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A TIME OF CHANGE - (Edited: December 8, 2022)


“The Ultimate Tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.”
                                       - Bringers of the Dawn, Outside the Ultimate Tyranny

The quote above is an accurate summary of what A Time of Change is about, a description only someone who read the book could have come up with. However, Bringers of the Down was published years before work on this project started. On the other hand, I would become familiar with the Marciniak transfer of information when the incipient form of the book was by now almost completed. We are all connected to the creative force behind the existence of the universe, and to the entities of light that populate its many dimensions. When aware of that, we access significant sources of information and we experience perception of reality clarifying revelations. For, it is not just the content of the message that makes the above quote relevant and representative for the book, but also its source. 
There is liberating truth on the other side of the restrictive walls of deception humankind has been purposely confined within for a long time now. These walls were raised by those who at one time took control over the experiment started on the planet by the bringers of light, who would then become the bringers of the dawn. This may sound like a sci-fi scenario until one looks at the evidence, and then he realizes it is not.

"The universe operates at the frequency of truth and honesty. We live according to a false perception of reality. This is no accident. It is a consequence of the acts of deception perpetrated on the population of the planet by those who at one time took control by force of an experiment the bringers of light had started thousands of years earlier."
                           - A Time of Change, Volume 1, Chapter 1


No one likes to be told he or she was deceived into living life a certain way. No one enjoys being revealed that he or she has been blindly trusting the deceiver all this time and that he or she was acting against his or her best interests, unaware of life's true purpose. A bruised ego is though a lot less important than a failed global community, and an awaken spirit lives life at its full potential. The constant state of crisis, the wars, the social and economic inequity our civilization has been experiencing for thousands of years is the result of humankind living a lie. Things will get a lot better, for this is a time of change.

Structured in the form of an ample game of puzzle, the book consists of three volumes, with a total of over 1,700 pages, 200 pictures and drawings, all of that providing enlightening information that gives the reader the choice of reaching his or her own conclusions regarding the matters discussed. In the end, the book is going to completely reshape the way the people of the planet understand their place within the universe. For the first time in a very long time they will be able to see things for what they are and not for what they were made to believe they are. 

"Civilization Earth has been afflicted with disharmony for as long as recorded history could tell. Wars after wars against fellow man and Mother Nature, a global community deeply divided, demeaning economic discrepancies, and an equally degrading artificial class stratification, all these things did not just happen. They were caused by an existential system that comes in conflict with the natural order that governs the entire universe."
                            - A Time of Change - Opening Statement

As unique individuals we belong to a global community. The time has come for us to operate, individually and globally, at the frequency of truth and honesty, the frequency range of the universe. This is the only thing that will cure civilization Earth of division, spiritual poverty, and war. A Time of Change is intended to make a contribution to that adjustment in frequency, for, as we were recently told, 

"The next fifty years is set for Earth in terms of how the frequency will rise. (...) systems will change: some will crumble, and some will re-form."
"... this next ten to twenty years are what we would call a "society reckoning" on Earth, meaning, society as you know it has come to the end of the game that it has been playing."

These two quotes are from Conversations With The Z's, Book One - The Energetics of the New Human Soul. Its content, a transparent short read (135 pages), was channeled in 2022 by Lee Harris, with Dianna Edwards being the initiator of the input on our side of the transfer of information. The book was recommended by Wendy Kennedy (, another well respected channeler, and it was published in September of 2022. The dating is significant for a very good reason. 

Work on this book project took place basically uninterruptedly for the past seventeen years, and there is still editing to be done by the author when it comes to Volume 2 and Volume 3. As mentioned in A Books Journey (See link below), this was intended to be about what to me was the indisputable fact that neither religion, nor evolution offered a plausible explanation for the origin and nature of life. As work on the book was advancing, I also realized neither religion, nor evolution, scientific materialism in general were the result of an honest error in judgement by well-intended entities genuinely seeking to know and then share with the rest of the population of the planet the truth about that. There was intent, alright, but that had to do with inviting the people of the planet to choose between two false explanations of reality while making everyone believe there was no alternative to that.

Then I came to the realization of two other facts. The true history of our civilization is something completely different from the story told in houses of worship and the one told in schools and universities. Last but not the least it became obvious that I was going to have a difficult time finding a willing publisher, more so when I was an outsider with no credentials. However, only someone placing himself mentally outside the system, a passive observer not indoctrinated with the prevailing theory could have looked at and analyzed reality without bias or being influenced by preconceived opinions. 

A Time of Change was first thought completed in 2013, when it was briefly released as an e-book. Then it was offered free of charge on this blog via a social media that was getting more controlled by the minute. At that point individuals representing entities "whose game is coming to an end" would come out in force to attack and denigrate both book and author. This, however, was to be expected.  

There have been innumerable stages of significant manuscript improvement and growth since 2013, with the release of every new version taking place on this blog. It was always free of charge, with the blog and my social media accounts, which I rarely use, not being monetized. There have been at least twenty "final versions" of the book, with the final-final version of  Volume 1, no one has seen it as of today, being finished on November 23, 2022. Considering there was no doubt we were entering a time when the "systems will change: some will crumble, and some will re-form," it was not by haphazard that prior to 2013, the title of the book became A Time of Change

Neither Conversations With the Z's, nor, as you are going to see, Bringers of the Dawn or the Contact Notes have determined the message of the book. Their appearance on my desk late during the process of writing the book represented though a firm confirmation of the fact that A Time of Change was integrated within the move toward that change of frequency taking place on the planet, a change that was to be reflected in the way we existed. 

On that note, I would like to take a moment and thank my guides and protectors, whoever they may be for I never met them in person. Starting with early childhood all the way to present days, with this still being an on-going mission, they have constantly marked a clear path for me to follow. They also prepared me for this project by, among others, enabling all kinds of connections under unique circumstances, all that allowing me to see amazing aspects of reality. Most of that is shared with the reader in the book, with the rest of what I have received being of a more personal nature. 

Access to the manuscript of A Time of Change, Volume 1, it has not been professionally edited yet, the next phase of the project, is free and will be granted by request to those who may want to become involved in the project. To that end, use the following email address 


You will receive a read-only Word document, a that type of file that allows access to bonuses not available in a PDF or print format.

The author is not associated with any political organization, religious cult, secret society, social, spiritualist, or new age movement, nor does he intend to create in the future something of that nature. What the people choose to do with the information they are exposed to is entirely up to them. That said, there is a very good chance many of them will feel liberated, and that the world they live in will never be the same. 

Time for the Earth people to free themselves from the cage of a thousands of years old false perception of reality so they could become aware of their cosmic destiny.

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WE LIVE THE WAY WE UNDERSTAND REALITY. - An Excerpt From A Time of Change, Volume 2.

"Church stands for gathering, and the original churches were not houses of worship. They were houses of learning where men and women would get together to share and discuss knowledge while searching for a correct understanding of what they knew. Because of that, even though the institution of religion must be eradicated, one should not burn down churches, synagogues, and mosques. They are to be once again used by the community as gathering places where people will return to worshiping knowledge and reason instead of imaginary gods.

Some consider religion, and rightfully so, a branch of the entertainment industry. Among others, both preachers and entertainers put on an act by pretending to be something they are not. They both use light, sound, costumes, makeup, both work with a script, and in many instances they both get paid big money for doing that. No doubts about it, what you see on stage during a church revival is an act, and while according to Matthew 10:8 Jesus tells his disciples “Freely you have received; freely give,” to watch the show put on by Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Franklin Graham, or Creflo Dollar, to name only a few among the most known Bible-toting stage actors, you must buy a ticket. Someone has even written a book called Performing the Word: Preaching as Theater. It glorifies the vaudevillian approach to ministering, an approach that justifies the demand by many among the population of the planet that churches and preachers pay taxes like all the other for-profit institutions and entertainers. (See “20 Richest Pastors in the World In 2019," YouTube, running time 16 minutes 26 seconds.) The reason why our government does not collect taxes from them is that our government needs them to help it control the masses.

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An interesting thing happened the other day on the way to the Forum, they call it social media. Elon Musk was engaged in a bizarre crusade, especially on Twitter, which as the Internet rumor has it, he is not going to buy in the end. Musk wants to increase the population of the planet, by how many of us he does not say, for he is convinced we are in the middle of a population crisis, with our civilization experiencing population collapse. The population of the planet, however, has more than doubled since 1975. So, what's behind his let's have more babies recent drive?

One of his twits says, "Population of Mars is still zero people!", the idea being, one supposes, without people you don't have a life sustaining planet and the civilization that is supposed to come with it. As some of us know, Mars was once inhabited, and then the people made it into in an uninhabitable red rock in the sky. In my reply to Musk's tong and cheek remark I begin with mentioning that, in fact, there are people on Mars, something the public is not told, for now. Perhaps I should have not said that, for they muted my input. How do I know that? I know.

To draw attention to the well-known fact that we actually have a serious overpopulation problem on our planet, which happens to be the opposite of population collapse, and that we have been warned about that many times in the past by friends in high places, in the second part of my comment I invited everyone, Musk included, to search for "Georgia Guidestones," with one of the first things that appears engraved on them being, "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature." The reason why I got involved in this instance was that overpopulation and the Guidestones are discussed in A Time of Change, and for the first time  the public is going to know what has motivated the anonymous builders to erect this unique and highly controversial monument.

What I did not know at the time I replied what I replied to Musk, someone from overseas who knew I was interested in the stones emailed me a link to a CBS report on the incident, was that 48 hours earlier a bomb went off at the Georgia Guidestones causing substantial damage. This was not the first time an act of domestic terrorism was committed there. The monument was rebuilt back then, and there is a good chance it will be rebuilt again. 
That said it is hard not to see that the bombing of a monument where we are invited to reduce the population of the planet and to leave room for nature happened at the time of Elon Musk's campaign to get Earth people to multiply even more and subdue the Earth, as the Bible says we should do without saying when to stop or what would the consequences be if we don't. So why and who is behind this barbaric new attempt at destroying a monument that insists on us reducing the population of the planet to "leave room for nature," the implication being this needs to be on top of our list of things to do if we want to survive as a civilization. Someone has obviously coordinated the bombing with Musk's remarks. 

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"The universe operates at the frequency of truth and honesty, and yet we live according to a false perception of reality. This is by no means an accident. This is a consequence of the coordinated acts of deception and psychological manipulation associated with an experiment started on this planet thousands of years ago. The constant conflict between universal order and the way the Earth people exist is the main reason why for the most of its known history their civilization has been in a state of crisis.
“We are spirit temporarily trapped in the material. The purpose of our being here is to escape the trap by reconnecting with our high origin through enlightenment, and not everyone out there would like to see that taking place.” 
"Know that we do not have many of the answers you were told we have and that many of the answers provided in schools, universities, and in houses of worship are deliberate distortions of a reality kept hidden from the Earth-human for thousands of years now. Know that we have answers you have not been told we have. Seek the liberating truth."
"Depleted of their original meaning, today’s Christian traditions and rituals are meant to hide from trusting Earth people the liberating knowledge Jesus too was once sharing with the world, knowledge he was initiated into during his formative years, a time in his life the Bible says nothing about. For, as text in the same Bible that has survived malicious editing by the scribes reveals, he was teaching against religious belief and was extremely critical of the sacerdotal class."
"The black and the white folk have a lot more in common, good, and bad than some priests, historians, media organizations, and politicians would have them believe they do. We must all learn the true lesson of our common history, and in line with that we must honor the memory of all slaves, black, white, yellow, or brown. The best way to do it is by acknowledging the significant contribution they have made to the advancement of our civilization."
"Every time someone even suggests Americans have a gun problem caused by an induced obsession with guns, and we are not talking hunting guns but high-capacity magazine automatic rifles and handguns, the conservative politician passionately utters the words “Second Amendment! It’s in the Constitution! Our sacred right!” At the same time those only in name on the liberal side of the political spectrum limit their reaction to every single new mass tragedy to expressing support for more gun laws, their own way of doing nothing about the gun problem. (...) If the people of America would only pay attention to what the Second Amendment says."
“...we can categorically affirm that the DNA ensures the preservation of a species in its original pre-determined form. As a result, the key to solving the mystery of the origin of species is figuring out the origin of the DNA and of the information stored in it."
“The only evolution the Earth-humans have ever experienced and ever will is the constant expansion of their awareness about the non-physical essence and origin of the world and its magnificent design. This is what has generated the progress they made as a civilization despite all the adversities placed in their way along the time.”
“the fact that small passages in the Bible are remnants of larger records of valid scientific information is evidence of dishonest text manipulation by those “blasphemers of science,” as Thomas Paine described the priests.”
"The deliberate superimposing of a fictional reality over multiple aspects of real reality is the essence of the mind trick perpetrated on Earth-humans by the Custodial authorities with the help of all kinds of belief systems."
"It is demonstrably impossible for land mammals to have evolved from fishes, and yet this is what they teach in schools and universities. Biological gradualism is in fact such a fantastic, science-defying story that from the day Darwin published On the Origin of Species all the way to present times every single honorable scientist on the planet has tried to avoid being associated with it."
"The interconnected cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, immune, reproductive, and nervous systems are much too sophisticated in the way they are structured and correlate their functions to be the result of a chain of random chance choices made by whimsical specs of matter that at times went two-legged and upright while for unknown reasons other times built themselves into a tree, a flower, a spade of grass, or into something eight-legged and crawling. It’s like claiming a Mars module is the product of a strong wind that blew through a junkyard and caused all kinds of parts and wires no one can explain how they got there to assemble into a spacecraft. Much to the astonishment of a rational human being, this is basically the claim certain evolutionists have been making for one hundred and sixty years."
“there is no cognitive relevance in the fact that billions of religious people and millions of evolution enthusiasts believe what they believe when what they believe is provably false. The wisdom of the lonely truth seeker, on the other hand, has often been of great benefit to humankind.”
"Nine months after an egg that is an invisible to the naked eye one-cell unit is fertilized, it becomes a tiny human body of approximately 200 million cells. Even evolutionists would have to admit this is one amazing intelligently programmed biological development, and it does not take millions of years to complete."
“The theory of evolution and biblical creationism are very similar in the way they explain the origin and the nature of life. They are both a collection of wild assumptions and fantasy miracles with no connection to reality.”
“Not a big fan of the catechism of the church, da Vinci was apparently aware of what the “heretical” Gnostic scriptures and the Gnostic traditions were saying in this matter. They were his source of inspiration for the painting, not the Bible. This is the real hidden message in The Last Supper.”
“The reason why we find nothing on the walls about rulers taking credit for building the pyramids or about how and why they built them is that the Egyptian kings who used these monumental constructions for self-glorification some 4,500 years ago were not the ones who erected them.”
"in the end it is certain the Mona Lisa at the Louvre is not Lisa del Giocondo. Instead, it is very possible this is his vision of Mary Magdalene, a vision conflicting with how the church was portraying her at the time."
"With the help of the fake Donation of Constantine, an edict allegedly issued by the emperor four hundred years earlier, the church established itself as the totalitarian, secularly structured, for-profit political-religious institution run like a business it has been for twelve centuries now. All that took place under the cover of its hierarchy serving at the pleasure of a supernatural God no one could see or speak to while at the same time supposedly addressing the spiritual needs of the masses. Since they knew this imaginary God never intervenes to either punish or reward, the cardinals would run church affairs the way they saw it fit according to their less than moral financial and political interests."
"The universe is order, energy, and information. The fact that information is logically sequenced in coherent sentences causing elementary particles of matter to arrange according to the Golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence could hardly be seen as the random product of a huge explosion, or as the work of a moody, vengeful deity that does not want man to feed on the fruits of the tree of knowledge and calls being poor in spirit a blessing. The laws of the spiritual manifest as laws of the material and they gradually subdue whatever has the appearance of chaos in the universe. Nothing could escape their influence, and nothing does." 
"Know your self. We can only see the true nature and meaning of everything that makes this illusion of reality through the Eye of the spirit, of the real us. This is the self all the Earth people are to know. For as we were once told by our brothers and sisters from the stars, “The spirit is the wonder of all wonders, from which all power originates.” The spirit within is where the magnificent soon to be freed creative powers reside, and as promised, an Earth-human whose mind process has been enslaved to religious belief and the material for millennia will finally set himself free. These still untapped powers are going to allow Civilization Earth to take its rightful place within the cosmic community next to thousands of super-advanced civilizations that have been making this and many other universes their home for millions of years."
"This “triple disposition of the Logos” is the trinity aspect of being human, the interconnected physical, consciousness/mental/psychic, and the spiritual aspect. This trinity reflects the very nature of a universe that happens to be a manifestation of the same Logos."

"when in the company of others, we often agree with an explanation not because we were able to understand the argument but because we do not have the courage to admit we didn't."          

                                                             - A Time of Change

A Time of Change is private intellectual property made available to the public in this format free of charge. Copyright laws prohibit the unauthorized commercial reproduction of the entire set of documents or any part of it. 

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At a time when the distribution of information is under a much stricter control than it has ever been, and the meaning of what the people are allowed to know is often deliberately misrepresented by the designated expert, A Time of Change could be seen by some as an underground book. There is no such thing anymore as an out of sight protective shadowy underground. As a matter of fact, despite of how some may choose to react based on how it affects their perception of reality, this book will forever take the Earth-human out of the shadow civilization Earth was forced to live in for thousands of years. 


When I look back at my entire life so far, I have no doubts the premises for the writing of the book have been set gradually starting with the moment I opened eyes into this world. In fact, based on memories accumulated along the time to be revealed under different circumstances, it looks very much like my life's course was programmed for this destination. 

There has been an indisputable pattern in terms of the people I was surrounded by, the family I was born into, and of the family I created through marriage. Everything left me with no other choice but keep the world at a distance, observe it from my protective inner domain, and this way remain untouched by what was absurd, deception, and irrational about the out-there. One could say I did not have a normal life, and yet, a normal life would have been unsuitable for my mission in life. I did, however, have a very interesting life, to say the least, for which I am grateful to the universe and to my guides.   

We choose our parents and this way our entire circle of family and friends before we are born, a choice that serves the purpose of our coming into this world. Among others, my family forced me to live within myself, which gave me the freedom to focus on everything I was experiencing from a very personal perspective, uninfluenced by them or by anybody else. Unbeknownst to them, they would also put me in situations that turned out to be great lessons I needed to learn in order to get where I needed to be.

I would take advantage of their disinterest in me, after all I was an unwanted child, and of the lack of supervision to be in places, put myself in situations, and this way meet with people that would mold my personality in a way that made me trust my judgement and my intuition. I would also wander freely the forests, the valleys, and the mountains surrounding a small village in the old country where my father ran every summer an acting school. This was when I started to get a very close look at the magnificent beauty and astonishing complexity of nature. Nature taught me to live life without having expectations while the people of that forgotten world helped me uncover the inestimable value of honesty, common sense, and kindness. 

Observing nature enticed me to ask myself from an early age questions about the origin of everything that made that fantastic world. Where did the trees, the flowers, the rivers and the rocks, the butterflies, the birds, and yes, the wonder of all wonders, the human being come from? We take for granted this amazing planet, and yet our destiny is to seek and find the liberating truth. 

The house where my family was living was situated between two churches, and even though my parents were completely non-religious, I would go there on my own when the church was empty. As a little boy I was overwhelmed by the huge paintings of saints and Bible stories on the walls. Other times I would show up in church during Sunday service to find out how things worked in the house of God. As a result, from an early age I became aware of what they were telling people there. I made an instinctive effort to understand what religion was all about, and while the hymn singing, the acoustics, the lit candles, the incense burning, and the priest's gilded outfit made an impression on you, the preaching left me wondering. They were saying that God created the world and man, and that everything that happened to us was his will. This did not exactly answer my very specific questions about the origin of the universe and everything in it. In fact, later in life I would figure out that the saintly figures and the stories painted on church walls were of the imaginary, when not a deliberate distortion of reality.

The theory of evolution did not make a lot of sense either. Apparently, our secular atheist government felt the same way. That would explain why I don't remember Darwin's name being mentioned much in biology class. Do not think though this was because the education system was not on the par with the one in the West. At the time I was in grammar school the regime was investing massively in education, reason why in those days we had great schools and mostly great teachers. It also invested in culture and art, and I happened to grow up in the wings of a theater company, my father was acting there, that at one time was considered the best theater company in the world.   

During the high school years, I turned my attention to the sky. I did not see God or the angels there. From that came though the vivid realization that we were living on a speck of dust within an apparently infinite cosmic world, and the inevitable question was, why are we here, and what was out there? Not only that but what was the purpose of us living and dying on a planet like Earth? Fascinated by the awesome cosmic display of distant lights and by the beauty of the natural wonders our planetary world was appointed with, I could not understand the division and the hatefulness characterizing the planetary community, the oppressive behavior by those who ruled over us, the war and the division that tainted existence. Those questions remained deeply engraved into my memory, and much to my astonishment, one day I would find the answers I was looking for. It happened soon after work on the book started.  


The country was under the rule of one of the most dictatorial Eastern European regimes. By the time I graduated from college, society was in full downfall both economically and morally. What made life there almost impossible was that almost all rational existential rules had been officially abolished while lack of basic sustenance was pushing the population to the brink of uncontrollable desperation. Living on principle and organically unable to comply with the terms and demands of those irrational circumstances, I decided to abandon the career I had dreamed about and I prepared for all my life. It was the right thing to do for me, and my plan about the future was to leave behind the city I grew up in and retreat, at what was still a very young age, a few years out of college, to a small, quiet village in the mountains, into a world where its wonderful people seemed to belong to a distant, very idilic past, to another planet or to a different dimension. 

Considering the state of national existential decline, since nature had always been my best friend and endeared refuge, I loved that idea very much. At the same time something within was telling me this was not where I was supposed to go, that this would have been too comfortable and because of that unproductive for my mission in life. I knew nothing about my mission at that moment, but I was instinctively searching for something out there I would have known it was what I was meant to look for once I found it.

Writing is an endeavor that allows one to express himself without anyone interfering in the process, at least during the initial act of creation. Writing about the life of the people of the mountains and about the natural wonders they were surrounded by would have even diminished the censorship challenge. There were though two other immediate existential challenges I was faced with. First, the situation in the country was getting worse by the day, with the most educated among the people, the ones who read books immigrating by the hundreds of thousands every year. Then there was the fact that, just out of college and with a degree in arts, it was not easy to find the money I needed to build my envisioned home. So, I decided to go where the money supposedly was: To America!   

A calculated move, in a letter to the government's passport department, I let the regime know I intended to return within a few years, which was very unusual to do in those days, both return and made your intention official in a letter to the government. It worked. Thousands of people would be waiting for five or six years to get an exit visa, you needed to have one even if you were traveling outside the country for three days. I received mine in about eighteen months, with the American consulate being extremely accommodating in those days. After all, they were getting, free of charge, a significant addition to their existing work force. It was made mostly of college-educated people, with the government of my country being the one that paid for their college education. 

Turning your back to a terrible situation does not eliminate the cause of the problem. Not only that but the assumption that things are perfect on the other side of the fence turns out to be an illusion once you arrive at your dreamed destination. There are no guarantees you will succeed, no rule set in stone you will become rich while everyone brings with him his specific circumstances, some more fitted for the new world than others. 

I only spent a couple of years in America, a lot less than I intended to when I left my country, and during that time I ran into compatriots who were initially elated they were able to escape the nightmare at home. Some were living a decent life, but others were struggling for years, with no relief for them visible on the horizon. Eternally homesick and never adapted to the mentality of the new world, you could sense how their only way to cope with the situation was by pretending things were better than they actually were. The morning after, however, they would have to cope with deep psychological scars that would never get a chance to heal. 

Extremely homesick myself, desperately missing my mountains, the delta, and the people of those places, I decided to return without accomplishing what I came to accomplish: make money so I could finance my future writing career. I did not feel bad. I must admit, I always had a very cold relation with money, something even America was not going to change. That said, before I left for what I still called home at the time, I was able to finish my first novel, a three-volume saga about a lost generation. That would have been my generation. I was pleased with the outcome, but not sure who would publish something like that considering that the dictatorial regime was still in power. The world was changing though. 

As difficult to imagine this was, I found the country in an even worse shape than it was when I left. As expected, a representative of the government showed up at my door unannounced to ask me, very politely, to write an article critical of America for one of the state-owned magazines. Not that everything I saw and experienced in America made a great impression on me, at that time New York's 42nd Street was a replica of what hell may have looked like, but I refused. I was blacklisted, I was not allowed to work in the capital of the country, the center of all cultural activities, whatever was left of that, and for the next five years the manuscript of my novel remained locked inside a cabinet file at the state-owned publishing house I had submitted it with. 

All the other so-called Communist regimes in Eastern Europe had been replaced by now with western-type democracies. Not the one in my country, but you could sense the volcano was about to erupt. By the end of 1989, the leader of the regime was ousted, basically assassinated during what at the time most everyone thought it was a popular revolt. As I would soon find out, it was a coup d'etat organized by the second line of the old regime, with support from Moscow and Washington. Unlike in the case of all the other Eastern European countries where the regime change was brought about through what the media described as a "velvet revolution," that is except for the later 1991 coup attempt in Russia, this one was bloody, and no one on the outside could tell what entities were exactly involved. 

Hundreds of people lied dead in the streets and on the barricades all over the country. Some of them, however, were corpses taken from the morgue and used by the coup organizers to make an impression on the population. A journalist now with one of the two newspapers with national distribution at the time of the coup, I was a very close observer of these and other dramatic events. I would meet with and interview people one way or the other associated with what was going on, and I soon realized the country was trapped in a staged take over, I personally knew some of the actors, with most people in the streets being pawns, unpaid extras in a show meant to give legitimacy to the new leaders. What I found out in that regard was unprintable under those circumstances, more so since while politically unaffiliated, my paper was critical of the coup organizers. We were considered opposition, and because of that we were under constant threat. 

The old regime people won the elections under dubious circumstances, and I would witness crass irregularities committed at the voting stations. Once the power grab was completed, there was violence in the streets directed at those protesting the new regime, at the political parties in opposition, and at the critics of the new regime among the press and the few genuine intellectuals still in the country. My newspaper was one of the targets and our headquarters were ransacked by government mobs. It was the night of the long knives, something colleagues with the western press had warned us about. This was what brought me back to America, the year being 1990.

I left the country the end of October, and considering my case circumstances, I was extremely confident I would be granted asylum within weeks and that I was going to have my two little sons and my wife in America before Christmas. Possibly a unique case in the history of immigration, I had been granted twice political asylum in the United States. However, despite the fact that this time around I had a much stronger case for asylum, things would take an unexpected turn. 

Because of its convenient geographic location, as the first Gulf War (August 2, 1990 - February 28, 1991) was about to start, it started in fact at the beginning of February 1991 and it lasted for about two weeks, the United States military needed my country's refining capacities to make gas for its fighter jets. The problem with that was, as long as its government was listed as being a dictatorship in the Department of State's yearly country report, the American press had acknowledged President George H. Bush a few months before I left for describing the situation as "a return to dictatorship," according to American law, the US could not have made that kind of a deal with that kind of a government. To be able to get what America needed, the Department of State changed the country report as I was flying to NewYork, and I would have no knowledge of that. 

The law was on my side, and yet the asylum granting process was artificially delayed to its longest possible limits. A couple of American Presidents and several senators and congressmen that offered to help when asked could not change the course of events, assuming they really tried to do that. The American immigration law is very good and very clear. The Department of State, however, abides by immigration policy not by immigration law. As a result, I had to wait for nine interminable years before I was able to see my wife and children again. 

That prolonged and completely unexpected separation significantly affected our relationship as a family. On the other hand, during that time, alone and under lots of stress, I went through a few unusual experiences, encounters with interesting people and life altering books included. In the long run, this would greatly add to what would become the solid foundation for a book project I had no way of knowing it was going to happen one day in a not very distant future.  


No doubts about it, during that time of stress and enlightenment there have been many interesting developments that marked me for life in a positive way. As I would later realize, everything was in sync with the other unusual happenings I had experienced from the time I could remember things. Everything would go to another level though in the months prior to my first coming to America. This was when I began to be introduced in no confusing terms to what could only be described as paranormal preparatory events. During those very long nine years after my second coming to America, there would be more of the unusual events. They were apparently guiding me to the trailhead where the real climbing was to start. For a long while I did not know what to make of any of that, but once work at the book began, everything was falling now into place. 

When in the fall of 1990 was now in America for the second time, I made a pact with myself: In five years I would be publishing something I wrote in English. The immigration issue and related concerns took my focus away from that. However, after taking the "wrong" exit off the highway on my way home from a town in the northeast, I ended up in a place that suddenly reminded me of my inner spiritual and cultural universe, something I had lost touch with under those stressful circumstances with no clear ending in site. I would then write an essay about the experience, about what that magical encounter had triggered inside me. In the heat of the creative emotions overflowing the mind, I mentioned something about having a vision of me writing one day a special book. That may have also been the effect of preserving somewhere in the subconscious the memory of someone once predicting that one day I was going to write a unique book. It was October of 1995, a local paper called The Berkshires Eagle published the essay, and then I realized it was five years almost to the day from the time I had arrived in America. Without intending that, I have kept my promise.   

It took the same immigration judge who initially rejected my request for asylum only two minutes to grant it based on the same evidence I had introduced in his court seven years earlier when my request was dismissed. After my family joined me, and while to be able to support them I was having one of those jobs that offered no professional satisfaction, I would spend several years writing for newspapers serving my community in America, Canada, and Israel. During that time, I took on my usual topics of interest, social and political events, as well as on relatively new ones, such as ancient and modern history, art, religion, and science. Following my essay being published in The Berkshires Eagle, though, I would not write another thing in English for ten years. This was a conscious decision made based on what I had experienced during the political asylum debacle when I had to write pages of documents to make my case in front of the authorities, pages apparently no one would read or take into consideration. From nothing I went to writing a three-volume, over 1,600-page book of knowledge in English, something called A Time of Change. 

A Time of Change did not just happen. It was the result of a lifetime of fantastic, wonderful, at times dramatic, always enlightening experiences. The precise moment when work on it began, though, was a few days after I would find laying on the passenger's seat in somebody's car a copy of a college newspaper. The title of an article there drew my attention. 

It was a topic I had lately been very into, the creation vs. evolution debate, something that now became intelligent design vs. evolution. In the last years I had been involved in a series of one-on-one public debates on religious themes, with my opponent being a leader of the Eastern Orthodox church serving our community. The debates were facilitated by one of the New York papers I was writing for by granting both of us two full pages of its every edition. The article in the college paper, however, was a politically correct reaction by a well-intended student to a recent decision issued at the end of a December 2005 trial in Dover, Pennsylvania, when a real judge put a legal ban on discussing intelligent design in public schools on account of ID being religion. 

The young man was making all the right claims about how science was better at explaining natural things than religion was. Since religion was all belief and no fact and intelligent design was religion, he was saying, and since evolution was science, the theory of evolution was fact while intelligent design was a superstition. To the casual reader the logic behind that position appeared sound. As far as I was concerned, though, and I knew about the matter a lot less than I know today, part of what he was stating was false, and the problem with making a logical argument based on false circumstances is that your logical argument too is now false.  

Since I had nothing else to do at the time, I decided to write an article for that same college paper about the fact that neither religion, nor the theory of evolution offered a rational explanation for the origin life. I knew it was a very controversial proposition, but firmly convinced this was the case, I was going to take my chances. What I did not know at the time was that no one would have published that, and this was not because it was not true. As I was working on the article, I would uncover a shocking reality about our origin and about the way we currently live on this planet. The realization occurred first at the mental level, with my intuition strongly suggesting the existence of this reality. Then, as I was intensively researching on certain related topics, I would uncover even more facts that would lead to the unveiling of other shocking aspects of that reality. The process would in the end reveal an image of our civilization a lot different from what we were perceiving as real history.   

Before I knew it, the article became an essay, and by the end of the week it was a book project. This, however, was no ordinary project. It was what I had been looking for my entire life without really knowing what I was looking for.

As the book project was advancing in a direction I did not envision when work on it started, I began to realize this was going to be a little more than just controversial. In fact, considering how politically correct was the world we lived in, I started to seriously doubt that publishing houses were going to want to print that. It was the same feeling I had about the manuscript of my other book as I was returning to my old country under the old dictatorial regime at the end of the 1980s, the one about my lost generation. As a result, I had only two choices: either abandon, or continue the path I had uncovered. I decided to take it one page at a time, and to let facts and a rational interpretation of them lead wherever they may. I would end up working for sixteen years on a book project that, published or not, I will never regret dedicating that significant a part of my life to it. 

So, work on the project started the end of February 2006. By 2007, I had a 400-page book, and for a brief moment I was very happy with that. This was far from being the final version, though, and I would have the same false sense of mission completed many a time, all the way to February 6, 2022. This was the day when, as far as the author was concerned, the manuscript reached its final-final-final version. 

In 2013, seven years after work on the project had started, A Time of Change was one very large volume of about 1,000 pages in those days, I released it as an e-book. A couple of weeks later I took it down to make changes, then I released it again. Then I took it down for good and continued to work on it. At one point I decided to offer it for free on my blog, and that felt like a heavy burden was taken off my chest. It was the right thing to do, and I even created a YouTube channel where I made a few measured attempts at promoting the book. 

The adversarial reaction was to be expected. What came as a surprise was the lack of civility, the uncalled-for virulence of some of the attacks, the young people, vocabulary often betrays them, using standard, unthought slogans learned by heart, a form of proclamative counter-argument I would come to realize it was inoculated into their psyche by adults with an agenda, some of their teachers included. Again, I knew how controversial the book was going to be. What I was realizing now was the fact that it was hitting a nerve within certain hidden circles, and that the entities associated with those circles were always at the ready to protect the status quo. However, the status quo had to change, and sooner or later it will change. 

After a short while I would, once again, have that same gut feeling about the book not being in fact finished, as previously thought. I closed my channel, took the book off my blog, went back to work, then I put it back on my blog. I would make more changes while the book was offered on the blog, more rewriting, more fact analyzing. I would update the file letting everyone know about that by changing the completion date on the title page. Then I took it down again, which is where we are at this moment.  

Between 2013, the year when I first thought the project was completed, and February of 2022, when the book was finished, A Time of Change went through some 20 to 25 different "final" versions. The old word of wisdom, you do not finish a book, you abandon it, is once again proven true, so, here I am: I declare abandoned to humankind the soon to be released A Time of Change. This is not the end of the journey though.


Someone once asked me, what are you trying to accomplish with this? Did he want to know my agenda? Pure truth seeking is all the agenda one should have in life, and then the world would be a better place.

A Time of Change is not a collection of strange, unheard-of facts, or of opinions issued by vetted experts. I would not have dedicated sixteen years of my life restating what others have said along the time. Nor is this a book of personal reckless views unsupported by fact. In most instances you will find in it known facts some of you did not know about even though they were right before your eyes all the time. What matters most and what will either upset or enlightened you is that they are being placed now in an appropriate context, something that leads to a different interpretation than the one issued in houses of worship, most history books, or in colleges and universities. In other words, I was able to put together many of the pieces of a unique puzzle, the result of that being a more realistic, liberating, in the end, image of our civilization. 

There are entities out there who for a long time have been opposed to making public significant parts of the liberating truth. That was because a significant overnight change of perception could lead to an abrupt change of status quo, which in turn could result in planetary social and economic chaos. However, we have been living within a manipulated illusion of reality for too long now, and this could not last forever. 

Two hundred years ago humankind was a lot wiser than it was four hundred years ago. Today we are wiser than we were two hundred years ago. Because of that it is inevitable for the status quo to collapse, and it is best if we consciously cause it instead of being taken by surprise, if we create controlled chaos instead of ending up with a completely uncontrollable situation. That is in part what is going on these days in the world. This is undoubtedly a time of change, and we could not live forever the way we have been living in the last twenty centuries. It is grand awakening time!  

To be able to build something new within a finite social space we must get rid of the old structures of the old system. Our time on this planet as a civilization and the planet's time is limited. Unbeknownst to most people, our civilization is on its way to putting itself in a position that would allow us to move to other locations within this universe before we exhaust our natural resources. Within the next two to three centuries we should experience quantum leap advancement, and there are clear signs this is precisely what is going to happen. 

It will not just happen because for the next 2,100 years we will be passing through an astral conjuncture favorable for quantum leap progress. We will have to make it happen. To begin with, we will have to change our perception about the nature of reality and the purpose of life. This is going to result first in chaos, then in never seen before enlightenment, and with tremendous enlightenment comes tremendous technological advancement. We will also have to get use to the idea that we are all citizens of the same planet, something that comes with shared benefits and responsibilities. Last but not the least we will have to start to acknowledge publicly the fact that our civilization is part of a larger cosmic community, one that includes hundreds of thousands of worlds like ours inhabited by human-like entities, with some of them being our brothers and sisters.

Something else you are going to find in the book, there are many pages of what I was able to see with the eye of my mind as I was searching for meaning behind the observable. Anyone can do that if he or she finds the time and the inclination and if you really pay attention to what goes on around you, within society or in nature. Most proof of what we see with the eye of our mind comes in the form of how we understand what we perceive as reality and its origins. So, for now, do not just accept as absolute truth what you will find there when it come to the realm of the unseen. Always seek to understand knowledge. 

On the other hand, if for the time being you do not understand its meaning, do not reject it either. You would not be the only one in that position and I was at a lower level of awareness about many things myself when work on the book started. Keep an open mind about what you may not be able to comprehend at this moment, embrace it as a possibility, and leave it be in the back of your mind. The universe is going to put everyone in the most appropriate situations so that you too could figure out on your own, this or another life, what it means. 

One is never to have expectations. The universe reacts to our thoughts and actions in unexpected ways. The only way to tell if the book has made an impact is if in the years to come there is a noticeable change of mentality and an improved richness about the range of topics discussed in public. The book is certainly encouraging that kind of change, but for this to take place the people will have to read it. 

Everything happens for a good reason, at any moment of our life we are in the right place at the right time, and things are always the way they are supposed to be. My work is done, for now. As the old word of wisdom urges us, "Do good, then throw it into the sea." And so it goes.

* * * 

A Time of Change is private intellectual property made available to the public in this format free of charge. Copyright laws prohibit the unauthorized commercial reproduction of the entire set of documents or any part of it. 





Wednesday, October 27, 2021



"The universe operates at the frequency of honesty and truth. Earth-humans live according to a false perception of reality. This did not just happen. This is the result of an act of deception organized by those who at one time to control by force of our civilization" - A Time of Change, Volume 1, Chapter 1 (Edited November 7, 2021)

I joined the social media a couple of years after work on the project started, when by now it became clear the book was not going to fit the mold according to what the Big Five and its faithful imprints were allowed to put out on real or virtual bookstore shelves. As work on the book seemed to never reach completion, it also became clear social media was not a good venue for promoting or even discussing this project. Once again, the status quo must change and it will change, which is what the book not just advocates for but facilitates. However, there are entities out there that rightfully so want to be in control of the process. One could only hope the reason for that is to protect humankind from experiencing cataclysmic turmoil and to make sure our destination is what is supposed to be. So, even though we may be on the same page in many areas of human interest, they make sure they are the ones dictating, according to their well-intended agenda, the pace of the progress and the timing of the revelations. Unless it turns out it is so, I don't find that to be malefic.

That said my Paul Greene Facebook account - not much of an account, I have no friends - and its associated A Time of Change page have been hacked, and this could only have been a FB inside job. They have been kind enough to let me post things on my pages and comment, but once I post a comment, I cannot read it, nor can I read comments to my posts or independent comments on other people's pages. That means I cannot comment on those comments. 

This is what I see if I choose to go to someone's page. I can see the names of the people who posted a comment but not the content of their comments: 

Thursday, July 29, 2021


The result of sixteen years of researching, of reinterpreting known facts, and of analyzing what until now has been ignored scientific, religious, and spiritual context related to the conversation on the origin, the nature of life, and the purpose of existence, A Time of Change is a three-volume book revealing why civilization Earth is in the state it is today. 

For more about the project and the author see A Book’s Journey, A Time of Change, Volume 1- Attempt At An Abstract, and some of the other articles posted here.


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Monday, July 19, 2021


This is the basis for the argument made in A Time of Change regarding the origin of life forms and of everything else that has the appearance of material. There is a reason why different people following their own path of discovery produce the same answer. Certain things make sense wherever we are in the universe. 

* * *

A Time of Change is private intellectual property made available to the public in this format free of charge. Copyright laws prohibit the unauthorized commercial reproduction of the entire set of documents or any part of it. 





Thursday, June 10, 2021


A socialist and according to recently discovered correspondence a Freemason, Victor Hugo was a man of his time, which happened to be a revolutionary time. His work has greatly influenced the world he lived in, and one could make the argument that the Paris Commune of 1871 was in large part a consequence of the impact Les Misérables, the book released in 1862, had on an already social-change-oriented French society.   

As the reader of A Time of Change is going to find out, the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Rosicrucian and the progressive members of the Jewish Community, from the one known as Jesus all the way to Albert Einstein (see his 1949 essay Why Socialism?) have always advocated for social change and pointed at the evils of materialism and of later capitalism. It was the same type of social change Karl Marx, a contemporary of Victor Hugo and the de facto author of the 1848 Communist Manifesto (Engels made some contributions to it), felt it was not just necessary but also inevitable. 

The Manifesto happened to be another document that has significantly influenced the ones behind the Paris Commune and Victor Hugo himself, with Marx being born in a non-religious Jewish family that converted to Christianity at a time when open anti-Semitism rooted in church teachings was making it very difficult, if not impossible for Jewish people to succeed professionally or to be accepted in certain circles, the academia included. As a result, it is no coincidence that, as history records show all these groups have been constantly vilified and heavily persecuted by religious institutions, especially by the Catholic Church and by anyone in a position of power associated with the church. 

No coincidence because, as you are going to see, capitalism was created with the help of and in fact by a Catholic Church that would became one of the major profiteers of a system that was and still is an extension of the institution of slavery. Because the Freemasons and the Catholic Church were on opposing sides when it came to social issues, with the church favoring a monarchial system of government it tended to have control over while the Freemasons, the Rosicrucian, and the Illuminati, organizations with deep roots into an yet to be told history of civilization Earth were advocating for the establishment of a republic that was to be a from the people and for the people form of government, something they would attempt to implement in America, the history of the world is a reflection of what most of the time has been a subterranean conflict between two entities vying for control over the destiny of the Earth people.

In "Interview with Karl Marx, head of the L'Internationale," by R. Landor, it was published in the New York World on July 18, 1871, which was only a couple of months after the Paris Commune, suspecting certain secret societies were behind "the last Insurrection," Landor asks Marx if such a thing was possible, that L'Internationale did not have full control over the events, and that many of the participants in the streets were not even aware of that. Familiar with the fact that the Catholic Church was accusing the Freemasons of organizing these large-scale upheavals that most of the time had an anti-religion and a specific anti-Catholic Church platform, while claiming full leadership by L'Internationale for what went own, Marx acknowledges that individual Freemasons were active members of his organization: "Then it was a plot of the Freemasons, too, for their share in the work as individuals was by no means a slight one. I should not be surprised, indeed, to find the Pope setting down the whole insurrection to their account." The fact is, the pope would have been right.

One of the defining elements of the agenda adopted by those who started the 1789 French Revolution, the 1848 Spring of Nations Revolution, the 1871 Paris Commune, and the 1917 Russian Revolution was anticlericalism. One other thing these social events had in common was that, same as the Enlightenment movement, they were organized by the Freemasons.  Regarding the French Revolution, a few among the founders of America, with Jefferson, Paine, and even Adams, who unlike Jefferson was not a fan of the popular revolt in France, among them, were not just acknowledging the problems created for our civilization by religious leaders with political and materialistic ambitions meddling in the governing of the European countries, but were also of the opinion that the priests had it coming. 

The other significant detail regarding this active time of social upheaval in the history of Europe and America is the fact that, considering that they were behind them, in large part, the ideology, the motivation behind these revolutions, and that includes the American Revolution, has been laid out publicly by personalities associated with the Freemasons, the Rosicrucian, with the Illuminati, and by pro-democracy activist Jewish intellectuals. 

Among others, the existential system every progressive was critical of kept producing a substantial class of poor humans forced to work for others so they could make, barely, a living. This is the reason why in the Les Misérables, Hugo chooses to tell the story of the June 1832 revolt in Paris, a story the authors of the musical with the same title, it premiered in the city of lights in 1980, focused on. Something we should ponder over once in while, something otherwise recorded in our history books, way before Marx, Engels, and Lenin, class struggle and class conflict has been a recurring defining aspect of the entire history of humankind on this planet.

The point succinctly made here is that contact in a public forum with new ideas and awareness of new and more accurate ways of understanding what is already known to the Earth people leads to a change of perception of reality. In turn, that creates the awareness of the need to make changes in the way we exist on this planet, and of what needs to be changed. The often desperate desire for change experienced by those push beyond a certain limit is bound to come in conflict with the determination shown by those who profit and enjoy the benefits of the current system as they protect and preserve a status quo that benefits them. That inevitably results in social and economic chaos that fuels street revolutions. As the same history records show, though, by and large such violent events tend to fail to reach their declared objectives. 

Street revolutions, however, are not always as spontaneous as they appear to be. At the same time, to avoid major chaos, entities having a certain measure of control over civilization Earth either hinder progress or slow it down so that the wheels of the current system would not come off, which would cause the global community to plunge into an unmanageable situation. One should not assume there is unity of opinion at the deep state level regarding how progress should be achieved and what it should consist of, and that there is only one level of unseen, unelected controlling authority.

We live in a time when major change is not only expected to occur but it must occur and it will occur. Opposition to change or lack of interest in change is going to generate the same kind of unmanageable chaos that would logically result from an impulsive attempt at abolishing the current system overnight. Which brings us to the question I was asked at one time, what could be the purpose of writing a book like A Time of Change? (That was mild sarcasm.)

That said, in Les Misérables we find the best explanation for why A Time of Change came to be. In the Preface to the book, Hugo describes in powerful detail what specifically has motivated him to write it, and as one reads that, it dawns on him that the human aspirations toward living in liberty, as equals, and as a planetary brotherhood are a reaction to the constrictions and the artificial challenges created by the existential system. Since the system has remained the same, so is what hinders our effort to fulfill those aspirations. 

In the end, the implication is that there is a constant burning need to brake loose from the chains of deceit and inequality that keep the Earth people enslaved to the system. This is something as real and valid today as it was in 1862 when Hugo released his book. For, according to him,

"So long as there shall exist, by reason of law and custom, a social condemnation, which, in the face of civilization, artificially creates hells on earth, and complicates a destiny that is divine, with human fatality; so long as the three problems of the age - the degradation of man by poverty, the ruin of woman by starvation, and the dwarfing of childhood by physical and spiritual night - are not solved; so long as, in certain regions, social asphyxia shall be possible; in other words, and from a yet more extended point of view, so long as ignorance and misery remain on earth, books like this cannot be useless." - Hauteville House, 1862

In large part a consequence of those failed revolutions of the past, we are in a better place today as a civilization than we were in 1862. Many of the problems enumerated by Hugo, however, those artificial "hells," as he calls them, have not been yet resolved. That makes one entertain the thought that, A Time of Change might not be a useless book, after all. 

(Edited December 29, 2021)

* * *




A Time of Change is private intellectual property made available to the public in this format free of charge. Copyright laws prohibit the unauthorized commercial reproduction of the entire set of documents or any part of it.