” nonsense. This is knowledge humankind has been deprived of for thousands of years now. It represents additional significant evidence the claim by some scientists that the universe and life are a product of chance events is completely unrealistic and, most importantly, that is totally unscientific."

A Time of Change, Volume 2, Chapter 15