Saturday, February 2, 2019


"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."                                                                                       - Albert Einstein

Life is a very, very interesting experience to have when one pays attention to what he or she experiences. We are always made aware of where we are, of where we are heading to, and of where we are supposed to go. We are basically reminded all the time of what we are here to accomplish. Who or what does that is a question that requires a complex answer. As you are going to see in A Time of Change, though, that is not impossible to explain.

This may sound crazy and even scary to some, but theoretical physicists have found evidence suggesting we are participants in an amazing virtual reality game, the product of a super-sophisticated computer program put together by something we could define as super-consciousness. As a result, while in terms of the choices we can make the possibilities are limitless, same as what we have in a video game, everything is digitally designed to occur in a certain way. In other words, this is not that crazy, after all, and as by now many of us know, in this universe there is always a rational logical reaction to every one of our actions. 

The law of cause and effect is one of the main rules of the game when it comes to experiencing material reality. A proven fact, if you take the same action over and over again within the same circumstances, one reaches the same conclusion every each time. Even though we are the ones choosing what we experience, how the universe responds to our choices is not in our hands. It happens though in a form that is most beneficial for our mission in life.

The universe is tuned to the frequency of honesty and truth. Mathematics, physics, geometry are devices meant to help us make truthful representations of what we perceive as reality. This is why to some extent what we perceive as future is mathematically predictable and knowable, especially since what might happen in the future, that choice of here-and-now is already there and it will be there for eternity.

Knowledge is what gives us the ability to make the most appropriate choice of now and here event when it comes to the purpose of our being here. That choice corresponds to existing circumstances and to the grand order of things. Universal law does not punish, nor does it reward us for making "good" or "bad" choices. 

In houses of worship they made humans believe universal law is one and the same with the will of some kind of God that supposedly has life and death powers over them. Far from that, nothing comes though out of nothing, and common sense says there must be a source for all the energy and information that makes the universe, life forms included, and for the laws of physics that govern our universe.

Te law of cause and effect does not rule the world of the spiritual, of the metaphysical. The spiritual is a dimension that generates the information carrying energies that become manifest as material forms, humans included, and the so-called laws of physics. The energies of the spiritual act on the energies of the material the same way software makes images and sound appear on the screen of our computers. The information carrying energy that makes images and sound appear on the screen of our computers is unseeable but its effects are quite obvious, and the same goes for the energies of the spiritual that affect us all the time and generate the illusion, according to quantum physicists, perceived as material reality. Because everything was programmed in another dimension, theoretically the effect is predictable, and so is every activity we observe in the universe. We did not just imagine these digital devices with work with today. We figured out a small part of how the universe operates, and then we replicated that according to our current level of understanding of reality.

Humans are spirit energy within a physical body, software downloaded into the biological hard drive at the moment of birth. The difference is that the spirit energy is repeatedly incarnating the hard drive of different human bodies for the purpose of its advancement, of achieving enlightenment, of purifying its energy. Enlightenment translates into a higher vibrational frequency, and when the level of vibration is way above the vibrational frequency of the material world, the return to the earth plane is no longer necessary.

Nothing of what we experience is coincidental or without purpose. Reincarnation facilitates the continuation of the process of awakening. The purpose of what we experience is always attuned to the purpose of our being here. Last but not the least the purpose of our being here corresponds to the grand purpose behind the existence of the universe and all human life that inhabits its infinite dimension.

(Edited August 31, 2023)

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