“Know we do not have many of the answers you were told we have, and that many of the answers provided in schools, universities, and in houses of worship are deliberate distortions of a reality kept hidden from the Earth-human for thousands of years now. Seek the liberating truth.”

- A Time of Change, Volume 2

“The universe operates at the frequency of honesty and truth. Earth-humans live according to a false perception of reality, and this is no accident.” The first sentence of the book pretty much defines what this ample project is about.

Our civilization has been afflicted with disharmony for as long as history books could recall. Earth people waging war after war against fellow man and Mother Nature, a global community extremely divided, outrageous economic discrepancies and an artificial class stratification, all that did not just happen. Indeed, this is not the natural order of things, and it does not have to be the way it is in perpetuity.

For thousands of years now humankind has been living according to a false perception of reality, and that too is no accident. To generate change that benefits the greater good, Earth-humans must break free from the constraints of a manufactured illusion they were trapped in with the help of the current existential system. To that end, the Earth-humans must make a rational, non-impulsive effort to change the current system. Among others, they will have to figure out how we as a civilization ended up where we are today, and reconnect with their true origin, true nature, and the real purpose of being here.

A certain somebody once reminded the world a certain truth was bound to set everyone free. A Time of Change is an open invitation to all the people of the planet to acknowledge layer after layer of liberating truth they have been deprived access to for a long time now. Then the world will not just look different. It will be different.

- A Time of Change, Opening Statement

“You must do something to make the world more beautiful.” – Miss Rumphius


The result of 15 years of researching, analyzing, and reinterpreting well-known and less known science, religion, history, and spirituality related facts, A Time of Change is a three-volume book of shocking revelations about the true origin of our civilization and the reason why humankind is in the state it is today. You have free access here to the unedited version of the manuscript of the book.

Volume 1 was released on April 21, 2021. Material was added later, with the new completion date being now July 7, 2021. Volume 2 was released on July 15, 2021. Still a work in progress, Volume 3 will be made public on 02.22.2022.

The future of this book project is yet to be decided. There is always the possibility of a print edition. More about the project and the author in A Book’s Journey, A Time of Change, Volume 1- An Abstract and some of the other articles below.

A Time of Change – Volume 1 of 3

A Time of Change – Volume 2 of 3

A Time of Change – Volume 3 of 3 (2.22.22)

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Thursday, February 18, 2021

CHOOSE YOUR HEROES CAREFULLY (An excerpt from A Time of Change)

When the media makes the public watch over and over the same individuals weighing in on all sorts of topics, the public is inclined to see them as reliable, credible sources of information, men and women of great knowledge and wisdom. That perception is reinforced by the way of the publishing houses putting in print everything they submit and by colleges and universities having them constantly lecture unchallenged in front of their students. Then someone pays attention to the content of their input into conversation, and we realize science communicators Richard Dawkins, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Bill Ney, the funny Bowtie Scientist, Eugenie Scott or Michael Shermer have not produced much in terms of scientific research, if anything at all, and that most of their input into the conversation comes in conflict with a rational logical interpretation of the know fact. 

These individuals the population of America and of the world are tricked into seeing as being the "most acclaimed astrophysicist" or the most intelligent humans on the planet are actually on a mission to manipulate the narrative on the side of the official proclamation on a number of issues of great significance for our civilization. In other words, though scientists according to their resume, same as the perpetrator of religious irrational their task is to create a false perception of reality, one that allows for the status quo to remain unchanged. That, however, is about to change. 

"In his 1989 book The Selfish Gene, Atheist evolutionist Richard Dawkins proclaims that, “Our brains are separate and independent enough from our genes to rebel against them.” He sounds so knowledgeable and convincing that admirers hold this quote to be a gem of Dawkins superior thinking and lifetime dedication to promoting the greatness of the theory of evolution. However, the only thing emblematic for his lifetime input into the public conversation on evolution is that nothing in that statement is true, and that same as in many other instances, the ordinary people would not know it.

A rebellious brain having a mind of its own is Dawkins’ way of implying that the brain is the one that makes decisions, not our spirit/soul. This reductionist intellectualist assumption defies common sense and has no support in genetics, according to data made available in Genes, Brain and Behavior, a medical journal published by the International Behavioral and Neural Society. The other message in his statement is brains and genes are never on the same page, they are “separate and independent” of each other, says the millionaire master of misinformation who sells  pseudo-science to the trusting masses. According to the National Institute of Neural Disorders and Stroke, “At least a third of the approximately 20,000 different genes that make up the human genome are active (expressed) primarily in the brain. This is the highest proportion of genes expressed in any part of the body. These genes influence the development and function of the brain, and ultimately control how we move, think, feel, and behave.” (Brain Basics, Genes at Work in the Brain)

Indeed, you could not be more disconnect from scientific fact and reason than Richard Dawkins is. Genuine science contradicts most everything this media glorified, this darling of the academia 12-book-published multi-millionaire evolutionist claims with confidence in front of unsuspecting audiences. He would not act on his own, though. 

He always seemed to be the intercessor of those who sought to control the narrative, to create another false perception about the origin of humans and life forms in general on this planet, a highly deceptive alternative to irrational religious belief, hence him having open access to TV shows, the lecturing circuit, and publishing houses, all that despite the fact that scientists with a backbone have repeatedly mocked his work exposing it for being not just irrelevant but, most importantly, ridiculously nonsensical. Nevertheless, because of individuals like Dawkins, members of two generations of Earth-humans have been tricked into living according to non-truth and half-truth that has significantly influenced the way they saw themselves and the purpose of being.

When one repeatedly makes false claims in public, sooner or later the people are going to catch on to that and things will inevitably get embarrassing for both perpetrator and his enablers. Seven years after he wrote that “Our brains are separate and independent enough from our genes to rebel against them,” in yet another Dawkins best-selling book derided by the non-affiliated segment of the scientific community, something he titled The God Delusion, he claims now, also without producing any proof, that matter and living things preceded intelligence, meaning intelligence has appeared later during the process of life development on this planet. 

This was meant as a subtle jab taken on intelligent design, except that nothing of what he says in this instance too makes sense. Among many others, neither Dawkins, nor the theory of evolution he swears is fact and that you are stupid if you don't believe him can explain human subjective thinking, or why human intelligence is so advanced when compared to that of the ape, our alleged immediate evolutionary relative. 

In the end, and there will be more in the pages ahead on Dawkins’ bizarre, when not irrational, more often than not incoherent input into the debate, the badge-of-honor quote from The Selfish Gene turns out to be an emblem for the state of confusion and lack of honesty when it comes to the theory of evolution characterizing a Darwinist community he would represent. Just in case anyone wonders, church creationists do not earn any points on account of his failures."
                                                         (A Time of Change, Volume 1, Chapter 13)

A Time of Change is a three-volume book of unusual knowledge that took 15 years to complete. Volume 1 will be released in 2021 under to be established circumstances. Look for an announcement on this blog and  other locations on the Internet.