“The Ultimate Tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.” - Bringers of the Dawn

Our world seems to be constantly out of balance and in distress. It has been this way for thousands of years now and the root of the problem goes way beyond what we see and hear during scripted TV news programs and narrative-framing opinion shows. To address that, we must find out how we ended up here. We must figure out how the system works.

Thousands of years ago the inhabitants of the planet became prisoners of an illusion. It all began with the genetic downgrading of the humans that first appeared on Earth. They were neither the miraculous creation of an all-knowing deity with supernatural powers, nor the result of a random and basically impossible process of gradual natural biological evolution.

In the beginning, the original Earth people were actually elevated to a superior genetic condition by the bringers of light, non-terrestrial entities that would share with them their more complex DNA and also some of the knowledge they became privy to during millions of years of civilization advancement. They were here conducting an experiment consisting in bringing together human races from across the universe within a social ambiance favoring cognitive progress and enlightenment, something that was to benefit the entire cosmic brotherhood of man.

The later genetic downgrading was the work of other non-terrestrial entities known in some circles as the Custodial authorities. A fact revealed in many of the ancient records telling the true history of humans on Earth, at one time they took control by force over the experiment. That and the downgrading was soon followed by the creation of an existential environment meant to allow them to exert almost full control over the population of the planet. It included religious institutions promoting all sorts of belief as fact with the intent of inducing a false perception of reality and of self, authoritarian forms of government and an economic mechanism generating inequity, uncertainty and want for a majority of the population, as well as an artificial, not merit-based stratification of society. The system is still in place today and is the main cause for the state of crisis our civilization has been experiencing for its entire known history.

To some this may sound like a dystopian story publishing houses would love to get their hands on aware there is a significant market looking for such a thrill generating illusion, and also a movie to make. When we take notice of and pay close attention to the evidence, though, we become aware not just of the reality of the mental trap but also of its oppressing efficiency.

That, however, is something the guardians of the status quo would not want exposed in any shape or form. Nevertheless, you are about to cross over into what at one time was inaccessible territory.

Without a doubt the status quo is slowly but irreversibly changing and Earth humans are living the dawns of a paradigm shift in the way they understand their place in the universe and the purpose of being. As that happens the avalanche of shocking facts triggered by this grand awakening reveals the depth of the deceit, and the world will never look the same to them again.

Some will be and are already angry realizing they have been lied to for centuries or because their acts of deceptions are now exposed. Others are elated, relieved and optimistic. To protect their ability to control the people, the old structures of power are seeking to exacerbate the confusion by serving the population of the planet with what these days is an in your face falsification of reality. As a result, there is turmoil on every existential level, within and without ourselves, something already visible all over the planet and in the way we perceive the world we live in.

To be able to adjust to this at times chaotic movement toward spiritual and social emancipation and to become consciously integrated within the transition, one will have to be prepared to either generate change or react appropriately to it. A Time of Change is an unusual book of knowledge providing support with that.

An uncompromising quest for unveiling hidden truth meant to set a human’s mind forever free, it took more than thirteen years for the project to be completed. It is now made public here, in three stages, my gift to humankind.

On March 20, 2019, the first of the three volumes of the book was made available here free of charge in a downloadable PDF file format. The tentative release date for Volume 2, release to happen under the same circumstances, is July 4, 2019. A Time of Change, Volume 3 will be made public at a to be announced later time.

To access the book click on the link below, find a quiet place, and read at your own pace. Do it from the blog or download the file to your device. Share what you learn with others and mention the source to them. It will take people like you to have this work reach enough of the population of the planet in order to induce significant change.

A Time of Change – Volume 1 of 3

What matters in the end is that something of significance for the greater good comes out of our effort.

“You must do something to make the world more beautiful.” – Miss Rumphius

The author is not associated with any political organization, religious cult, secret society, social, spiritualist or new age movement, and he does not intend to establish something of that nature either now or in the foreseeable future. What the people of the planet choose to do with the information shared in the book is entirely up to them. I am not here to change the world. I am here to do my part in helping the world change itself.


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Wednesday, October 4, 2017


It is not because I am a millionaire. Honestly, I'm not. 

I did not invent the system and I don't approve of it. One way or the other you have to make money, though, otherwise a piece of paper with no actual value, or else no food, no shelter, and no retirement plan for you. Does it have to be this way? Yes, it does. At least  this is what the creators of the system want you to believe.

Next to religion and political forms of government, money is the most wicked invention ever in the history of Earth people. It was meant to trap everyone into dependence of the material and of the ones actually running the show behind elected officials. When you think about it, we could easily get rid of religion and political forms of government, if it was not for the monetary system. Indeed, big money is what allows political and all belief systems, not just religion, to keep a tight grip on humankind. 

Money generates enslavement to the system for the benefit of those in charge of civilization Earth. Wealth accumulation becomes political power. Political power and massive wealth accumulation translates in special privileges. Special privileges, massive wealth accumulation and political power trigger greed, and greed leads to inequality, social injustice, war and destruction. This is pretty much what we had on this planet for as long as we can remember.

Indeed, greed has become the out of control engine that will drive civilization Earth into the ground. Contrary to what you were  told in the 1980s, greed is not good for you. It makes you blind of your true mission in life, it disconnects you from cognitive growth and prevents you from reaching a higher state of consciousness awareness and of being. Last but certainly not the least it puts your personal desires above the needs of the community, above the greater good.  

The trap is tight and almost inescapable. The only way to break the chains is by experiencing awareness of the trap, and then the truth will set you free. 

When I started work on the book I was by default thinking, many copies sold means a house and a boat in Maine. To have it published, though, someone has to be interested in it based on that someone determining not if the book has wisdom value but if there is money to be made off of it. 

Given the lack of name recognition, the lack of credentials in the fields discussed and, equally significant that the way the topics discussed in the book is bound to upset 90% of all potential readers, including the main profiteers of the system, it was fair and safe to assume literary agents would not exactly rush to get involved. This is too heavily standing on the side of political incorrectness, and university presses are not exactly fond of outsiders with no degrees in the prevailing theory either. So I decided one my first options would be to go underground, which makes lots of sense under the circumstances but may not help with distribution, or with the house in Maine for that reason. 

The system is set to protect the status quo, especially since the status quo is the system. When one challenges the status quo on solid grounds, the system does not allow him to come even close to the money tree. In a world where food, shelter and gas costs money, though, that tends to make one's life if not miserable at least rather difficult. 

The system is also meant to break you psychologically when you do not comply and it forces you to play according to the rules established by those who control it. "The dude abides," goes a famous line in a famous movie, and yet choosing submissiveness out of primeval convenience is not exactly something a human being should be proud of or aim for in life.

I am definitely not good at abiding, and I do not do that on purpose. It is just the way I am, the way was build. I am a man of principles who values and acknowledges rational logic wherever he can find it, which does not make you life a lot easier in today's world. When forced to choose from one or a number of irrational options, you could bet your mansion in the Hamptons this dude does not abide, so I decided offering the book free of charge in a format most everyone with a computer or a similar device could access it was may first option. 

Abiding by rules established on a rational logic interpretation of the natural law in general is a prerequisite for becoming an advanced civilization. We are not there yet though. Our current state of mind is in blind compliance with an induced false perception of reality, which, by the way, it is in the process of being shattered these days, and A Time of Change will definitely help with that.. 

Among others, there is a change in attitude regarding the idea of how society should function, toward the notion of equality and social fairness. People are thinking more now in terms of free education, free healthcare making absolute sense, and as a result a free book is no longer such a crazy idea. On the other hand, that is a pretty crazy idea for anyone who cannot see beyond the illusion of reality created around us and who thinks we are here solely to make monetary gains and nothing else. 

The powers that be have certainly taken note of this change of attitude. Considering the current chaotic political and generally speaking social circumstances, with false being true, true being false and hating the other guys just because you don't like them being a-okay, when a book project is seen as potentially having the capacity of dislodging the current perception of reality and this way status quo and to put the basis for a new humanity, this free book is bound to raise a few deep state eyebrows. 

Not being vetted by a serious publishing house and not being edited by an industry overseer makes it possible this book will not fit the official narrative. Truth be spoken, sure thing, A Time of Change is not meant to appease or reinforce existing beliefs and narratives. It is meant to to do the opposite of that, to reveal what for the greater good it needs to be revealed, and, once again, the truth will set us free.

One way or the other, free of for a price, this is my gift to humankind.