Sunday, April 16, 2017


Much of what I have experienced in life from a relative early age was associated with a keen interest in knowing and understanding the makings of the universe and our place within it. The things I would uncover along the way, my report with the world while observing its natural and social traits have cumulated along the time into the cognitive and the motivational basis for this project. 

Part of why I took on such a controversial project was the realization that the world we lived in was marred by irrational, absurd, deceit, by obsession with material gains and acts of violence against fellow humans and Mother Nature, that made existence a living nightmare. I knew it did not have to be that way, so from what it seems like forever I was on a journey to find out the answer to the daunting question of not just its origin was but also of why was the world we are living in the way it is.  

There were, as I would later realize, many karmic intricacies associated with taking this course of action. Among others, its completion required the abandonment of my original professional ambitions, something that would happen more than once before work on the project started. Then there were the personal life pursuits. As it turned out, most of what I would accomplish in that regard was a way of putting myself, without realizing it at the time, within circumstances that would allow me later to dedicate most of my time to the project. In other words, I never had much of a personal life, especially once my college years were over.  

Something deriving from the fundamental spiritual aspect of being human, the notion of karma implies the continuity of the pursuit of our soul's goal over the course of many lives. There is also the fact that some of the souls come here on a mission that has little to do with personal karma. Looking back at my entire life beginning with early childhood, at one point I developed a clear sense of what my mission in this life cycle was. At that moment that everything I had experienced, I was experiencing or I was going to experience was meant to facility the fulfillment of this mission.  

The main objective of the project, something that would only clearly emerge a couple of years after work on it started, is to raise awareness of the fact that the most significant parts of what Earth people are told in schools, in the media, and in houses of worship is meant to manipulate their perception of reality into developing an erroneous understanding of their origin, potential, and purpose. 

Considering that A Time of Change is about a different take on the most controversial topics of conversation on the planet, one that will have deep social implications, 
the reader would be rightfully inclined to ask about my credentials, about how many other books I wrote and how many peer reviewed papers I published. As you are going to see, though, the book tackles the lack of credibility of the academia when it comes to such topics as religion, evolution, the ancient and even more recent history of our civilization, consciousness, philosophy, spirituality, biology, genetics, geology, astronomy, astrology, extraterrestrial life, the nature and the origin of life and the universe, and these are only a few of them. As revealed in the book with the help of an abundance of evidence, not every book or paper peer reviewed is factual or rational, and not everything stated by a scientist is genuine science. In fact, manipulating the public's perception of reality is what on-call experts have been doing for decades, something to be exposed in detail in the book. As a result, academic credentials would have made me a mental prisoner of those erroneous claims. To be able to expose them for what they are, one has to be free of the bias and the prejudice that would have resulted from being indoctrinated with the prevailing theory or dogma. In fact, in the age of the Internet, one willing individual who knows what to look for can access more information pertaining to any area of human interest than any tuition paying student has been exposed to in school while getting his or her degree in one particular field of knowledge. Real expertise, however, is not just about how much one knows, but about how one understands what we all know. This is where the book is parting ways with the designated expert.

There are truly knowledgeable, intelligent, honest men and women of science out there in all sorts of fields of human interest, and then there are the on-call TV experts whose mission is to shape and control the narrative in accordance to their handlers agenda. Their mission is to make the way public understands certain things a certain way and this way how the public acts and reacts to them. Last but not the least a degree in a certain domain is not a guarantee that the person who has earned it takes guidance from reason. Science is always right. Scientists, not so much.

Without a doubt, this is a time of change and the truth will set free everyone who has eyes and ears. By the very nature of being humans we are born truth seekers and we are all scientists. To the ordinary human’s great advantage, today, the knowledge, the data, the information is right there at his or her fingertips, a few key strokes away from his or her analytical mind. In that regard A Time of Change is going to be of significant help with the humankind's great awakening, something taking place right now.

(Edited January 2, 2024)

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