Wednesday, October 4, 2017


I did not invent the system and I don't approve of it either. That said, one way or the other you have to make money, otherwise a piece of paper with no actual value, or else no food, no shelter, and no retirement plan for you. Does it have to be this way? It does not, but the creators of the system want you to believe this is the best way to build an advanced civilization, if they ever had that in mind. Would you be surprised if you were told though that advanced civilizations in this and other universes do not use money, do not have religion, and are not governed through political systems? As you are going to see in the book, this is precisely the case.

Next to religion and political forms of government, money is the most wicked invention ever in the history of Earth people. It was meant to trap everyone into dependence of the material and of the ones running the show behind the elected officials, the ones who at this time are still owning more than 80% of the planet in terms of natural, human resources, and capital. I
f it was not for the money we could easily get rid of religion and political forms of government. If it was not for the money we could switch overnight to clean, free energy without having to tell people who under the current system are going to lose paying jobs scary stories about an otherwise imaginary global warming. Money is what allows those running political and belief systems, the ones built on pseudo-science included, to keep a tight grip on humankind. 

Money enslaves Earth-humans to the system from the moment they are born. One's access to large portions of the capital is basically forbidden, with the world today being controlled, according to reliable sources, by about 100 individuals, or 13 families. They control the capital, the flow of money, the wars, and under the current system everything economy-related that takes place on the planet makes them even richer than they were a minute ago. Wealth accumulation generates political power. Political power and massive wealth accumulation translates in special privileges. Special privileges and massive wealth accumulation generates more political power, with all of that giving one control over what goes on basically all over the planet. A defining characteristic of the main profiteers of the system, for them greed is good. Greed, however, leads to economic inequality, social injustice, to war and destruction, something only the poor and the middle class is affected by. This is pretty much the history of our civilization for as long as the record could testify.

Greed is the fuel of a capitalist system that will drive civilization Earth into the ground, and as long as money is the focus of our existence there is no way to avoid this outcome. Greed makes you blind of your true mission in life, insensitive to other people's ply, it disconnects you from your necessary dedication to experiencing cognitive growth, and it prevents the ones who work for the richest among the rich from developing a higher state of consciousness awareness, which works just fine for those who seek to control the population of the planet. Last but not the least greed puts your personal desires and ambitions above the needs of the community, above the greater good.  

The trap is closed tight and almost inescapable. To break the chains one must first experience awareness of the trap. That is what A Time of Change is going to do for most of its readers. This is why at the time when the project was taking a direction I did not foresee when work on it started, I did not think now publishers controlled by the same individuals who control the media, that in turn own every publishing house and every significant imprint out there, with six major corporation owning almost 95% of the media, the same individuals who control the political and basically the economy of the world were going to allow the public to have access to something challenging the status quo they were benefiting from. That said, change is coming, no one can avoid it, and 2024 might be the year when the old structures of power start crumbling to the ground.  

The way those many controversial topics are discussed in the book is bound to upset 90% of all experts, and you could not count on them to peer review it either. Then you have many of the ordinary readers indoctrinated with the prevailing dogma, be it of a religious or pseudo-scientific nature, who may not want to admit they had been lied to for their entire life. That looks like an impenetrable wall set between real reality and the Earth people, but to change for the better the way we exist on this planet we will have to speak openly the liberating truth. 

The system is set to protect the status quo, with the status quo being the current existential system. When one challenges the status quo on solid grounds, the system does not allow him or her to come even close to the money tree or to the attention of the public. In a world where to have food, shelter and gas you have to have money, when fact and a rational interpretation of it leaves one with no morally acceptable choice, lack of compliance tends to make one's life if not miserable at least difficult. You either play by the script written by those major beneficiaries of the system, or you sleep under a bridge. 

The system is meant to break you psychologically when you do not comply. "The dude abides," as a famous line in a famous movie goes, is about choosing submissiveness out of primeval convenience over rebelling, and while one would have no reason not to abide when the rules are rational, after all the opposite of lack of rational existential rules is chaos, it is impossible for a rational human to comply with rules that divide and keep humankind enslaved to an oppressive unnatural system while trapped into a dark world. I was never good at abiding, and while that has complicated my life, I am a human of principle and I found no reason to change in that respect. 

Considering the current chaotic political and social circumstances where false is true, true is false, and truth is misinformation, the book is bound to raise a few academic and deep state eyebrows. On the other hand, there is also the possibility that certain groups within that deep state happen to be attuned to the changes that are to come and in that respect ready to facilitate them in the most rational way possible. As a matter of fact, today's world does not look anything like the world of 2006, the year when work on the project started. There is a good chance that by the time the manuscript will be ready for release, the bubble would have burst, and then A Time of Change would fit right into that transitional state toward a more rational world.  

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