“Know we do not have many of the answers you were told we have, and that many of the answers provided in schools, universities, and houses of worship are deliberate distortions of a reality kept hidden from the Earth-human for thousands of years now. Seek the liberating truth.”

A Time of Change, Volume 2

Civilization Earth has been afflicted with debilitating disharmony for thousands of years now. Earth people have been waging war after war against their fellow man and Mother Nature, the global community is extremely divided, the economic discrepancy and the ensuing class stratification is overwhelming, and yet things do not have to be the way they are in perpetuity. To be able to generate change that benefits the greater good, though, the people of the planet must free themselves from the false perception of reality they have been deliberately trapped in since the beginnings of our civilization. They will have to learn not just how, but also why we ended up where we are today, and that this is no accident.

Significant existential changes are a consequence of a process of catharsis. Catharsis causes old unhealthy structures to collapse, it generates chaos, and exacerbated chaos is what we see these days everywhere around us. The Earth is about to enter a new and benefic astral conjuncture facilitating quantum leap cognitive progress that is going to trigger a grand awakening never before experienced in the history of humankind. This is the beginning of the end of the old state of affairs. This is a time of change.

For thousands of years now Earth people have been tricked into living according to a false perception of reality. In order to protect and preserve the status quo, most everyone in houses of worship, in colleges and universities, politicians on the stump, media organizations and publishing houses have been perpetrating and even augmented that act of deception by making the population of the planet see what in reality are false claims as being an established fact. One of the many bringers of knowledge whose message was hijacked and distorted, has once told the world that, the truth will set us free. A Time of Change is an opportunity for humankind to uncover and publicly acknowledge for the first time in its recent history the liberating truth. A result of that, our personal and the collective world we share will not just look different. It is going to be different.

- A Time of Change, Opening Statement

“You must do something to make the world more beautiful.” – Miss Rumphius


When many years ago I have titled the book A Time of Change, this was not a prediction. It was a statement about the fact that we were due for major changes in the way we existed on this planet.

The revelations made in its pages will make a lot more sense for today’s people than they would have made for humankind at the time work on this project started fifteen years ago. Indeed, everything happens for a good reason and at the right time.

The plan is to release the first of the three volumes of the book sometime in the first half of 2021. With regard to the format, or where and how the book will be released, this is something yet to be decided. Stay posted.

– January 4, 2021

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A Time of Change is private intellectual property intended as a way of encouraging and facilitating civilization advancement. No financial gains are to be made from its release in this format.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

A Great Awakening: Galactic Federation Message to Humanity - What will Happen on 21 December, 2021

A Time of Change was completed a few weeks ago. English is my second language, and there is proofreading and possibly additional editing to be done. This video was released today, December 12, 2020. Major work on the last volume was finished on November 30, 2020. 

The alleged source behind the message is a topic addressed in the third volume of the book. Years before I ran into this channel I have been familiar with the point of initiation. I was also aware of the existence of other channels used by the initiator at a time when the Internet was not yet available. 

The "great awakening" the voice in the video mentions more than once is often mentioned in A Time of Change. I have arrived at this realization fallowing my own path. Truth is universal and the same for all of us. What differs is our unique way of getting there. 

Every single one of us is capable of seeing beyond this illusion within an illusion of reality the mind is currently kept prisoner to. Our mission is to escape the false perception of reality humans on this planet have been trapped into for thousands of years now. As you are going to see in the book, this is the actual meaning of the 'salvation' referred to in deceptive ways in some religions. Escape from the dungeons of a manipulated perception of reality is the true message behind, "you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." This was and still is an anti-religion message.

The message in the video below puts emphasis on a significant input of energy expected to occur around the winter solstice, between December 20, 21 and 22. This year the winter solstice coincides with a very rare astral configuration. Saturn and Jupiter will conjunct in Aquarius, and the last time this happened was in 1405. Look carefully around you, and no one will have to tell you this is, indeed, a time of change.

Everything in the universe is not just energy. Everything in the universe is also information. Be prepared for a significant input of energy and information, with most people of the planet being better equipped this time around to absorb and process it. 

There are still many out there that doubt astral influences, these cosmic information carrying energies are real. Think Moon. Our "natural" satellite is a tiny object in the sky compared to Jupiter, Saturn and other planets and stars. Look at how powerful and in many instances perfectly visible is the influence exerted by the moon on all life phenomena, including on our own bodies and state of mind. 

Everything in the universe is abuzz with energy and information, and as the Earth follows its cyclic movement on a precisely calculated orbit around the Sun, the specific energy and information of a specific astral conjuncture is going to exert specific influences on the planet and its inhabitants. This is what will happen on and around December 21st, and this is what has been going on in our neck of the galaxy for billion of years now.


A Time of Change is an unusual book of knowledge. It will be released in 2021 under to be determined circumstances. To receive automatic updates and new posts enter your email address in the window provided and submit. The blog manager has no access to your email, and aside from new material made public here you will not receive anything else from this site. 

Thursday, December 10, 2020


Of a religious, political, or any other nature, humans taking sides in a debate that turned into a dispute accept as true by default every single claim made by the members of their adopted community. Also by default, they cry "False!" about everything stated by an opposition they were made to see as being the enemy. The mentality is, we are always right and the others are always wrong. To the unattached observer things look though the way they actually are. Each side is sometimes wrong and sometimes right, with neither one being willing to honestly acknowledge true for being true and false for being false when that does not serve its agenda.

In line with this reality not everything stated by a human universally accepted as being an evil person is false, and not everything ever written or claimed by someone whose knowledge and judgement society has come to admire is true and logical. Let us take, for example, the case of British philosopher Bertrand Russell when it comes to his opinion on immortality and soul.

The go to source is What Is the Soul?, a piece he apparently originally wrote in 1928. There is an 1947 and a 1957 version of it, and while he made a number of stylistic and terminology related adjustments, one thing these three versions have in common is him being wrong about mind/soul and physical body being one and the same thing.   

In the 1928 version, right from the beginning Russell admits that, "When I was young we all knew, or thought we knew, that a man consists of a soul and a body." What happened next apparently unbeknownst to him too, an extremely reductionist materialist segment of the scientific community has hijacked the conversation, something supposedly done under the guise of addressing the false claims made in religion about the immortality of the body. 

'The rising of the dead' still preached in many churches implies currently dead human beings will one day rise in spirit and body from their grave, the other implication being the soul and the body are one. In essence, the position taken by materialist scientists and church theologians is very similar. The only difference consists in the stories they tell, respectively, based on what both erroneously describe as being fact. 

The way empiricists have found it fit to address this nonsense was by assuming that either such a thing as soul does not exist, or that since the soul and the body are one, when the body decomposes after our passing, so does the soul. In reality, the immortality of the soul and the false immortality of the body preached by some religious institutions are two different notions materialists decided to treat as one and the same thing. 

As demonstrated in A Time of Change, not only that materialists and theologians are wrong, the fact that both of them directly or indirectly deny the separation of the soul from the body and the immortality of the soul is no accident. As a way of controlling the people of the planet, this coordinated misrepresentation of the nature of being human as part of a scheme meant to hide from them their true origin and potential has generated a false perception of reality. This false perception of reality determines the way we live on this planet, the consequence of it being the state of constant crisis humankind have been experiencing for thousands of years. 

With the advent of the quantum physics, many scientists would conclude now material reality is not really material, or real, and that what we perceive as material is the product of a mind over matter phenomenon. As a result, philosophers relying heavily on good science were of the opinion that, in a sense, the body too was a product of the mind, and that meant the mind was, indeed, something apart from the body. However, as Russell writes in 1928, "The philosopher (...) was not taken seriously, and science remained comfortably materialistic." What same as others at the time and even later on he did not realize was that not everyone within the scientific community was "materialistic," with some theoretical physicists making actually a very strong case for Intelligent Design, on one hand, and, on the other, for the origin of what we perceive as material being in a non-physical phenomenon. Some quantum physicists would also make the case for the existence of the soul and for consciousness, the essential aspect of all life forms being the true creator of what we only perceive as a material world. 

Bertrand Russell navigates at times aimlessly within what seems to be an extremely choppy sea of conflicting ideas, and not once does he mention consciousness. He works, in this instance, with what others had to say on the question of the existence of the soul: "physicists assure us that there is not such thing as matter, and psychologists assure us that there is no such thing as mind." Even though under other circumstances (What I Believe, 1925) he would make the case that mental activity is all about chemicals and electrical impulses, at this moment he admits that "there are, however, various difficulties in the way of reducing mental activity to physical activity." Then within the same paragraph, he makes a stunning admission concerning our physical aspect: "What we can say, on the basis of physics itself [he probably meant to say 'on the basis of science'], is that what we have hitherto called our body is really an elaborate scientific construction not corresponding to any physical reality." 

That happens to be true. This is also a statement in support of the notion of Intelligent Design, and yet Russell was no fan of religion. As we can see, though, he describes the human body as being a work of science and not a product of supernatural miracles.  

Russell somehow concludes that "modern science gives no indication whatsoever of the existence of the soul or mind as an entity." First, it is obvious that same as other materialists, Russell was looking for empirical evidence, for something he could detect with the help of measuring devices. The soul and the spiritual in general, however, is energy vibrating at much higher frequencies when compared to the frequencies of the material, frequencies that are inaccessible to our sensory. As a result, for now one has to look for evidence in a rational logical interpretation of what is observable. 

That kind of interpretation of the existing evidence led scientists with the University of Virginia, for example, to conclude after analyzing almost 4,000 cases over four decades now that reincarnation is real, meaning the soul is real. Then we have the new science of transpersonal psychology establishing that consciousness is, indeed, high frequency energy apart from the body. 

Had Russell lived another decade, he would have become familiar with how computers work. Computers function based on the same principle everything else in the universe operates on, a principle that was out there from the instance the universe was born. Something acknowledged by many along the time, the human body is a perfect mirror of the universe. As a result, similar to the software making the hard drive into an operational computer, when the soul is downloaded to the physical aspect of a human at birth, it turns the new human body into a human being. This is why what we really are is the spirit within the body and not the body itself.

Because he believes that what some call soul or mind is one with the body, Russell is firmly convinced "There can not be reason for supposing that either a piece of mind or a piece of matter is immortal." His reasoning is based though on false assumptions, such as the notion that "the most essential characteristic of mind is memory." He then argues that since basically everything related to memory is associated with the brain, something that, as you are going to see in A Time of Change is totally false, and since "this structure decays at death, there is every reason to suppose that memory also must cease." 

Apparently, unlike Albert Einstein who was an admirer and a student of her writings, Russell was unaware of what a contemporary by the name of Helena Blavatsky, an erudite philosopher some would disparagingly and conveniently describe as being an "occultist" was stating in reference to the Akashic Record. The existence of the Akashic Record or the Akashic Field has been acknowledged for thousands of years, and in recent times books on science and the Akashic Field by eminent philosophers of science were made available to the large public to read and draw its own conclusions. This field contains the memory of everything that ever happened in the universe, including the memory of what every single soul has experienced during its many life cycles in the earth plane. The soul is connected to the record at the subconscious level all the time, as it was proven to us by individuals like Edgar Cayce there are ways of gaining access to it, and, as a result, not only is the spirit energy aspect of the human immortal, it never loses the memory of everything it has experienced during its many lives. 

In the end, like most materialists, Bertrand Russell embraces the position that life is limited to whatever happens between birth and death, and that everything beyond that is completely inconsequential to us: "we shall have to admit that what is going to happen many millions of years hence has no very great emotional interest for us here and now." As many of us know by now, according to illustrious scientists like Einstein and to field theory-based common sense, past, present, and future is one and the same continuum sequence of events. Because of that everything we have experienced in the past and everything expected of us to accomplish in the future is of great consequence for how we live our personal and the collective here in now moments. 

A Time of Change is a three-volume unusual book of knowledge that took 15 years to complete. It will be released in 2021 under to be established circumstances.


Sunday, November 15, 2020


"The academia leadership has put the label science on the theory of evolution despite the fact that no rational institutionalized religion-despising human being could state in good scientific faith molecular biologists have provided a single ounce of credible evidence in support of that. They also put natural selection in science books when in reality natural selection is a fictional character in a story that similar to the miracles of the six-day creation in the Bible is the account of something that does not happen in nature.

To unify masses of people that were beginning to awaken into the hidden for centuries liberating truth into one confused entity that would be as easy to manipulate as those divided by the way of more often than not antagonistic religious beliefs, someone else came up with the similarly irrational idea that it was okay to believe god created man by the way of gradual evolution. The intent was to make the public believe in their equally fact and rational logic defying miracle-depending ways both religion and gradual evolution have diligently addressed the question of the origin and the purpose of life. Then the people were made to believe these two otherwise truth-falsifying explanations were the best and most importantly the only choices they had.

That induced state of mind resulted in more disharmony and allowed for the perpetuation of a system that operates on social and economic inequality, forces people to compete against each other and generates constant global chaos. This is where we are today as a civilization."

A Time of Change, Volume 3
A work in progress; to be released in 2021 under yet to be established circumstances.

Friday, August 21, 2020

THE INFAMOUS "PROJECT STEVE" (An Excerpt from A Time of Change)

People are made to believe two false explanations for the origin of man and the purpose of life, biblical creationism and Darwinian evolutionism are the only choices they have. This is no accident. Taking sides keeps the population of the planet divided, as everyone is fiercely protecting his chosen "truth" convinced the others are in the wrong. Little do they know they both are.

A couple of years into this project I was conversing with someone in the self-publishing business. Before we could talk contract, I had to give them the first thirty pages of the manuscript so they could showcase their editing skills. Much to my surprise, the would be editor sent a note letting me know that while he subscribed to my position on religion, I had to change everything I wrote about evolution. Evolution was fact, he said, my book was making the case for the theory of evolution being a fallacy, and even though I was the one paying for the service they were not going to publish that. 

My response was, I am not the only one seeing the things the way I do. Based on an abundance of evidence presented in the book this is how things actually are, and the reason why I was writing this book was precisely to tell what was provably the real story. There are bona fide scientists out there that have reached the same conclusion I did, and I mentioned the Scientific Dissent on Darwinism signed by thousands of men and women of science. His reaction was, there are a lot more scientists supporting evolution than scientists that are against it, and he referenced something I had never heard about before called Project Steve. Needless to say, there was no deal and no contract. Who would want to pay for a book with his name on it conveying to the public a message that was demonstrably false. 

Everything happens for a good reason. When I looked into what Project Steve was and what it did, I found out about the shocking amount of deceit associated with the propagandistic support for evolution expressed by what in reality is a difficult to gage size-wise segment of the scientific community. Based on that I began to see the creation v. evolution orchestrated debate in a different light, and would I dedicate an entire subchapter to Project Steve. The following is a small excerpt from this subchapter. 

"Project Steve was named after Stephen Jay Gould (1941-2002), a prominent and at the same time controversial American evolutionary biologists. A frequent major flip-flapper, Gould was an on again, off again supporter of evolution, reason why most of the time unofficially and on occasion quite openly the rest of the evolutionary lot was quite angry with him. Among others, Gould is on record stating that falsely claiming total unity among scientists in their support for evolution did not benefit progress in science. 

In a May 1981 Discover Magazine issue, Stephen Gould was warning fellow evolutionists that it was not good for science, or for the scientific community to pretend such monolithic support existed when, in reality, the claim that biological and genetic transmutations by the way of natural selection had once occurred in nature during an alleged process of adaptation was an idea arduously debated over. “For if we ever begin to suppress our search to understand nature,” he wrote, “to quench our own intellectual excitement in a misguided effort to present a united front where it does not and should not exist, then we are truly lost.” (“Evolution as Fact and Theory, By Stephen Gould) 

In other words, the one chosen by NCSE to be the patron of a Project Steve intended, among others, as a way of demonstrating all scientists agreed evolution was fact was not so sure there was any conclusive evidence evolution was fact. As a result, what the NCSE did when it chose Stephen Jay Gould to be its patron was basically what the bishops of the Christian church did in the case of Jesus. To keep the masses in the dark about the fact that he was teaching against religion, they made him into a god that was to be worshiped at a church its founders were falsely claiming was established on Jesus's teachings, teachings they had actually abandoned from the moment they set up shop in the Roman Empire.

So, what is this Project Steve anyway? Project Steve is a ruse created by diehard evolutionists to help them hide from the public the fact that the actual evidence is stacked against evolution, the actual reason why to this day they continue to refuse to accept the challenge issued in the text of the Scientific Dissent on Darwinism. In other words, their response to that invitation to having an honest debate 
on evolution in a public forum was a propaganda device meant to cover up for their inability to address the many problems with Darwin's theory. 

Concocted by a group of scientists of dubious ethics and analytic abilities acting as if they were the supreme authority in the matter, Project Steve represents indisputable evidence evolutionists do not want to be put in a situation where they have to respond publicly to the pertinent criticism of Darwin’s theory issued by other scientists. To draw attention away from that, they decided that unlike in the case of the Dissent issued by Discovery Institute, only scientists named Steve or whose name was similar to Steve were allowed to sign under their proclamation. 

NCSE wanted to prove that even when handicapped pro-evolution activists would have no problem getting a lot more signatures in support of evolution than the promoters of the Dissent did. It is worth repeating it, though, in matters of science it is completely irrelevant how many supporters or critics a theory has. The only thing that matters is that the argument is proven true by real facts and a rational logical interpretation of them. By playing the numbers game, they were hoping the public would not pay attention to the content of their argument, or to the fact that the Project Steve statement was a collection of false claims and of statements afflicted with a serious case of defective logic.

This was the NCSE’s Project Steve response to the Scientific Dissent on Darwinism:

Evolution is a vital, well-supported, unifying principle of the biological sciences, and the scientific evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of the idea that all living things share a common ancestry. Although there are legitimate debates about the patterns and processes of evolution, there is no serious scientific doubt that evolution occurred or that natural selection is a major mechanism in its occurrence. It is scientifically inappropriate and pedagogically irresponsible for creationist pseudoscience, including but not limited to “intelligent design,” to be introduced into the science curricula of our nation’s public schools. (Project Steve, ncse.com)

The first question one would need to ask NCSE is why call evolution fact when according to your Project Steve “there are legitimate debates about the patterns and processes of evolution.” In other words, on what basis do they claim “there is no serious scientific doubt that evolution occurred” when they admit scientists cannot even agree on how evolution works? For if you don’t know what “patterns and processes” are associated with evolution, common sense says when you state that “evolution occurred,” this is an assumption, not a scientific fact. 

Secondly, if “the biological sciences, and the scientific evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of the idea that all living things share a common ancestry,” where is the common ancestor? Why one hundred and sixty years after Darwin published a book deceptively titled On the Origin of Species no one has figured out yet the identity of that alleged common ancestor? Contrary to what NCSE’s Project Steve claims, otherwise a well-known fact even among evolutionists, overwhelming scientific evidence leads to the conclusion that same as the six-day creation in the Bible, common ancestry is another 
unproven evolutionary assumption based on the assumption that biological gradualism, for which we have zero real evidence, is how we got our millions of species.

And how is natural selection “a major mechanism in its occurrence” when even the most vocal among the supporters of evolution had to admit natural selection is not a real player. Ironically, as you are going to see, no other than Project Steve’s patron, Stephen Jay Gould, made it very clear, before he would contradict himself, again, natural selection is a figment of an evolutionist’s imagination.

Then why is intelligent design “creationist pseudo-science” when one of the leading scientists making the case for design, Michael Behe, is a university professor, a molecular biologist who happens to be a declared rejector of creationism. In Darwin’s Black Box he builds a solid case for intelligent design with the help of an abundance of certified scientific data anyone could look at and analyze, and not once is he making references to something that could even remotely be construed as religion. Intelligent design is not religion because some religious leaders decided to use it, before they recanted on their argument, to make the case for a designer god. After all, for pure political reasons many churches have also decided these days to endorse evolution. Does that make evolution religion? It does not, and yet, since the pro-evolution argument is actually entirely based on belief, for many out there this is precisely what evolutionism is. 

Last but not the least Project Steve statement says that to debate over the validity of the theory of evolution would be “pedagogically irresponsible.” According to NCSE, doubting Lady Evolution to her face in science class is bad manners and a scientific debate over the premises for the conclusions reached by Darwin would be “inappropriate.” Who knew Evolution was so thin-skinned, and that the only ones to be allowed to enter debates should be individuals that have similar opinions on the topic debated over? Of course, claiming criticism of evolution is "pedagogically irresponsible" and "inappropriate" was about evolutionists covering up for the many false claims made in support of evolution and about the academia disallowing dissenting voices to be heard in schools and universities in order to protect the status quo.

Their attitude is similar to religious cults forbidding an internal debate over the religious dogma. There is also a not so subtle threat of excommunication and of experiencing all sorts of dire consequences when found guilty of apostasy."

A Time of Change, Volume 2, Chapter 13

A Time of Change is an ample, under current circumstances underground book of knowledge. At this time the author intends to make it available here and possibly on other Internet platforms free of charge. The first of the tree volumes of the book should be released sometime this year. That will be followed by the individual release of the other two volumes over a span of twelve months. To know when the first volume comes out, enter your email address in the window provided on the home page. An announcement will be made at the time of its release.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

GOD NAKED IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN (An Excerpt from A Time of Change)

Many a time absurd triggers outrage. One way to express outrage is satire and sarcasm. It keeps us floating above the irrational of the world.  

"When we pay close attention to the actual meaning of certain passages in the Adam and Eve story of the Bible, it becomes obvious that by committing the so-called original sin when he fed on the fruits of the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil, man experienced significant consciousness awareness growth. Among others, Adam and Eve became aware they were naked. As a result, they would live now with a sense of shame, says the Bible, and god expelled them from his private garden. Before that happened, though, god did something very human: He handsaw garments for them to cover their nakedness. That little detail, however, creates the mother of all theological dilemmas.

The Bible says god created man in his image and, sure enough, the god of the Bible does act and speak like human beings do. Theologians also claim god is aware of everything, and the question arising fluently from that is South Park funny: Since man and god were mirror images of each other, was the Genesis god aware of his nakedness? The Bible says nothing about that, but the logical answer could only be, yes, he was. As in, yes, he was naked and aware of that too. No doubts about it, a god who looked like the man he created and behaved like flesh and blood males do must have been as naked as Adam and Eve and as anatomically correct as male humans are. However, while the implication is god was well aware of the fact that he was naked, the Bible does not say he was ashamed of that, as was the case with Adam and Eve. In other words, it appears the naturist movement, or nudism, might have gotten a much earlier start than previously thought. It is either that, or, the story in the Bible is not true.

Picture if you could a naked human-like male god chitchatting with a naked Adam and a naked Eve under the trees of the Garden of Eden. As the Christian Right would describe that, the decadence and the moral corruption of the world. Michelangelo came very close to depicting this biblical reality on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. So close that, after his death, the church hired artist Daniele da Volterra to cover up some of the genitals, and while during the restoration work done in the 1980s additions by other artists were removed, the Volterra breeches, how his fig leaves and loincloths are known to the art aficionado, were left untouched. It appears the church did not like the fact that, pun intended, Michelangelo went by the book.

Then there is an additional doctrinal problem caused by this case of bad writing in Genesis: Is being aware a godly quality, or a curse? In other words, is being aware a bad consequence of the original sin, as the Bible and the church dogma imply when it comes to Adam and Eve experiencing shame as a result of becoming aware of their nakedness, or is this something that makes us like gods, as one of the Genesis gods states: “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil.” (Genesis 3:22) The church cannot have it both ways, and yet it certainly went for that for almost two thousand years now." 

A Time of Change, Volume 1, Chapter 11

A Time of Change is an ample, under current circumstances underground book of knowledge. At this time the author intends to make it available here and possibly on other Internet platforms free of charge. The first of the tree volumes of the book should be released sometime this year. That will be followed by the individual release of the other two volumes over a span of twelve months. To know when the first volume comes out, enter your email address in the window provided on the home page. An announcement will be made at the time of its release.

Sunday, July 12, 2020


Part of a series of messages sent by friends in "high places" channeled in the late 1980's, we were told that, at the time, America was the most controlled society in the world, and that the visual media, television in general was extremely toxic for the people. Four decades later, the entire Earth collective is pretty much in the same situation, and you could see it coming. 

Common sense says the planet must be under someone's supervision, or else we would live in a state of constant chaos. Somebody has to manage globally both resources and human activity, or else we would be eternally at war with each other over territory and other material possessions while recklessly squandering those otherwise finite resources of ours. Since obviously somebody does have some level of control, and they are getting better and better at that, are we to assume things could have been a lot worse than they are? 

Who are those holding to, losing, or aspiring to have a tight grip on the controls? There is more than one group claiming to be on a mission to set us on the "right" course. Most likely, there is also more than one vision regarding what that course should be? No doubts about it, the people are guided and the Earth is protected by friends in high places. Other than that, we are responsible for most everything else, for the wars, the division, the famine, the ignorance and for our disregard for Mother Nature. 

On the other hand, slavery was not our existential choice. As attested in the Bible, the Torah, the Quran and in Mahabharata, slavery is as old as civilization Earth is. Religion, political forms of government and money, these too are instruments of control and manipulation inserted into our experiment by individuals from outside our civilization. At one time they took control of this project, by force, and self-appointed themselves Custodial authorities, kings and queens supposedly descending directly from god. They would deliberately slow down civilization advancement by, among others, using the population of the planet as slave labor and its resources for personal gain. Their time is up, hence the turmoil over the planet.  

A change of system means a change of status quo. This should reflect the progress we made with our collective understanding of the purpose of our being here. In order to prevent mass cognitive progress and awakening, which would make it impossible for them to control the population of the planet, certain entities insist on preserving an outdated status quo that does not correspond to the level of awakening experienced today by a significant segment of the population of the planet. To that end they create confusion, division, they frame the narrative on the opposite side of a rational logical interpretation of facts and mislead the population of the planet into living according to a false perception of reality.

Without realizing it, Earth people are constantly divided into all sorts of antagonistic groups. Democrat against Republican, creationist against evolutionist, Christian against Muslim, Christian against Jew, Jew against Muslim, black against white, this is meant to prevent the people of the world from acting united for the benefit of the greater good. If they did, they could no longer be controlled and manipulated the way they have been for thousands of years now. This, however, is about to change. 

Considering the history of our civilization, a rational managerial system would be a merit-based one, with the best, as in the most knowledgeable and rational among the people of the planet appointing the best among them to organize and supervise civilization advancement. The people are currently controlled and manipulated with the help of political forms of government, democracy included. Artificially split into millions of "us" and "them," they are made to believe they have a saying when it comes to the administrating of their country and of the planet, and that they, not the others, are on the right side of history. In reality, their decision making process is corrupted by the way of a massive infusion of false information coming from all directions, be it government, party leaders, the media, houses of worship, schools, colleges, or universities. 

The status quo established through the political system is in large part maintained with the help of the institution of religion. This is why the political has always worked hand in hand with houses of worship selling irrational belief and false hopes for a profit. It so happens the false hope and irrational belief generously administrated to trusting people in houses of worship is not much different from what most politicians have to offer on the campaign trail

As history records show, from ancient times religion was recognized by the sage as being a precious tool in the hands of rulers seeking to control, subdue, and manipulate the masses to their advantage. According to Seneca the Younger (4 BCE-65 CE), "Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful." Even earlier than that, in the opinion of Roman poet and philosopher Lucretius (94 BCE-65 CE), "All religions are equally sublime to the ignorant, useful to the politician, and ridiculous to the philosopher." This is why the political, media organizations, and the education system have been covering up for or turned a blind eye to the reality behind the existence of the institution of religion and its practices for as long as we had political forms of government, media outlets, and an education system on this planet. 

The education system is a significant element of the mechanism that facilitates mental and behavioral control of the population. This is why it is no accident that it fails to protect every new generation against indoctrination with irrational religious belief. More than that, schools, colleges, and universities indoctrinate their students, the future of our civilization, with a reductionist materialist-empiricist explanation of the nature of life and the purpose of humans experiencing the earth plane. 

An act of deliberate deception, the academia promotes the evolution fallacy as fact and describes it as being the rational alternative to religious irrational offered by science. However, it is completely void of an otherwise essential acknowledgement of the spiritual, the defining aspect of life and everything else we perceive as reality. Therefore, without even referencing the many facts revealed in biology, genetics, or theoretical physics that prove bio-gradualism impossible in nature, same as in the case of creation according to religion, from that point of view alone the official explanation for the origin of humans on this planet is not just erroneous but provably a deliberate falsification of reality. 

Combined with the effects of the genetic downgrading of the Earth-human performed thousands of years ago, the current system is meant to make sure there is no escaping from the manufactured illusion within the illusion of material reality the people have been tricked into embracing as real reality. This was the main reason why friends in high place have also told us,

“The Ultimate Tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.”                    - Bringers of the Dawn

One of their messengers has once told the people of the world "the truth will make you free." Time for the people to awaken to a correct understanding of the true meaning of those words, and A Time of Change is going to be of help with that.  

So, can we tell who is not just managing but also orchestrating current events, and to what end? One could only hope knowledgeable rationalists will soon have full control of the global society. After all, we are supposed to live as one on this planet. Meanwhile, antagonistic forces vie for the position of decider-in-chief, and under these circumstances even truth-telling can be a threat to those collective reasonable goals, especially when it ends up liberating minds beyond the limit allowed by manipulators on both sides. 

Progress must occur gradually, and it should be the result of a collective intellectual effort, not of the enlightenment of only a few. Society could not cope with an abrupt change of direction, and the consequences of a sudden collapse of the status quo could be dire for our civilization. That said we are now entering a unique astral conjuncture exerting strong positive influences on the planet and its population. As a result, ready or not, we are about to be put to the test by a conjuncture favoring the experiencing of paradigm change. We are individually and collectively in a state where any of us could take a leap forward, something never before seen in the history of our civilization. It may not look like that, but the commotion we observe today all over the planet is part of the process. 

While counterintuitive in appearance and because of that confusing, what the world is experiencing these days is the complex result of a combination of interacting forces generating multiple, many a time conflicting sequences of cause and effect events meant to open the global community to embracing significant change. We are currently living the most intense mass manipulation effort, the most audacious attempt at "control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness" in the history of humankind, and this is not the doing of only one Master. 

Will this organized existential nightmare end up as being a contribution to the greater good? Chaos, confusion and outrage is what they want to create, and chaos and uncertainty is what we have. This is the background on which changes planned a long time ago will be implemented. They are supposed to harmonize with a rational logical progression established by the way of natural law while the old status quo, the normal, will never be normal again.

Indeed, there is a good chance the people of the planet will soon awaken into a far more accurate understanding of their origin and destiny. Because of that there is also a good chance the world will not just appear different to them. It will actually be different, and humankind should look forward to that.

A Time of Change is an ample, under current circumstances underground book of knowledge. At this time the author intends to make it available here and possibly on other Internet platforms free of charge. Unless unforeseen events occur, the first of the tree volumes of the book will be released sometime this year. That will be followed by the individual release of the other two volumes over a span of twelve months. To know when the first volume comes out, enter your email address in the window provided on the home page. An announcement will be made at the time of its release.

Saturday, June 6, 2020


This topic has been part of the manuscript for at least 10 years now. The discussion has evolved in form and content, and this is only a sample of a much ampler analysis of slavery in America and all over the world. I am posting it here because it is a subject that it is forced-surfaced in the public's consciousness every election year and rarely in between election cycles. The truth is often difficult to accept not just because it forces us to change our perception of reality, but because it forces us to change the way we exist. 

s history records show, same as in the case of the Native Americans, many black slaves fought the United States of America on the side of the British during the Revolutionary War and during the 1812 war. However, 250,000 black men would later enroll with the abolitionist Union army that fought the South during the Civil War of 1861-1865. About 200,000 of them served, with some 40,000 black solders being killed in action or dying of battle-related causes. (Black Solders in the U.S. Military During the Civil War, archives.gov)

In the trying days when the United States of America was about to be established, a historic event that would have significant consequences for the entire world, as the progressive leaders of some of the colonies were pushing for independence, they were having a difficult time convincing the other colonies to join the Revolution. To avoid dissent from the cause, an explicit language about the need to abolish slavery was excised from the original text of the Declaration of Independence. Even so, in its final version the signatories were promising that a comprehensive set of unalienable rights was to be fully enjoyed in the future by every citizen of the Union, and from a legal point of view that promise was certainly kept.

To appease some of the southern colonies that would have not participated in the war effort had he not done that, George Washington issued a proclamation forbidding blacks to join the Continental Army. Those in the South were afraid that once they put guns into a black slave’s hands, he would turn against them and, as seen, their fears were confirmed when black slaves decided against their best interest to join the British forces against the Continental Army and when they joined the British again during the war of 1812.

It was though the white man who in 1787 adopted an American Constitution that guaranteed freedom to all human beings, disrespectful of their gender or race. At that moment the founding fathers were establishing the legal foundation the abolitionists were looking for in order to be able to begin the dismantling of the institution of slavery. Because of the economic and social negative effects emancipation was anticipated to have on society this was not easy to accomplish, and it could not have been done overnight. It only happened when at the end of a Civil War that made almost 700,000 victims, a still all-white Congress at the time was finally able to pass the 13th Amendment. It became law on December 18, 1865, and it put an end to slavery in America.

Hundreds of thousands of white people gave their life during the Civil War for the cause of the Union and abolition, and many white people died during the Civil Rights era fighting for the rights of their fellow black man. No doubts about it, the black folk and the white folk have much more in common, good and bad, than some priests, historians, media organizations, and politicians would have them believe they do.

Today’s politicians and social activists in pursuit of votes and political influence condemn slavery and white slave owners as if this was an American phenomenon and not a global one. As seen, though, free blacks owned slaves and only a small percentage of the whites were slave owners. Politicians, preachers and media organizations decry racism every presidential election year, never before or after that, and they somehow find it relevant to fight slavery two hundred years after the fact. They know actually everything is perception, and that manipulated perception allows them to push the masses into acting according to their interests. 

Considering that how others want us to perceive reality is not always what reality is, it is time and there is good reason for the people of America and of the world to change perception on their own. We must learn the true lesson of what our common history has taught all of us so far. We must honor the memory of all of the slaves, black, white, yellow, or brown, by acknowledging the significant contribution they have made to the advancement of civilization Earth. Last but certainly not the least we must address the many problems with an existential system that continues to make billions of people on this planet into slaves without them even realizing it.

- A Time of Change, Volume 1, Chapter 2; the manuscript is still a work in progress.

A Time of Change is an ample, under current circumstances underground book of knowledge. At this time the author intends to make it available here and possibly on other Internet platforms free of charge. Unless unforeseen events occur, the first of the tree volumes of the book will be released sometime this year. That will be followed by the individual release of the other two volumes over a span of twelve months. To know when the first volume comes out, enter your email address in the window provided on the home page. An announcement will be made at the time of its release.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020


I have stated months ago that change will come from what is going on right now, that this was definitely not about a health crisis, and that there will be no going back to "normal." I am sharing this video not because I am endorsing everything stated there. I am sharing it for some of the facts acknowledged in it, and not for the way they are interpreted. This video, where someone warns humankind about someone else seeking to take control over our civilization is made actually by those who, as you are going to see in A Time of Change are currently controlling the world. These entities are realizing they are losing their grip on humankind, reason why they are desperately advocating against globalization, which is another way of taking control over the planet and its people. Is this done in the name of the greater good? One could only hope.   

No doubt about it, we do need to change the way we exist on this planet, and it is no coincidence the book I have been working on for almost 15 years now is called A Time of Change. It is a shame we are doing this, again, by the way of a lie, but in the condition we are and we have been for thousands of years as a civilization, with antagonistic groups vying for taking charge of the controls in order to be the ones establishing the direction humankind is to follow, an open admission of this move toward change would lead to war, including civil war and this way to totally out of control chaos. Look around you, look at your TV screens, and you will find out we are just about there. There is a global contest among these antagonistic factions over who has more power to manipulate the public's perception of reality and, once again, one can only hope the good guys are going to win in the end. Of course, the question is, are there any good guys left?

Sunday, May 17, 2020


"No doubt about it, slavery, an institution condoned all over the Bible was the foundation for the capitalist system. The current engine of the system is capital issued by financial institutions in the form of worthless banknotes assigned a fictitious value. Even if the notes were backed by gold, and that is something no one could be sure of, they would still be nothing but a piece of special paper since you do not have access to the gold the value of the money supposedly derives from. True fact, according to ourworldindata.org the population of the planet has almost doubled since 1975. That means the monetary system had to come up with at least double additional print money, more so when the average national salary has considerably increased since. To that one has to also consider the effects of the inflation, with $100 in 1975 having the same purchase power as $466.97 in 2018. Does anyone truly believe the amount of gold held in federal treasury vaults has tripled since 1975?

Financial institutions have a tremendous influence over if not total control of the economy of the world and this way over the life of billions of working humans. Among others, the system will always generate significant profit for those who own significant capital, as well as a class of poor and financially insecure people, the work force that generates the profit enjoyed by those who control the capital. Earth-humans are trapped within this system. Once again, this is no accident and they are beginning to become aware of that. This happens to be bad news for the status quo, and it may end up throwing our civilization into chaos. This is why beginning with 2020 things would start to unravel, and why at the same time a path to a new way of existing was being more or less surreptitiously laid out as the people were globally paralyzed with fear.