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The quotes below are from a document of great significance for our civilization analyzed in detail in A Time of Change.

Earth people have more than once resurfaced from the bottom of the dark pit of self-destruction to stand up and walk on their own two feet become what they are today. They did that with a little help from very knowledgeable members of the cosmic brotherhood of humans, individuals inhabiting this and many other universes.

The world is not a miracle produced by a magician creator-god. In its current state the material world is not perfect, nor was it meant to be so. A rational logical consequence of that, an all-knowing omnipotent God could not be its creator. There is no such thing as chance gradual biological evolution or natural selection either. Those otherwise never seen, never proven, never replicated genetic mutations evolutionist with credential  always talk are even more of  of the imaginary than the story about a God creating the world in six days is. That said, the answer to the question of the origin and the purpose of life is going to be provided by science. It will not happen though until scientists realize what religion was meant to hide away from the people in that regard while at the same time making the non-physical phenomenon part of the equation. The non-physical, the metaphysical is what according to esoteric knowledge always associated with genuine science is known as the spiritual.

Everything in the universe is energy and information. Because of that the science most apt of solving the ancient mystery of its origin and of the origin of everything in it, life forms included, is quantum physics, not biology, and you do not have to be a field theorist to understand that.
“…all energy can be changed to solid matter. (…) Both terms, energy and matter, represent basically one and the same, but precisely in their separate forms: fine-material and coarse-material.”
An erroneous perception of reality that antagonizes natural law created through indoctrination with irrational religious belief and lately with reductionist scientific materialism, some call it empiricism, is bound to generate irrational behavior and a disharmonious reality. As history books show it, along the time religion has constantly caused social and economic distress, the premature death of millions of humans, the collapse of civilizations, and the destruction of large areas of the planet. Religious institutions, specifically the Catholic Church, are also behind what we know as capitalism, the root of many of the problems Earth people have been and are confronted with. 

We can only reap what we sow. The law of cause and effect is the major rule that governs the material. Who or what has established this rule, or the natural order behind how the universe and everything in it operates is a question no one has addressed yet, in a rational logical manner that is. 
“Religion is only the primitive work of human beings, in purpose to lead them, to suppress them, and for exploitation, to which only spiritually deficient life can fall. Bring this truth to the light of the world and make it known. This is a further part of our mission. If this does not happen, then mankind will slowly destroy itself and fall into complete spiritual darkness.”
To put an end to this prolonged era of war, division, oppression, of human rights violations, of curtailing of human creativity and systematic destroying of the planet we will have to acknowledge globally the known truth about the nature of reality that was hidden by the custodians from the people of Earth for thousands of years. Among others, what we perceive as a material world is a manifestation of information carrying energies of the spiritual. The more aware Earth-humans become of that, the more aware they are of their spiritual essence, the more advanced our civilization will be technology and less dependent of polluting, less efficient sources of energy. Then there will be no need for us to go to war for those conventional sources of energy.  

As some field theorists have concluded, the material is in large part a projection of thought energies, a hologram produced by consciousness interfering with waves, with fields carrying information consciousness collapses into material forms. Once humans become aware we are the spirit within the body, a spirit that makes thoughts manifest as the reality we experience, with all of us spirit energies being connected at the subconscious level, they realize we are responsible for everything good or bad that happens on the planet, as well as for things that should happen not happening. The world looks the way we understand what we are and how we relate to it.
“The human being is the carrier of his spirit, which never dies and which also in his deepest sleep does not itself sleep; which records all thoughts and movements; which tells the human being whether his very thoughts are right or wrong. (…) The spirit holds the outlook for perfection, for harmony, peace, recognition, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, truth, beauty and love in all things.”
As people were beginning to escape the trap of religious irrational, they were tricked into embracing a reductionist materialist explanation of the reality of being human. Life begins at birth and ends with death, they were told by empiricist evolutionists. Research conducted in the last decades by scientists associated with prestigious academic institutions has produced though conclusive evidence of the existence of a soul energy that is eternal. Our current life is only one of our attempts to achieving self-realization, the awareness of being the eternal spirit that incarnates the body at birth and not a moment before or after that. The same scientists have concluded that reincarnation, the repeat downloading of the same soul to many bodies, male or female bodies over the span of thousands, millions, and even billions of years is an indisputable fact.

The Earth people were left under the impression that evolution and creation in the Bible are their only options when it comes to explaining the origin of life and everything else. That could not be further from the truth and the purpose of this ruse is to distract attention from the fact that life on Earth is in large part the result of an artificial process supervised by an advanced civilization of a non-terrestrial origin. 
“…you are right with your meaning, the human being not being a descendent of a monkey. He became created by our ancestors, who mixed themselves with the Earth-human creatures, who at that time were called “evas.” (…)”
The malefic influence religion exerts on our civilization does not consist only in the false claims its promoters and profiteers make in front of trusting people but, most importantly, in the fact that those false claims are meant to hide significant liberating truth from them. At the same time one should not blindly adopt as fact everything he or she is told by someone who supposedly debunks creationism. That person too may have an agenda, or represent a group with an agenda, or he or she is not aware of the actual truth. One should always keep though an open mind about something that makes sense. Other than that, there is an abundance of definitive evidence nothing of what we have been told in science or history class in the last one hundred and sixty years about our origin is even close to being true. 

Outside this cacophony of unsound ideas and counterfeit spirituality produced by groups operating from within the hidden structures of power, a new human is about to be born. This one will be operating on a sound, fact-based rational perception of reality. With the advent of the New Earth, this Earth-human who is no longer a believer but a truth seeker will form the basis for a better humanity. For, as we were told by the same friends in high places,

“The only thing limiting the progress of the Earth-human is the Earth-human himself.”
(Edited January 2, 2024)

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