“Know we do not have many of the answers you were told we have, and that many of the answers provided in schools, universities, and in houses of worship are deliberate distortions of a reality kept hidden from the Earth-human for thousands of years now. Seek the liberating truth.”

- A Time of Change, Volume 2

Our civilization has been afflicted with disharmony for as long as history books could recall. Earth people waging war after war against fellow man and Mother Nature, a global community extremely divided, outrageous economic discrepancies and an artificial class stratification, all that did not just happen. Indeed, this is not the natural order of things, and it does not have to be the way it is in perpetuity.

For thousands of years now humankind has been existing according to a false perception of reality, another thing that is no accident. To generate though change that benefits the greater good, Earth-humans must break free from the constraints of a manufactured illusion that keeps them trapped within the current system. To succeed, they will have to figure out how we ended up where we are today.

Someone once reminded us that a certain truth is bound to set everyone free by reconnecting us to our true origin, true nature, and to the real purpose of being. A Time of Change is an open invitation to the people of the planet to acknowledge liberating truth they have been deprived of for a long time now. Then the world will not just look different. It will be different.”

- A Time of Change, Opening Statement

“You must do something to make the world more beautiful.” – Miss Rumphius


A Time of Change is a collection of new and unbiased interpretations of known and less known science, religion, history, and spirituality related facts. It took 15 years to complete, and as of April 21, 2021, the first one of its three volumes was made available to the public free of charge. (See link below) Additional post-release input was completed on April 29, 2021, and then on May 10, 2021. Those who have downloaded the file before those dates may want to replace it with the latest version. At this time the manuscript is in its original form, no second party being involved in the proofing and the editing process. For more about the book and the author read A Book’s Journey, and A Time of Change, Volume 1- An Abstract, as well as some of the other articles posted here in anticipation of the release of the book.

A Time of Change – Volume 1 of 3

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Thursday, June 10, 2021


A socialist and according to recently discovered correspondence a Freemason, Victor Hugo was not only a man of his time, which happened to be a revolutionary time. His work has greatly influenced the world he lived in, and one could make the argument that the Paris Commune of 1871 was in large part a consequence of the impact Les Misérables, a book released in 1862 had on an already social-change-oriented French society.   

As the reader of A Time of Change is going to find out, the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Rosicrucian and the progressive members of the Jewish Community, from the one known as Jesus all the way to Albert Einstein (see his 1949 essay Why Socialism?) have always advocated for social change and pointed at the evils of materialism and of later capitalism. It was the same type of social change Karl Marx, a contemporary of Victor Hugo and the de facto author of the 1848 Communist Manifesto (Engels made some contributions to it), described as being not just necessary but also inevitable. 

The Manifesto happened to be another document that has significantly influenced the ones behind the Paris Commune and Victor Hugo himself, with Marx being born in a non-religious Jewish family that converted to Christianity at a time when open anti-Semitism rooted in church teachings was making it very difficult, when not impossible for Jewish people to succeed professionally or to be accepted in certain circles, the academia included. As a result, it is no coincidence that, as history records show all these groups have been constantly vilified and heavily persecuted by religious institutions, by the Catholic Church in particular and by anyone in a position of power associated with the church. 

No coincidence because, as you are going to see, capitalism was created with the help of and in fact by a Catholic Church that would became one of the major profiteers of a system that was and still is an extension of the institution of slavery. Because the Freemasons and the Catholic Church were on opposing sides when it came to social issues, with the church favoring a monarchial system of government it had control over while the Freemasons, the Rosicrucian, and the Illuminati, organizations with deep roots into an yet to be told history of civilization Earth were advocating for the establishment of a republic that was to be a democratic form of government, something they would implement in America, the history of the world is a reflection of what most of the time was a subterranean conflict between two entities vying for establishing control over the destiny of the Earth people.

In "Interview with Karl Marx, head of the L'Internationale," by R. Landor published in the New York World on July 18, 1871, only a couple of months after the Paris Commune, suspecting certain groups were behind "the last Insurrection," Landor asks Marx if such a thing was possible, that L'Internationale did not have full control over the events, and that many of the participants in the streets were not even aware of that. Familiar with the fact that the Catholic Church was accusing the Freemasons for organizing these large-scale upheavals that most of the time had an anti-religion and anti-Catholic Church platform, while claiming full leadership by L'Internationale for what went own, Marx acknowledges that individual Freemasons were active members of his organization: "Then it was a plot of the Freemasons, too, for their share in the work as individuals was by no means a slight one. I should not be surprised, indeed, to find the Pope setting down the whole insurrection to their account."

One of the defining elements of the agenda adopted by those who started the 1789 French Revolution, the 1848 Spring of Nations Revolution, the 1871 Paris Commune, and the 1917 Russian Revolution was anticlericalism. Regarding the French Revolution, some of the founders of America, such as Jefferson, Paine, and even Adams, who unlike Jefferson was not a fan of the popular revolt in France were not just acknowledging the problems created by religious leaders with political and materialistic ambitions meddling in the governing of the European countries, but were also admitting that the priests had it coming. 

The other major detail regarding that extended time of social upheaval is the fact that, in large part, the ideology, the motivation behind these revolutions, the American Revolution included, has been laid out publicly by personalities associated with the same Freemasons, Rosicrucian, the Illuminati, and, again, by activist pro-democracy Jewish intellectuals. Among others, this existential system every progressive was critical of kept producing a substantial class of poor humans forced to work for others so it could make, barely, a living. This is the reason why in the Les Misérables, Hugo tells the story of the June of 1832 revolt in Paris, a story the authors of the musical with the same title, it premiered in the city of lights in 1980, focused on. In the end, another thing attested in our history books, class struggle and class conflict has been a recurring defining aspect of the entire history of humankind on this planet.

The point succinctly made here is that contact in a public forum with new ideas and awareness of new and more accurate ways of understanding what is already known to the Earth people leads to a change of perception of reality. In turn, that creates the awareness of the need to make changes in the way we exist and of what needs to be changed. The often desperate desire for change is bound to come in conflict with the determination shown by those who profit and enjoy the benefits of the current system as they seek to protect and preserve the status quo. That inevitably results in social and economic chaos that fuels street revolutions, and yet, as the same history records show, by and large such violent events have a tendency to fail to reach their declared objectives. 

Street revolutions, however, are not always as spontaneous as they appear to be. At the same time, to avoid major chaos, entities having or seeking control over the development of our civilization and over the planet's natural resources either hinder progress or slow it down so that the wheels of the current system would not come off, which would cause the global community to plunge into unmanageable chaos. One should not assume there is unity of opinion at that level regarding how progress should be achieved and what it should consist of, or that there is only one level of unseen, unelected controlling authority.

We live in a time when major change is not only expect to occur but it must occur. Opposition to change or lack of interest in change is going to generate the same kind of unmanageable chaos that would logically result from an impulsive attempt at abolishing the current system overnight. Which brings us to the question I was asked at one time, what could be the purpose of writing a book like A Time of Change?

To begin with, when work on this book project started one did not know the result was going to be a book like A Time of Change. I was told it might years before the idea for the project even occurred to me, and at the time I did not know what to make of that message. This is why, in all honesty, one could only count on being offered after the fact explanations. While by no means inappropriate, some of those explanations may inevitably come across as promotional. The reader must keep in mind, though, that the book is offered here free of charge, that the author signed it with a pen name, which means there will be neither financial gain, nor personal glory associated with it. 

That said, in Les Misérables we find the best unintended explanation for why A Time of Change came to be. In the Preface to his book, Hugo describes in powerful detail what specifically has motivated him to write it, and as one reads that, it dawns on him that the human aspirations toward living in liberty, as equals, and as a planetary brotherhood are a reaction to the constrictions and the artificial challenges created by the existential system. Since the system has remained the same, so is what hinders our effort to fulfill those aspirations. 

In the end, the implication is that there is a constant burning need to brake loose from the chains of deceit and inequality that keep the Earth people enslaved to the system, something as real and valid today as it was in 1862 when Hugo released his book. For, according to him,

"So long as there shall exist, by reason of law and custom, a social condemnation, which, in the face of civilization, artificially creates hells on earth, and complicates a destiny that is divine, with human fatality; so long as the three problems of the age - the degradation of man by poverty, the ruin of woman by starvation, and the dwarfing of childhood by physical and spiritual night - are not solved; so long as, in certain regions, social asphyxia shall be possible; in other words, and from a yet more extended point of view, so long as ignorance and misery remain on earth, books like this cannot be useless." - Hauteville House, 1862

In large part a consequence of those failed revolutions of the past, we are in a better place today as a civilization than we were in 1862. The problems enumerated by Hugo, however, those artificial "hells," as he calls them, have not been yet resolved, which makes one entertain the redeeming thought that, after all, a A Time of Change too might not be a useless book. 

A TIME OF CHANGE - Volume 1 of 3

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P.S. A Time of Change, Volume 1 was released on April 21, 2021. On May 10, 2021, an updated version, the current one, has replaced the other version. The release dates for Volume 2 and Volume 3 of the book are to be determined. 

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"The universe operates at the frequency of honesty and truth. Earth-humans live according to a false perception of reality."           - A Time of Change, Volume 1, Chapter 1

When it comes to nonfiction literary agencies demand that the author sends them a synopsis of the book, and that makes perfect sense. Some want a succinct one, a page or two, with others expecting a book about your book, a biography, and also a detailed marketing plan. Their main, if not only job appears to be submitting the material with a publisher and collecting the commission money, if that turns out to be the case. 

For someone in my position the process became in a hurry reason for frustration. I found it impossible to describe in a few words what this book is really about, somebody else may be able to do it, and while I wanted to believe the subtitle says it all, "In Search Of A Rational Explanation For The Origin Of The Universe And Civilization Earth, For The True Nature Of Reality, And For The Purpose Of Being," things are a lot more complex. 

The obvious implication of the wording in the title is, most everything the people of the planet have been told in houses of worship, colleges, and universities regarding these matters is disassociated from a rational explanation of what we know. This is not going to make me or the book a lot of friends among clerics, church goers, televangelists, politicians, and members of the academia, but that goes with the territory when you advocate for much needed change the beneficiaries of the status quo oppose. The fact is, the interesting part about the book is not only that it addresses all kinds of major controversial topics some of the readers might even be familiar with, but how they are addressed. 

Another fact that must be mentioned under the circumstances, while one could certainly dry-list those topics to establish an attractive cognitive journey, the out of the box and at the same time rationalist way in which they are addressed unveils logical bridges existing between them, a reality that could not be revealed in a synopsis. With that in mind here are some the pieces of the puzzle found in Volume 1, with many of them being revisited in the next two volumes. This is going to give the reader access to the largest picture put together in the recent history of humans on this planet of how we got where we are and of why we are the way we are as a civilization. It will also make one aware of what we were manipulated into missing along the road.  

Everything in the universe, life forms, chemical elements, color, our thoughts included, is energy and information. Everything vibrates at a specific frequency, one attuned to natural order established at another dimension of reality. There is no lying, cheating, or deceiving in the way the universe was put together and functions. Using deception to control event outcome, something facilitated by the way of an induced genetical predisposition toward believing things was something invented on this planet as part of an experiment that at one point went through a not so beneficial change of management.

Everything irrational altering the frequency of all natural things creates an energetic imbalance, a disturbance that manifests as a disharmonious reality. This happens to be the kind of reality humankind has been experiencing for hundreds of thousands of years. This means not only that the true history of civilization Earth goes a lot further back than what is claimed in our current history books, but also that we are living according to a false perception of reality. That, however, is no accident.

Many thousands of years ago someone has simultaneously instated two major institutions on this planet, neither one being associated with that natural order behind the way the universe functions: religion and slavery. They represent two significant elements of a system meant to allow a certain group to control the way most Earth people think and act, the idea being to have control over the direction the development of what at the time was a new cosmic civilization was to take. The system is still in place but is about to collapse.

For decades now certain entities and the media have been crediting André Malraux, former French Minister of Cultural Affairs with saying, "The 21st century will be religious or will not be." Malraux never said that. His actual words were twisted by those seeking to manipulate the public's perception of reality in order to make the Earth-human act in ways that served their agenda.

Perception manipulation is not only achieved through religion. There are other kinds of belief systems and all sorts of ideology-based schemes used for the same purpose. Such is the case with pseudoscience being promoted as scientific fact by designated expert scientists. The same is true when it comes to political forms of government, democracy making no exception. 

Science is always right. Scientists, not so much. Despite that the people of the planet are made to believe everything stated by a scientist or a scientific organization is science fact and certified word of wisdom. This way certain entities can use the well-remunerated services offered by personal-glory seeking scientists the public tends to trust by default to disseminate false information, including distorted interpretations of known facts. In line with that, a casual visit to the Museum of Natural History in New York causes a keen observer to take note of a number of bizarre displays denoting intent to deceive. 

A related topic, Hitler, Stalin, and Charles Manson were at one time little adorable children. What caused these individuals to turn into the monsters society knows them to be is the very mentality adopted by society, one rooted in religious irrational and pseudoscience promoted as genuine fact. We can ask people to behave responsibly. We should not expect positive results when we as a society act anything but.

America was intended to be the model for a future global federation. Contrary to what some politicians and media organizations claim today, it was not founded on a Christian code of morals, there is no such thing to begin with. It was founded actually on ideals born out of a new understanding of reality generated during the Age of Enlightenment, an intellectual movement organized by Freemasons. In fact, many among the principal founders were socially conscious members of this and other semi-secret societies. 

Rooted into a more rational, science-based explanation for the nature of reality and of the purpose of being, those ideals were in opposition with what church Christianity dogma represented and still represents. The public is only rarely made aware of that but many of America's founders are on record with their criticism of church Christianity. This is partially why in a world where despite their anti-institutionalized religion position the institution of religion is meddling today in the political and the economical affairs of the country, our education system included, they are not as revered by society as they deserve to be. Their legacy is actually shun or minimized by politicians working hand in had with religious institutions and a media operated by those who control the distribution of information and are not in the business of telling the truth but, like everybody else, of making significant financial profit.

Slavery is another topic a lot more complex than how politicians, media, and social justice warriors of the 21st century present it. To begin with, slavery is as old as current civilization Earth is. In line with that, it is condoned and endorsed in the Bible from its first book to the last forged texts of the New Testament. In many of those instances, the one doing the condoning and the endorsing is no other than god himself, one of the Bible gods that is.

There is absolutely nothing genuinely Christian in the so-called Christian religion. Every Christian holiday or Christian tradition is something borrowed from other religions and then misrepresented in order to make it fit church agenda. At the Council of Nicaea of 325, the emerging Christian church called itself "Universal." That label was meant to hide the fact that this new religious institution was seeking to establish a monopoly on the profitable business of religion.

Contrary to how the media, the academia, and religious institutions describe it, the reality of intelligent design debunks both biblical creationism and Darwinian biological gradualism. So they organized a trial in Dover, Pennsylvania that resulted in a ban put on discussing design in public schools on account of being religion. Church creationists, darwinists, and entities behind our government were equally pleased with the pre-determined outcome. 

Peace in Israel and in other parts of the world where religious wars continue to create havoc will only happen when people on both sides are told the true history of their respective religion and when as a result of that they learn to live together. At this time, politicians on both sides working hand in hand with religious leaders use religious belief and a misrepresentation of real history based on that belief to turn them against each other. This way they maintain their currently profitable position of power within their respective communities. 

The so-called Judeo-Christianity invoked by some politicians and religious leaders in America and Israel is a political alliance of convenience. It only exists in appearance and it was formed by the leaders of these two otherwise antagonistic religions as a result of the seventh century Quran disclosing true facts about them that affected their political and financial interests.

Not only Jesus did not die on the cross, or resurrected for that matter. He was teaching against religion. We have strong evidence for that, and for the fact that according to the modern understanding of this existential principle he was a socialist. 

These days Religion vs. Evolution is a staged debate meant to hide from the public significant truth about the origin and the destiny of humans on this planet and about civilization Earth as a whole.

The Second Amendment fraud. Anyone who read the entire text of the Second Amendment, it takes about 15 seconds to do it, knows it does not protect one's "sacred right" to own guns of military power. There was a reason why the founders added it to the Bill of Rights, one they have abandoned though the moment the Congress approved it. This manipulated false perception about what the Second Amendment represents was created in the last decades by the NRA. The one who at the beginning of the 1990s referred to this scheme by the "Second Amendment fraud" was a Republican nominee Supreme Court justice. Neither the media on the right, nor the media on the left mentions that, and neither one displays on the screen or on the first page of their printed papers its entire text. 

The principals among the founders of America entertained socialistic, as in rationalist views about how society should operate and to what purpose. This was part of their vision of a new world order, something leadership and ordinary people were to establish together on this planet. 

Taking the oath of office with your hand on the Bible conflicts with the terms of the law of the land as established in the First Amendment to the Constitution. It also contravenes a number of recently issued hate-crime laws.

There were no doubts in the mind of Darwin's pretend supporters at the time he was coaxed into finally publishing On the Origin of Species after waiting full of declared incertitude for 23 years, that his theory of evolution that was not actually Darwin's had absolutely no relation to scientific fact or common sense. In his book, Charles Darwin makes a completely incoherent argument in favor of the idea that life forms are a product of the struggle for existence and that they have evolved over millions of years from a common ancestor, one no one was ever able to describe or present proof it existed. He had zero real evidence this was the case, and the same is true of today's Darwinists. 

A 2,500-year-old Sanskrit book provides an explanation for how life forms have appeared on this planet. It has quantum physics written all over it. This same idea would be advanced independently throughout the three volumes of this book, an argument based on an abundance of evidence and on a new interpretation of already known facts.

Church people and certain individuals with a degree in science dismiss the Edgar Cayce phenomenon for the same reason: This another thing that debunks their respective belief system. The evidence suggests not only that the information is correct, but also that there is more to reality than the eyes can see, something neither religious institutions, nor a reductionist empiricist academia wants the public to know about. However, this is another thing confirmed decades later by the way of theoretical physics ordinary humans can easily understand.

Like every claim made in religion, the one saying "Jesus died for our sins," the central theme of the Christianity of the church has no relation to reality. It is debunked by the very text of the Bible and by the way of elementary common sense. 

Church Christianity dogma is the opposite of what the genuine non-religion Christian school of thought of the Christian Gnostics, for example, stood for. Church Christianity comes in conflict with everything the real Jesus and Paul taught about, with Jesus not for a moment intending to create a new religion, or a church for that matter. This explains why the Catholic Church chose Peter as patron, an habitual betrayer of Jesus, the one who as Paul writes in a text included today in the Bible had never converted to Jesus teachings and never abandoned Judaism. 

The birth of the so-called Five Adamic races according to what was received during one of the Edgar Cayce readings. History facts confirm the validity of the information, and, once again, so is the way theoretical physics explains the nature of reality.

Contrary to what evolutionists claim, consciousness is something apart from the body, not a trick played on us by the brain. That means spirit and the body are two separate aspects of being human, of being a life form in general and we have the evidence to prove it.

Consciousness, the Mayan Book of Life, and theoretical physics are three interrelated topics associated with what is considered real reality, as opposed to the illusion of reality of the so-called material world surrounding us. This illusion is a product of consciousness interfering with and collapsing waves, the energies of what we perceive as being material.

We have scientific evidence reincarnation is an established fact. So why do both religious institutions and materialist scientists deny this? The spiritual is not only the essence of life but also the origin and the fabric of what at the sensory level we perceive as being reality.

Jesus did not die on the cross, did not resurrect, he did not come from a poor family and, again, he taught against religion, against one living his life based on belief. The story of eighteen of the most important years of his life, between the age of 12 and 30, is missing from the Bible. Why is that period in his life important? This would have been his formative years, when Jesus received his education. Part of the reason why this information is missing from the Bible is that he received his education outside Judea in some of the learning centers established all over the world.  

The crucifixion story told in churches is not the same with the crucifixion story told in the Bible, and neither one is true. Text in the Bible, the Gnostic gospels, and the Quran reveal that Jesus did not die on the cross, and that the people were only made to believe he did.

Allah forbids humans to kill other humans, more so when they claim to be doing it in his name. Child-teachers of the old and present day are messengers of knowledge and their presence on our planet is another thing that is no accident.

The theory of sin is a scheme used to make people depend on the institution of religion. It also allows churches to amass significant political power, financial wealth, and private information. 

The Bible cast eternal damnation on those feeding on the fruits of the tree of knowledge, basically on everyone seeking the liberating truth Jesus was urging humankind to look for. Despite that and of the fact that colleges and universities are supposed to be bastions of knowledge, there are churches built on almost every campus in America.

The mountain of evidence evolutionists claim to have proves actually the theory of evolution a wild assumption with no connection to reality. Is there such a thing as an ignorant academia, or is this another organized act of deception? The very dark side of the pro-evolution, anti-intelligent design activism. Darwinian biological gradualism and Atheism: Two belief systems paradoxically created by individuals supposedly fighting religious irrational.  

Anyone who awakens and leaves the church of made-up gods is led into worshiping at the temple of scientific irrational. Same as the multi-millionaire profiteer of the business of religion, the leaders of this new cult profit financially and socially from confusing the masses about the liberating truth. Among the many pieces of evidence proving this is precisely the case, something anyone is able to look into, analyze, and understand, the giraffe could not be the result of a desperate for food animal stretching its neck while trying to reach for the high leaves of the trees over millions of years. Bones do not elongate. There are many other completely irrational claims made by evolutionists in schools and in published books, as well as rigged research results even them had to admitted to. 

Don't believe it just because you read in Scientific American: A detailed analysis of a 2009 special on Darwin and the theory of evolution.

During his testimony at the 2005 trial in Dover where intelligent design was banned from being discussed in public schools, a completely unconstitutional decision issued by a real judge in a real American court, one of the witnesses, a college professor known for being a believer in both evolution and the god of religion claimed while on the stand and under oath that he had "slam-dunk" evolution evidence. As it turns out, while the media and the scientific community remained silent or misrepresented his testimony, this slam-dunk evolution evidence is indisputable proof of an artificial intervention in the human genome performed by a genetic engineer hundreds of thousands of years ago. Evidence to be presented in the book confirms that to be scientific fact.   

Most everything of significance we take for granted and makes us exist, in the end, according to a false perception of reality is dismantled throughout the three volumes of the book. At the same time the reader will be shown into what lies behind this fabricated illusion and manipulated perception. 

A Time of Change is not a book of opinions and conspiracy theories. A Time of Change is a mosaic of rational logical interpretations of well known and less known history, spirituality, science, and religion facts. The reader is invited to draw his or her own conclusions.

(In tone with how this project would develop over the span of the last fifteen years as if it had a life of its own, I have recently and out of pure curiosity read Walter Isaacson's biography of Benjamin Franklin, An American Life, and Thomas Malthus' An Essay On The Principle of Population. As it turned out, this too was no accident, no leisure reading. The encounter with these two valuable works resulted in several necessary additions to the original manuscript. The first amendment was finalized on April 29, 2021, with the second one being completed today, May 10, 2021. The links provided on this site connect the reader to the latest version of the manuscript.)

A TIME OF CHANGE - Volume 1 of 3

The usual copyright laws apply. The commercialization of the entire document or of portions of it is prohibited. As long as proper crediting and a link to this site accompanies reproduced text, monetized websites are allowed to post portions of it. Anyone who has downloaded the pdf file titled A Time of Change offered here is encouraged to freely share it with anyone interested, with those benefiting from their generosity being free to do the same. 

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After 15 years of intense research work and non-complying analysis of unique findings, A Time of Change, Volume 1 is offered free of charge to anyone who may come across it on the World Wide Web. This is not the end of the road. This is the completion of a significant stage of a much longer journey of discovery all humans are entitled to participate in. 

In a world in which the distribution of information is under a stricter control these days than it has ever been on order to limit access to certain liberating truth, and where the meaning of what the people know is often deliberately misrepresented by the designated expert, for the time being this is an underground book.   


It looks like the premises for the writing of the book have been established from the beginning of my life. They were later solidified through almost everything I have experienced along the way until the moment when work on the project started and even after that. I have only reached this conclusion in recent times, and it is based on accumulated evidence, facts no one else other than me is aware of. 

Among others, there has been a recognizable pattern in terms of my relation to the members of the family I was born into, with the family I would seek to build through marriage, and in my relation to those outside family I would occasionally come in contact with. My life, so far, has been anything I had planned it to be. I have to say, though, it looks like it has been everything it was supposed to be.  

Unbeknownst to them, parents completely uninterested in the fate of their one and only offspring put me in situations that turned out to be generators of a predetermined learning process. At the same time their lack of involvement in my upbringing gave me the liberty of exploring the world at will, and for that I must thank them. 

We choose our parents and through them our entire circle of family and friends before we are born. This choice of existential circumstances is determined by the mission we come here to accomplish. In this instance, the dysfunctionality of my family benefited my mission by allowing the spirit to focus undisturbed during the formative years on things that later would be of great significance for the book project.  

I used lack of supervision to wander more or less aimlessly the forests and the mountains surrounding a small village in the old country where my father ran every year a private acting summer school. This way I was able to get an intimate look at everything nature. I would also forge a deep attachment to the people of that remote place. From them I learned about the beauty and the value of honesty, common sense, and kindness. 

Observing nature in all its splendor and mystery enticed me to ask from an early age my self all kinds of questions about the origin of trees, flowers, rivers, rocks, butterflies and birds. I would also ponder over the origin and nature of the wonder of all wonders, the human being. 

In high school, I turned my attention to the sky. From that came the realization that we were living on a speck of dust within the immensity of an apparently infinite cosmic world, and the inevitable question was, why were we here? Not only that but, what was the purpose of being here? Fascinated by the magnificence of that awesome cosmic display of distant lights and by the natural wonders of our planetary world, I could not understand the division, the absurd, the hatefulness and the destruction we were treating the Earth and our fellow human to most of the time. Where did all that darkness come from among so much beauty on a planet of plenty? 

A miracle planet, indeed, I nevertheless felt that nothing in the story told in church about the creation of the world and humans could be taken for a real answer. The same was true of the explanation offered in biology class for the origin of species. In a society where religious belief was always invoked even when officially banned by the government, more so since our house was standing between two churches like many others I would from an early age look for god. All I could find, though, was empty celestial spaces impossible to connect to spiritually while to me Darwinian evolutionism did not make any sense either. 


The country was under the rule of one of the most dictatorial regimes in Eastern Europe. By the time I was out of the conservatory society basically collapsed, both economically and morally, with almost all rational existential rules being abolished. Living on principle and because of that unwilling and basically unable to comply with the terms of that demise of order and reason, I abandoned the career I had dreamed about and prepared for. I decided instead to dedicate my life to communicating to people through books, and to that end I was to retreat to the little village in the mountains I used to call home. 

Before I could do that, I needed to travel for a while, to experience the so-called free world. In a calculated move, as it turned out this would considerably reduce the waiting time for the required exist visa, I let representatives of the regime know I was going to return. Thousands and thousands or people were desperately seeking at the time to escape what rightfully so felt like a prison. This was what with all my heart I wanted to do, and this was what I did in the end.   

I had that deep spiritual connection with my mountains, with the Danube Delta, with the mountain people and the fishermen I grew up with, my true friends and my only family. The mountains, the muddy waters of the Danube River, they were in my blood and I could not abandon them. 

Then there was something I had become aware of after watching the country being slowing affected by what in the west would be known as "the national brain hemorrhage." It was the painful depleting of our society of the most intelligent, cultivated, and the most talented among its sons and daughters, a significant part of what was causing society to collapse. They would emigrate to a saner and more rational world, they hoped, where you could live life at your full potential, except that for various reasons many of them would not be able to find what they were looking for on the other side of the wall. As a result of living the country without the approval of the government, for many of them the option of returning home was completely unappealing, and for the rest of their lives they would be stuck in a no man's land they felt they did not belong to. 

It was common sense that if everyone who had the vision of how things should have been and of what kind of changes were needed to happen in order to make the country a better place to live was turning his or her back at the country for good, nobody capable of changing things for the better would have been left there, and that vision would have never come true. In other words, living behind a terrible situation in one part of the world is not the solution to its problems, nor does that make the rest of the world better. In fact, that could create havoc and instability all over the planet. 

As difficult as was to imagine that, when I returned, I found everything in an even worse shape than it was when I left. As expected, a representative of the government showed up at my door and asked me to write a propaganda article about imperialist America. I refused and I was blacklisted. During a second meeting, I was informed I could not publish or get a job in the capital in the field I was trained in. 

By the end of 1989, similar to what had happened in all the other Eastern European countries, the leader of the dictatorial regime in Romania was ousted during what at the time was described as being a popular revolt. Unlike what happened in most Eastern Europe, where the regime change was the result of what the media in the west would describe as being a "velvet revolution," this one was a bloody confrontation. There were innocent people lying dead in the streets while others were fighting and falling on the barricades. I have witnessed much of it at close range, I met with people one way or the other associated with the events, and I personally knew many of those who were at the front of it or were rather used as front men. In the end, this turned out to be a confrontation between dark forces vying for power in the post-dictatorial regime era.

Within days, a few of us realized the staged popular revolt was a front for what in reality was a coup d'etat. It had been organized by members of the old regime waiting in line for their turn to power. To draw attention to that, I wrote a number of articles for some of the emerging independent publications. A few weeks later, I was offered a full-time position with a newspaper distributed all over the country that had been operating for decades and appeared to have been on the side of truth and reason, as in opposition with those who were preparing to take power. 

With the old regime basically gone, for many this was so only in appearance, people in the streets were demanding that its members and high-ranked Secret Police officers were not allowed to be part of the new government. The coup organizers promised they will not run for office. Then they broke that promise and the country plunged into chaos. 

I was covering the events spending many hours in the streets observing in real time what was going on, with many of the old media organizations, TV stations included, being under the interim leaders' control and distorting the reality of the events, and I would end up receiving death threats. The old regime people ended up winning the elections, under dubious circumstances one may add, and once the power grab was completed, there was gruesome violence in the streets directed at the protesters, at the opposition, and at the critics of the new regime. The year was 1990.

The headquarters of my paper were ransacked. Under pressure, and with the old guard of the editorial staff regaining control after the elections, leadership would refuse now to print my political commentary. Considering that a large part of the population kept in the dark for decades under the old regime, at the same time manipulated now by a Romanian Orthodox Church that had collaborated in the past with the Secret Police and will significantly profit financially from the regime change was radically supportive of the coup organizers and their political party, there was no fight to fight there anymore, nor who to fight for. In my position, even though I was offered to take over as editor in chief at to be established publications, I had no other rational choice but leave the country, again. Under those circumstances, plus the duty of taking my two sons to safety, this time around I departed the old country with no emotional attachments left intact and I have not been there since. 

After I left Romania in the fall of 1990, its new government became one of the most corrupt governments not just in Eastern Europe, but in the world, with the party that won the first and highly manipulated elections after the coup d'etat of 1989 winning every single "free" election held for the last thirty years. All this time they had the church on their side, a church that in only a couple of decades went from basically zero to a net worth of five billion dollars. Through the church the new ruling party was getting the votes of 80% of the population, and when those numbers dropped, according to international observers they would rig election results. 

Possibly a unique case in the history of immigration, I was granted twice political asylum in America. The irony of it, in both instances the decision to leave my country was the result of being opposed to the totalitarianism of two different oppressive regimes that because of specific geo-political circumstances were backed by Washington.

The second time around things would get, though, completely out of hand. As the first Gulf War was about to start, the American government needed Romania's refining capacities to make gas for its jets. That could not have happened as long as Romania was listed as a dictatorship. To be able to get what America needed, the Department of State changed the country report on Romania from a return to dictatorship to, there are some minor problems there, a few journalists were aggressed, otherwise all's well. They made the changes as I was flying from Bucharest to JFK in NewYork. As a result, the process of granting political asylum took an unexpected turn of events, and I would not be able to see my children for nine years. 


A Time of Change is not the product of an idea that has occurred to me in the spur of the moment. I was not aware of that at the time but, as it turned out, when unplanned work on the book began, it had been a developing project for decades now. 

During the year and a half I had to wait for the exit visa required in Romania under the old rules of the old regime before I was allowed to leave the country the first time around, and during those very long nine years it took for my request for political asylum to be properly addressed in accordance to the existing immigration laws after the second coming to America, with a couple of US Presidents, local political personalities, major media organizations, and a former American Ambassador to Romania being one way or the other involved in the affair, I would experience a number of unusual life happenings. Too many not to see a trend there, for many years I did not know what to make of it. Later on, they would become a significant part of what has in the end generated a new perspective on the nature of reality, on the origin of the world, and on the destiny of our civilization. This new perspective on the world would then become the basis for a book project titled The Day Belief Becomes History, that then became A Time of Change.

There was, however, something specific that led to taking on this challenging project. On a self-imposed hiatus after writing for years for newspapers serving the Romanian community in America, Canada, and Israel on such topics as social and political events, ancient and modern history, art, religion, and science, one day I happened to run into an article in a college newspaper that caught my attention. It was a politically correct reaction to the decision issued at the end of the December 2005 trial in Dover, Pennsylvania. Also known as the Dover Panda Trial, it resulted in an official ban on discussing intelligent design in public schools on account of being religion. 

According to the author of the article, since religion was all belief and no fact, and since evolution was labeled science, the theory of evolution was science fact. This was the precise impression the decision in the Dover trial was intended to make on the public, the implication being that, since Darwinian gradualism was a theory proposed and endorsed by scientists, it was by far a lot more reliable than an explanation for the origin of life forms on this planet based on irrational religious belief. 

As a matter of principle, this would have been correct. Not everything logic is true, though, and, in reality, things were much different from how the author of the article perceived them to be. As far as I was concerned, I was convinced by now neither religion, nor evolutionary theory were offering a rational logical explanation for the origin of life and for the purpose of our being here. This conclusion was founded at the time mostly on a common sense first glance at facts easily observable in nature and all around us. All in all, I found that a new perspective on the creation vs. evolution public debate was a good subject for an interesting article, one I was going to write. 

Before I knew it, the one I wrote was an 18-page long article. A lot more than just an article, and even more than what it is expected of an essay: 10-12 pages. This was actually the book project I had been looking for. As work on the book was advancing, though, the project was taking what was not a pre-established direction, and I came to realize a number of things. As a result, I had to stop for a brief moment to figure out not just where I was going with it, but also what where the consequences of going where research results were leading to by now

Yes, religion was all belief, but the truly interesting, as well as the very controversial result of analyzing institutionalized religion was the realization of the fact that religious dogma was used to hide from the people of the planet something of great significance to them and to our civilization as a whole. The other thing was, not every scientist out there was a genius or had produced something relevant research-wise. As a result, not everything stated by every scientist was science fact or word of wisdom. Science was always right. Scientists, not much so.

That said for a rational mind it was difficult to see how scientists with a college education could not realize that gradual evolution over millions of years was biologically and genetically impossible. A consequence of that, it looked like similar to what we had when it came to religion, academic support for the theory of evolution was a cover for the fact that same as in the case of the religious dogma on creation, the story told by Darwin at the insistence of some of his otherwise completely insincere supporters had no relation to reality, and that, most importantly, both creationism and evolutionism were used to distract the public's attention from a certain truth regarding the origin of humans on this planet. 

Almost two years into the project, it became clear that this was going to be a lot more explosive than anticipated. I was so fascinated, at times appalled by what I was uncovering, and I continued without hesitation on the path taken, the motivational mantra being, let the facts take us wherever they may. I did not foresee at the time that I would be reaching interconnected destinations that were way past the initial topic of interest.

Work on the project started the end of March, beginning of April 2006, and by 2007, I had now a 400-page book. I also had this constant feeling that there was a lot more to it. I wanted to be able to work 12 hours a day, 24/7, the universe picked my wish, and a consequence of the global economic crisis of 2007-2008, in October of 2007 I lost my job and with that my personal source of income. 

I envisioned the book being finished in no more than a year. I also had intimate hopes a bold publisher was going to step in and that this is going to solve all personal problems. Non-related to the project personal life, however, seemed to be of no relevance to the universe, and neither one of the desired outcomes happened.  

The first final version of the book was completed six years later. Realizing now this was too controversial for a more and more politically correct publishing industry, in 2013 I rushed to release it as an e-book. I took it down within days so I could make a few minor adjustments. I republished it, and then I took it down again. I would work on the book for a couple of more years, and I am not talking just proofing for spelling errors and editing for style. There was more research work done leading to significant new findings, additions, excised text, more in detail analysis, and all that resulted in significant manuscript changes. The project would gradually expand to the point where it was now 1,400 pages and 120 images long. So, I divided it into three well-balanced content wise volumes. 

The obvious advantage of being taken under the wings of one the Big Fives of the publishing industry or of one of their imprints is that your book gets more visibility. However, while in an open, politically unattached society getting as much book-title exposure as possible is what an author wants to achieve, after all this is how commerce in general works, even though I am not completely closed to it I was no longer sure in today’s world pronounced exposure was a good thing for this particular project. In fact, I was feeling a lot more comfortable with the idea of offering it free of charge on the Internet and of letting content seep quietly into human consciousness. I was also getting a clear message from dozens of literary agents I would contact every moth for a while, their standard response being, "Sorry, this book is not for me."

I could have not agreed with them more. That and the need to avoid more e-book publishing fees every time I would make changes in the manuscript led to the decision to have links to a pdf format of all three volumes posted on my website.

The most vicious, completely dishonest attacks came from evolutionists. They happened on one of my YouTube channels no longer in use these days. One of them claimed, on a website/blog he created just for this one article, that he debunked my entire book because, he was stating there, he determined that I had presented no evidence against evolution. Not only is the book about many other things aside from evolution it also contains actually dozens of pages of evidence against the claims made by Darwin and today's Darwinists, new evidence included, with hundreds of pages where the evidence is analyzed in detail many a time coming from different directions. It also contains dozens of pages where major claims made in religion are analyzed and debunkedAs a result, the implication of his proclamation was that he also debunked criticism of religion, something he otherwise appeared to be in agreement with. 

This kind of reaction was to be expected. What came as a surprise was the lack of civility, the infantile irrationality of the attacks, something suggesting lack of confidence, if not desperation, something I ended up discussing in the book. As for how religious people responded to it, in houses of worship they are told they must close their ear and mind to fact and reason, to everything someone exposing the lack of any basis for their beliefs has to say.

As envisioned, the pdf format allowed for occasional improvements, which would happen actually a lot more than just occasional. As a result, despite my conviction every time a new version of the book replaced the old one that this was to be the last, the final-final one, by the end of 2019 I decided to remove the links to the book from the website. 

In the end, between 2013, the year when I first thought work on the project was done and April of 2021, the book went through some 20 "final" versions, at a rate of about two and a half a year. As far as I am concerned, not yet proofed or edited by someone other than me with English being technically considered my second language, content wise this one should be the real one and only final version of A Time of Change, Volume 1. In an advanced stage, Volume 2 and Volume 3 are a work in progress and they will be released one by one within the next 12 months.

As a word of writer's wisdom goes, you do not finish a book. You abandon it. I hereby gladly declare A Time of Change, Volume 1 abandoned. Again, though, this is not the end of the journey. This is the beginning of its next stage.


Someone once asked, what are you trying to accomplish with this book? In other words, he wanted to know what my agenda was. The mystery agenda associated with the project is revealed these days in the opening two sentences of Chapter 1: "The universe operates at the frequency of honesty and truth. Earth-humans live according to a false perception of reality." 

The reader will find in it a detailed description of this falsification, and also an explanation for who is behind it and why Earth people have been trapped in it from their most recent beginnings of their civilization a few hundred thousand years ago. Then he or she will be taken beyond the multiple layers of this manufactured illusion of reality, not a figure of speech, something the people of the planet are made to perceived as real reality. As a result, and in some instances possibly for the first time in the recent history of humankind, he or she will be exposed to significant elements of that until now hidden liberating truth. 

That said, let anyone who may be tempted to attach labels to the book and to its author in order to claim alleged evil motivations be advised that I am not affiliated with any political organization, religious cult, secret society, social, spiritualist, or new age movement. I also do not intend to establish anything like that nature in the future. What the people of the planet decide to do with what they will find in the book is entirely up to them. After all, their journey of discovery did not begin and will not end with this book. 

There are entities out there opposing the making public of any part of the liberating truth. Many of them happen to be profiting from the status quo, which explains their reluctance to allow contact with any fact of real reality that could cause the status quo to change. There are also those that fear that by allowing Earth people access to the true story of their origin all belief systems of a religious or pseudoscientific nature will collapse, something that would generate uncontrollable chaos on the planet. We have been living a lie for too long now. Conflict with universal natural law has resulted in us being in constant conflict with our fellow humans and with Mother Nature. That, and not the liberating truth is the actual reason why chaos has been something humans on this planet have experienced for thousands of years now. 

Without a doubt, we are entering a cosmic age of planetary, genetic, because of that biological and consciousness awareness changes one must view for what they are: programmed upgrades. We should consciously take advantage of it, or else the universe will force us to change our ways. 

To build something new within a finite social and planetary space we must abandon and then demolishing old structures. Our time on this planet as a civilization and the life of the planet itself is limited. To be able to move to other locations within this and other universes before we exhaust our natural resources, we must significantly improve our perception of reality, more so in these times of change. This will inevitably entice many to abandon the old mentality, something that will rational logically lead to a positive change in the way we exist as a civilization. Indeed, within the next two centuries or so we are to experience quantum leap civilization advancement, and this is going to result in both temporary chaos and global enlightenment.

Part of the reasonings behind someone's questioning my approach to handling this project was, why offer the book for free when everyone is in the business of selling things for a profit. There are a number of aspects regarding this issue I would like to address. 

I had a cold relation with money for most of my life. Definitely a way of establishing security and comfort according to the current existential system we live by, in I was never obsessed with the idea of making lots of money. Instead, I would find reward in being able to figure out the best way of fulfilling my assigned tasks. In that respect I always knew my market value according to the rules of the game. 

For the record, I do not hate rich people. They are products of the same system that generates poor people by the millions. The problem for our civilization is not the politician but the real purpose of the political system of government. Similar to that, rich people are not the villain unless as human beings they make choices that turn them into one. Our problems when it comes to money and to haves and the have nots derive from an economic/existential system that will always produce a few super rich individuals in control of the resources of the planet and billions of constantly struggling humans that make the labor force.

In line with this personal unenthusiastic relation to the monetary system, I am a firm supporter of the notion that knowledge should be free. In line with that the future of our civilization depends on what we teach the current generation in schools and universities, and by that is meant not just those who can afford today the high cost of college education but also those who become trapped into debt for decades after graduation. That means society must devise a system that allows everyone full access to all available information through free education. The wellbeing of our global community depends on that.

Then there is the fact that a printed edition of such a large book would be financially prohibitive for many of the people of the planet, especially for the younger generation. Offering it in an electronic format is also environmentally friendly. 

Speaking of the cost of printing in a world where most everything is about making a profit, preaching religious belief and biological gradualism as fact included, with millionaires on both sides, if this project would be handled by a traditional publisher, it is very likely that in order to reduce production costs they would make significant cuts in the manuscript. I have already done that extensively on my own motivated by the idea of having the best text quality and analytical clarity possible considering my circumstances. And while some of those cuts would be explained as being necessary for economic reasons, based on my past observations and personal experiences, there is a very good chance in many instances the editorial job would be subordinated to someone's political agenda.  

I would love to know that people are reading the book, but since I do not sell copies here, it is going to be close to impossible to keep track of that. My ambition though is not to become a famous published author, part of the reason why I am using a pen name, and I do not intend to change the world all by myself either. The purpose of what I have been doing for a long time now, of putting a significant part of my life in the service of this project is to entice all of us to use knowledge and a rational understanding of what we know to improve our perception of reality, and then the world we live in will reflect that. 

The only sign the book has made a certain impact will be a significant change in the way the people understand the purpose of their being here and in the way our leaders and the entities behind our leaders treat them. Proof the book has reached and touched its global audience is going to be a change in the current narrative. Though one could never be sure about the speed and the depths of progress, this will most likely be noticeable beginning with the next generation. 

A matter of principle, I do not have expectations and I know that most likely I will not enjoy the shade provided by the trees I have planted in the past or here today. There is good reason though to envision a planetary world where once the people become aware of the liberating truth, there will be no wars, destruction, no poverty, and no division. I vividly sense that, a result of that, humankind will be in a much better position to make a conscious contribution to the advancement of civilization Earth. This is my actual agenda. This is what A Time of Change is intended to achieve. 

There is an old word of wisdom saying, "Do good, then throw it into the sea." And so it goes.

A TIME OF CHANGE - Volume 1 of 3

Copyright laws apply. The commercialization of the entire document or of portions of it is prohibited. As long as proper crediting and a link to this site accompanies reproduced text, monetized websites are allowed to post portions of it. Anyone who has downloaded the pdf file titled A Time of Change as offered here is encouraged to freely share it with anyone interested, with those benefiting from their generosity being free to do the same. 

Thursday, April 8, 2021


In an article published on online recently the readers were made aware that,

"Lightning strikes on the early Earth over the course of 1 billion years could have been key to the formation of the first life on our planet, according to a new study." 

So, what was this "new study" about? A group of scientists shared with the world the "novel" idea that lightning might have started a process that led to the appearance of life on planet Earth. To begin with, after more than 160 years from the time Darwin published On the Origin of Species, what they mean by life is still a mystery. 

As the title of the paper published by the researchers implies the study does not come actually even close to explaining the formation of the first life forms. It only suggests, key word, repeat lightning strikes over 1 billion years might have been, another bunch of key words, "a major facilitator of prebiotic phosphorus reduction on early Earth." That assumed development supposedly opened the door to an alleged process of evolution that over millions and millions of year would produce the amazing diversity of life forms we have today on this planet, thousands of different mammals, reptiles, birds, fishes, insects, and yes, humans too. Except that, contrary to what evolutionists are claiming, there is zero evidence this is what happened. Meanwhile, they teach evolution in schools and universities as if it were an actual fact.

The same article says, 

"The new study — in the journal Nature Communications — suggests trillions of lightning strikes spanning about 1 billion years helped create phosphorous, a key ingredient in the formation of life." (Lightning strikes as a major facilitator of prebiotic phosphorus reduction on early Earth, by Benjamin L. Hess, Sandra Piazolo, Jason Harvey, March 16, 2021) (axios.com)

Nature Communications is an open access science journal, and that calls for one being extremely circumspect about everything published under its patronage. Open access means, you pay, they publish your paper, the paper gains some measure of credibility because it has appeared in a science journal, and you can claim now you are a published researcher. This opens the doors to book publishing and to the lecturing circuit where you will diligently promote your book. In addition to that, somebody is going to quote from your published paper to make a point in line with the old adagio, evolution is fact, fact, fact, as the people at Axios did. In other words, you pay to have a so-called research paper stating something that someone would reference in order to make the case for evolution even though reality tells a different story about biological gradualism.

The open access science journals claim they peer-review every single submission. In A Time of Change, Volume 1, among many others, the topic of open access science journals is discussed in detail in relation to the fact less known by the large public that there are huge problems with peer reviewing. Along the time, there have been a number of tests conducted by certain scientific organizations and journals to make sure the open access system is credible and reliable. The results, however, were not exactly reassuring. 

One of those tests was conducted a few years ago by Science magazine, and to that end they used a spoof cancer study containing errors any honest reviewer would have easily caught. Despite those obvious errors, a significant number of open access science journals agreed to publish it, for there is money to be made in the science paper publishing business too, over one hundred of them, and while they claimed they were peer-reviewing everything published, many of them did not and they published the faulty study errors and all. 

About this "new study" on the effect lightning might have had on the appearance of life on Earth, Benjamin Hess, one of the authors of the paper declared that, “This work helps us understand how life may have formed on Earth and how it could still be forming on other Earth-like planets.” The first problem with his claim that jumps right at you, aside from the already mentioned here significance of evolutionists always having that "may have" as part of the sentence, is that the new theory they came up with is actually decades old and everyone knows it. This makes one question the real intent of those involved in the study. 

According to an article published in Sky News in 2016,

"For nearly nine decades, science’s favorite explanation for the origin of life has been the “primordial soup”. This is the idea that life began from a series of chemical reactions in a warm pond on Earth’s surface, triggered by an external energy source such as lightning strike or ultraviolet (UV) light." (Have We Been Wrong About Life's Origin, by Arunas L. Radzvilavicius, at the time a Postdoctoral Researcher in Evolutionary Biology with the University of Pennsylvania; On that note, another thing discussed in the book, to give the theory of evolution an otherwise false aura of academic legitimacy, as one can see, biology is no longer biology. It is "Evolutionary Biology," and yet no one could tell the difference.)

Are we to believe the scientists associated with the "new study" were completely in the dark about the fact that in the past 100 years other scientists would once in a while propose the same thing, that lightning may have caused life to miraculously appear on our planet, and that same as the authors of the "new study" none of them had any idea if this did, indeed, happen, or how it happen while other scientists have concluded based on tests conducted in a laboratory, also many years ago, that this could not have happened?

They assume things all the time, could have/may have, because they either have no idea what happened, or they do not want to share with the public what even they know. Evolutionists are confidently throwing around 
such non-factual concepts as abiogenesis, something supposedly describing the spontaneous birth of life forms from chemicals and other amorphous material, pretty much another definition for miracle, and speciation, which is gradual evolution spelled differently. In reality, as basically even the authors of this study admit no one actually knows how life has appeared on our planet, a reminder of the fact that Darwin's On the Origin of the Species does not address the question of the origin of species and that the title of his book is a false label placed on an empty box. 

To have a life form, any life form, you would first have to have its DNA, and the origin of the DNA is a capital problem for the theory of evolution, another something no one wants to talk about. Someone did talk about the origin of the DNA, though, and that was no other than 
Francis Crick, its co-discoverer and a Nobel Prize recipient for that very reason. According to him, and he stated this in his published book, the DNA was produced outside planet Earth by an advanced civilization. Considering that the DNA contains coded information, this is something Lady Evolution and Aunt Natural Selection, two imaginary characters in a fictional story presented as fact in schools and universities, precisely how the six-day fictional creation story in the Bible is described to trusting churchgoers would be incapable of putting together. On the other hand, according to both genetics and field theory, Crick's assertion makes perfect sense

When we also consider its amazing information storying capacity, that the DNA acts during the process of reproduction in conjunction with its printout, something called RNA, and the fact that someone has placed within our general biological system genetic devices that make sure the copying of the genetic information during the reproduction process is done correctly so that no mistakes, no "evolutionary" mutations happen, it is hard to believe scientists have not yet figured out that the DNA could not be a chance product of adaptation to changes in the environment, a claim that comes in conflict with the very standards imposed by the scientific method of research. It is either that, or they do not want to admit to the reality this Nobel Prize recipient describes in his book.

Most everyone in the scientific community would agree, off the record of course, the claim that gradual biological evolution could occur spontaneously in nature and that on top of everything else it occurred over millions of years does not just defy common sense. It is biologically and genetically impossible, and, once again, one does not need to be a biologist or a geneticist to be able to understand that. Common sense does the trick just fine. 

Random natural events do not code genetic information, nor could an assumed process of adaptation cause changes in an existing genetic code during the life of the species. As most of us know, this is something only a genetic engineer could do. Then there is the indisputable fact that, to be able to exist and reproduce as a species, you would have to have all you organs together and in working condition from day one of you setting foot on this planet. If you don't, you are the last generation of your species, whatever form or shape you are in as a species since, according to evolutionists, once again, your organs and functions would be in a transitional stage for millions of years. 

As publicly admitted even by some of those on-again, off-again supporters of Darwinism, with American evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould being one of them, there has been a code of silence imposed on scientists on this subject, something similar to the UFO phenomenon 
and the contacts we made for thousands of years with extraterrestrials being a taboo topic for the media. Albert Einstein, for example, would often weigh in on all sorts of topics of great human interest. He has never discussed though evolution publicly, one way or the other, and yet we know for a fact he was well-aware of the controversy. 

The standard explanation, as acknowledged by Gould, is one does not want to tell it the way it is for that gives comfort to church creationists. For a rational human, church creationists have done actually a pretty good job at destroying the appearance of legitimacy of the institution of religion and of its dogma from the moment it was established, no redeeming chance there either. In other words, the current rule of the game is, you either support in public an otherwise undefendable theory of evolution, as described by molecular biologist Michael Denton in Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, or you keep quiet about the huge problems with the theory. The alternative to that is you risk being ridiculed, your books are not going to be published, and you may even end up loosing your teaching job. As it turns out, though, not everyone abided by this rule.

The code of silence imposed by or rather reinforced through the academia resulted in the fact that only scientists that happen to have a very intimate association with what some would call religion, belief in some kind of deity that is not always one and the same with the god of religion are being heard speaking against evolution, and even though some of them are Nobel Prize recipients in all sorts of science related fields, the evolution propaganda machine calls them creationists and invites the public to dismiss on account of that their otherwise valid scientific argument against gradualism. 

The other problem with the fact that evolution propagandists are claiming only creationists state evolution is no fact, many churches, with the Catholic Church and the Church of England being on top of the list are officially endorsing these days evolution. As you are going to see in A Time of Change, they do not do that because they sincerely believe evolution is fact, almost nobody believes that and we have the Gallup polls to prove it. And while we have Catholic Church officials on record declaring evolution the best available explanation for the existence of the universe (obviously false) and everything in it (obviously false, biological evolution has nothing to do with the origin of the universe and everything in it), this endorsement comes with a caveat. The no so subtle implication is, as long as their god was in charge of the process, evolution happened the way Darwin, a god believer, said it happened. 

The actual reason why they would rather endorse evolution then have intelligent design discussed in science class is that they want to protect a status quo their multi-billion-dollar preaching industry that also happens to be a reliable instrument of mass mind-control depends on. For, and this may cause a shock to most churchgoers, the other actual reason why church creationists endorse these days evolution is the same reason why a few years ago they surreptitiously abandoned their support for intelligent design. 

Indeed, creationists and evolutionists were equally happy when at the end of the 2005 trial in Dover, Pennsylvania, a judge of no scientific expertise officially banned discussing intelligent design in public schools under the false pretense that ID was religion. Not according to Socrates, who was sentenced to die because he was critical of religion and of religious authority and who made a non-religious strong case for design some 2,400 years ago, and not according to dozens of bona fide scientists along the entire known history of our civilization all the way to present days. He also declared evolution a sound theory, for a judge's court is where you go when you want to establish if a scientific theory is fact or fallacy. Everyone needed though the ban because, in reality, ID stands exactly for what Francis Crick said in Life Itself about the origin of the DNA, and that too has nothing to do with religion: The DNA is not from Earth. It was created by an advanced civilization.

Significant positive change in the way we exist on this planet is much needed, and it could only be the result of a significant improvement in the way we understand our origin, the nature of reality, and the purpose of life. Meanwhile, the protectors of the status quo continue to allow every new generation to be indoctrinated with religious irrational, at the same time issuing science papers on practically inconsequential "new studies" revealing decades-old "new theories." The studies are conducted by scientists with credentials and their inconsequential results are published in impressively named science journals to give them the aura of credibility they are after. This is how someone out there keeps the public's attention away from what is really at stake here.  

A Time of Change is a 3-volume book of knowledge that took 15 years to complete. Its first volume will be made available on this website, free of charge, before the end of spring of 2021.

Friday, March 5, 2021


 Originally published on June 6, 2020. Revised on March 5, 2021

This topic has been part of the manuscript for at least 10 years now. The discussion has evolved in form and content, and this is a sample of a much ampler analysis of slavery in America and all over the world. I am posting it because it is a subject forced-surfaced in the public's consciousness every election year and rarely before or after that. Truth is often difficult to accept not just because it changes our perception of reality, but because it leaves us with no other choice but to change the way we exist. 

"Not for a moment minimizing the significance of an institution of slavery that has been part of the economic system for thousands of years now all over the planet, one other significant fact overlooked by black ministers, black politicians, and by white politicians fighting racism during the electoral campaign yet never before or after that, not only that free blacks too owned black slaves, white slave owners were actually a minority among the white colonists. According to existing records, a majority among the white population of the pre and the post-Independence War did not owe slaves. An 1860 census shows that the year before the Civil War started even in the states of the Lower South and the Middle South, the first ones to secede from the Union, only 30.5% of the population owned slaves while in the Border States slave-ownership was even lower: 15.9%. This should give those who indiscriminately vilify today the entire white population of the country for what only a few would have been responsible of some two hundred years ago reason to revise their attitude. There is plenty of blame to go around, more so when slavery was and still is condoned in the holy books of our religious institutions, and when, once again, free blacks and Native Americans too were slave owners.

In addition to that historians do not dispute the fact that blacks have joined the anti-abolition Confederate State Army fighting the abolitionist North. The only thing they are debating over is the actual number that have enrolled and if they did that voluntarily or not.

As seen, blacks had already fought in great numbers against the American Patriots during the 1776 Revolutionary War, when the British shrewdly promised them the freedom the colonies were not yet ready to grant, and the same is true of the Native American tribes. In the battle of the Great Bridge near Norfolk, December of 1775, the war would officially start when the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 but the revolution was already a fact in Massachusetts and Virginia as early as April of 1775, black slaves volunteered to form what is known as the Ethiopian Regiment. They were fighting against revolutionary Virginians on the side of the former British governor of Virginia, John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore, and of the loyalists behind him.

When Thomas Jefferson became the governor of Virginia (1779-1781), he invited free blacks to enlist with the local militias, but it is unclear if any of them responded to that. At the same time, in the north, after slaves were promised freedom if they served in the Continental Army, about one-fifth of the Army was now black.

According to Gordon Wood (Friends Divided), during the Revolutionary War a minimum of twenty thousand black slaves fought on the side of the British, between 100,000 to 150,000 according to Thomas Jefferson, and if you ever visit Valley Forge in Pennsylvania, you will find there a sign reminding everyone that the Native American tribes too took the British side. Blacks would also enroll with the British troops during the 1812 war, when they once again fell for the promise of freedom made by the leaders of the red coats. The war of 1812 lasted three years, and it was during this war that the British destroyed most of the White House by setting it on fire. Its allies, the Native tribes in the north would massacre innocent, unarmed American citizens who had been promised safe passage to the colonies south of the border with Canada.

Black slaves’ fighting on the side of the British against America during the 1812 war is the reason why the third and today no longer used stanza of the American national anthem reads (my emphasis), 

Thursday, February 18, 2021

CHOOSE YOUR HEROES CAREFULLY (An excerpt from A Time of Change)

When the media makes the public watch over and over the same individuals weighing in on all sorts of topics, the public is inclined to see them as reliable, credible sources of information, men and women of great knowledge and wisdom. That perception is reinforced by the way of the publishing houses putting in print everything they submit and by colleges and universities having them constantly lecture unchallenged in front of their students. Then someone pays attention to the content of their input into conversation, and we realize science communicators Richard Dawkins, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Bill Ney, the funny Bowtie Scientist, Eugenie Scott or Michael Shermer have not produced much in terms of scientific research, if anything at all, and that most of their input into the conversation comes in conflict with a rational logical interpretation of the know fact. 

These individuals the population of America and of the world are tricked into seeing as being the "most acclaimed astrophysicist" or the most intelligent humans on the planet are actually on a mission to manipulate the narrative on the side of the official proclamation on a number of issues of great significance for our civilization. In other words, though scientists according to their resume, same as the perpetrator of religious irrational their task is to create a false perception of reality, one that allows for the status quo to remain unchanged. That, however, is about to change. 

"In his 1989 book The Selfish Gene, Atheist evolutionist Richard Dawkins proclaims that, “Our brains are separate and independent enough from our genes to rebel against them.” He sounds so knowledgeable and convincing that admirers hold this quote to be a gem of Dawkins superior thinking and lifetime dedication to promoting the greatness of the theory of evolution. However, the only thing emblematic for his lifetime input into the public conversation on evolution is that nothing in that statement is true, and that same as in many other instances, the ordinary people would not know it.

A rebellious brain having a mind of its own is Dawkins’ way of implying that the brain is the one that makes decisions, not our spirit/soul. This reductionist intellectualist assumption defies common sense and has no support in genetics, according to data made available in Genes, Brain and Behavior, a medical journal published by the International Behavioral and Neural Society. The other message in his statement is brains and genes are never on the same page, they are “separate and independent” of each other, says the millionaire master of misinformation who sells  pseudo-science to the trusting masses. According to the National Institute of Neural Disorders and Stroke, “At least a third of the approximately 20,000 different genes that make up the human genome are active (expressed) primarily in the brain. This is the highest proportion of genes expressed in any part of the body. These genes influence the development and function of the brain, and ultimately control how we move, think, feel, and behave.” (Brain Basics, Genes at Work in the Brain)

Indeed, you could not be more disconnect from scientific fact and reason than Richard Dawkins is. Genuine science contradicts most everything this media glorified, this darling of the academia 12-book-published multi-millionaire evolutionist claims with confidence in front of unsuspecting audiences. He would not act on his own, though. 

He always seemed to be the intercessor of those who sought to control the narrative, to create another false perception about the origin of humans and life forms in general on this planet, a highly deceptive alternative to irrational religious belief, hence him having open access to TV shows, the lecturing circuit, and publishing houses, all that despite the fact that scientists with a backbone have repeatedly mocked his work exposing it for being not just irrelevant but, most importantly, ridiculously nonsensical. Nevertheless, because of individuals like Dawkins, members of two generations of Earth-humans have been tricked into living according to non-truth and half-truth that has significantly influenced the way they saw themselves and the purpose of being.

When one repeatedly makes false claims in public, sooner or later the people are going to catch on to that and things will inevitably get embarrassing for both perpetrator and his enablers. Seven years after he wrote that “Our brains are separate and independent enough from our genes to rebel against them,” in yet another Dawkins best-selling book derided by the non-affiliated segment of the scientific community, something he titled The God Delusion, he claims now, also without producing any proof, that matter and living things preceded intelligence, meaning intelligence has appeared later during the process of life development on this planet. 

This was meant as a subtle jab taken on intelligent design, except that nothing of what he says in this instance too makes sense. Among many others, neither Dawkins, nor the theory of evolution he swears is fact and that you are stupid if you don't believe him can explain human subjective thinking, or why human intelligence is so advanced when compared to that of the ape, our alleged immediate evolutionary relative. 

In the end, and there will be more in the pages ahead on Dawkins’ bizarre, when not irrational, more often than not incoherent input into the debate, the badge-of-honor quote from The Selfish Gene turns out to be an emblem for the state of confusion and lack of honesty when it comes to the theory of evolution characterizing a Darwinist community he would represent. Just in case anyone wonders, church creationists do not earn any points on account of his failures."
                                                         (A Time of Change, Volume 1, Chapter 13)

A Time of Change is a three-volume book of unusual knowledge that took 15 years to complete. Volume 1 will be released in 2021 under to be established circumstances. Look for an announcement on this blog and  other locations on the Internet.