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"If you hold to my teachings, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
                                                                         - John 8:31-32

The Bible is actually void of most of Jesus' authentic teachings. Jesus mentions "my teachings," but in its current heavily edited condition the Bible does not reveal the truth he is referring to when addressing his followers. In the verses following John 8:31-32 he explains what he meant but the explanation is extremely confusing. It sure looks like something inserted there by church scribes or like text edited for content to divert attention from Jesus' anti-religion message. For, as you are going to see in the book, no doubts about it, Jesus was teaching against religion, against living one's life according to belief. He would do that by, among others, introducing his audiences to liberating truth that was going to set them free from a false perception of reality, knowledge he had been initiated into during his formative years. Those would be the eighteen years of his life between the age of 12 and 30 the Bible says nothing about.

That aside, for now, when we pay attention to what the text says it is obvious his "Father" was not the all-knowing god of religion, otherwise a composite fictional character. Similar to what we will later have in the case of Muhammad, his teachings included knowledge that was "out of this world," as in of a non-terrestrial origin. This was information he became initiated into between the age of 12 and 30 at some of the centers established thousands of years ago all over the planet. 

According to the Sanskrit text Mahabharata, there are over 400,000 civilizations in this universe alone, and every one of them exists at a particular level of development. According to sources to be revealed in the book, civilization Earth is actually an experiment, which is why, among others, we have this multitude of human races living on the planet. The Bible does not reveal their origin, and they could not be a product of adaptation to changes in weather pattern either, as claimed by evolutionists. We also speak over 6,000 languages, the origin of which no scientist can explain, certainly not by the way of gradual evolution and natural selection. The Bible, on the other hand, tells us something very interesting and ungodly about this, which is going to be a shocking revelation for many when discussed in the book where the passage will be placed within the appropriate context. 

The experiment includes bringing together human races from all over the universe, a diversity representing the entire cosmic human community. At one point, the experiment was hijacked by unkind non-terrestrial entities that sought to take control over the resources of the planet and to use Earth people as slave labor. This was their way of building a civilization, with them being the same entities that 
simultaneously gave us religion and the institution of slavery. They would later create political forms of government, the monetary system, and together with the institution of religion these three societal concepts became efficient instruments of control that to this day keep Earth people trapped within an existential system where the rich gets richer all the time and the poor stays poor most of the time. 

The purpose of indoctrinating Earth people with religious belief from an early age and throughout their life, lately with all sorts of other beliefs, like beliefs of a pseudo-scientific nature, is to induce a false perception about their origin, about the purpose of existence, and about the nature of being human. A human unaware of his true potential and mission in life and of his primordial spiritual aspect is much easier to manipulate. To that end, the Judaic and the Christian religions demand based on text in the Torah and the Bible that humans abandon truth seeking and live according to belief. Jesus, on the other hand, was telling his followers that they should not just seek knowledge, but also make sure they understood 
properly what they knew. 

According to the Bible, feeding on the fruits of the tree of knowledge is the greatest sin man has ever committed, with being poor in spirit being listed there as a blessing. Jesus' advice to his followers, on the other hand, is to seek the truth hidden from them by the religious authorities and assures everyone that the truth will set them free. This is one significant instance when we can see how anti-religion his message 
was, how he contradicts the God of Genesis while the churches claim the Bible is the book God wrote. As it will be revealed in the book, he is always at odds with the dogma of the church, a dogma that contrary to the claims made by theologians associated with the Eastern and the Western churches neither Jesus, nor Paul had anything to do with.

According to sources to be revealed in the book, no one else in the universe uses religion. As fringe as this might sound to some, at one time Earth people were genetically downgraded, and as you are going to see we have scientific evidence for that. Among others, they were to live shorter lives, up to 120 years, and they were genetically set to operate at the frequency of belief. This is why Earth people are so prone to believing things claimed on TV,  in the newspapers, by politicians and religious leaders without applying critical thinking or fact-checking them. Taking advantage of that, t
hese entities and their institutions would feed them false information through religion, God created the world in six days and Jesus died on the cross for your sins, and later on through pseudo-science labeled fact, such as a theory of evolution claiming that species turned into other species as they were adapting to changes in the environment, something they have zero evidence for. 

Scientific materialism, empiricism, evolutionary theory, all these are flawed concepts associated with a new form of belief, a new religion that generates a different kind of false perception of reality. The purpose behind indoctrinating the young generation in schools and universities with this new belief is the same purpose behind the creation of the institution of classic religion: to maintain the status quo by keeping the people in the dark about their true origins, true nature, and this way about their true potential. This is why, as you are going to see in the book, despite the appearance of these being two opposing sides advancing antagonistic ideologies, church creationists and materialist scientists, evolutionists included, have similar, when not identical erroneous views on most major issues of great significance for the global community.  

So who are the "us" and the "we" gods of the Bible, Torah and the Quran? Weren't religious people supposed to worship a one and only God? The claim by Christian apologists that the "we" and the "us" is a reference to the "holy trinity" is contradicted by the very text of the Bible: "God presides in the great assembly; he renders judgment among the gods." (Psalm 82) Neither Jews, nor Muslims have embraced the concept of trinity, and yet their holy books too include references to a group of individuals that seem to be in charge of civilization Earth. More than that, a known fact, the Christian "trinity" is a distortion of the Hindu "Trimurti," a concept that was never about three persons in one but about the three fundamental forces behind the existence of the universe.

According to the same sources to be revealed in the book, the term "God" refers to very knowledgeable humans, individuals extremely proficient in physics, genetics, astronomy, mathematics and in everything pertaining to the spiritual or the metaphysical. The appellation GOD is an acronym, something similar to the Ph.D., Philosophiae Doctor attached to the name of certain members of the academia who have earned this distinction. 

This completely changes the way we perceive not just religion but also the very history of our civilization. Among others, we can understand now why the gods of Genesis 3:22 were not pleased that a man they downgraded genetically in order to have control over him became "like one of us, knowing good and evil." This was precisely why the people of the planet were once told, "the truth will set you free:" Jesus' teachings were supposed to help them extract themselves mentally from the trap of religious belief and this way become as knowledgeable as the gods that came here from the sky. 

According to quantum physics, or theoretical physics, as well as to basic common sense, everything in the universe is energy and information. Be it life or amorphous, e
verything in the universe is made of the same elementary energy particles. Something that in computer terminology is known as source code has caused those elementary energy particles to assemble into all sorts of forms, life forms included, according to a specific information pattern. 

The implication is behind the existence of the universe and of everything within it there is a source of energy, of information and ideas that become the source codes that would manifest on our planet too as everything perceived as material. Since this gave them more control over the inhabitants of Earth, leaders of groups associated with advanced civilizations that on occasion would establish colonies on this and other planets liked the idea of being seen as the creators of the world, as beings with supernatural powers. This was how the Source inadvertently became the God of religion and how Earth people ended up worshiping human-like gods in churches, synagogues, and mosques, something still encouraged and practiced these days all over the planet. 

(Edited February 17, 2022)

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