“Know we do not have many of the answers you were told we have, and that many of the answers provided in schools, universities, and houses of worship are deliberate distortions of a reality kept hidden from the Earth-human for thousands of years now. Seek the liberating truth.”

A Time of Change, Volume 2

Civilization Earth has been afflicted with debilitating disharmony for thousands of years now. Earth people have been waging war after war against their fellow man and Mother Nature, the global community is extremely divided, the economic discrepancy and the ensuing class stratification is overwhelming, and yet things do not have to be the way they are in perpetuity. To be able to generate change that benefits the greater good, though, the people of the planet must free themselves from the false perception of reality they have been deliberately trapped in since the beginnings of our civilization. They will have to learn not just how, but also why we ended up where we are today, and that this is no accident.

Significant existential changes are a consequence of a process of catharsis. Catharsis causes old unhealthy structures to collapse, it generates chaos, and exacerbated chaos is what we see these days everywhere around us. The Earth is about to enter a new and benefic astral conjuncture facilitating quantum leap cognitive progress that is going to trigger a grand awakening never before experienced in the history of humankind. This is the beginning of the end of the old state of affairs. This is a time of change.

For thousands of years now Earth people have been tricked into living according to a false perception of reality. In order to protect and preserve the status quo, most everyone in houses of worship, in colleges and universities, politicians on the stump, media organizations and publishing houses have been perpetrating and even augmented that act of deception by making the population of the planet see what in reality are false claims as being an established fact. One of the many bringers of knowledge whose message was hijacked and distorted, has once told the world that, the truth will set us free. A Time of Change is an opportunity for humankind to uncover and publicly acknowledge for the first time in its recent history the liberating truth. A result of that, our personal and the collective world we share will not just look different. It is going to be different.

- A Time of Change, Opening Statement

“You must do something to make the world more beautiful.” – Miss Rumphius


When many years ago I have titled the book A Time of Change, this was not a prediction. It was a statement about the fact that we were due for major changes in the way we existed on this planet.

The revelations made in its pages will make a lot more sense for today’s people than they would have made for humankind at the time work on this project started fifteen years ago. Indeed, everything happens for a good reason and at the right time.

The plan is to release the first of the three volumes of the book sometime in the first half of 2021. With regard to the format, or where and how the book will be released, this is something yet to be decided. Stay posted.

– January 4, 2021

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A Time of Change is private intellectual property intended as a way of encouraging and facilitating civilization advancement. No financial gains are to be made from its release in this format.

Sunday, May 17, 2020


"No doubt about it, slavery, an institution condoned all over the Bible was the foundation for the capitalist system. The current engine of the system is capital issued by financial institutions in the form of worthless banknotes assigned a fictitious value. Even if the notes were backed by gold, and that is something no one could be sure of, they would still be nothing but a piece of special paper since you do not have access to the gold the value of the money supposedly derives from. True fact, according to ourworldindata.org the population of the planet has almost doubled since 1975. That means the monetary system had to come up with at least double additional print money, more so when the average national salary has considerably increased since. To that one has to also consider the effects of the inflation, with $100 in 1975 having the same purchase power as $466.97 in 2018. Does anyone truly believe the amount of gold held in federal treasury vaults has tripled since 1975?

Financial institutions have a tremendous influence over if not total control of the economy of the world and this way over the life of billions of working humans. Among others, the system will always generate significant profit for those who own significant capital, as well as a class of poor and financially insecure people, the work force that generates the profit enjoyed by those who control the capital. Earth-humans are trapped within this system. Once again, this is no accident and they are beginning to become aware of that. This happens to be bad news for the status quo, and it may end up throwing our civilization into chaos. This is why beginning with 2020 things would start to unravel, and why at the same time a path to a new way of existing was being more or less surreptitiously laid out as the people were globally paralyzed with fear.

The brilliant principals among the founding fathers of America have anticipated all these problems with the monetary system and with the banks. Alexander Hamilton is considered the father of the national bank and in 1791, Congress approved his proposal for creating such a bank. He is also the one who put the basis for a system of use and abuse of American paper money. On the other hand, one of the instances when Jefferson and Adams were on the same page was when it came to their common disdain of banks and paper money.

In Friends Divided, Gordon Wood remarks that Thomas Jefferson feared “the dynamic commercial society” and that he “hated all the capitalistic accouterments that went with it – banks, stock market, liquid capital, and especially paper money.” Both Jefferson and Adams were enthusiastic admirers of Destutt de Tracy, the author of Treatise on Political Economy. According to this French philosopher and economist, “Paper money is the most culpable and the most fatal of all fraudulent bankruptcies.”

Since religious institutions are an intrinsic part of the current existential system, religious leaders take advantage of something religion has helped create enjoying sumptuous living on the backs of their congregations. The Catholic Church was the first to figure out that a massive accumulation of wealth translates into significant political power, and that by having lots of money and political power one could control powerless people struggling to make ends meet. This would allow the hierarchy of religious institutions to accumulate even more material riches and to wield even more political power, and they have been playing this system for hundreds of years now.

Priests, preachers, pastors and corporate CEO’s all play by the same rules, except that priests, preachers, and pastors pay very little in taxes for the lots of money they make selling nothing but false hopes, a distorted illusion of reality and a corrupt version of the history of humans on this planet. 

Within a system where money talks, priests too want to keep their business profitable and be influential. They too want to drive expensive cars, fly expensive personal jets, live in big mansions, and many of them do. Unlike billionaires like Bill Gates and Elon Musk, though, once again, they produce nothing of value for society. The only thing they have to offer is dishonest entertainment for a confused trusting poor in spirit, a staged production they claim is about addressing man’s spiritual needs when in reality everything is an act of deception meant to create a false perception of reality.

To make it look like they are dedicated to serving the community, on occasion religious institutions perform symbolic acts of charity. Their charity money, however, comes from donations and it represents only a small portion of the money the churches have in their bank accounts. To give an example, according to an August 18, 2012 article in The Economist on the Catholic Church financial dealings, it was estimated that 

annual spending by the church and entities owned by the church was around $170 billion in 2010 (the church does not release such figures). We think 57% of this goes on health-care networks, followed by 28% on colleges, with parish and diocesan day-to-day operations accounting for just 6% and national charitable activities just 2.7%. (The Catholic Church in America – Earthly Concerns)

Religious institutions have large sums of money invested in banking and industrial operations and only a very small portion of their profits goes to charity. Nevertheless, they put significant effort into creating the illusion that they exist to serve god, Jesus, and the poor. In reality, we would not have the poor and the downtrodden if it were not for a belief system that among others condones and promotes slavery, an institution that has allowed for the establishment of an economic system that will always produce inequality and poverty." 

A Time of Change is an ample, under current circumstances underground book of knowledge. At this time the author intends to make it available here and possibly on other Internet platforms free of charge. Unless unforeseen events occur, the first of the tree volumes of the book will be released sometime this year. That will be followed by the individual release of the other two volumes over a span of twelve months. To know when the first volume comes out, enter your email address in the window provided on the home page. An announcement will be made at the time of its release.