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People who know Darwinian evolution is biologically and genetically impossible call it myth. It is actually more of a hoax. Teaching or rather preaching evolution as fact is a deliberate act of deception, and as you are going to see in the book, we have the evidence to prove it.

Embolden by the scientific advancements made during the Age of Enlightenment, a small group of intellectuals led by Thomas Huxley were looking for an alternative to religious irrational. Though neither one of them believed gradual evolution was fact, they decided to use Darwin and a theory he had actually borrowed from French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck as a surrogate explanation until someone else would have found the actual scientific explanation for the origin of life. It was either that or that, as a Freemason, he was aware that humankind was not ready yet to be faced with the real story of its origins.

Indeed, from the beginning, the few supporters of an otherwise very confused science-challenged Charles Darwin were well aware there was no evidence in the observable nature or the known natural law for gradualism. Once other scientists too apparently figured out what was behind the existence of civilization Earth, at the demand of entities in control of the world from behind our governments they were to keep that for now a very tight secret. 

The only way they could prevent that reality from being acknowledged publicly was by pretending in a coordinated fashion that Darwinian evolution was absolute truth, that man has evolved from apes was indisputable fact, and that they had mountains of evidence proving that. The other thing they had to take care of was silence anyone saying otherwise, even though, as you are going to see in the book, the mountains of evidence they claim to have prove not only that evolution is not a real fact, but also that the scientific community, the media, the education system and our governments have been deliberately perpetuated this false narrative for more than one hundred years now. Making things even worse for our civilization, the same governments would also protect and this way perpetuate the other false narrative, the one delivered in houses of worship about a creator God being behind everything we seen on our planet and in the universe.

One hundred and sixty years later, gradualism is the same fallacy it was when Huxley and friends coached Darwin into publishing a manuscript that otherwise was gathering dust on his desk for 23 years now. Despite that today's evolutionists promote evolution as fact and it is difficult to believe they are unaware of the many major problems with this theory. 

As a matter of principle, if their agenda is to put an end to the malefic influence religious belief and the institution of religion has had on our civilization for thousands of years, that would be a worthy cause. As the reader will find out, though, there is a more insidious purpose to the evolution hoax. Meanwhile, replacing a big lie with another big lie, one falsely labeled the word of god and the other falsely labeled science is far from being beneficial to our civilization. In fact, it is completely detrimental, for, among others, it prevents us from making significant advancement.

A new trend these days, much to a honest unbiased observer's surprise while deists creationists with a degree in science, not necessarily the same with church creationists, have made it more than clear by the way of powerful scientific evidence the theory of evolution is pure and unadulterated nonsense, in recent years the Catholic Church, other Christian churches, some Judaic and Islamic leaders too have officially endorsed evolution and they practically hold hands with the evolutionists. This is not the first time when religious institutions would forge an alliance of convenience with certain circles within the leadership of the scientific community by endorsing the official theory of the day. 

The church pretended it found the steady state theory promoted by scientists as indisputable fact in the first half of the 20th century to be no danger to its doctrine of creation, so it subscribed to it. Then the scientific community figured out nothing was steady in the universe, so it abandoned the steady state theory, embraced the Big Bang theory as indisputable fact, and, sure enough, so did the church. During the November 22, 1951 Pontifical Academy of Sciences meeting, pope Pius XII announced the Big Bang theory did not conflict with the Catholic Church's view on creation, whatever that view might have been. As we can see, we have decades of politics associated with public declarations made by both religious institutions and scientific community regarding the origin of our planetary world and of the universe.

The explanation for the current alliance between church creationists and evolutionists is that promoting biblical creationism and Darwinian evolutionism as fact serves the same purpose: hiding the truth about the actual origin of civilization Earth which allows for the preservation of the status quo. This is something both sides are profiting from while the government could not be any happier about that alliance of convenience. 

That said, you do not have to be a biologist, a geneticist or a quantum physicist to realize gradual evolution is biologically and genetically impossible or that everything we perceive as material reality is not material or of the material. On the other hand, that creationists with a degree in science have a valid scientific argument against evolution does not mean an all-knowing god allegedly having supernatural powers created the world and everything in it, humans too. In fact, the evidence against evolution is out there for all to see and analyze. Same as everybody else creationists have access to it, they use it to make a solid scientific case against evolution, and then used that as support for their unsupported by evidence conclusion that the world was the creation of some kind of God with supper-natural powers.  

There are hundreds of pages of evidence 
in A Time of Change gradual evolution is a baseless assumption, and hundreds of pages of evidence exposing the falsehood associated with religious dogma. They claim 97% of all scientists believe evolution is fact, and yet I am yet to meet a biology professor who would endorse evolution during a private conversation. What they declare in public is a different thing, and that is a submissive acceptance of the official position taken by the leadership of their academic institution, an insincere rubber stamping act rationalized by the way of appellations to self-preservation and to the notion that one is not give comfort to creationists. Same as TV commentators, one has to say whatever leadership wants him or her to say, or otherwise no jobs for you, no books or papers published, and no awards for you. 

Stephen Jay Gould, a leading American evolutionist that at times would make actually the definitive case against gradual evolution, only to declare within the same article his unrestricted devotion to the theory of evolution is a solid theory has often complained about this code of silence imposed on scientists, did that publicly and put it in writing. It is more than obvious there is a code of silence most everyone abides by. You cannot mention within the walls of an academic institution or on TV evidence debunking gradual evolution, or expose someone for making false claims on the side of evolution without risking your career or being ostracized by the scientific community. At the same time, everyone who dares exposing the evolution hoax is treated to personal attacks and a falsification of his or her position, something the author here has already gotten a taste of it, even though the book is still a work in progress.

A consequence of this absurd situation, between the dogma of religion and the dogma of evolution and materialism in general we exist according to a false perception of reality, something generating the aggravated state of crisis we are experiencing today. Scientists lose credibility when they hide facts or misinterpret evidence the public is aware of. This certainly explains why according to recent Gallup polls scientists and science journalists are getting very low grades from America. 

(Edited February 15, 2022)

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