“Know we do not have many of the answers you were told we have, and that many of the answers provided in schools, universities, and in houses of worship are deliberate distortions of a reality kept hidden from the Earth-human for thousands of years now. Seek the liberating truth.”

- A Time of Change, Volume 2

“The universe operates at the frequency of honesty and truth. Earth-humans live according to a false perception of reality, and this is no accident.” The first sentence of the book pretty much defines what this ample project is about.

Our civilization has been afflicted with disharmony for as long as history books could recall. Earth people waging war after war against fellow man and Mother Nature, a global community extremely divided, outrageous economic discrepancies and an artificial class stratification, all that did not just happen. Indeed, this is not the natural order of things, and it does not have to be the way it is in perpetuity.

For thousands of years now humankind has been living according to a false perception of reality, and that too is no accident. To generate change that benefits the greater good, Earth-humans must break free from the constraints of a manufactured illusion they were trapped in with the help of the current existential system. To that end, the Earth-humans must make a rational, non-impulsive effort to change the current system. Among others, they will have to figure out how we as a civilization ended up where we are today, and reconnect with their true origin, true nature, and the real purpose of being here.

A certain somebody once reminded the world a certain truth was bound to set everyone free. A Time of Change is an open invitation to all the people of the planet to acknowledge layer after layer of liberating truth they have been deprived access to for a long time now. Then the world will not just look different. It will be different.

- A Time of Change, Opening Statement

“You must do something to make the world more beautiful.” – Miss Rumphius


The result of 15 years of researching, analyzing, and reinterpreting well-known and less known science, religion, history, and spirituality related facts, A Time of Change is a three-volume book of shocking revelations about the true origin of our civilization and the reason why humankind is in the state it is today. You have free access here to the unedited version of the manuscript of the book.

Volume 1 was released on April 21, 2021. Material was added later, with the new completion date being now July 7, 2021. Volume 2 was released on July 15, 2021. Still a work in progress, Volume 3 will be made public on 02.22.2022.

The future of this book project is yet to be decided. There is always the possibility of a print edition. More about the project and the author in A Book’s Journey, A Time of Change, Volume 1- An Abstract and some of the other articles below.

A Time of Change – Volume 1 of 3

A Time of Change – Volume 2 of 3

A Time of Change – Volume 3 of 3 (2.22.22)

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Sunday, April 25, 2021



"The universe operates at the frequency of honesty and truth. Earth-humans live according to a false perception of reality."           - A Time of Change, Volume 1, Chapter 1

When it comes to nonfiction literary agencies demand that the author sends them a synopsis of the book, and that makes perfect sense. Some want a succinct one, a page or two, with others expecting a book about your book, a biography, and also a detailed marketing plan. Their main, if not only job appears to be submitting the material with a publisher and collecting the commission money, if that turns out to be the case. 

For someone in my position the process became in a hurry reason for frustration. I found it impossible to describe in a few words what this book is really about, somebody else may be able to do it, and while I wanted to believe the subtitle says it all, "In Search Of A Rational Explanation For The Origin Of The Universe And Civilization Earth, For The True Nature Of Reality, And For The Purpose Of Being," things are a lot more complex. 

The obvious implication of the wording in the title is, most everything the people of the planet have been told in houses of worship, colleges, and universities regarding these matters is disassociated from a rational explanation of what we know. This is not going to make me or the book a lot of friends among clerics, church goers, televangelists, politicians, and members of the academia, but that goes with the territory when you advocate for much needed change the beneficiaries of the status quo oppose. The fact is, the interesting part about the book is not only that it addresses all kinds of major controversial topics some of the readers might even be familiar with, but how they are addressed. 

Another fact that must be mentioned under the circumstances, while one could certainly dry-list those topics to establish an attractive cognitive journey, the out of the box and at the same time rationalist way in which they are addressed unveils logical bridges existing between them, a reality that could not be revealed in a synopsis. With that in mind here are some the pieces of the puzzle found in Volume 1, with many of them being revisited in the next two volumes. This is going to give the reader access to the largest picture put together in the recent history of humans on this planet of how we got where we are and of why we are the way we are as a civilization. It will also make one aware of what we were manipulated into missing along the road.  

Everything in the universe, life forms, chemical elements, color, our thoughts included, is energy and information. Everything vibrates at a specific frequency, one attuned to natural order established at another dimension of reality. There is no lying, cheating, or deceiving in the way the universe was put together and functions. Using deception to control event outcome, something facilitated by the way of an induced genetical predisposition toward believing things was something invented on this planet as part of an experiment that at one point went through a not so beneficial change of management.

Everything irrational altering the frequency of all natural things creates an energetic imbalance, a disturbance that manifests as a disharmonious reality. This happens to be the kind of reality humankind has been experiencing for hundreds of thousands of years. This means not only that the true history of civilization Earth goes a lot further back than what is claimed in our current history books, but also that we are living according to a false perception of reality. That, however, is no accident.

Many thousands of years ago someone has simultaneously instated two major institutions on this planet, neither one being associated with that natural order behind the way the universe functions: religion and slavery. They represent two significant elements of a system meant to allow a certain group to control the way most Earth people think and act, the idea being to have control over the direction the development of what at the time was a new cosmic civilization was to take. The system is still in place but is about to collapse.

For decades now certain entities and the media have been crediting André Malraux, former French Minister of Cultural Affairs with saying, "The 21st century will be religious or will not be." Malraux never said that. His actual words were twisted by those seeking to manipulate the public's perception of reality in order to make the Earth-human act in ways that served their agenda.

Perception manipulation is not only achieved through religion. There are other kinds of belief systems and all sorts of ideology-based schemes used for the same purpose. Such is the case with pseudoscience being promoted as scientific fact by designated expert scientists. The same is true when it comes to political forms of government, democracy making no exception. 

Science is always right. Scientists, not so much. Despite that the people of the planet are made to believe everything stated by a scientist or a scientific organization is science fact and certified word of wisdom. This way certain entities can use the well-remunerated services offered by personal-glory seeking scientists the public tends to trust by default to disseminate false information, including distorted interpretations of known facts. In line with that, a casual visit to the Museum of Natural History in New York causes a keen observer to take note of a number of bizarre displays denoting intent to deceive. 

A related topic, Hitler, Stalin, and Charles Manson were at one time little adorable children. What caused these individuals to turn into the monsters society knows them to be is the very mentality adopted by society, one rooted in religious irrational and pseudoscience promoted as genuine fact. We can ask people to behave responsibly. We should not expect positive results when we as a society act anything but.

America was intended to be the model for a future global federation. Contrary to what some politicians and media organizations claim today, it was not founded on a Christian code of morals, there is no such thing to begin with. It was founded actually on ideals born out of a new understanding of reality generated during the Age of Enlightenment, an intellectual movement organized by Freemasons. In fact, many among the principal founders were socially conscious members of this and other semi-secret societies. 

Rooted into a more rational, science-based explanation for the nature of reality and of the purpose of being, those ideals were in opposition with what church Christianity dogma represented and still represents. The public is only rarely made aware of that but many of America's founders are on record with their criticism of church Christianity. This is partially why in a world where despite their anti-institutionalized religion position the institution of religion is meddling today in the political and the economical affairs of the country, our education system included, they are not as revered by society as they deserve to be. Their legacy is actually shun or minimized by politicians working hand in had with religious institutions and a media operated by those who control the distribution of information and are not in the business of telling the truth but, like everybody else, of making significant financial profit.

Slavery is another topic a lot more complex than how politicians, media, and social justice warriors of the 21st century present it. To begin with, slavery is as old as current civilization Earth is. In line with that, it is condoned and endorsed in the Bible from its first book to the last forged texts of the New Testament. In many of those instances, the one doing the condoning and the endorsing is no other than god himself, one of the Bible gods that is.

There is absolutely nothing genuinely Christian in the so-called Christian religion. Every Christian holiday or Christian tradition is something borrowed from other religions and then misrepresented in order to make it fit church agenda. At the Council of Nicaea of 325, the emerging Christian church called itself "Universal." That label was meant to hide the fact that this new religious institution was seeking to establish a monopoly on the profitable business of religion.

Contrary to how the media, the academia, and religious institutions describe it, the reality of intelligent design debunks both biblical creationism and Darwinian biological gradualism. So they organized a trial in Dover, Pennsylvania that resulted in a ban put on discussing design in public schools on account of being religion. Church creationists, darwinists, and entities behind our government were equally pleased with the pre-determined outcome. 

Peace in Israel and in other parts of the world where religious wars continue to create havoc will only happen when people on both sides are told the true history of their respective religion and when as a result of that they learn to live together. At this time, politicians on both sides working hand in hand with religious leaders use religious belief and a misrepresentation of real history based on that belief to turn them against each other. This way they maintain their currently profitable position of power within their respective communities. 

The so-called Judeo-Christianity invoked by some politicians and religious leaders in America and Israel is a political alliance of convenience. It only exists in appearance and it was formed by the leaders of these two otherwise antagonistic religions as a result of the seventh century Quran disclosing true facts about them that affected their political and financial interests.

Not only Jesus did not die on the cross, or resurrected for that matter. He was teaching against religion. We have strong evidence for that, and for the fact that according to the modern understanding of this existential principle he was a socialist. 

These days Religion vs. Evolution is a staged debate meant to hide from the public significant truth about the origin and the destiny of humans on this planet and about civilization Earth as a whole.

The Second Amendment fraud. Anyone who read the entire text of the Second Amendment, it takes about 15 seconds to do it, knows it does not protect one's "sacred right" to own guns of military power. There was a reason why the founders added it to the Bill of Rights, one they have abandoned though the moment the Congress approved it. This manipulated false perception about what the Second Amendment represents was created in the last decades by the NRA. The one who at the beginning of the 1990s referred to this scheme by the "Second Amendment fraud" was a Republican nominee Supreme Court justice. Neither the media on the right, nor the media on the left mentions that, and neither one displays on the screen or on the first page of their printed papers its entire text. 

The principals among the founders of America entertained socialistic, as in rationalist views about how society should operate and to what purpose. This was part of their vision of a new world order, something leadership and ordinary people were to establish together on this planet. 

Taking the oath of office with your hand on the Bible conflicts with the terms of the law of the land as established in the First Amendment to the Constitution. It also contravenes a number of recently issued hate-crime laws.

There were no doubts in the mind of Darwin's pretend supporters at the time he was coaxed into finally publishing On the Origin of Species after waiting full of declared incertitude for 23 years, that his theory of evolution that was not actually Darwin's had absolutely no relation to scientific fact or common sense. In his book, Charles Darwin makes a completely incoherent argument in favor of the idea that life forms are a product of the struggle for existence and that they have evolved over millions of years from a common ancestor, one no one was ever able to describe or present proof it existed. He had zero real evidence this was the case, and the same is true of today's Darwinists. 

A 2,500-year-old Sanskrit book provides an explanation for how life forms have appeared on this planet. It has quantum physics written all over it. This same idea would be advanced independently throughout the three volumes of this book, an argument based on an abundance of evidence and on a new interpretation of already known facts.

Church people and certain individuals with a degree in science dismiss the Edgar Cayce phenomenon for the same reason: This another thing that debunks their respective belief system. The evidence suggests not only that the information is correct, but also that there is more to reality than the eyes can see, something neither religious institutions, nor a reductionist empiricist academia wants the public to know about. However, this is another thing confirmed decades later by the way of theoretical physics ordinary humans can easily understand.

Like every claim made in religion, the one saying "Jesus died for our sins," the central theme of the Christianity of the church has no relation to reality. It is debunked by the very text of the Bible and by the way of elementary common sense. 

Church Christianity dogma is the opposite of what the genuine non-religion Christian school of thought of the Christian Gnostics, for example, stood for. Church Christianity comes in conflict with everything the real Jesus and Paul taught about, with Jesus not for a moment intending to create a new religion, or a church for that matter. This explains why the Catholic Church chose Peter as patron, an habitual betrayer of Jesus, the one who as Paul writes in a text included today in the Bible had never converted to Jesus teachings and never abandoned Judaism. 

The birth of the so-called Five Adamic races according to what was received during one of the Edgar Cayce readings. History facts confirm the validity of the information, and, once again, so is the way theoretical physics explains the nature of reality.

Contrary to what evolutionists claim, consciousness is something apart from the body, not a trick played on us by the brain. That means spirit and the body are two separate aspects of being human, of being a life form in general and we have the evidence to prove it.

Consciousness, the Mayan Book of Life, and theoretical physics are three interrelated topics associated with what is considered real reality, as opposed to the illusion of reality of the so-called material world surrounding us. This illusion is a product of consciousness interfering with and collapsing waves, the energies of what we perceive as being material.

We have scientific evidence reincarnation is an established fact. So why do both religious institutions and materialist scientists deny this? The spiritual is not only the essence of life but also the origin and the fabric of what at the sensory level we perceive as being reality.

Jesus did not die on the cross, did not resurrect, he did not come from a poor family and, again, he taught against religion, against one living his life based on belief. The story of eighteen of the most important years of his life, between the age of 12 and 30, is missing from the Bible. Why is that period in his life important? This would have been his formative years, when Jesus received his education. Part of the reason why this information is missing from the Bible is that he received his education outside Judea in some of the learning centers established all over the world.  

The crucifixion story told in churches is not the same with the crucifixion story told in the Bible, and neither one is true. Text in the Bible, the Gnostic gospels, and the Quran reveal that Jesus did not die on the cross, and that the people were only made to believe he did.

Allah forbids humans to kill other humans, more so when they claim to be doing it in his name. Child-teachers of the old and present day are messengers of knowledge and their presence on our planet is another thing that is no accident.

The theory of sin is a scheme used to make people depend on the institution of religion. It also allows churches to amass significant political power, financial wealth, and private information. 

The Bible cast eternal damnation on those feeding on the fruits of the tree of knowledge, basically on everyone seeking the liberating truth Jesus was urging humankind to look for. Despite that and of the fact that colleges and universities are supposed to be bastions of knowledge, there are churches built on almost every campus in America.

The mountain of evidence evolutionists claim to have proves actually the theory of evolution a wild assumption with no connection to reality. Is there such a thing as an ignorant academia, or is this another organized act of deception? The very dark side of the pro-evolution, anti-intelligent design activism. Darwinian biological gradualism and Atheism: Two belief systems paradoxically created by individuals supposedly fighting religious irrational.  

Anyone who awakens and leaves the church of made-up gods is led into worshiping at the temple of scientific irrational. Same as the multi-millionaire profiteer of the business of religion, the leaders of this new cult profit financially and socially from confusing the masses about the liberating truth. Among the many pieces of evidence proving this is precisely the case, something anyone is able to look into, analyze, and understand, the giraffe could not be the result of a desperate for food animal stretching its neck while trying to reach for the high leaves of the trees over millions of years. Bones do not elongate. There are many other completely irrational claims made by evolutionists in schools and in published books, as well as rigged research results even them had to admitted to. 

Don't believe it just because you read in Scientific American: A detailed analysis of a 2009 special on Darwin and the theory of evolution.

During his testimony at the 2005 trial in Dover where intelligent design was banned from being discussed in public schools, a completely unconstitutional decision issued by a real judge in a real American court, one of the witnesses, a college professor known for being a believer in both evolution and the god of religion claimed while on the stand and under oath that he had "slam-dunk" evolution evidence. As it turns out, while the media and the scientific community remained silent or misrepresented his testimony, this slam-dunk evolution evidence is indisputable proof of an artificial intervention in the human genome performed by a genetic engineer hundreds of thousands of years ago. Evidence to be presented in the book confirms that to be scientific fact.   

Most everything of significance we take for granted and makes us exist, in the end, according to a false perception of reality is dismantled throughout the three volumes of the book. At the same time the reader will be shown into what lies behind this fabricated illusion and manipulated perception. 

A Time of Change is not a book of opinions and conspiracy theories. It is a complete puzzle made of many pieces that are rational logical new interpretations of well-known and less known facts. The resulting image is there for all to see while the reader has the naturally ordained privilege of drawing his or her own conclusions.

(In tone with how this project would develop over the span of the last fifteen years as if it had a life of its own, I have recently and out of pure curiosity read Walter Isaacson's biography of Benjamin Franklin, An American Life, and Thomas Malthus' An Essay On The Principle of Population. As it turned out, this too was no accident, no leisure reading. The encounter with these two valuable works resulted in several necessary additions to the original manuscript. The first amendment was finalized on April 29, 2021, with the second one being completed today, May 10, 2021. The links provided on this site connect the reader to the latest version of the manuscript.)

A TIME OF CHANGE - Volume 1 of 3

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